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Dialogue driven story that sort of delivers
MK_Ultra_19 October 2022
Being a subtle fan of Lucky Mcgee, I envisioned something very different, as I was walking in knowing very little and also avoided trailers.

It's presented like a play. In other words, a one room, mostly 2 person venture. No real surprises but it has somewhat of a payoff that some might see coming, as I did, heading into the third act.

With that said, it's glacially slow at times---but I felt the dialogue was the glue that helped the weakish script hold up and may also have helped with the ending as well.

Violence and horror are pretty much surprisingly subdued---was more of a thriller in my opinion. Stephen Lang absolutely delivers the good as does Mcgee's intent---it just may be overlooked by some that get frustrated with the pacing.

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A masterfully executed pyschological drama.
Vivekmaru4515 October 2022
I've been a fan of Stephen Lang ever since I watched his performance in Manhunter(1986) directed by the acclaimed director Michael Mann. A quote from that film: "Well, here I am..."

If ever there was an A-grade actor handled badly by Hollywood it's Stephen Lang. After Red Dragon he disappeared into obscurity. He should've used that film as a push into successful mainstream Hollywood movies of that era. However he had very meager successes. I would advise you to watch Escape: Human Cargo where he starred opposite Treat Williams another favorite actor of mine.

Back to the film: it is about an old man in a secluded cabin at the back ends of the world. He is struggling with guilt and fading memories of his past. He's interrupted by a knocking at the door and lets in a lost visitor. Soon the two fall into conversation. You'll have to sit through this one till the end to find out what happens next...

Overall Stephen Lang's fantastic acting saves this movie as its only grace. The photography and sound effects are more than adequate for a movie of this sort. Edward Lucky McKee is an exemplary film director and I'm sure the next projects of his will be very good.

Verdict: a very good and worthwhile one time viewing. You may also like these movies: Misery(1990), The Nature Of The Beast(1995) and Ravenous(1999).

P. S. First to review this movie! Cheers and thanks for reading this review!
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A Tale Without End !
ianclarke34015 October 2022
Not action packed and no huge famous cast but that just makes it more intimate !

Stephen Lang's performance is incredible, he creates intrigue, mystery and atmosphere with a very understated performance using a well written script in an incredible set !

It's the kind of film that plays out slowly without revealing too much but there are some hints along the way which really keep you guessing almost to the end. These type of films are few and far between and for good reason, you need competent actors to carry it off and a well written plot and script but these things are becoming rare these days !
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5.7/10. Watchable but not recommended
athanasiosze23 December 2022
This is like a stage play.

Stephen Lang was great, pace was good and the story was interesting enough to make me invested. Not for a second i felt bored and there is a twist i didn't see it coming. However, i can't recommend it. Just because the twist was unexpected, it doesn't mean that i liked it. Story was not illogical or dumb but still, some things didn't make much sense. The ending was kinda chaotic. Zero explanations given about Rascal, the cabin and what is this all about. I could overlook those details, a certain amount of ambiguity is not always a bad thing, but i can't get over the fact that the victimizer was more likeable than the victim. Thus, i didn't enjoy the ending, it was sad and not cathartic.

In any case, this is not a bad movie, and if you love dialogue driven drama/mystery movies, maybe you will like it more than me.
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An Excellent & Gripping Movie
thefighting7815 October 2022
No Spoilers.

This movie reels you in from start to finish. The time goes by so fast, you don't even realize it's over. Both Stephen Lang and Marc Senter have breathtaking performances. The movie grip's your attention and takes you on a journey where you have no clue where it's headed. The storytelling throughout the movie is keeps your attention directed at that particular story then onto the next. Marc Senter has come a long way in his acting career. I'm so glad he's landing roles such as this to add to his incredible talented line of characters he's played in many other films. One in particular that comes to mind, was a horror movie in which these kids summon a demon for fun, and he plays the part of a pizza delivery man, that just so happens to deliver pizza to the wrong house; the summoning house. Getting back to "Old Man," it is such a great movie, well acted, and good story telling. Watch it, you will not be disappointed.
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I couldn't take my eyes off the screen
scottkolflat21 October 2022
This movie captured my attention from the start. Right away I started asking questions about what was happening and why. The old man, who is played by Stephen Lang, was an enigma and I wanted to know more about him and who Raskel was. Not long after the start of the story another man shows up at the old man's door claiming to be lost and in need of help, but the old man is paranoid and scares the heck out of him. The two characters get to know each other for most of the movie and the whole time I'm mesmerized and thinking that one of the two characters is going to kill the other, but which one? During that time I was really enjoying the movie, enough to give it a 8 or maybe a 9 out of 10, but then the big reveal happened and I didn't really like what happened. It brought my rating down to a 7. I thought the story was told very well. I thought the acting was really good. I liked pretty much everything about the production, direction, writing, sound, basically all the technical aspect of the movie were done really well, but that ending just wasn't satisfying at all. I would still recommend that people give this movie a watch, if not just for the story being told so well, but also because Stephen Lang is so captivating to watch in this movie.
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A dark and murky dialogue driven drama/horror set deep in the mountains of our minds
TuesdayThe17th10 December 2022
For me, Lucky McKee can't disappoint. Again working with Marc Senter, the two deliver a heavy and creepy drama horror. Marc Senter is such a unique actor in both looks and delivery, but his way to speaking is actually just his way of talking rather than bad acting. Steven Lang is a nut in this, as per usual, ever since his success from 2016's "Don't Breathe". The banter and back and forth between the two of them allows for some true acting magic and they play off each other very well.

Marc Senter plays Joe, a lost hiker who stumbles upon the cabin of an old hermit type man in the deep woods of the smoky mountains. Joe can't remember how he came to be lost but he is now and is seeking help and refuge. This movie must take place in the 60s as there are no phones and it is also rather apparent. Joe is greeted by the old man, grumpy and bizarre as ever. The old.man weilds a shotgun as he probes Joe for what seems like hours in their time. Joe ever so calmly goes along with everything but there is something that still seems off about Joe and his mannerisms. There's something foul afoot, but what?

I really enjoy dialogue driven films as well as haunting dramas. This movie sits nicely in Lucky McKee's arsenal of films as it is slightly elevated in the sense that it's so dark and brooding. It's almost in a way an extreme horror films.even with out showing anything extreme. Mckee's taste for the macab is ever so apparent and the mood and lighting is perfect for a late night watch. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a well made indie horror.
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Phychological thriller but not for everyone
The_Swedish_Reviewer22 January 2023
This gives the term "blow burner" a new meaning. I can absolutely understand if the average moviegoer won't appreciate Old Man, but I enjoyed it. It's just a handful of actors, with Stephen Lang as the main character, who plays an old, partially drunk man who lives alone in the woods. The visitor is a young and a little too polite man who is rather creepy. There is a twist at the end that I didn't really appreciate, but all in all this is an intense low budget thriller and Stephen Lang is great as always. The film is reminiscent of Don't Breathe where Lang plays kind of the same character as in this one. But don't waste your time. This is definitely not a movie for everyone. But if you like some weird and mysterious psychological thrillers/dramas, this is a good pick.
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lindelane15 November 2022
This movie gripped my attention from start till the end, amazing plot twist. This movie is not predictable! Well paced psychological thriller about a senile, delusional, self absorbed and pathetic man living in a cabin in the woods. When a lone hiker ends up on the door of an unpredictable and crazy old man and what started out as a friendly conversation, soon reveal both men's troubled past and that one of them is hiding a terrible secret.

The ending was not so great but the acting was excellent. The dialogue is gripping, but LANG carries the story from start to fish. Lang effortlessly goes through so many emotions as to making you almost feel sorry for the old man.
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Beauty and Death
nogodnomasters29 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The Old Man (Stephen Lang) wakes up in a rustic cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains. He is alone in his red long johns. He calls out for "Rascal" who we don't know is a dog or a person. As he starts a morning routine an unexpected knock comes on the door of his remote cabin. The Old Man gets his gun and greets the visitor. Joe (Marc Senter) is a lost hiker, who is not really a hiker. The initial exchange is awkward and non-trusting. Eventually Joe gives us a brief bio and describes his problems which includes his wife (Liana Wright-Mark) and conception problems. The old Man confesses he had a wife issue also.

At some point in time, you should have things figured out before Rascal returns and explain the plot. Interesting acting. I loved the haunting song at the end sung by A J Lambert (Nancy Sinatra's daughter) sounding similar to Kate Bush.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Stephen Lang Show in a Movie that's Half-way Cooked
TwistedContent18 October 2022
Lucky McKee ("May", "Red", "The Woman") and Stephen Lang ("Don't Breathe", "VFW") were two, big, bold horror reasons to check the "Old man" out, while knowing it's most likely a risky low-budget adventure, and sadly not exactly in the horror genre. Well, Lang delivered, McKee too, but writer Joel Veach succeeded only halfway in this dialogue-based, one-room (cabin) character mystery, which feels like a seriously overlong "Twilight zone" episode.

An Old man of questionable mental state and with the strong smell of mystery, played by veteran actor Stephen Lang, awakens in his remote, isolated one-room-has-it-all forest cabin, and goes about his day, before the unexpected arrival of a lost hiker. Neither of them could imagine what the late night conversations will lead into... "Old Man" is 90% dialogue and 100% never leaving the room, so if you're a fan of such genre characteristics, this one might intrigue you. The movie leans on, no, hinges on the performance of Stephen Lang, embodying an erratic, unpredictable, funky old guy with a double barrel. And he does deliver an entertaining show, with the script he's carrying never being entirely unengaging. However, the twist finale can be seen long before the talks are over, and for a thriller, the pacing is certainly not very thrillsy. It takes a bit of time, delusion and paranoia, before the story takes its intended direction. In terms of violence and disturbing material reminiscent of other works by Lucky McKee, there is almost none. There is a portion of grittiness, but don't expect any horror shades really. Besides Lang there is Marc Senter in the clothes of the lost hiker, and I'm not sure if it was the acting or the little-too-oblivious character, but he rubbed me wrong at times. It is Lang's show all over. Despite the very limited space and setting, cinematography proves to know how to utilize it, and McKee summons an overall atmosphere, aesthetic and psychological, that works, but like only half-powered.

Though I won't talk about the mystery itself, I'll say it's nothing new... It's not a bad vision, but can't describe "Old Man" as original. However, If you're a fan of Stephen Lang and/or one-room movies, I recommend. My rating: 5/10.
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Excellent performances
jc-9346915 October 2022
Excellent performances by all.

Liana Wright Mark performance as Genie was exceptional! I would suggest this movie to anyone that would enjoy movies with this excellent cast. The screenplay by Joel Veach as well as the direction by Lucky McKee was riveting. It also had exceptional performances by Stephen Lang and Marc Senter as the hitch hiker. He stumbles into the woods inhabited by Stephen Lang. The plot takes some twists and turns until their secrets are reveled. A look into madness and plunge into darkness.

Liana previously had a small role in Ocean's 8. It is great to see her in a larger role in this movie and the audience will see her as a leading lady in the future. She's wonderfully gifted and talented.

Would highly recommend this movie!
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purgatory or senility
fender-3219121 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Lang is an excellent actor, always be remembered for avatar as the mad commander, here we have an old man living in a cabin somewhere we dont really know or is really living in a cabin, or is it all in his head.

Suffice to say he is a loner copped up for a long time, younger fellow happens along and says he's lost, old man chats to him etc, young man disappears, then shifty looking dude in a cowbouy hat appears, he's name is rascal, old man mentioned he was a dog that runs away and comes back to young guy, turns out old man topped his wife and her lover, who rascal is ? Erm wendigo mmm who comes back to remind old man he murdered his wife and her lover, he's in a self imposed purgatory where it's rinse repeat, young guy who visits is erm himself.
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Classy filmmaking
tj033128 October 2022
I've been preaching how Lucky is one of the most important filmmakers we have since I became obsessed with May. He can make films like no one else. Aside from his one co-directed film, All Cheerleaders, his movies have their own world and feel. Much like with the Woman. Old Man captures this too. It is not the film you expect it to be and for that it will go over many viewer's heads. I think it deserves multiple watches. Is he in purgatory? Is this an old man losing his grip on reality? I have more questions after watching the film and that is a sign of a great movie. I won't give away too much, but I will say this is probably geared more towards cinephiles. It could have been made in 1950 or today and been just as strong. It feels like a classic as do most of his movies. Another strong piece from Lucky!!
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Old Man definitely worth a watch!
jean-8128215 October 2022
A movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The direction, screenplay and actors are magnificent. Liana Wright-Mark's portrayal of Genie was totally engrossing and was a unparalleled performance by a young actress.

The screenplay by Joel Veach was thought provoking. The lead actors kept the intensity throughout.

The hiker get lost in the woods to come across this house I thought was a truly original plot. I will think twice before taking a hike alone. I won't go to any cabins!

I would recommend this movie highly. It is a but unnerving in parts- but the acting and cinematography was outstanding.
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Decent enough psychological thriller
mason2523 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Whilst I wouldn't say it's a great movie, it wasn't bad, and I loved how the ending tied into the beginning.

Some called it slow, I would call it a proper pacing for the style of movie it is. Just sort of dribbles out tidbits of info and you get to work on them.

I would've liked it if there was more background on who rascal/Joe is or was, as a complete fiment of his imagination he just didn't make sense.

Hollywood definitely needs more movies like this though, as opposed to the garbage it so often pumps out. Action and blockbuster movies have a place for sure, but there are so few movies put out where you get rewarded for thinking and analyzing.
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About a senile old man
biscuitskhan18 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is terrible. If you don't mind spoilers then read on.

The movie was good until it became stupid near the end. I liked that there were only 2 characters and we were wondering who may be the psychotic one between the 2. But then it turned out that there was only 1 character really the old man who is Joe and he has been living in the woods since the day he killed the fat dude who his wife found more attractive than him or what ever and Joe killed them both. I mean sure but why?? Why is the old man living in the woods in a cabin reliving the same moment over and over? Why is he being visited by his younger self from the day he killed his wife? They could have made it interesting in the end but they didn't they just ruined the whole movie.. And who is rascal? I have no idea.
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A great Mind fk of a movie! A Clockwork Orange meets High Tension
beaverhandyman30 December 2022
I love psychological thrillers and I had no idea this was going to be one until I was about halfway through the movie. This movie really grew on me as I watched. It was not what I expected at all but by the time I was done I really enjoyed the film. Everything is finally tied together at the end of the movie and it was very hard to predict which I also like in this type of film. Well worth watching. When I read about this movie I thought it was going to be a completely different film and had no idea that it would turn into a psychological Thriller. I was very pleased and it kept me watching. I loved the ending and felt it gave the viewer everything you could possibly ask for.
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American ( B+ Movie) My Ratings 6/10
Muhammad_Rafeeq17 October 2022

for me i like it , give a try only if u wanna try something new and if u believe in my taste then why not

The mountain , the weather , the woods , the sound , the rain , the wind , the atmosphere , the acting , the dialog , the music , the character , the costume , over all a unique way of story telling , well done for low budget film . Stephen Lang puts in a great performance and shows he is a worthy actor. It's starts off slow and you wonder in what direction this film will go.

A psychological thriller. Maybe a in a old way but interesting way , end you may think why but it is what it is , its a just a movie that's all.
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That ending.. Just killed it completely
idonotexist25 October 2022
This started as a slow burn movie of a convo between a weird old dude and a yonger weird and annoying serial killer looking and behaving dude.

Then it progressed to conversation based story of old dudes past experiences in his cabin. There are a lot of red flags about the younger person yet the overly suspicious old dude becomes inert to them and carries on as if there is nothing strange about everything.

As it goes along you are waiting for the carnage to start occurring at some point since there is solid build up for one of the 2 men (or maybe both) to go full psycho on each other. Plenty of clues for that are dropped and drum roll, bait and switch.

Instead nothingburger takes place with some absolutely abhorrent out of place supernatural dead mountain lion ghost undertaker fountain of youth time loop ghost something taking the stage. Movie ends. Nothing happened. It was all fake. Except the fake part at the end that was supposedly real.

Absolute train wreck. It was a 6/10 movie the nosedived right into a volcano at the end. It is bad.. not bad in a witty way, just plain horribly bad. Shallow, unimaginative taken out of some toddlers random nightmare one day bad. Actually i think that is what took place here. It was some crew members toddlers dream that they made into a movie here. And the adults left the stage halfway in.
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Thought provoking
zkfo-3690031 October 2022
The Old Man may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I watched it initially because I love Stephen Lang and always have. This movie plays into some of what he does best, great acting and acting unhinged. It's a slow burn like some say for sure, but an interesting one in my opinion. I admit i like more action to my movies. You keep waiting for more than what happens. All I can say is the end is not expected. I say he's in hell and this is his loop. After it was over of course I see things that shoukd have led me down that path all along. At least I should have put a few things together earlier on.
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Mediocre movie. Stephen Lang gives a great performance.
svenpombreu15 October 2022
I was completely unaware of this movie. But it was mainly the handsome poster that made me curious about the story. So I set it up totally without a trailer or any prior knowledge.

The film starts in a hut and that is where it takes place for 90%.

You quickly get the feeling that you are not watching a movie, but a play.

Stephen Lang's acting is very clever and believable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Marc Senter (who also co-produces this film).

As for the story, it is very easy to guess what is actually going on and the "twist" can't really be called a twist.

It feels like a missed opportunity, unfortunately.

5/10 for Stephen Lang's acting performance.
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A Short Story
romanprv17 October 2022
This movie starts promising: An interesting setting and enigmatic characters let you hope for a 90 min play full of twisted dialogues and psychologically complex interaction, maybe warfare even. In a few moments, it skillfully achieves to build up an atmosphere of subtle, lovecraftian horror -- but only to tear it down a few seconds later with meaningless, down-to-earth dialogues. In general, this movie looses momentum very fast and makes you wish it would only run 30 min tops. It boils down to its ending and so it would have been a perfect fit for "Alfred Hitchcock presents". I recommend this for fans of Stephen Lang and die hard mystery movie lovers only.
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A tough couple of characters to endure for 97 minutes
jtindahouse21 January 2023
Single-setting thrillers are kind of my jam. They're cheap to make and often end up being some of the most entertaining movies because they demand a strong script to carry them. 'Old Man' didn't quite work for me sadly. There was an idea here that could've been pulled off if executed differently.

The main problem stems from the characters. There are only really two of them of note in the film. One is characterless because of the way he is set up. He adds some mystery to the proceedings but otherwise he is just clueless and going along for the ride. The other character is a crazy old man who rambles on about nothing for minutes on end. Those two don't equal a particularly enjoyable 97 minutes of viewing.

The thing the film has going for it is the intrigue over what exactly is going on. There were a few routes the film could've gone down at the end, so if anyone is saying this one is predictable I would take umbrage with that. Unfortunately though the whole experience is very forgettable and not one I'd recommend. 5.5/10.
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Self-destruction !!
InterMedia-122123 October 2022
Warning: Spoilers
A thriller you must give a chance.

The performance of Protagonist (Stephen Lang) is incredible with attractive isolated environment.

The story was simple !? It's all about one character (Oldman, Joe and Rascal) it was Oldman itself in past of his life, and the story was revealing his life in forms of his trauma based characters, his mistakes consulting on ruining his life, ending on the lost cabin in the woods.

He came young and weak at the woods, after killing his wife and his "secret husband", so he adopted himself well in wilderness in the "character of Rascal" and ended in trauma character portrayed as oldman.

Oldman wasn't a bad person, the life was hard hit for him. I feel bad for him.
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