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Charming and fun, with beautiful shades of poignancy
spectordan17 May 2010
What a charming, inviting movie! Even though this is an independent film, the movie looks and plays like a movie straight out of the Hollywood studios. The story was sweet and engaging, but the real story seems to lie in the journey each character takes. After watching the trailer, I expected a really silly movie, and this movie certainly has lots of silly moments, but it's actually incredibly touching and thought-provoking. The performances of the whole cast are facile and sincere, especially those of Marshall Bell and the protagonist Jack Roberts. The tone of the movie reminded me a lot of recent movies I've seen like "Garden State", "Away We Go", and "500 Days of Summer." Subtle, but colorful and creative. Oh, and I must mention how beautiful the movie was! The light, the angles, the makes me want to visit Tulsa to experience that beautiful river. Highly recommended movie!
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Great movie made in Oklahoma
lindaloucarpenter14 October 2010
I saw this movie at the Kansas International Film Festival in Overland Park last weekend and my sisters and I loved it. In fact, it won the audience vote for narrative and should be playing in KC at the Glenwood Arts sometime this year for a week. It was funny and charming. It was filmed in Tulsa and looks good. A representative for the film was there for a Q&A and confirmed that the house used is across the street from Riverview Drive There were lovely scenes along the river. I hope the film gets released for a wide audience. I think word of mouth might make it a hit. I enjoyed it a lot and think other mid-westerners especially would enjoy it too.
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Deep, Touching, and Funny
fay_rowe29 April 2010
The Rock and Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher was definitely worth the time and money.If the movie has a drawback for me it would be found in the first five minutes. A couple of the scenes felt awkward and uncomfortable, but maybe that was deliberate. I got over it became involved in the story very quickly. The setting is beautifully shot and effective in preparing the stage for the characters, the problems they deal with, and the journey they take. It shows off the state very well. The characters, while odd and almost caricature-like at first, become very real. I came to care deeply not only about both of the main characters but also several of the supporting characters. I loved Duncan and Charlie. Their relationship rang true,as did their quirky choices. I laughed and cried and became very invested emotionally in their outcomes. Along with being an entertaining way to spend an evening, this movie has substantial takeaways for an audience demographic that would range from early to mid adulthood. I loved the movie and would see it again.
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A True Love Letter to Tulsa
starrhardgrove2 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have had the fortunate pleasure of watching the Rock and Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher several times and find that I like this movie more and more every time that I watch it. The movie is a coming of age story about characters struggling with obstacles and the movie leaves you with a sense of accomplishment when is over. While being entertaining and funny, it is also cuts to the heart of talent and heredity that is a real joy to watch.

While maybe not a spoiler of the movie, I believe the most real moment of the movie lies in the relationship between the father and Duncan and the connection through the movie. This really hit home for me. The movie is fun, and the concepts are great, but at the heart of this story is that relationship. In the middle of the movie, there is a unique camera style that deals with that moment. For me, this movie ranks with all of those movies that follow the hero's journey and is a great movie for Tulsa, for Oklahoma and for the World. See it.
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Highly recommend this film
jbourassa17 October 2010
This is a great film overall. The music, camera angles, plot, story-line, characters...everything just seems to work. There is a deeper message within the film, beyond the humour of singing karaoke. Duncan Christopher learns about love, life, and finding his own identity, separate from his fathers past. Humorous and real. I also like how the film is shot in Oklahoma and captures the beautiful city scape and the hippie culture. This is evident in the windmill power generators, the cute cafes, and the eclectic wardrobes of the characters. The songs are well written and directly relevant to the themes in the film. I especially found the song, "Angeline" to be very touching and powerful. I was very impressed with this film and I cant wait to see more from this director.
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scottdendale17 January 2021
Excellent Oklahoma made film, excellent director and writer I'm noticing that this Lisandro Boccacci guy is in almost everything! Someone should give him a leading role! 😉
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