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1 Nov. 2010
Sauce for the Goose
Anne,a middle-aged divorcee,spends her life caring for her mother,Bella,who has Alzheimer's Disease whilst following the progress of her son Chris,who is back-packing across South America. She meets John,also divorced,and they spend time together,letting Anne's married sister Lynne mind Bella. However Bella is used to living with Anne and Lynne tends to use this as an excuse to shirk her responsibilities.When Chris is mugged Anne decides to fly out,with John,to see him and asks Lynne to become Bella's carer for three weeks but Lynne feels that she would be better off ...
2 Nov. 2010
Skies of Glass
Mary Ann and Anthony are a childless couple,whose situation is not helped by the fact that her sister,Sarah, has three teen-aged kids. Their efforts to adopt Grace,a baby they fostered,are dashed when the birth mother wants her back and the couple are despairing,Anthony hitting the bottle. Then Mary Ann finds an abandoned baby in her car,with a note asking her to care for the child. She assumes the mother is one of the girls at the youth club where she helps out but none will admit to it.Anthony believes they should keep her, Mary Ann feels they must tell the police ...
3 Nov. 2010
Skin Deep
Approaching her sixtieth birthday,Jean attends a school reunion,where the other women all seem to have had face-lifts,making her feel old. After she has Botox and a tummy-tuck in order to look slim in her birthday party dress,her husband Frankie rows with her over her apparent obsession with her looks and moves out. The situation leads to an airing of deep-seated marital grievances on both sides,with Jean particularly angry that Frankie seems to have spent all their savings. However he has a romantic explanation which leads to eventual reconciliation.
4 Nov. 2010
Mike,known as Moose,is paroled after a long prison sentence for his role in an armed robbery,to find his ex-wife Tina has been living for the past four years in their old house with Adam,who is like a father to their young daughter Jess. All three resent Moose's reappearance,leading to the men fighting in Adam's work-place,costing him his job. Then Adam learns that Moose did not take part in the armed robbery but took the blame as the real perpetrators were threatening his family. Seeing Moose in a different light and realising Tina still loves her ex-husband,Adam ...
5 Nov. 2010
Letting Go
Dental nurse Kirsty is shocked to discover that Lee,her partner who lives with her and her schoolboy son Sam,has successfully kept from her his long-term heroin use for several years. Her initial reaction is to take a counsellor's advice and throw him out but she misses him and determines to help him quit,giving up cigarettes to encourage him. But her expectations are very high,ultimately doing her more harm than good and she comes to appreciate that the only way forward for them both is to take a more detached,less judgmental view.
8 Nov. 2010
When elderly ex-boxer Eddie catches young Jack trying to burgle his house he makes him mend his broken window,rather than turn him in. Jack is impressed by the fact that Eddie once boxed in the Olympics and,trained by Jack,takes up the sport himself. Despite the age gap they become friends, with Jack leaving the gang with whom he aimlessly hung out to spend his days at the gym. Eddie's son Shane warns his father that he is being used and,when Eddie's late wife's rings go missing,Jack is the obvious culprit. The trust is broken but,after Eddie has discovered that Jack ...
9 Nov. 2010
The Test
Widow Theresa meets the charming Gabe,who is anxious to date her but she rejects him after her long-time friend Cyn says he was a wife-beater. Cyn has repeatedly failed her driving test so Theresa impersonates her and passes on her behalf. To celebrate, Cyn drives Theresa to the seaside but on the way home Gabe rings Theresa,who realises that Cyn lied about him. The women argue and the car goes off the road.Cyn is anxious to keep the deception quiet but Theresa decides her relationship with Gabe is more important than a so-called friend who has used her once too often.
10 Nov. 2010
Losing My Religion
Joanne and Dave are concerned when their fifteen-year-old son Jamie is bullied at his Catholic school for being gay. Joanne sees the headmaster but he is ho help,even after Jamie has attempted suicide,since his old fashioned faith prejudices him against homosexuality. Fortunately Joanne's local priest is far more understanding and non-judgmental,giving Joanne the strength to publicly denounce the head for his bigotry before she and Dave move their son to another school.
11 Nov. 2010
Rules of the Game
Living in the shadow of big brother Stevie,a successful footballer, jobless Dave Farrow still lives at home and is frequently drunk. One such spree lands him in casualty,where he meets nurse Ruth,whom he dates,though,with an alcoholic father,she is concerned as to Dave's drinking. On a double date with Stevie and his girl-friend, Dave gets drunk and jealous as his brother seems to be getting on too well with Ruth,ending in the fight between the boys.Dave has to face up to,and admit,his envy of Stevie and recourse to the bottle to win back his self-respect and the ...
12 Nov. 2010
I am Darleen Fyles
Diagnosed with a personality disorder young Darleen Fyles lives in sheltered accommodation and is obsessed with ringing the emergency services. Through her boyfriend Jamie,who cleans at a retirement home,she meets one of the residents,Diane, and,when she is burgled,rather than phone the police who will think she is crying wolf,she asks Diane's help. Darleen's mother Treena wants to move her own boyfriend and his little girl into Darleen's old room and is not keen for him to meet her. When Diane suggests to Treena that Darleen's obsession is a search for security,...

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