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Not as bad as the ratings or reviews reflect.
DeadMansTrousers2 July 2022
I've been watching over the top action movies all my life and this by no means is bad. This has a simple story, sticks to it, and is fun while doing so. That in no way makes for a bad movie, some people just need to understand that not everything needs to be a million dollar Marvel film for it to be fun. This has good action scenes and some great one liners. It's worth watching if you can enjoy a simple old fashioned action film and can ignore all the inane reviews that have been left here.
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It is what it is ...
codefool2 July 2022
It's been done 1000 times before. The Princess is forcibly betrothed to the evil King-to-be. Only this time, she's seriously having none of it.

This is action porn - plain and simple. Of course it's as predicable and obvious as All Star Wrestling, and the point is not to tell an intriguing and though-provoking story but to see how well the fights are choreographed.

In that regard, this movie delivers. Joey King is a delight as the kung-fu parkour sword-slinging protagonist as she mows down literal hoards of opponents - all with awful dental hygiene.

As such, this is a preview for what we can expect from Ms. King in the upcoming Bullet Train.

100% certified non-woke. Enjoy!
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Fun, violent, medieval Die Hard
emguy1 July 2022
The movie takes place in an unspecified, vaguely medieval kingdom. The premise is straightforward. The king has arranged to marry off his daughter for political/dynastic reasons, but the princess is unwilling.

Then the fun begins.

It's one long escape/fight/rescue scene, with occasional flashbacks.

The Princess is no helpless damsel waiting for others to rescue her or her family. If you can't bear to see an action movie without a manly man saving the day and getting the girl in the end, move along. This isn't that.

The film is violent. There's blood, a body count, on-screen fatal wounds, and occasional gruesome deaths.

There's plenty of stuntwork and violations of the laws of physics, but if you're looking for a historical documentary or a physics simulation, this ain't it.

There are flashes of humor here and there.
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lots of fights, not much story
SnoopyStyle3 July 2022
The Princess (Joey King) is imprisoned in the tower to be wed to usurper Julius (Dominic Cooper). The Princess is independent-minded and has been training to fight in secret despite her father's disapproval. She escapes from her bondage and battles her kidnappers.

This is more or less a fighting film reel for Joey King. She gets to do a lot of stage fighting. She's a good lead actress. Otherwise, there isn't much to this movie. I bet you the script is no more than twenty pages and most of it is The Princess fights. Even the production design is limited. I don't know anything about these writers or director. The fight choreographer will probably get some more work after this.
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arod_852 July 2022
Completely stupid. Absolutely no story. Just begins with a princess fighting two men and she just wanders around aimlessly getting in to fights. The fight sequences are not that impressive. I can't believe this is the same Joey King from The Act because her acting is terrible in this movie. I agree with another reviewer that making this movie an action comedy would have possibly saved it from the mess that it is. Instead, it takes its self way too seriously but ends up being unintentionally laughable.
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Not for me, though I can see the appeal for some
Jim_Screechy1 July 2022
If you got Arya Stark on steroids, trained her as a ninja then stuck her in a tower deemed to marry Joffery... then this is pretty much what you've got with this movie. It's not terrible but you only need to watch the first five minutes to realise this is pretty much the sequence of events throughout the whole film. It would be a pretty good film for kids but for some of the scenes which are not so much excessively graphic, but still too violently depicted for the younger viewers.

It was entertaining in parts and obviously isn't a film to be taken too seriously, so I don't really understand some of the exaggerated negative reviews. These seem to come primarily from people with an axe to grind on the female lead having pseudo super powers. Well these people need to get over themselves and not transpose their feelings of patriarchy on everything that has a dominant female lead. Don't expect any highly choregraphed fight exchanges, this isn't a Jet Li movie. It's a lot of clever camera work, strategic positioning, and bad guys dancing around menacingly as they wait to be disposed of in an orderly fashion, so if your sceptical about some of the battle scenes, don't make a fuss, just try not to grimace too much as the ladies around you whoop and cheer as the fight scenes unfold.

Though It is generally watchable, the reviews giving it top marks are as equally ridiculous as those giving it the lowest scores possible. Its an entertaining movie if your looking for a heroin feminine enough to pull of the Cinderella look whilst capable enough in her battle skills to warrant a place on the 'Mortal Kombat' line up. The acting is reasonable, the script a fairly hackneyed, and the paper thin plot does little to disguise where it's going from the onset, but at least it never really attempts to hoodwink you into something your not prepared for or sell you on a screenplay you didn't know was coming five miles out from the title.

I'm only surprised the film set is so elaborate, and some good work has been done with this aspect of the movie which lends some considerable credence to the screenplay. Ultimately it's a shallow well worn tale without a lot of new substance to flesh it out save the 'Nikata' princess angle which wears a little thin after the first ten minutes. Suspend your disbelief well before seating yourself comfortably to watch this one and I'm sure you'll be fine. It's good for entertainment value if you like this sort of thing, if not you'll probably hate it.

I think 4/10 is a fair score from my perspective, but I think I'd go to a 6 maybe even a7/10 at a push if its your kinda thing.

That said, lets be clear, this film is no masterpiece and anyone trying to convince you it is is trying to sell you magic beans.

Hope this helps.
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"She Off Her Nut!"
gab-675991 July 2022
For me going into this movie I didn't have high expectations. Because I am a King fan I had to see this movie. She is just so beautiful to watch as an actress. That being said this was not the best movie she has been in. But for what it was (a Kill Bill style medieval times movie) it was not bad. It was just not great, a bit too serious, I think if they had thrown in a comedian it would have been a hit. So lots of blood but not too much that you could not enjoy this movie with the kids close by. The foul language also didn't match with the time frame there were aiming for. So when they said or did certain things a person would do or say today in this movie it was just not believable. A perfect example was in the beginning with the dislocation of her thumb, unbelievable. Now, if you were going into this movie expecting fantasy/adventure like I did, you will be let down. But IF you are a King fan then this movie was just ok. I personally will not see it again but I would recommend to another King fan IF they had nothing better to watch that is. Here's hoping her next movie will be a hit. Oh and I loved the villainess, she played her part well.
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Like a video game
DaegT1 July 2022
Currently I m playing a stealth video game (with rats, lot of rats) the second time which is against a backdrop of Middle Age France. So when I watched this movie I could find a lot of similarities between them. A princess hunted by soldiers within a castle. But this time it a bit different. It's kinda too-down in a tower.

Since I found this movie by surprise, I really had zero expectation for it. But then, I was totally caught by surprise. It's totally entertaining. Then another surprise: I found some familiar faces, namely Veronica Ngo and Olga Kurylenko. Mm, how I miss them both.

I would say it's definitely a good choice for a night of chilling martial action. Wow, girls can be badass if they got hot blood.
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The Raid by way of a fairy tale, The Princess mixes action and fantasy conventions to stylish and entertaining effect.
IonicBreezeMachine1 July 2022
In a medieval Kingdom, the Princess (Joey King) rejects marriage to Lord Julius (Dominic Cooper) Soon after the rejection, Julius leads a coup against the kingdom taking the Princess' family hostage and intending to force marriage. When the Princess awakens locked in a tower, she utilizes the combat training she's learned all her life from her mentor Linh (Veronica Ngo) to fight her way through the castle and rescue her family and stop Julius.

The Princess is the second English language feature by Vietnamese director Le-Van Kiet following the shark attack film The Requin from earlier this year. Produced by Neal H. Moritz' Original Film and Derek Kolstad who created the John Wick franchise, Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton's spec script was acquired by 20th Century Studios as an original for Hulu. The movie is certainly well within Kolstad's wheelhouse taking a similar streamlined approach like John Wick or Nobody, Le-Van Kiet is much more at home here than with The Requin, and Joey King, Dominic Cooper, and Veronic Ngo are a lot of fun in the action spun take off on fairy tales.

The Princess is about as simple a premise as you can get with an evil villain keeping a princess locked in a tower, but despite the time worn setup it isn't long before this Disney-esque setting turns into the same hard knuckle claustrophobic ride you got from The Raid or Dredd as the castle is utilized for all manner of swordfights, fistfights, and chases that per the standards of other John Wick inspired projects let the action breathe and flow with well-timed choreography and long uninterrupted shots so we get the full impact. Joey King is really good in the role as The Princess and embodies the typical "princess in a gilded cage" archetype whilst also combining it with subversive humor and genuinely impressive stunt work that King spent a lot of time and preparation on which comes across well in the final product. Dominic Cooper is also quite fun and hateful as Lord Julius and the movie does a solid job of making him hateful scum we can't wait to see taken down a peg. But stealing every scene she's in is unquestionably Veronica Ngo as the Princess' friend/mentor Linh who trained her from childhood in martial arts and swordplay and the flashback scenes between them spaced throughout the film do a solid job of adding credibility to the scenario as well as making us care about their relationship. The Princess isn't a flawless movie as there are moments such as a running gag with an obese mercenary running about the castle being more of a limping gag that isn't as funny as the movie seems to think it is, and it's undeniable we've seen takes on the "badly behaving princess" that range from the throwaway joke in Shrek the Third to more front and center approaches such as Your Highness or Matt Groening's Disenchanted, but I still felt The Princess utilized that subversive premise far better than those examples and was consistently entertained throughout its efficiently paced 90 minute runtime.

The Princess takes classic fairy tale tropes and places them in an action movie framework similar to The Raid or Dredd and gives us a stylish and violently entertaining good time. Le-Van Kiet gives a solid skillset showcase and the performances of Joey King, Dominic Cooper, and Veronica Ngo are effortlessly entertaining. I hope to see more work in action from Le-Van Kiet in the future if this is the standard set.
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rdbass5 July 2022
This was nothing but the same fight scene over and over with an attempt to make the deaths progressively more grotesque. Bad acting and unimaginative writing.
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Medieval fantasy Disney style
It's a Disney Girl-Power medieval fantasy film but with lots of fighting, blood splatter and some minor gore. That's why it's on Hulu instead of DisneyPlus. The film is about a guy with ambitions to forcibly take over the kingdom by marrying the princess. But the princess doesn't want to marry the guy and fights back the patriarchy. Lots of sassy one liners from princess, male goons with little intellect that have their arse handed to them by the tiny princess, lots of preachy dialogue and not much of a story. Did I also mention that Mulan and her relatives make a guest appearance in the film? Some of the fighting sequences remind me of Guy Richie directed films.

P. S. The wardrobe people seem to be confused about whether this film is supposed to be a medieval fantasy or a Viking fantasy film because some of the helmets used are blend of medieval and Viking horns.
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Aimless fighting with no story but Joey King does shine in the action role.
cruise018 July 2022
2 out of 5 stars.

The Princess is a bad action period film about a princess played by Joey King. Who escapes her locked room in a tower who is being forced to marry a tyrant. She escapes fighting every bad guy there is.

There is not much of a plot besides seeing Joey King going room to room fighting bad guys. Yes it was entertaining to see Joey King taking on the action role. It can barely go on so long before it gets boring. The film tries not to take itself seriously. But it does not have any humor as well making the film feel like its trying for the action comedy without its humor.
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90% fighting
bogdan2533 July 2022
This has a very simple and linear story, like the princess fights her way down from the tower level after level like in a game.

If you like watching a small woman kill stronger and bigger men for one and a half hour this is the film for you.
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Reminds me of a Stephen Segal movie. With swords
nattyj-801295 July 2022
I really wanted to enjoy this movie. Unfortunately for me, I really did not enjoy this movie.

It is really bad when all but 4 supporting characters have actual names. The lead & her parents are just called "the princess", the king, the queen. Absolutely no character development for the unnamed characters (or even the ones with names) until a quick flashback more than 30 minutes into the movie. I think the first time the main character says anything other than grunting is in that flashback.

The main actress Joey King is completely miscast. A 4'8" young girl with no combat experience is hard to believe as a kung fu sword fighter who single handedly karate chops and cuts her way through hundreds of nasty men and saves the entire kingdom all while not one of her loved ones dies in the process on her very first 'real' battle outside of practice swordplay in the woods. Her acting contains grunting and fake limping and seemed to forget that she broke her finger/hand in the first five minutes of the movie and got stabbed twice (with hardly any blood) but picks up a sword and fights for the entirety of this movie.

That wasn't the worst of it. The very last scene of the obese errand boy who was sent to check on her at the top of the tower comes out panting and sweaty and he has a full mouth of BRACES????

Like honestly? Pretty sure they didn't even brush their teeth in Medieval period but a dude has dental work that hasn't been invented yet. Hmmm Perhaps he was a time traveler. We'll never know because there was no character development in this entire movie, which makes it impossible to care or root for anyone in this movie.
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How does anyone give this a higher rating
Phoenix_e137 July 2022
This flick must be one of the worst films I have seen.. Ever. No proper scenario, laughable action scenes, not clear who the key audience is supposed to be, too violent for young kids, yet it has that childish and cheap kids movie vibe. Special effects look awful, not anywhere historically correct, bad wigs, tiny girl kicking around heavy hitters. Bad acting and the list continues. It's a good thing this didn't hit cinemas, because this was horrendous.
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Great action
This will make your misogynist uncle turn colors but it's a great action flick. Just a fun, non-stop romp with great characters and just enough plot to hang the action on. The physics are realistic for the most part, which is a requirement for me. The premise, though ridiculous, is explained completely plausibly, which again helps a lot with the suspension of disbelief.

I haven't seen Joey King in anything since White House Down, but I remember what a talented kid she was and that I was looking forward to what she could do with some time to refine her craft. Well, she's great in this and not just regular acting but she is completely believable in the intense, almost constant action scenes, which not many really pull off. Hopefully we get more of these roles from her after this performance.
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So bad
Before20202 July 2022
Absolutely nothing and I mean nothing, is worth watching anymore. This garbage was so much worse than I expected it to be. Just a bunch of screaming and kicking with no real story. The lines are cheesey and like if written by a 13 year old. Just wanted something to play in the background and it wasn't even good enough for that.
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Hate to say it, but this movie is bad
johnc-58 July 2022
It's bad. I can look past the fact that King is fighting dues who are literally twice her size and twice her weight, action movies are like that. Maybe not to this degree, but John Wick head shots every single person he fires at. Actions movies are ridiculous, as a rule.

But this movie is just boring and dumb. And the characters are faceless nothings, there is no story. It was a good try. I guess. I would have preferred to not have watched this.
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Didn't like it
judithdrexhage_31 July 2022
It lacked a story and eventhough I like actionmovies , this was a bit too much. Also feel kinda cheated cause they described it as fantasy. Not seeing much fantasy apart from castles and knights So it is a no from me.
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Extremely Disappointed
xxdarkmetal1 July 2022
I was really hoping to enjoy this movie but it was just terribly written and the action sequences were laughable and not in a good way.

So many flaws to list, just aweful.
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bobbywell2 July 2022
This was so inane it was almost physically painful. Contrived and predictable. It's like they just followed a step by step guide to making an action movie but put no spirit or creative thought into it.
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In a great many ways..
A_Different_Drummer2 July 2022
... a really odd remake of 1990's HARD TO KILL starring the Irrepressible Steven Sagal. Both movies offer the same basic positives and negatives. Although King looks considerably better in a dress.
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Fun girl power movie!
strefi2 July 2022
This should have been rated pg-23 imo. Not really deserving of the R rating. I watched it with my 10 year old and we both thoroughly enjoyed every minute! No sex scenes, nudity or even kissing, just a tad gory (but not as bad as you think). The fights were VERY well choreographed and although I am not a fan of ms. King she really did a superb job here. I loved that the lead remained nameless. Nice touch.
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Wonderfully invigorating, violent, R-rated fantasy action
I_Ailurophile1 July 2022
Catching an advance teaser trailer by chance, my curiosity was piqued. It looked good, and the premise sounded enticing, though the question remained - would it be an earnest fantasy action/adventure flick, or would it delve too deeply into ham-handed "girl power" and lose sight of its core values? Then, too, there's the matter of just how stylized such a picture may be (think Paul W. S. Anderson's 'The three musketeers,' for example). I won't say that it's absolutely, but I will say that it didn't take long at all for 'The princess' to start making a fairly concrete impression, and I'm pleased to say, a great one. In fact, when all is said and done, those few imperfections we see are more like tiny chips in a prized antique vase - they do not in any way meaningfully diminish the grandness of what we see before us.

Providing plot exposition and character background is a thorny issue in no few films, not least of all in fantasy. Employing quick flashbacks, reflecting the protagonist's recollections, does somewhat throw us out of the active narrative, but is surely the best way these facets could have been presented to us, and they're executed well. Brusque as the beat may be, these flashbacks do also offer explanation for the princess' dazzling capabilities as a fighter. That curtness may actually be for the best, though, as it gets the more verbose parts of the writing out of the way and allows the story and action to unfold naturally, of its own accord. Gratifyingly, this also applies to the thematic content on hand. There are a lot of ways in which 'The princess' could have gone very wrong, and one of these would have been to shove in our face the young woman's hardships, abilities, and triumphs. Instead, the feminist themes speak for themselves: notions of lack of agency in a patriarchal society, tradition, expectations, and outright sexism and racism - countermanded by rejection of an unjust world, claiming one's own agency, and self-empowerment. This is, still, a movie about Girl Power - but it sagely shows, putting the action thrills first, instead of tawdrily telling with loquacious dialogue.

And here's something else: the princess is highly skilled, but not superhuman. Seemingly relatively few are those motion pictures that allow their heroes to take a beating, feel exhausted, or in any way struggle, yet here our heroine must exercise her wits, resourcefulness, and stealth as much as her strength, agility, and prowess in combat. Frankly, it doesn't take long for this feature to endear itself to us; I can only admire the screenplay devised between Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton. Though the overall narrative is familiar in the broad strokes, any strains of commonness are well outweighed by the scene writing - wonderfully sharp and smart, filled with fantastic detail and cleverness - and the characterizations, which while not specifically deep or complex are built with plentiful room for the cast to bring the parts to life with terrific personality. And that they do, without question, from Joey King's fabulously hard-bitten, determined, and desperate princess, to Olga Kurylenko's venomous villainess, down to even those henchman we see in passing who cross blades with our protagonist.

If not as bombastically and overtly as some of its cinematic brethren, yes, 'The princess' is unmistakably, emphatically stylish in its approach to film-making and storytelling, not least of all concerning some cheeky humor, enthusiastic camerawork, and action flair. I absolutely love Natalie Holt's original music, lending much to the tension and suspense with dynamic and charged themes that take inspiration from a variety of sources - though, especially with some rock instrumentation involved, the score certainly informs that this isn't and does not intend to be "high fantasy." It's also worth noting that to some extent the fantasy violence suffers from the same problem as many modern action titles, as in some cases plain witness of the utmost visceral impact of combat is substituted with overzealous camerawork and editing that's supposed to, but does not, heighten the effect.

However: whatever heavy-handedness, indelicacies, or minor faults do present in no way detract from the vibrant, thrilling substance of what 'The princess' represents. Thank the intelligence of the writers, and the dexterity of the cast. Thank composer Holt for her resonating chords. Thank cinematographer Lorenzo Senatore for lush, textured, crisp imagery that maximizes the fire of all to greet our eyes. Thank the crew for exquisite set design and decoration, costume design, hair and makeup, effects, and sound design. Thank the fight coordinators for exemplary, electrifying choreography that gets the heart pounding. Thank the stunt people for exceptional performances that let every swing, blow, leap, fall, and flip ring out with mesmerizing, tangible realism. And thank director Le-Van Kiet for a truly outstanding contribution that enriches every last shot and scene with tremendous, mindful care. He demonstrates vivid, spectacular attentiveness, realizing every passing moment with brilliant imagination, and at the same time that action sequences feel slightly overdone, the effort and vision behind them absolutely outshine and compensate for any hair that's out of place.

It would be all too easy to write at still greater length about 'The princess,' yet even still I feel like I'm not wholly conveying just how marvelous a viewing experience this is. I hoped to enjoy it, and expected to, even though I had my reservations going in. Yet those doubts were quickly assuaged, and ultimately I altogether love it. Every element of the production, from everyone involved, was approached with fastidious thought and passion, with the aim of making an action flick that turns conventional fantasy stories and fairy tales on their head with deliberate, accentuated violence. And in my mind, that hard work paid off handsomely. This is magnificently entertaining, the sort of feature that declines boastful bluster and lets its qualities speak for themselves, and it's far more than I ever could have anticipated from an ad I briefly saw. Bearing in mind the level of bloodletting on hand, frankly I can only give this my highest recommendation. Everybody has their personal preferences, sure, but if you like action movies, I find it hard to believe you won't like 'The princess.'

Two thumbs up from me!
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Action packed! No joke.
rafika2 July 2022
When they described this movie as action packed, they were not kidding. I enjoyed this film much more than I expected to. Joey King gave a stunning performance as the protahonist and Olga Kurylenko was riveting. I loved every minute of it and would be surprised if you don't too.
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