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Sex & Nudity

  • Nudity and sex become more frequent and explicit in Season 2. Much focus is on sexual themes. Almost all episodes seem to begin and end in sex between multiple couples.
  • A woman's bare breast is exposed by a man while she sleeps in Season 1. Season 2 shows many nude women in porn watched by a man ; Male and female nudity and sexual activity is also more explicit.
  • A newlywed couple has sex and we see the man get out of bed and there is a shot of his buttocks.
  • A fully nude man is shown lying on the floor. Only his buttocks is shown.
  • A man and a woman walk in on two fully nude men engaged in a sexual act that features one man eating out another man's butt.
  • A teenage man and woman are shown making out a few times and they are shown having sex during one scene. We see the man's buttocks and the couple kissing and gasping and caressing each other.
  • A man and a woman start making out and it eventually leads to them having sex but it is not shown. We later see the two in bed.
  • A man and a woman have sex offscreen. We hear them moaning and two teenage girls hear them from the other room.
  • A teenage boy is shown watching porn on his phone and masturbating. He spits on himself to make it easier. This is not shown only implied.
  • Two teenage girls are shown talking about the penises of men.
  • Workplace sexual misconduct: a manager, after creeping on an employee multiple times, offers better shifts and time off to the employee in exchange for sex. They are then seen having sex.
  • A teenage girl remarks about her brother who will "Jerk off to Paula" and "being himself gaming and fapping"
  • Teenage girls suggest one of the visitors has a "small dick" then later say "he doesn't have a small dick"
  • Season 2, there's a brief shot of a nude woman in an artwork
  • Season 2 episode 1 features a sex scene with a man seen from top fully naked. No female nudity.
  • A man goes on pornhub on his laptop which clearly shows many thumbnails of fully nude sexual acts and starts masturbating to a fully nude woman that is fingering herself. Shown for about 7 seconds.
  • On the first episode of the show, a man holds his penis in his hand, touches his testicles and asks his wife to see if his testicles look weird or not, taking he has cancer. We can see the full penis on the man's hand.
  • Female breast groped and nude breasts in full view during sex scene

Violence & Gore

  • A brawl takes place where a man's face is beaten.


  • Multiple uses of "fuck" and "shit". There have also been uses of "bitch"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • An ongoing theme throughout each episode, two young adult girls and an adult male are shown taking numerous illegal drugs.
  • A man is shown frequently abusing pills and snorting ketamine. In one episode he goes on a binge with several teenage boys.
  • Two girls are shown using vape pens.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The atmosphere usually has a type of ominous effect to it which can be creepy at times.
  • Suggested MPA Rating (US Viewers only): Rated R for Sexuality, Graphic Nudity, Language, and Drug Use


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A main character gets stabbed and blood seeps through his shirt.
  • A woman fearing for her life shoots dead three men before falling overboard, knocking herself out and drowning. None of the violence is explicit but a small amount of blood seen.

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