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This could have been so powerful.
crispian20004 June 2021
Such a wasted opportunity. The casting added nothing to a story that's been told so very much better before, so as a project about Anne Boleyn, it was a bit of a pointless project. If they wanted to make a slightly alternative/ modernised version of the story, they could have so easily have kept all of the script and all the cast but shot it in a modern London borough council sink estate (somewhat like Baz Lehrman did with Romeo and Juliette- but without the music). The themes of modern day power struggles, infidelity, rumours, religious leaders and of course one mustn't forget to (de-)cap it all off with an "honour killing" are all just as relevant in Multicultural cities of the 21st century as they were in Anne Boleyn's time. Filmed like that it could have made a powerful statement and drawn parallels to the past without pointlessly reducing this story to a poor joke.
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Did not enjoy - spoiler free review.
Ivysuleyman21 June 2021
I note some reviewers appear to believe we are either unable to see past colour, or haven't given the show a chance. I fear this is due to a lack of understanding for why people may not like the show.

I understand why some would have a problem with Anne Boleyn being played by a black actress, it's the same problem people have when they feel characters are being whitewashed. There would be the same reaction had someone made an alternative telling of Ngwane III's reign but LaYaka Ndwandwe was played by a white woman.

That said the concept been better thought out, and did not feel like lazy tokenism (yes, I feel it was lazy tokenism) this would have been better received

I was excited to see this, interested to see how it would work and how they had revisited the life of Anne Boleyn I love historical dramas, I love seeing unique takes on history, and had the show been better written it possibly could have worked... but I couldn't get into it.

Lead actress was wasted, a potentially interesting concept seemed lazily thrown together. I'm sure some people genuinely enjoyed it, but I wasn't a fan.

I feel more attention was spent clapping themselves on the back for casting decisions, than put into the script itself. Just my opinion.
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A Rewrite of The Tudors
branloaf2 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Ignoring the awful writing, awkward silences and confusing cuts between scenes, this show applauded itself for supposedly being a "new" take on the story of Anne Boleyn, claiming it's never been told properly before and what not. Watching the first episode, I can safely say that nothing has been done differently. Nothing at all. It really isn't worth your time. For a show that wants to be unique and have shock value, they're doing a really good job of copying scenes from The White Princess (slapping), The Spanish Princess (kissing), and The Tudors (the locket, and the iconic "just when my belly is doing its business, I find you wenching with Mistress Seymour!). There is nothing new here at all, besides the shock value of having a black actress play Anne Boleyn who, considering the writing, did a pretty good job in an otherwise terrible role.
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History isn't rewritten - it wasn't even being read
ruarhanvel26 June 2021
For this review to not content spoilers - I can just say that if it wasn't about certain historic person but completely fictional series it still would be very boring show, but would be somewhere around 4-5. But if you want to connect your work to some history - either do it good, or do not mention it at all.

And while black actress on role of historically white woman is a small issue(which is for me the same issue as white actor/actress on black/asian role), the main issue for me is weak plot, which could be done a lot better.
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A cosmic misunderstanding
tomrollauer9 July 2021
I'm interested in history and for me this series was downright painful. If I were to describe the stupid things that the writers used, I would have no room. The "Tudors" are an unrivaled role model here. Although this series also contradicted history in many places. Anna Boleyn is a horrible series. Boring and badly written. The creators put all their hope on the controversy which was the cast of the main role. The first episode goes on mercilessly and from time to time you think "Let them cut her off!". In addition, forcibly, the series is based on feminism, which had a caricature effect. Let us hope that this "work" will remain where it belongs, ie on the dustbin of history.
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