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Freaky Martial Arts Movie
domagalskitom10 November 2020
Low budget gem of a movie. Very interesting idea to bring Hitler to Africa where he starts his own martial arts cult. It's sort of like watching a modern Nintendo fighting game often with bland acting but always entertaining. It's fun. It's different.
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Uhm, this was something else...
paul_haakonsen9 November 2020
Granted, I didn't have much of any expectation or hopes for this 2019 movie titled "African Kung-Fu Nazis". Why? Well, just look at the title, for starters.

But since I hadn't already seen the movie and I had the chance, of course I sat down to watch writer and director Sebastian Stein's movie.

Turns out that the movie was so far out there and so bad that it was actually enjoyable. I mean, with a storyline as such was presented in "African Kung-Fu Nazis" then what was not to like? Everything was just so far out there, that it was actually working out quite well.

The acting in the movie was, for the most parts, adequate. Sure, this is not award-winning performances that puts Shakespeare to shame. You know essentially what you get when you sit down to watch a movie such as this.

If you think "Bloodsport" combined with "Iron Sky", then you have a fair idea of what you are in for when you sit down to watch "African Kung-Fu Nazis".

This is, however, not really the type of movie that you will watch more than once.

My rating of "African Kung-Fu Nazis" lands on a six out of ten stars. It was so campy and cheesy that I found it fun to watch. Well worth a watch if you like offbeat movies that have storylines out in the grey zones.
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It's terrible... but soo damn good
luke-946-1332288 November 2020
Everything about this movie is the absolute worst... but I can't stop watching. It's kind of like "Who Killed Captain Alex?" but with a slightly higher budget and Nazi's. African Nazi soldiers in white face, I mean if that doesn't make you want to watch I don't know what will... Maybe the awesomely bad Jackie Chan Drunken Master tribute with Moonshine boxing? Just watch it already.
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Stunning Martial Arts
picklefartface9 November 2020
I fear the negative reviewers can't see the trees for the forest, to twist an old idiom; the title should immediately indicate the tongue-in-cheek B-movie intent of the plot. The haters here should really get out of their mother's basement occasionally. I'm sorry they lost their latest online video game competition before watching this movie, but I happen to think it's wonderful, particularly for the truly spectacular martial arts moves in it. The performers are not only skilled martial artists, but create some very creative and unique moves that dazzle the viewer. This movie is well worth the time for the martial arts work alone.
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Alive and kicking
kosmasp17 November 2020
Well the kicking is done by others, but you surely understand what I'm trying to say here. You hopefully also understand that a movie or how you perceive it may be different from others. Yes I really rated it that much higher than the current 2.9 this has on imdb and I did it on purpose (you can hate me now).

A movie with a title like that - I shouldn't tell you what this is about or what it tries to convey. It is made to enjoy and have fun. And while there are some issues with pacing (namely this could have been tighter), overall the movie works. And it works despite (or because?) it is not as crazy as I thought it would be. It is almost tame compared to what I expected.

It also is more of an homage to to Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies (don't duh me, there was some expectation this was more a blaxploitation entry, which it isn't really) than anything else. There are certain things that are jokes that might only work in German or with the knowledge of the German language like a character called Eva Braun(gebrannt) ... this may feel like it lacks "class", but again are you sure you know what you are watching here? That question should not occur.

Special effects are not the best throughout (with a limited budget to be expected), but the acting was good and the stunts worked their charm too. And that is all one can ask for in a movie that clearly was fun to make and does not care if you are offended or not! The making of is supposed to be really good - which is on the second disc of the set I purchased and I'm curious to see what that is all about too

PS: Watched the making of documentary. Was ok, with many different parts that were entertaining, to some certainly disgusting (food!) but also like the movie had some points and moments were you wished it would have been tighter. Interesting story that might either help you appreciate the movie more or less - both are possible. Oh and before I forget again and something I felt should have had a great part in the making of: the music/soundtrack! I really dug that! From the main movie that is, but it is also being used in the making of
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So bad it's almost entertainment
dennislindwall8 November 2020
To be fair, the name DOES gives away the lackluster journey you're about to embark on when you start watching this movie, so you have to be fair to the creators when you review it. With the low-flying expectations being set already in the title, you know that this is unlikely to receive a nominations for the Oscars or nominations in any award ceremony no matter how lowly. Rather, being cast in this production will remain a mill-stone around these actor's neck for the remainder of the their lives; probably needing to convince future movie directors and producers they were in a very dark place in 2019 but this has been fully rectified through a combination of heavy medication, psychotherapy and frontal lobe lobotomy. Probably best approach for the actors would be to change their names and deny everything. To be honest, this film isn't well scripted, it wasn't well cast, and the special effects are quite poor - even by cheap Nollywood /Ghallywood standards. Having said that, the filming and post production is not that bad so I have to give some credit. It was clearly made with a very low budget and considering that, they've done a relatively good job within those parameters. I don't know if there is a new niche to be made of cheap kung-fu movies combined with Nazis and Nollywood (God, I hope not),but if there is, then they need to raise their standards if they want create a successful market. Having had the opportunity to watch a lot of movies during the wonderous year of corona-2020, this movie does take the price hitting rock bottom and consistently staying there - that is an achievement on its own. You may have better things to do in your life, like washing your socks or braiding the hair on your legs rather than watching this movie and I would strongly encourage you to find....anything. But if you don't have anything better to do, just know that these 84 minutes will be eternally lost, probably with a part of your soul and sanity.
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What did you expect?
lipservice_nz9 November 2020
This movie is called "African Kung Fu Nazis" and if you don't live behind a rock you know what you're gonna get: a trash movie. A ridiculous story, some bad jokes and cheap special effects - some of this done on purpose, some of it because the budget was only 20,000 USD. If you only watch Hollywood blockbusters you will not like this and you should generally stay away from these kinds of movies and not ruin the fun for everyone else. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and was not let down. This is a joint venture of a Tokyo-based German producer/director, his Japanese friend and a large cast and crew from Ghana, where it was filmed. There are some mediocre performances and some really great, fun acting like the Drunken Master. And let's not forget some really nice martial arts moves. There are only a couple of lengths to be found and if I could change something it would be the bloody special effects and there was one cut that seemed lousy while all other editing was good. If you're into trash movies I suggest you get some beers, have a bunch of friends over (once the 'rona is in the past) and just have a good time with this. Most of the people involved in this film don't take everything too seriously and neither should the viewer. Oh, the documentary that is included with the German special edition is fantastic too and the media book includes a glossy booklet with some nice photos. PS: I watched it in German with over the top synchronisation and will also watch it in English soon. Apparently those two versions give a different overall impression.
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The guy above is a hater
sevensaintsproductions8 November 2020
This is the best movie of all time! Just don't take it seriously.
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The Greatest Story Ever Told
ilgsanderson9 November 2020
This is, without question, the greatest cinematic achievement of all time. It makes Citizen Kane look like Weekend At Bernie's 2. Hitler and Tojo in Africa turning its citizens into Nazis in white face. Is there any greater screenplay genius? On the serious side, the Ghanaian martial artists are incredibly gifted and ingenious in their moves. They're excellent actors too. I promise you will be duly impressed.
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Forget the sad reality for 84 Minutes
die_sina10 November 2020
I saw the film for the first time in the cinema two weeks before, and I won't be the last time. A story, which is so strange, that its damn good. The german Version contents all the terrible dialects we have, so I couldn't stop laughing when Horst or the Jägerneister where talking. If you don't except a deep sense behind it, I could recommend it totally. Very funny and perfect to forget everything which is happen these days in reality
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Trying too hard to be funny
followpre8 November 2020
This movie had a budget of around $263 and it shows. It's trying so hard to be edgy or funny, it's neither. It's embarassing and the director should think about going in a different direction jobwise. If you want a funny nazi-themed movie, pick Iron Sky. If you want bad on purpose, pick Sharknado. This isn't even a movie that's funny, because it's so bad.

Sebastian Stein, if you're reading this, please stop with the movies where the title is the most entertaining thing about them. Your future kids are embarassed of you.
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Absolute favourite martial arts movie. Great cast of characters, and the action is fantastic!
roger_202010 November 2020
African Kung-Fu Nazis What can be said about this movie,it is completely timeless. Everything about the film is just perfect; the acting, fighting, characters, story, this is one of the few examples of what I would call a perfect film.African Kung-Fu Nazis has all that this movie is a must watch!. 10/10
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We Love you all!
africankungfunazis11 November 2020
Even the haters, because after all you took the time to watch our movie. Please keep in mind, this is a Ghanaian movie, so not all technical stuff and so on was perfect, but we love the outcome and we hope so do you. Enjoy the movie, but please don't take it too seriously, it's a comedy after all. Peace and Love from Ghana, Japan and Germany!
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