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Seriously, one of the best CSI NY episodes ever
smoothhoney126523 November 2009
You know, if I start describing why this episode was so good, I would spoil a whole lot of it and probably run out of superlatives very quickly. So, I'll try to keep it basic.

Fantastic and very interesting storyline. Great moments between the team. But most of all, this episode belonged to Hawkes (and Mac and Hawkes) and I'm glad that finally the series focuses on him a little bit and he gets the attention he deserves.

One last remark is very personal: I am from Germany, therefore watched the dubbed German version. And the young man dubbing Hawkes, Julien Haggége, did such a good job on this episode. Very touching, sensitive and careful dubbing, he touches your soul. And basically breathes more life into Hawkes than he already has.

All in one a superb episode. Don't miss it!
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ccthemovieman-11 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There are two stories in this episode. In the first, a woman is found dead after a stampede by women to get wedding gowns (think "Black Friday" and Wal-Mart). The second involves a famous area rapist from a decade ago who may be on the loose again as a woman is found dead in her bathtub with bruises in her mouth identical to those of "The Grammercy Rapist" of the late '90s.

The show turns out to be another good one, but is confusing in spots, because so many "coincidences" occur in such a short period of time it will make your head spin trying to digest all the information. It turns out to the cases are related and it's too complicated to go into here without spoiling everything.

One different aspect is the involvement of Sheldon Hawkes, who is very much attached to this case since one of past victims was his potential fiancé.
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