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Expecting A Miracle-Mom, Apple Pie, and You Too Can Become Pregnant, Just Believe **12
edwagreen8 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone is so nice. The town's people of a small Mexican town are so kind and friendly. No one argues. Everyone lives so happily in poverty.

The boss is so nice. When a couple's marriage is strained due to the inability to conceive a child, the husband's boss lets him get off from work for a week to use his time-share.

Our childless couple wander into a small town caught up in a festival to honor some saint. There's a crippled child there who has been selected to fly around the saint so that a miracle can happen.

The child flies, his bad leg is cured. Our childless couple witness this, go home and presto, she is pregnant!

Yes, the story is inspirational as it deals with human relationship and how people can cooperate.

Years ago, Frank Sinatra summed it up best when he sang: Fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you, if you're young at heart. This Mary Poppins like fairy-tale can't really work. It's too sugar-coated for anyone's taste.
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Great Family movie
wayne-53412 January 2009
I read another review that credited actor for the wife character as Nicole Scipione. This part is played wonderfully by Teri Polo, who for some reason is not even credited in the movie information. Also, I am not sure why this is classified as a comedy-drama. If there is comedy, it is very subdued. I do agree that Cheech Marin even plays his part straight. That is a very nice change. Rebeka Montoya is wonderful as the young lady that befriends Teri Polo's character as is Kevin Hernandez who plays the young boy. However, Priestly and Polo, definitely are strong as the main characters of the movie. They learn that life and love can go on even without children. They also learn to place their life in God's hands, rather than trying so hard to control their own destiny. Oh,and the pilot pig must be given credit. I guess there was one comic moment in the movie. I highly recommend it as a family movie.
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Miracles Are All Around Us
boblipton11 January 2009
A couple, on the verge of ending their marriage because they cannot have children, find themselves stranded in a village in Mexico where they come to know some of the locals -- and each other --as they prepare for their festival.

This comedy-drama is handled in a very quiet manner and the focus seems to be more on the man, played by Jason Priestley, rather than his wife, played by Nicole Scipione, which keeps the tone a touch lighter than it might have been handled, keeping a good balance between comedy and sadness. Even Cheech Marin plays the local priest largely straight.

While this is not the best TV movie ever made, it is a pretty good effort and worth your time.
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