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wasted opportunity, wasted time
JW-3025 October 2012
First off: good production values and acting.

But the script? Everything that made the book memorable, its main plot points, its mental core - is completely missing from the movie. Instead, you get some run-of-the-mill thriller fare. Which is forgettable, a waste of time.

The main point of the book was the interaction of media with murder, that media need and want murder for sensations - and some murderers want media to show their "works", providing them with the incentive to kill in the first place. And some lines of thought starting from that.

Did you find any of this in this movie? Guessed so.

So, 1 for the script, 7 for production and acting, results in 4 overall.

Avoid it, read the book instead.
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Sadly not half as interesting as the title suggests
Warning: Spoilers
"Der Kameramörder" or "The Cameramurderer" is a 90-minute movie from 2010, so nothing too new or old I would say. It is a pretty multi-cultural work as basically all four core actors, all known names for German(-language) film buffs, were born in different countries and director Robert-Adrian Pejo is from a fifth country. This is most likely his most famous work we have here and he is also one of the writers adapting the novel by Thomas Glavinic. I have not read the book, so I won't even comment on differences between the two or what is better from which perspective. Sadly, the film is really not too great. It sounds pretty promising when you just hear the title, but there is no Chigurh running around here with a video camera filming his crimes. Quite the opposite. It is much more of a (love) relationship drama most of the time and the killer (as well as crime and thriller elements) from the title belong(s) to a sub-plot at best. As for the performances, they are okay Iguess, not bad, but also nothing special really elevating the script. I think there have a couple really good films from Austria in the last decades, but this is sadly not one of these. It does never really live up to its premise, even if I would definitely not go so far and call it a failure from any perspective. It definitely is not. But it is also never good enough of a character study for me to recommend it unfortunately and as a consequence nothing ends up memorable other than the 2 stunning lead ladies, especially Gryllus who also has two pretty hot sex scenes. Watch something other than this film I suggest.
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