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Miss old time movies
gshrak16 September 2022
I'm so beyond high school but I really like to watch movies that makes me feel I'm young again and miss it high school is always high school over the ages. Regardless of students high straighten close in the movie.

The movie's Idea might not be new, but it's well made not like same " high school " cheap nowadays movies.

I like how they portrait hatred, and how being busy destroying someone, can actually ends up destroying you or your future.

I have to admit that the costumes were incredible and colorful well designed and well wore, even though they are not usual high school uniforms but I would love to wear it

Well done and was nice to watch I highly recommend it.
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fun teen movie
insaneular-2118618 September 2022
I don't expect much from Netflix teen movies these days, but this one exceeded my expectations. It has a target audience, so if you're outside of that, you might not love it, but it was a lot more enjoyable and had more surprises plot-wise than I expected. Plus some fun homages to 90s/2000s teen movies. Definitely a notch above a lot of other Netflix movies. There were moments I rolled my eyes and THOUGHT it was going someplace stupid, but then it went in a new direction that kept things interesting. If you're in the mood for a (slightly) dark teen comedy then this movie is a very solid choice.
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Great homage to 90's teen movies
chelmold18 September 2022
We loved this. Like Clueless meets Cruel Intentions with some 10 Things I Hate About You and She's All That rolled in. They get backstabbing sabotaging teenaged girl relationships very right. All the crazy outfits were so much fun. The soundtrack was full of a great mix of modern music and 90's music. I loved that they included Sarah Michelle Gellar as the headmaster. Sophie Turner has a fun small part. I wasn't familiar with the younger actors, but I thought they all did a great job, no duds in this cast. I would definitely watch this again and I'd recommend it as a good time to anyone who has 90's teen nostalgia!
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Started like fun fluff...
ranwulfs24 September 2022
...but turned out so lost. Plot twist after plot twist, characters changing constantly, and I'm still not one hundred percent sure what finally happened in the end. This makes Sixteen Candles and a host of other 1980's movies look like high art. Adults playing teenagers is nothing new, but this time it was too much. Some of the scripted references were far too old to be even recognizable by the "kids" in the story. And let's talk about those kids for a moment, and how most characters were entirely miscast. The tall, gawky girl from Stranger Things should thank her lucky stars she's getting roles, because she's completely unconvincing as the newest hot girl in the high school. Not happening for a millisecond. And what's her name from Riverdale is certainly hot, but 10 or more years too old to play the role. And who's the short shrimp dude who's supposed to be everyone's dream come true? This guy is supposed to be the most popular boy in school? Does this day school have no jocks? Or perhaps no boys over 5'3"? Casting, people - casting. And it goes without saying that - of course - every bad person in the film is a man, and all of the good people are women (even if they did begin as borderline psychotics). The level of wokeness at first seemed tongue-in-cheek, almost a parody of Netflix's current political push. It wasn't. It was all over the place, as usual. Honestly, this film could have been 60 minutes, and it still would have gone on too long. It didn't know what it wanted to be, so tried to be everything. Hard pass, people - a hard pass.
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A 2022, 2000s vibe
madisonquince-4556116 September 2022
I actually loved this movie! It's very much a modern day clueless, cruel intentions and mean girls kind of film. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it's fun for a girls night. Everyone gives such a fun performance! Camila Mendes really delivered on carrying the movie and the rest of the cast did such a great job creating the world. Don't go in expecting a cinematic masterpiece but just enjoy a fun revenge movie with a glass of wine and some chocolate. I've been waiting for a fun movie to watch on a Friday night and I've found it! It's cinematically cool and gives a fresh take on a modern rom com/ revenge film.
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Mean Girls X Clueless X 10 Things I Hate About You.
chloecameron-576229 November 2022
I went into this film blind and Ive got to say it's so clearly inspired by Clueless, Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, and more teen comedies.

It's incredible. As a kid born in '96 the vibe of this film was SO cozy and familiar. It was like rewatching all my favourite teen comedies with the added bonus of hightened and modern aesthetics

I'm also so down for the queer rep and commentary on toxic masculinity and fake feminism. C'mon the 'cis hetero men championing female identifying students' committee. Hysterical.

As someone who loves to illustrate pop culture moments and movie scenes I am dyinnnng to take some from this film. The pastels ugh.

Also - what a plot twist.
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Colder the Better Apparently...
Xstal20 September 2022
Double crossing, double dealing, all the way, with treachery and betrayal the mainstay, you'll be swindled and hoodwinked, no time to ponder, or to think, the tables turning, bridges burning, with a large kink.

The desperate and despicable depths the ladies of Rosehill Country Day High School go to in their quest for one-upmanship, presented in a far from inelegant way that captures your attention and leaves you transfixed at their propensity to cheat, trick, deceive and mislead - in the most spectacular of ways and with very little concern for the consequences. I only wish things had been this exciting when I was at school.
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Worst movie I have seen in a while...
Tulip8822 September 2022
I have been searching for a no brainer movie to watch and relax not having to think much about it, saw Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke and thought why not.. Where to start? A 28 year old Camila playing a 17-year old, that just doesn't work, I like Maya but honestly if her parents weren't Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke ( one of the best and most famous actor of our time) would she really have a shot? To be in Stranger Things? To get any roles? I think not... Lets be honest: she is not a good actress.. Austin Abrams as the hottest and most popular boy in the school? I think not.... Couldn't remember where I saw him before, then googled and realised he plays the looser kid in Euphoria, seriously? A really small role for Sophie Turner, why did she accept this? I find it hard to believe that after Game of Thrones she isn't being offered better roles, it's just sad... the plot is all over the place, 10 times worse then Riverdale, the girls are really evil then good then evil then good again, the makeover for Eleonor (Maya Hawke) just isn't working... overall, a really bad movie. Netflix please do better,this is getting ridiculous ....
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Fun, entertaining
jpismyname22 October 2022
How I miss high school movies. Haven't watched one in quite a long time, so this is refreshing. I actually really like this movie. It's about two high school students in a posh school who do revenge by going after one another's bullies.

It's funny and the acting is pretty good. I also particularly love the characters' outfits, really vibrant and beautiful costume design. And Sarah Michelle Gellar in it too? Was pleasantly surprised. Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke have this good chemistry as well.

Sure it's unrealistic especially that ending, but I was really entertained the whole time, had a good laugh, and I very much enjoyed it. Brings back memories too.

I totally recommend this film.
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20 something's playing high school kids...yet again
sareed197118 September 2022
It's really getting ridiculous having 20 something's (in this case, at a minimum, a 24yo, 26yo and 28 yo) playing high school students. They don't look like high school students by any stretch of the imagination. But we're stuck with them here and stuck with this script written as if these are real teens. Do writers really believe teenagers talk like this? That most have stopped saying 'like' every other word and express themselves like ultra jaded 40+ adults? Enough with the constant witty repartee and the incredibly intense self-insight. Few real life adults have as much world-weary insight as these teen characters do.

On to the actors- notwithstanding her role in 'Stranger Things', Maya Hawke is not yet a good enough actress (in my opinion) to carry a lead role. Austin Abrams, at 26, is seriously miscast as the most popular and sought-after boy in school. He just isn't convincing as a heart throb. Camilla Mendes who also looks much, much older than your average teen executes her role well, while Sophie Turner looks so much older than her true age that it was uncomfortable to watch her. Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the few bright spots in this. The rest of the cast is adequate but forgettable.

The comparisons this film hopes to make to films of the 80's, 90's, etc is painfully obvious and it painfully misses the mark.

Teens can be written as complicated, intelligent, mature-ish human beings. Why have they so often stopped being written that way?
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A sign of the times
chrischanwasframed23 September 2022
This was number one movie on Netflix, so how bad could it really be? The answer is very bad. It's like cruel intentions had a baby.with Strangers On A Train which then got brain damage from smoking too much crystal meth and now is in a wheelchair that is driven by blowing a straw. There is more depth in a bag of Cheetos than this hot bag of trash. The main girl with dark hair is very good looking, so that is nice, but.that is not enough to make a good movie. Another thing I don't like is how the dialogue is clearly written by middle aged hipsters with lots of references to 80s movies and stuff than teenagers now would clearly have no idea about, that is just self indulgent and unrealistic.

People might say I sm getting old and out of touch, but I really do think music, tv shows, and movies are all getting noticeably worse, I'm not exactly sure why, but it is what it is. This whole movie is like the writers picked a few films they want to rip off, made a playlist of their favourite songs, got a bunch of hot upcoming actors, and wrote the actual script in one coked up evening, there is not one original idea in this mess. It is just an 80s teen movie but set in 2022 and all woke and stuff.
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Teen Tropes With a Twist
Sarah42318 September 2022
This production plays with the fact that every audience member knows about movies with teens & mean girls. That we know every trope in the book.

And it plays with all that very well.

Then, just when things look straightforward, "Do Revenge" adds a twist midway through that I honestly wasn't expecting.

Added tension. Added scenes where the two leads really had to sell.

Which they did.

AND THEN the movie twisted back to make for a satisfying, comfortable ending that we might have expected from the first.

All in all, a fresh, fun ride.

Well edited, well acted, with a good score.

It would have been worth a ticket, but it's on netflix. (So a bargain, as well.)
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Pretty good watch if you aren't expecting it to be
AfricanBro29 September 2022
So I wasn't expecting to watch this but apparently it was a really good Gen Z movie so I was curious. There were scenes that weren't meant to be funny that I laughed at a lot. Also, not a groundbreaking concept discovery but different generations really aren't so different, just use different language and gadgets because about an hour in it stops being a Gen z movie and just a gaudy high school movie. At some point thought the movie was over but there was still a chunk of time left and it only got better with the twists, the last one not so much but it needed a happy ended. This may not start out as a movie for everyone but it is way better than I expected. It's a pretty good watch especially if you're expecting it not to be, reminds me of late 90's early 2000's teen movies.
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Stop casting people in their 20s to play high school teens
atlastu216 September 2022
I wanted to write this review, not to talk about the film itself, but the fact that the two lead actresses are in their 20s playing girls in high school, which is happening a lot in all the teen films these days, and honestly it ruins the whole experience. I just need to understand why this happens, i mean there are new talents discovered everyday, why do film producers feel the need to cast much older actors for roles that are clearly not right for them. I didn't really enjoy that film, didn't identify or sympathize with anyone in it. It had way too many twists and unrealistic things, so it stopped making sense to me. But i did like the soundtrack. One more thing this film is way too long for a teen comedy, I mean two hours, come one.
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Big Slay
elsholtzd6 November 2022
This is the definition of a perfect american teen film.

It's so cringe but also so perfect for the genre. The plot is interesting and quick-paced, everyone is perfectly casted and Camila Mendes kills it. In fact, the entire cast shoots it out the park, do they look way too old? Yes, do I care? No.

It is perfect!

The plot twists work perfectly and Max is exactly the right amount of horrible for it to all mesh together.

The design of the film is aesthetically pleasing, the colour palette is always on the right side of slay and the OUTFITS, they are incredible!!!

This is a very easy to watch film that I think is a perfect comfort film.
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Insufferable Movie!
zdfjyrb19 September 2022
I LOVE 90s teen movies. I've seen them all. That was MY generation. (well I was little and so those were the movies we looked up to). She's all that, Clueless, Never Been Kissed, Mean Girls and the like. This was so hard to watch. The dialog was cringe. I've been around todays youth, and they do not talk like that (maybe the ones I know have brains?). Also There was a lot of the pronouns stuff and I mean, I know that's a thing, but where I live it's not all about that life. I feel this movie won't age well, it will never be a classic. It's only playing the "check the boxes" game. Anyone who was satisfied by that is not a movie fan. Just a fan of being catered to. And I didn't think that was what movies were about. I want to be entertained. TELL ME A STORY! A good one! Leave the rest out. I couldn't even finish it. And I finished a handful of 2 star movies. I may have been disappointed but I finished. I was overwhelmed by so much of the nonsense. I switched to watching the Good Place for the 100th time.

Sorry if you're into this kind of thing. I'm not. And anyone who is like me will not be either. This review if for them.
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A solid, violence-free teen revenge movie
Tweekums27 September 2022
This film is set in Rosehill Country Day High School, in Miami. Drea is a popular pupil who is attending on a scholarship and expects to proceed smoothly to Yale when school is over. As her senior year begins everything starts to go wrong. She allows her boyfriend, popular student Max, to film them having sex and somewhat inevitably the video leaks. She blames him and punches him... she is punished while everybody rallies round 'Poor Max'. One day, after Drea's car fails to start, she gets a lift from new girl Eleanor. They get talking and Eleanor reveals that she too has somebody who wronged her at the school. It isn't long before the two of them are plotting revenge; to enable them to get close to their targets they swap victims and set about exposing them. Of course not everything goes to plan and there are surprising secrets to be revealed before the story is fully played out.

I didn't expect too much of this but ended up pleasantly surprised. It may lack the delightfully mean-spirited viciousness of 'Heathers' but it still proved to be a good story of revenge. The fact that they were plotting to destroy reputations rather than end lives made the story all the more believable even if characters felt a little exaggerated. The film has the feel of classic '80s and '90s high school dramas with the necessary updates for modern life. The central characters, especially Drea and Eleanor are solid and one can sympathise with their desire to get revenge. As the story progresses we get some really good twists that left me wondering just how everything would work out. The cast is solid, even if they are many years past school age. Standing out are Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke as Drea and Eleanor respectively. It was also rather fun to see Sarah Michelle Gellar as the school's head. Several reviewers have commented on the films wokeness; I don't know if it was intentional but I felt it was a satire on some of the people espousing those views. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to fans of the genre.
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Not bad. not bad at all
ccrisss16 September 2022
I had very low expectations from the get-go considering most of the teen garbage shows netflix churns out. I also can't seem to tolerate high school movies or shows anymore. This one was surprisingly done right.

Teen tropes turned on its head, not so predictable, not so vulgar, plus excellent soundtrack and a great cast. Less cringey than most teen woke shows out there.

The whole revenge angle is also really cathartic at times and I was rooting for them the whole time. Not without flaws but hey, for what it is, I had a good time!

90s teen movies were really superior, but this almost has that same vibe, and it pays homage to some of my favorites. This to me is possibly one of the best teen movies in years.
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Shefhammer14 October 2022
Badly acted. Appallingly written. Complete and utter drivel from start to finish. They put 25 different ideas I to a blender and came out with this absolute train-wreck of a movie. The plot and tone of the movie veer violently from sentence to sentence, let alone scene to scene. Character motivations are non existent, nothing is real, the acting is absolutely atrocious - I know I said that already but it bears repeating. Do yourself a favor and skip this utter bore-fest. I think the budget went mainly on the soundtrack, which is quite good, but everything else is inept and I honestly think this is one of the worst things I have ever seen.
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Outrageous and fun
selenagw-647254 November 2022
Better than I expected. It was outrageous enough to be funny. It played into a lot of 90s high school cliches but did so on purpose and acknowledged it. The movie was very complex and had a lot of turns and flips and unexpected developments.

The film follows a girl who wants to take revenge on her ex boyfriend. She teams up with a new student at school and they decide to carry out each other's revenge.

I appreciated that it was almsot satire about people who go crazy for revenge. I was worried it might glorify hatred and holding grudges too much. The actual outcome of revenge is typically less than ideal.

The humor was nice, the drama was over the top (in a good way), and the actors were really good. Their private school uniforms were gorgeous also.
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I Had no Reason to Like this So Much
TheRealPetraeus30 October 2022
I'll go more in depth in a later review soon, but why did I like this so much?

Alright time for that "more in depth review" now. So, I guess I'll start with my expectations? I didn't know what to expect going into this. I didn't watch the trailer or anything, I just saw that the poster had pretty colors, and I wanted to check it out. The thing that makes me enjoying this so much, so weird, is the fact that I AM NOT the target audience for this. Not even close. As a straight white male, it made no sense for me to have any sort of motivation to watch this, especially because I haven't seen any movie like this, but I loved it. So I guess that means it must be good?

I really enjoyed the story here. The set-up was nice and fast paced, so we had more time to spend with the characters. I think Max was an entertaining villain, and I thoroughly enjoyed how they went throughout the school year throughout the entire movie. I REALLY liked seeing the relationship form with Drea and Eleanor, and it was fun seeing how they planned to do each other's "revenges".

The most standout part of the entire story is the twist. The twist is actually good. I did not see it coming at all, and it definitely made this feel more unique, and I'm happy they did it, even though I have some problems with the twist. My biggest complaint about it is that I feel like they didn't flesh it out enough. Similar to Orphan: First Kill, the twist wasn't utilized as much as they could have. I would have loved to have seen this twist used earlier in the movie, or maybe extend the runtime? Probably not a good idea, considering this is 2 hours already, but I wish they found a way to have the twist keep its buildup, but also be able to use it more, because the twist happens, and pretty quickly it feels like the movie ended. Part of me does have the feeling that they didn't need to even do the twist, considering it feels like they stepped away from it too quickly, but oh well, didn't impact my enjoyment of the movie that much.

The strongest factor is EASILY the characters. Drea and Eleanor were such fun characters to follow, that I think if they were handled differently, I wouldn't have enjoyed this nearly as much as I did. In any movie, I like seeing relationships/friendships, grow and form throughout, and this has plenty of that, which is why like it so much. I'd say that nearly every character was enjoyable. Maybe not likeable, but were entertaining to watch, especially Max. He was a total dick, but so funny to watch, and see how his character "develops". Really the only character I didn't like was Tara. I felt that she was just annoying, and not the annoying but funny character, similar to Max. Instead, she just was a pain to watch, and she didn't add much to the story. But it goes without saying, that these characters are only so entertaining and likeable because of the acting. I didn't see any bad acting throughout the entire movie. Everyone seemed to care for their roles, and even though some of the actors are far too old for these roles, they play the characters so well that I'm willing to let the age slide. Obviously, the standout actors (or actresses) are Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke. They bring their characters alive, and their interactions feel real and genuine.

The cinematography is very pleasing to the eyes. I love the bright colors, and the aesthetic of the school and school outfits. The vibrant and pretty colors create a lighthearted atmosphere, which heavily compliments the movie's tone and storyline. While there isn't anything special about the directing, like there isn't any standout shots or anything, or a scene that makes you think, "Wow! That shot was amazing!" Or something like that, it's still good enough where there isn't any bad shots.

The soundtrack isn't special enough to talk about imo. The entire soundtrack consist of popular modern day songs, which of course makes sense, but I can't write more than five sentences about the soundtrack, but I will say that it made me remember how much I like the pop genre lmao.

So, I'm at the conclusion paragraph now. There is probably lots of stuff that I didn't even mention, but I doubt you made it this far anyway. I'm still confused why I had such an amazing time watching this. I would love a sequel of sorts because I just want to revisit these characters again. Maybe I'm a fan of this kind of movie, and I'm just now realizing it? That could be the case, even though it's kind of weird. Honestly, even if you like these kind of movies, you probably won't enjoy this as much as I did, and that makes sense. The movie isn't perfect, and it has flaws, but I'm willing to look past those flaws and just look at pure enjoyment, like I do with a lot of movies. If you check this out, set your expectations right, and have a good time. (Also kind of forgot to mention this, but the comedy is great. Almost every joke landed with me, so that's a big plus.)
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Is todays youth really that dull?
captain_dimpf18 September 2022
When I went to school I had an interest in cinema, literature, music and art. Sure, I had a crush on someone, but I don't really remember whom exactly. I still recall the movies though, that made a big impression on me back then. It was Dr. Strangelove by Kubrick and Cut-de-Sac by Polanski (amongst others).

Apparently today the only interest teenagers have, is what other people think of them.

Here everyone is jealous, petty, miserable, envious, self-centred, vain, unlikable all the time, but for some strange reason only the white male character turns out to be a bad one. Seriously, everyone is constantly talking about themselves, and since they are all boring to begin with, it makes for a really really tedious script.

There is no-one to root for and as all characters appear equally annoying, you don't care who takes revenge on whom, and frankly, from halfway on through this yawnfeast neither do the characters themselves.

Everything is shot in super clean tv commercial style, like people live in inside a tacky sales catalogue. The costumes, the cars, the flats, it's as no-one involved here with the set design or script has ever been out into the real world. To top it off all emotional turning points get smothered with the most corny mainstream pop song crap.
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A Good Solid Entertaining Teen Netflix Original Film
HabibieHakim12318 September 2022
While i might be not a big fan at some of the decision and some nit picky here and there for sure, i think Do Revenge is for the most part a good solid entertaining teen Netflix original film, Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke giving their most entertaining performance and so do the rest of the cast, it says that the story was inspired by Hitchcock's Strangers On A Train which i did watch a long time ago, barely remember anything from it because of a reason, and the reason is because out of all Hitchcock's movie that i've watch, Strangers On A Train was my least favorite, but for Do Revenge i enjoy the hell out of it particularly the main plot of the film, it is possibly another rare case of a better Netflix original film (at least for a lot of people, not for me though), i also really like the music and the visual, overall Do Revenge is a super entertaining film, go watch it!
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Surprisingly Good
crystelle_dafre16 September 2022
Was thinking this was gonna be another "John Tucker Must Die" kinda thing and although the beginning seemed like it was going to be a complete retelling of 'JTMD', 'Do Revenge' takes a different course and adds in its own little twist on things, which in turn adds spice and a whole new layer to the teen rom com revenge plot. It was a fresher take on JTMD. The film explores interesting subject matter such as revenge, narcissism, the line between good and evil and how difficult it can be to escape evil once you're in its clutches and also forgiveness. I thought the movie had a good overall message and the ending although cliche, was quite satisfying.
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Nostalgic brilliance
flissayre18 October 2022
I didn't know anything about this before watching it, but I'm so glad I saw it! I'm old enough to have seen Clueless at the cinema and love all the other films referenced too. So many little Easter eggs, from the outfits, colours, music, set design, props. Then there's the obvious nods in the dialogue. It doesn't matter that the story and ending is ridiculous, it does exactly what I think it set out to do, which was appeal to people like me (gen x'ers with an almost fanatic love of Clueless, Heathers, She's all that, Cruel Intentions, Never Been Kissed, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde etc) and a new generation of teens. I enjoyed it far more than expected.
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