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Pieces that work and pieces that don't
guskeller25 March 2022
The Lost City has pieces that work and pieces that don't. Placing pretenders into an actual adventure is good for laughs and heart, yet much of this script is generic. Unimaginative MacGuffins, flat villains, and predictable romances are individually forgivable, but together, they override the premise's charm. Furthermore, the dialogue, humor, and plot devices are subpar. The cast enhances the material (especially Pitt and Radcliffe), but some scenes are groaners. Tatum's charisma shines through and Pitt's cameo provides flavor, but that isn't enough to pull The Lost City out of mediocrity. It isn't painful, but The Lost City misses more than it hits.

Meanwhile, The Lost City's filmmaking is average. Its minor positives are the cinematography (intermittently dramatizing comedy and action), the sound (selling the combat and jungle setting), the production design (primarily real but often computerized), and the effects (employing real explosions amongst the CGI). Conversely, the editing occasionally sags (lingering on unessential jokes) and the music is distractingly trendy (forcing fun, rather than serving the narrative). Lastly, The Lost City lacks cohesion. Its humor and emotions never tonally blend, and instead take turns (which disconnects viewers). Ultimately, The Lost City has mild appeal, but functions inconsistently.

Writing: 3/10 Direction: 3/10 Cinematography: 6/10 Acting: 5/10 Editing: 4/10 Sound: 6/10 Score/Soundtrack: 4/10 Production Design: 6/10 Casting: 8/10 Effects: 6/10

Overall Score: 5.1/10.
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Good fun.
Sleepin_Dragon26 April 2022
I wasn't expecting to enjoy this, but on the whole, I did, some bits of it were pretty silly, but there were some nice moments, and a few bits that had me in stitches. Some of the sweeter, romance moments were maybe a little corny, but that's what was expected I guess.

Nice special effects, it looks great, I loved the locations used. You can argue it had a somewhat old fashioned, maybe old school vibe about it, but sometimes you just need a bit of silliness in your life.

Nicely acted, they all did a good job, Daniel Radcliffe was good fun, always enjoy his work.

It really does make the most of Channing Tatum's looks, and it does work, he is ridiculously handsome, and there are several tongue in cheek moments, he seems like a good sport.

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Better than the user rating on Imdb right now
Roman-pc1 October 2022
Bonkers that this film is rated only 6.1 on Imdb right now--it's better than that. Proof that folks who rate movies on here are sometimes guilty of the same crime that professional critics frequently make--looking the gift horse in the mouth. As you can see folks, this is not an art-house film--it's pure entertainment, and it delivers on that count.

My wife and I saw this in the theater--the Brad Pitt cameo alone is worth the price of admission and both Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock have lots of funny lines and pure situational/physical comedy too. What's not to like? A cast that's easy on the eyes and talented to boot, a fairly decent script and a love story with enough heft but still airy and entertaining.
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A Solid, Throwback Comedy
kjproulx25 March 2022
Mainstream comedies that actually make it to theatres are slim to none these days. I remember a time when there was possibly a big comedy coming out every one or two months, with at least half of them being good, but in today's climate, humour is just tough to get right. I was very happy to see that Paramount would be taking a chance and releasing a big comedy in The Lost City this year, but I truly didn't know to what to expect from it. After seeing it in theatres, I'm happy to say that I had a good time with it. It's not great, but it felt like a throwback comedy, just with a modern twist.

To put it simply, The Lost City follows Loretta (Sandra Bullock) as she's on a book tour with her cover model Alan (Channing Tatum) to promote the release of "The Lost City of D," but they are swept up in a kidnapping and find themselves on a real adventure in the jungle. Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) is the reason Loretta was kidnapped in the first place, as he sees many similarities in her book to that of a real lost city. Being the privileged twerp that he is makes for a fun villainous storyline, even if it's pretty lame at times. Radcliffe aside (whom I still enjoyed), this film puts all of its weight on Tatum and Bullock to deliver the goods.

This premise is clever enough to work as a film, but it all comes down to who you cast and if they can make the material work. I never thought I needed to see this duo together, but I'm very happy they worked so well. On top of that, I have to admit that the best moments in the film feature Brad Pitt's character Jack Trainer. He isn't in the film much, but every second he was on screen had me laughing. Where I found the film to be slightly uneven though, was in the fact that I wasn't sure if it wanted to be funny or dramatic at times.

I'm all for heartfelt storylines as well as comedy, but I would argue that the majority of the humour is in the first half, while the second half gets a little more sentimental. These both worked in the movie, but the way the film begins gives absolutely no foreshadowing as to what the film will become by the end. I found that odd, but again, the cast sold all of the dialogue for me. From a few hilarious moments to some fun adventure/action throughout, as I said, I had a good time with this one.

In the end, The Lost City is exactly what I think moviegoers need right now. Nothing too serious or weighed down by heavy drama. This is a good old-fashioned, silly comedy/romance that I feel works for what it is. It's not going to be the type of comedy that a lot of people are going to watch over and over again, at least I don't think, but the heart of the film is in the right place and it never takes anything too seriously. Now playing in theatres, I'd give a recommendation to The Lost City.
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Enjoyable and amusing
FeastMode25 March 2022
The first half of this movie is really funny. I was laughing more than most in the theater. There are so many well-written jokes and situational humor with about an 80% hit rate, including a few hilarious moments. The characters are fleshed out enough for me to care. The story is formulaic and relatively weak compared to the other aspects, but that's easily forgiven when it's making me laugh.

In the second half, the laughs slow down drastically. It gets a lot more serious with attempts at character arcs and story moments that aren't bad but are things we've seen a thousand times. I didn't hate watching it, but without as much comedy it's a much weaker movie.

The first half is easily seven stars. The second half is a weak six. I wouldn't mind watching this again but I wouldn't go out of my way to do so. (1 viewing, opening Thursday night 3/24/2022)
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A Mess of a Weak Plot and Little Chemistry
danew1312 May 2022
From the early reviews I thought this was the film to see...but seeing it i'm amazed at those reviews.

In short, this was a weak and humorless version of Romancing the Stone. Without any chemistry between the actors...except for the possible chemistry in Sandra Bullocks face.

One minute they're in a city, then in the jungle, they're being shot at,then sleeping, the they're walking miles and don't know what the hell is going on.
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Cute and funny enough
Calicodreamin25 March 2022
A cute and funny enough rom com, a few more of the jokes were stale than I would have liked, but overall it accomplished its goal. A few laughs, a few "awhs", and a whole lotta "omg is Channing Tatum hot"'d.
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Simple, fun, hilarious....
PerryAtTheMovies24 March 2022

I actually enjoyed this film way more than I expected. It perfectly fits into its categories of action, adventure, comedy, and romance.

The story was very enjoyable. It started off kind of wonky and felt like I was in for a bad time, but once the "prologue" passed and the main portion of the movie started it got much better.

The chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum worked surprisingly well, and only got better as the film progressed. I did enjoy Daniel Radcliffe as the antagonist. More of a bratty rich boy than an evil "I want to murder everyone" kind of bad guy.

By the end I felt that the big part of the film was that the romance was definitely geared towards the women while the action parts were geared towards the men. The comedy could've gone either way, and some may find certain parts funnier than others, both scenes and what's actually funny.

I also enjoyed the score. The way certain soundtracks were worked into the scenes noticeably helped enhance them (as soundtracks should).

Overall, I think this film is perfect for a movie date night. It's funny, it's romantic, it has a pretty good action/adventure story and it's not as cheesy as most romcoms tend to be.

I hope my review helps you make a choice on this film. Until next time.... Enjoy the show!
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This was rough. I guess I put my expectations too high from the previews. The part with Brad Pitt was fine the rest a typical Sandra Bullock overreacting to mild inconveniences and complete stupidity. Shoutout to the marketing team for making this look like something I would enjoy when I knew better, but thought maybe? Just maybe? Well I knew better. This is terrible.
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Mediocre at best...
garethwooduk25 April 2022
Great line up, but this film tries to hard to be funny with cringy and unforgettable action scenes... Felt like a total gimmick and clone of Romance in the Stone & Jewel in the Nile that both captured romance, action & humour so very well!

I think Sandra Bullock should stick to drama movies! This movie was painfully boring.
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An enjoyable knockoff of Indiana Jones et al. Romantic and goofy.
jdesando26 March 2022
Yes, The Lost City is a sometime dimwitted, formulaic romantic adventure like Romancing the Stone and Indiana Jones with not much creativity that I could tell. No, it is not totally boring because it offers a relaxing antidote to COVID anxieties plaguing us for two years. The cutthroat island shenanigans, with reclusive romance novelist Loretta (Sandra Bullock) and her cover model Alan (Channing Tatum) are kidnapped looking for buried treasure.

What makes this romance mildly enjoyable is the charm of its stars, Sandy/Loretta just a bit too old but looking fab, and Channing, buff and self-deprecating enough to generate a spark with Loretta. Daniel Radcliff as baddie Abagail Fairfax seems out of place, but then that may be the point.

At our AMC-like theater there were a few other audience members far enough from us that we could cut up and converse, much like renting the theater for ourselves. Some solid scenes of repartee reminiscent of screwball comedies added to the pleasure of the island scenery and robust chases along with our not-always witty declamations.

I would recommend you staying home and enjoying the house invasion Windfall on Netflix except that we enjoyed being out and seeing what Hollywood could do when it barely tries. And when Brad Pitt does a cameo with surprising dexterity, your retro romance Lost City is fully updated, and even semi-glamorous if you ask me. And you didn't.
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Moving on
kosmasp19 April 2022
I try to avoid watching trailers before I see a movie. Sometimes it is inevitable - you can't escape certain trailers. So while I still managed not to see everything the trailer revealed, I already knew from the looks of it, that I would like the movie. And lo and behold the movie delivers the goods.

There may be certain role reversals (or gender cliches that are being made fun of if you want to call it that), but the way the actors are playing their roles will not make you think too much about that. At least not in a negative light - some people seem to be allergic when it comes to "wokeness" I reckon.

Channing Tatum has no problem taking his own image apart. Though he still will not accept bad dancing - but that is a different story. Harry Radcliffe ... I mean Daniel Potter ... ah well, the guy formerly known - actually still known as Harry Potter plays quite the fine villain.

There is an excellent cameo in this and there is also a bonus scene during the credits that you cannot miss under any circumstances. Sit back, relax and if the humor is your cup of tea, you'll have a blast with this.
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Truly a waste of time and talent
TruthSeeker4Life27 March 2022
I can't quite understand how these actors would choose to make such a unfunny comedy. The humor is so basic and simple that I can't believe the actors thought this would work. With movies like these it feels as though mainstream Hollywood is intentionally trying to dumb down the population or they have become so arrogant they think they can throw a few good actors together in a film that's made with 110% cheese! It's a cheese party and laughs and humor weren't invited! And the prized guests of the party were signs and facepalms whilst shaking ones head. Was this to make a quick buck? Maybe help out a fellow producer or writer who is a friend? Or maybe they just rely on the names to bring in the money, but I don't see how any of the stars in the film can actually watch this film and feel at all good about themselves and the product they've put out. It's just a complete and utter fail from the very beginning. All I was wondering throughout the film is "why?"
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Not even remotely amusing
pilot100914 October 2022
Where to begin, not funny, not entertaining, no story, who cares if theres no story - this only vehicle for fast wisecracks and cheap attempts at wit. The writers must have dragged evey barrel bottom for any remote attempt at humour and warp that to fit Ms Bullocks fast wise cracking downtown chick delivery.

I would like the writer producer and everyone involved in this rubbish be made to sit through 30 or so viewings of it, because I am sure they never saw the finished product and if they did they should give up their jobs and take up a more rewarding career in animal organic fertiliser in which capacity I am sure they will feel in familiar surroundings.
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MadamWarden18 May 2022
This is a low budget, mediocre, lazy effort with some big names to try carry it from the precipice of lost DVD releases.

Brad Pitt is great for the few minutes he's in it, but the rest is yawn worthy.
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Very fun despite some of the ridiculous bits
UniqueParticle24 March 2022
Got to see the early ish screening considered date night on the regal app that was great time! One of the funniest things set up in the is experience was showing a short trailer of the movie 6 times that's never been a thing and there was feature before the movie started mostly talking about the red dress being a character itself that was silly. Didn't expect as much comedy as there was and highly entertaining action even an excellent soundtrack! I don't know about others but I loved the movie.
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Jungle Dung Complete with Clichés & Stereotypes
PrairieCal12 May 2022
The amazing thing about this film -- despite the fact that it was made at all and that there isn't an original thought or idea throughout -- is that it's rated so highly on .imdb. It's also amazing that the talented actors ever agreed to be in this piece of jungle dung. The writing is terrible, amateurish, the dialogue silly, and the jokes totally unfunny. A total waste of talent.

Makes one wonder how many of the positive reviews were left by paid Paramount employees.
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Needs more Brad Pitt
baxterkw27 March 2022
The chemistry between Bullock and Pitt is beyond words even though for only a minute or two. It's so powerful that it dulls the chemistry between Channing and Bullock. It's too bad that Brad wasn't given a much larger role as he has a real knack for comedy. It was likely to keep costs down or maybe he couldn't commit to more shooting days. If budget wasn't an issue I would have written a few more Pitt scenes in and maybe less goat. They tried to milk the goat bit (sorry) and it just wasn't funny. Radcliffe was good too and again he could have used a few more scenes. Still, money well spent just to watch Brad for a few minutes as he stole the entire movie.
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A Totally LOST Story With Not An Ounce Of Comedy!
silicontourist9 June 2022
The only good thing that can be said about this film is that, the scenery is gorgeous - especially the big cave - and, that is why I have given it a 1 star.

The film is so bad (except for the Brad Pitt scenes) and that is really the best thing that a reviewer can tell you.

Sandra Bullock is very capable of doing comedy films but she had nothing at all to work with from this script. I had to force myself to watch to the end as I could tell from the first few opening frames, that it was going to be a bad film. American humour/comedy is rarely funny at the best of times but, I am pretty sure that even America will find this to be an exceptionally embarrassing export!
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Just stupid
jos-dsouza15 May 2022
When you do not cut a simple plastic zipper with which you are tied to a chair, but instead carry the whole chair, you know the rescue opp is botched.

This movie is plain stupid and irritating.

The script is as if it's written by a five year old kid. Absolutely kiddish. The humour is forced and flat and the cast is pathetic.

Worst, the end: there is no end. It just ends as foolishly as it began.
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What a hapless abomination
nigepitz16 May 2022
The makers of this movie are not a stupid as you would think having watched this garbage because they were smart enough to overplay Bratt Pitt's role which is 90% of the trailer and 1% of the film, the only good 1%. The writing is horrific, the acting wooden, the dialogue embarrassing and the plot stolen from Romancing The Stone. Sandra Bullock is awful, Channing Tatum, charmless and Daniel Radcliffe so bad it hurt my eyes to watch him. It is a truly awful film. It has no charm, no wit and no chemistry between the leads. I am angry at myself for wasting two hours on it.
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CGI on steroids. Low budget lockdown movie. Diabolical.
Birminghamukengland26 April 2022
I actually can not believe the good reviews for this. I had to leave 30 minutes before the end as couldn't stand anymore.

It's CGI on steroids. In this day and age it amazes me that technology hasn't moved on so that you don't know it's a green screen. On many of the scenes it was so obviously green screen, it was embarrassing.

There is virtually zero story. Clearly made in Lockdown on a low budget.

Sandra Bolock appeared bored and what was it with the one outfit for the entire film? Channing Tatoe was his usual self just acting by numbers and showing off his body.

I didn't even crack a smile let alone laugh and neither did anyone else in the theatre which was almost full.

The writers should never be let loose on a script again.

I despair of films lately, they just churn out any old rubbish and treat us like idiots.

Shame on them all.
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A fun and entertaining one time watch
Top_Dawg_Critic2 June 2022
Novice writers and directors brother duo the Nee's did an impressive job with this full length feature film, especially considering their previous works were mainly shorts. The 112 runtime was used up well, although a little faster pacing and/or some scenes trimmed down would've shown better. Casting and performances were excellent, especially Channing Tatum who was the main source of laughs. The story is not revolutionary, but did have some refreshing changes to the genre. It's a fun and entertaining one time watch, especially if you're a fan of any of the lead cast.
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Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum amazingly click
DarkVulcan2927 March 2022
It would be easy to call this a knockoff of Indiana Jones, but in some ways it kind of knows it, has a fun self aware vibe to it. It's merely just a satire of those treasure adventure films.

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum have good chemistry, they just play off each other perfectly you can tell they are having a blast. Tatum is having fun paroding his pretty boy image. Daniel Radcliffe is quite the scene stealer has an over the top villain. It's just a fun movie, delivers some incredible laughs, and not for the faint hearted.
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Great duo and fun adventure but forgettable plot and thin amount of humor makes it decent.
cruise0127 March 2022
3 out of 5 stars.

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum were great with there on screen chemistry and worked great with providing humor. Taking them on a adventure to searching for the lost city before the bad guys go after the search. The cast is good. The concept is fun. The film does have some humor and entertainment. The plot is forgettable. And the film does have a small amount of humor that cant carry the movie.
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