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Home invasion TV movie
Leofwine_draca17 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SOMETHING EVIL COMES is a not-too-bad Canadian TV movie, too tame to really hit the mark, and tending to go through the motions most of the time. It has the same budget as your usual indie and a random cameo from Margot Kidder, but otherwise it's business as usual with a bunch of characters trapped in a house and stalked by a psycho. The home invasion scenario offers a little suspense and it's nice to see X-FILES star William B. Davis in support.
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Stegman-O11 November 2010
Decent little thriller. Basically, a killer terrorizes a group of friends trapped in a house during a violent thunderstorm. He's trying to cover up a corporate secret that resulted in the death of thousands. The friends who have gathered at the house after the death of the lead's brother, have to figure out what the killer is after while also trying to stay alive.

Great set up with the bad guys (Margot Kidder is ultra-creepy!) The other characters feel very real, each with their own problems and issues which boil over when it all hits the fan. The story is suspenseful, with layers of mystery that get peeled away little by little. It's a bit uneven at times, but all in all, a slow simmer to a nice showdown at the end. I enjoyed it.
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