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Swing and a miss
Bernnard_Black31 December 2009
I had very high hopes for this episode, given the wonderful job Seth and the team did with Blue Harvest. Unfortunately, the seem to have lost sight of what they were doing and ended up with a product that felt rushed, and wasn't funny at all.

The first Star Wars Family Guy episode was for dedicated Star Wars geeks who enjoyed pointing out inconsistencies or flaws in Lucas' film. The gags in Blue Harvest were funny and relevant, from Stewie's questioning about the meter-wide exhaust port being a big flaw to Herbert's portrayal of Obi-Wan. The jokes were funny, because they lovingly picked on the original story.

The new episode isn't like that. Instead, you get what feels like The Empire Strikes Back done with Family Guy characters, with minimal changes to dialogue. The jokes are weirdly out of place, many just aren't funny at all, and they lack to satirical quality the jokes in Blue Harvest had. You get lames jokes like a guy on Hoth trying to give out bags of ice, or Peter inexplicably punching out Lois when she calls him a nerf-herder, claiming "that's our word." In short, this episode goes for shock effect to get it's gags - either from random violence and swearing to just out of place jokes - instead of good old satire like Blue Harvest did.

I hope the next will be better; God knows Lucas had enough bad material in Jedi for Seth and the team to work with, without resorting to mindless and out of place jokes to get laughs.
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Funny as H
nil2426 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Warning!! Contains Major Spoilers!!!!

First if you like Family Guy and Star wars, you're gonna love this. the humor is in place and the original movie is very well parodied.

The difference i think, between this and Blue harvest is that in Blue H you actually didn't need to know much about Fam Guy, just the main characters (and the star wars story off course), and it was more about pointing out the little funny flaws A new hope had. (only noticed about tree in SD, the one where Leia/Lois tells there's infinite ways to go but we have chosen to go trough the star destroyers, The no light speed all the time, and the scene at the end where Lando/Mort is wearing Han's outfit) there's a bit more, but its much more visible in BH...

But in this you Do need to know Fam guy, as a lot of the jokes are ref. to old episodes (impiriel walker falling on its knee going AHH, the phony guy, Chris's boss as Yoda, i mean how often do you actually see Carl? 2 or 3 episodes out of almost 8 seasons?? Consuela the cleaning lady, James woods, the cookie monster, giant chicken, Brians unlucky comments on afro Americans, homosexual Stevie, evil monkey ETC...) so before watching make sure to brush up on the earlier episodes.

I gave it a rating of 8 out of 10, because even though there's some filling bulls...t (the songs mostly), 90 percent of it was funny as h...l and I'm gonna watch it just as many times i watched BH. And I'm really looking forward to the conclusion.
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Falls Flat for lack of effort.
tomstharp22 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is a show worthy of a 4 out of 10 for a major reason, the jokes are either unimaginative or blown out of proportion.

The animation is extremely well done and the use of music and references is very good. This elevated it above a 1 or 2 star rating.

The problem is that whenever a joke is told by the characters they stand around laughing about it or explain it to the audience. For instance, Boba Fett is the chicken man. And Peter laughs and points him out and says "Look, Boba Fett is the Chicken Man." Why? Why would you assume that your audience is too stupid to realize that? Other jokes require specific wording to get off correctly and this requires the characters to wait and say the joke several times in order to make sure the viewer has time to process. The final problem with the spoken jokes is that they completely lack the necessary timing to be funny. They either take far to long or come out of left field. Such as Han shooting the inside of the giant worm some dozen or so times and having the exact same reaction each time. That's funny...if you're high.

I don't have a problem with the jokes that come from the series itself because I liked those jokes the first time. The name of the movie, after all, is a reference to the series.

Next up is the physical comedy. There are many great options for physical comedy as the majority of the movie uses the broad space battles from the film. How many things can happen in space? Asteroids can be shaped in funny ways, constellations can be in the background, the giant wedges can do something funny for goodness sake! Yet they do nothing with any of the space battles other than add a Wildest Police Chases voice-over for about twenty seconds. Where is the funny stuff from the first Star Wars parody where the Jawas are exchanging Grey Poupon? Even the actual Star Wars movie had the ships make warning sirens when the Falcon flew them too close to each other. Do something with that!

Yoda, not funny.

Jokes I found funny. The League of Doom. The dog thing if they cut it about half the length. The Wiley E Coyote moment. The Hand down the pants (don't ask me why but I laughed). Joe's Legs. The reference to Seth Green's failed movie. Trying to think of more, got nothing.

The movie as a whole is not atrocious, but the lack of timing and the holy-cow-I'm-about-to-tell-a-joke-are-you-ready-here-it-is-and-heres- why-it-was-funny-did-you-laugh? aspect made it insufferable to sit through. The Family Guy team used to be better than that. Feels like they stopped trying.

Thanks, Tom
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Not as Impressive
dutnam23 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan and a HUGE Family Guy fan. I was so excited when I heard about this DVD and then I got it. I don't think this was their best work. I even looked for hope while listening to the commentary, which rambled on about everything but this show. WHen I checked out the Extras, the TABLE READING had better gags and flow to it than the actual episode. Something got lost in translation, too many things got edited, and there were too many INSIDE JOKES that most people won't get. I think the Original FAMILY GUY: BLUE HARVEST was WAY better by comparison. This felt like they were dialing it in. I'm not a fan of Critics, so for me to give it this kind of review pains me. I can only hope that their JEDI episode is up to par.
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paul_haakonsen23 March 2010
I am not a fan of the Family Guy series, actually I have never even sat through a whole episode. Just watched fragments of it while zapping around on the TV. However, this movie was such a treat.

Being a huge "Star Wars" fan, I decided to watch it, based on the cover alone. It is always fun to watch a spoof of something. And this movie delivered. I was laughing a lot throughout the length of the movie.

Now, without having seen the series, it is impossible for me to say whether or not this movie lives up to the comedy standards of the series. But without having seen them, I can honestly say that this movie is great. Loads of laughs here.

Remember this is a spoof, do not watch this if you get offended or angry by something making fun of the "Star Wars" franchise.

I had a blast watching this, and I think it definitely have enough punch in it for a second watching later on. It is just that unique and funny. This animation picks up the "Star Wars" story and beats it with a funny stick.
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Something, Something, Something Dark Side: Has more misses in it than Blue Harvest but it is still very funny and worth seeing
bob the moo17 January 2010
Another power cut hits the Griffin household leaving them devoid of any form of media to distract them from one another. Faced with the horror of family conversation, Peter tells a story that follows on from his previous tale, following the young Jedi Luke and the Rebellion as they fight the forces of the Empire in a galaxy far, far away.

As with Blue Harvest before it, this "film" was promoted on DVD in the UK despite being less than an hour long. With my experience from Blue Harvest (where it screened for free on the BBC a few days after DVD release) I didn't buy it but did watch it for free when I got the chance because I did find that the previous Star Wars episode was very funny indeed. Ironically (considering they contrast with it), "Dark Side" echoes the second Robot Chicken Star Wars episode by managing to be both very funny but at the same time not quite as good as their first attempt.

The Family Guy special has the additional assistance of having the structure provided by Empire Strikes Back itself, rather than being all gags like RC was, and this does sustain it. Part of this is the value of Fox's FG being able to utilise the film and music as much as it does, so even if a specific moment isn't particularly funny, there is still the novelty value of it having the look and feel of the film itself. Of course this is not enough and it does help that, while not as rapid fire as Robot Chicken, this special is still very funny thanks to the usual Family Guy sense of humour and lots of clever gags at the gentle expense of Empire. Given that Family Guy does pop culture reference jokes, this is quite the partnership and does work well. I noticed more misses than in Blue Harvest, moments where I wasn't laughing, but the hits still outnumber these by quite some degree. The characters are well used as before and I was quite pleased that Herbert/Obi-wan had significantly less time here, since I thought he was overused in the first special.

Generally the film (extended episode) works well because the target audience will love the film and also get the sense of humour with which Family Guy affectionately spoofs it. This does have more misses in it than Blue Harvest but it is still very funny and worth seeing (although not worth the full cost of a DVD). Biggest laugh is saved for the end, with a repeat of the ribbing of Seth Green (Chris) really hitting the mark.
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Freakin Sweet - What is your favorite part?
taydj14 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This Family Guy movie is "just as funny" as the first one- Blue Moon. A couple of my favorite moments were the scene where Vader (Stewie) captures Peter and tells him that he will torture him! Peter says, "oh well, I don't won't to get tortured".. then he tells all of the secrets to vader "Luke is training on Dagobah, the rebel base is on Hoth, and I was the one who stopped up the toilet!" Then Vader tortures him anyway-- by forcing him to listen to some crappy 80's music-- Peter yells and hollers, then finally, he says owww, owww, owww...Funny stuff... Also, the radio talk, where he tells the guys to call him "Carlos Spicy weiner." One of the best scenes (this is totally an inside joke to the average "Star Wars Fanatic" is when Luke is about to climb in the X-Wing fighter and his co-pilot "Dax" says .."I feel like I can take on the whole empire!" and Luke tells everyone-- "Hey guys, Dax says he gots this one."....And Dax flies out into space and faces 20 Star Destroyers....and gets blown up!!!....That was hilarious...Ohh one more comment...When they freeze Peter in the carbon, and they are leaving, C-3po makes a comment "Since we know exactly where they are going, lets take 3 years to rescue him)--sweet...all inside jokes..And the last one is the comment where Lando is wearing Hans clothes at the end of the movie....Funny as heck..... What do you think??
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When they hit, they really hit, but that doesn't outweigh the many misses.
stitch-9914 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After falling in love with Blue Harvest and then hearing about this entry, I was ecstatic...until I saw it. Nowhere is the decline of Seth MacFarlane's comedic abilities more visible than watching the two SW Family Guy specials back-to-back.

Allow me to give a small sampling of the poor attempts at humor employed by this special: Darth Vader farting as soon as Leia's out of the room, blatant re-packagings of jokes from other FG episodes that have already lost their funniness, Luke singing a duet with his own severed head for no apparent reason (which, admittedly, sounds funny, but the execution is terrible), R2 dragging Luke to his niece's violin recital, R2 listening to an ipod which somehow interferes with Luke's X-wing, a medical droid wanting to be thanked by Luke for his new hand (oddly enough, the joke used in the commercials in this spot was actually funnier and more adult), Luke calling out for Tom Sellick only to be ignored, various jokes that would've been funny if the set-up wasn't so long, Darth Vader second-guessing his own lines, Darth Vader calling Luke because he dialled the wrong number, arguing cab-drivers, and Luke showing up on the set of American Idol.

That being said, there were a few literal laugh-out-loud moments. This is where the spoilers kick in until the end of this paragraph for those who still wish to see it for themselves. Taun-tauns being replaced with Don-dons (essentially thesame, but with Don Knotts' head), Cookie Monster being the snow monster, R2 commenting on the safety conditions of the Rebel Base, Rebel troops pointing out Leia's military incapability, "Luke, if that's you, wave your right hand! No, your other right hand!", Darth Vader confusing the Dark Side of the Force with being gay, a recently born baby in with the garbage for about two seconds, racist Chewbacca, Yoda saying one thing and then instantly contradicting himself (it works in context), Meg's cameo, and the opening scroll commenting on Fox's poor foresight. While I realize that I made it sound as if it was about even between funny and unfunny, trust me, there were so many more unfunny things that simply slipped my memory.

Having said all of that, I can, in no way recommend this special to anyone except die-hard Family Guy fans, i.e. the ones who insist that the show is still funny. If clips of the funny bits can be found, I would recommend those to either Family Guy or Star Wars fans, but not the whole thing. It's simply not worth it, and if I can spare anyone else the sheer boredom of most of this special, it will have been worth it.
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Something, Something, Something CRAP
JamesPino13 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
So I'll pretty much repeat what many others have said in these reviews. In comparison to Blue Harvest (the first Star Wars Family Guy parody), this is actually quite bad.

The plot basically plays out exactly like The Empire Strikes Back, expect shorter, and with Family Guy characters, and with some jokes thrown in that really aren't all that funny...sure there are some "ha ha" moments, but when I saw Blue Harvest, I was rolling on the floor and my sides were splitting with laughter. Every scene was set up perfectly, and the jokes just kept on a-rollin'. It was (and is) a classic. This sequel feels like a rush job and it feels like there is little enthusiasm, much like the most recent seasons of Family Guy. Either the writers have changed, or they've run out of steam, kinda like Led Zeppelin near the end.

I bought this on BluRay and paid way too much for it. Don't waste your money. Get it on iTunes if you can...or rent it.
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family guy: something something something dark side
seychellesdelrosario6 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
My first reaction to this film Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side is that, I thought this movie would be just like their T.V. show and will be funny as usual but I thought wrong. It seems that that they focused much on how would they tease the movie Star Wars and lost sight on making it ridiculously funny. Their randomness were the biggest impressions that they had on me and it is also the main thing that really jumps out from the film. It is like they are talking about something then one scene will come up related to the words that they used but not related to the story that they are talking about.

The movie was not that interesting but just really entertaining. It is just entertaining because the film is random. The major characters are Peter Griffin as Solo, Lois Griffin as Leia, Chris Griffin as Skywalker, Stewie Griffin as Vader, and Brian the dog which is also part in Griffin family as Chewbacca; so does Meg as the Giant Space Slug but in this movie she is not important at all. Well, in their T.V. shows either, she's not. The movie is just the parody of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. If you know the movie Star Wars Episode V, you will get the humor of it, if not then, sorry. This movie would not make you laugh at all.

The background were in space mostly, with big triangular ships firing lasers and Comets floating around. The two scenes that made me gag was when Vader cut Chris' right arm and fell from the hole for about 3 minutes of the film and asks the mechanic if he found his hand the mechanic said he did not but you can see Chris' hand on his crouch. A green joke, I know but it is a funny scene and when Solo punched Leia out of nowhere then swear.

All in all, this movie is not funny, rating it 1-5 I'll give it a 2, for just their effort of making this film. You can only laugh in this film from either violence or just swearing when the jokes are weirdly out of place. This is just not the family guy that I used to watch. It is terrible.
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EXCELLENT....Much Much better than the first Star Wars Episode.
goatmetal-121 December 2009
I actually downloaded this a few weeks ago, but just now watched it. It is MUCH MUCH more better and funnier than the first Star Wars episode. Without giving any of it away or spoiling it for anyone, I just wanted to say that every character that's in the regular Family Guy series has some part in this episode. Whether it's for the whole entire episode, or just a few seconds.

Plus a few cameo appearances.

It seems as though much thought was put into writing this episode. The last few Family Guy shows, in my opinion, seemed to be just "thrown out there", without a care so to say.
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A big disappointment.
NeoDeMover23 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
While Blue Harvest was very funny... TFG (Team Family Guy) blew it on this one.

It took me a while to figure out how they made this video not so funny. This Empire parody looks great... but thats about it.

As already pointed out, Peter/Solo insult and punches Lois Leia are out from no-where and serves no purpose. Compared to TFG episode in which Peter is on a Roadhouse craze and kicks everyone - including Lois, especially her the boob.

** Spoiler a bit ** Like Pete Solo cursing Leia, instead of the originals "I know"... saying something like "I love me too" would have been funnier, who knows, I'm not a writer.

The recent Robot Chicken 2.5 Special does a much better job with the same scene. You can see that yourself on adultswim's website.

Anyways.. back to HOW TFG failed.

Many of the lines in something something something (very un-funny stupid title) are right off of Empire. While Blue Harvest has almost no lines from A New Hope.

Like in Blue Harvest, when the Death Star Fire control guys are complaining about "not having a rail to lean against". Sorry, some guys pretending to do something didn't cut it.

What makes blue harvest and Family guy work is dialogue. Something Something has so little of it and totally ignores openings where they could have done something. Like when Chris Skywalker falls to the M.Falcon - there is NOTHING there. They could have had Chris fall into the arms of the ONLY black man in the movie and have him say "Who the Hell are you?!" - and trying to use his missing hand to hide his wallet. Anything! I bought this DVD sight un-seen. I thought I had missed it somehow on the local FOX channel. I wouldn't have wasted my $16 on this DVD. :(
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It's just like Empire, great movie, but not funny
meeks123 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, i'll admit I was going into this movie with a lot of expectations, considering how excellent Blue Harvest, and Family Guy in general is. If you also have these ridiculously high expectations, prepare for some degree of disappointment (Unless you like profanity and violence without context). There is just something wrong here, and longtime Family Guy fans are sure to see it (Oh dear God I hope). It's like they wanted to recreate the movie with their characters, rather than make a parody of it. Blue Harvest poked a lot of fun at some of the plot elements of A New Hope, yet Something x 3 Darkside seems to lack the same irreverent "haha wtf George Lucas" humour. There are of course, exceptions, like the "giant boob nipple gun" of Hoth, and the Bespin speeders. Peter/Solo's response to Lois/Leia before the freezing in carbonite just seemed unnecessary. Also, normally I don't mind the random violence on FG, but something about Peter's sudden punching out of Lois seemed off and unfunny as well. On the plus side, the Rocky training montage is awesome, the shot at Meg is spot on, plus the ending is a neat twist too. Overall, Something x 3 Darkside just doesn't take enough shots at the original, like Blue Harvest, to make it a good enough parody. Fingers crossed for the third.
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Losing it's way...
Lechaise21 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Family Guy has, over the years, become smarter and it's strength has been in referencing the familiar and being ironic and satirical without being too smug. This particular episode shows the show losing it's way. The jokes seem lazy, the majority of the cultural references wouldn't be understood if you were either non-American or under 30, but there is one main problem: the writers seem to think comedy lies in just copying things with Family Guy characters and expecting it to be funny without actually adding a comedy element. Purely copying something is not in itself funny. This episode just feels like a lost opportunity, which is summed up by the fact that the chicken plays Boba Fett, Peter plays Han Solo, and there's no chicken fight?! Who cares if it wasn't in the original film, it's what we expected, what we wanted, and didn't get. A shame.
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"You're gonna attack them?"
gigan-9224 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Some fans are really dissing this one, which to me is really distressing. A lot say the comedy is this one is rather unfunny and un-satirical. I'll admit a joke or two fell flat with a small chuckle, basically that bag of ice one I really despised. However, it holds together quite nicely in my opinion. To say "Blue Harvest" was better is saying something about you, because the majority of that one's humor was basically pointing out the plot holes of the original Star Wars. Funny, yes, but a bit insulting somewhat. So in turn here we have a lot less of that and more of the original storyline just interpreted through what the characters of "Family Guy" would normally do in those situations. And, other than that ice joke, the episode is incredibly funny and I don't know what's better, Chris' boss as Yoda or Stewie as Darth Vader. Either way, this one definitely deserves respect, especially as an avid Star Wars fan.
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Novelty Is Gone, But Still Funny!
zkonedog12 March 2017
While watching the first Star Wars parody, Blue Harvest, from the creators of Family Guy, I was struck by the originality of the "episode" (competition with Robot Chicken aside!). Just seeing Peter as Han Solo, Brian as Chewbacca, Quagmire as C3PO, and Cleveland as R2-D2, among others, was enough to bring a smile to my face. It was one thing to develop those characters on a weekly TV series, but a whole different thing entirely to take that character development and use it to make fun (and pay tribute to) the first Star Wars film.

In this second spoof, "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side", the Family Guy team sends-up The Empire Strikes Back. Since that first shock-value of seeing all our favorite characters in the Star Wars universe is gone, it is more up to the jokes than ever, as sight gags just weren't going to cut it anymore. With that being said, this entry into the FG cannon performs about as well as anything else...some jokes are brutally offensive, others fall completely flat, and still others are so funny that you'll be chuckling out loud and almost miss the next one! Really, the success of the TV show stems from the fact that creator Seth McFarlane and Co. know no bounds in terms of poking fun at anything and everything, and that is once again the case here.

Basically, this was another funny little entry into the FG universe (literally!) that does pretty much what it is supposed to do. Fans of the show will eat it up (awkward moments and all), while non- fans will probably find it offensive and turn it off.
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Deeply Disappointing
Slurge-510 January 2010
First of all, I'm not a fan of Family Guy. My brother keeps showing me episodes, trying to get me interested, and I've yet to find the show appealing.

That said, I enjoyed Blue Harvest. Aside from the creepy paedophile that wouldn't go away, the show was full of humorous pokes at Star Wars, pointing out plot holes and inconsistencies.

So, when Something, Something, Something Dark Side came out, I was looking for the same experience. Instead, what I got was an unfunny hour, filled with inside references and characters belabouring punchlines, as if the audience was too stupid to get the jokes without help.

Too bad.
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Did they change the writers?
slamko-14 January 2010
I have seen virtually every episode of family guy including blue harvest, all which are very funny and cause you to laugh. However in this movie, I had only found 3 lines that caused me to laugh, the rest was just filler that made no sense.

If you have not seen the original star wars movie you will be completely lost and most likely cause you to never watch family guy again as the person that I watched "Something, Something, Something Dark Side" with had stated after she had wasted just over 54 min of her life that she will never get back.

If you have nothing else to watch give it a go, hopefully you will enjoy it more than myself.
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Twice the length, half the material
This is the second of Family Guy's double length episodes, and like the first, Blue Harvest, is based on the Star Wars franchise. It should be a barrel of laughs but it is more like scraping the barrel.

The one thing which made Family Guy stand out from the crowd were its cutaways. These are entirely absent here. So too is that other mainstay of FG, the interplay between Brian and Stewie. Deprived of these sources of comedy, the writers fall back on the same old recycled gags and in-jokes which have worn so thin.

This was somewhat true of Blue Harvest too but that least managed to raise a few laughs. This present episode relies too much on audience recognition of its overly familiar characters and thinks that someone is going to think "oh look that's the evil monkey" and find that amusing in its self. Its not, its pure laziness.
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More enjoyable than the first instalment
MarcusJ1327 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoilers.

Family Guy in my view has suffered from loss of form in recent times, but I hope this can work as a precedent for better times for the show. The humour is on an improved level and while some of the jokes fall flat, others produce really funny moments that I'm quite sure will go appreciated by others as well as myself. The scenes with Stewie as Darth Vader were especially funny with the inevitable force choke gag being used to very good effect.

In spite of those moments of questionable jokes elsewhere the episode produces the random nature of Family Guy and utilises it to great effect. One of my personal favourite jokes actually came at the end when Brian pointed out Lando wearing Han Solo's clothes. If you are anything like me and actually spotted that at the end of the film you'll appreciate it more than others may.

All in all a very funny episode with a great amount of laugh out at loud moments that are well worth a view Thanks for reading.
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the best of the trilogy
disdressed123 February 2011
this second (of three)Star Wars parodies from the Family Guy crew pokes fun at the second Original Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back.and for me,like Empire,this is the best of the trilogy.it's even more outrageous than Blue Harvest,which i thought was a riot.it's more funny and clever,and faster paced.i laughed a lot during Blue Harvest,but i laughed more during this episode.there isn't a lot more i can say other than if you haven't seen this episode,or Blue Harvest for that matter,you don't what you're missing.better yet,pick up the DVD collection containing Blue Harvest,this episode and the final episode,entitled It's a Trap.for me,"Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" is a 9/10
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