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Cheap and nasty
nephihaha5 March 2019
With a thin plot, and low production values, Carmilla Hyde looks like a student film. The plot concerns an uptight woman who becomes sexualised after losing her virginity (was she raped? It's never made enrirely clear). She discovers her dark alter ego (the Carmilla Hyde bit) which leads her to sleep around with most of the men and women that cross her path. This might make it sound graphic, but it's not. There is little to no real nudity, although it milks lesbian kissing (which is a bit overexposed these days.) People who are interested in such things will doubtless be more turned on by the leather gear.

The acting is meh, and there is a psychobabble aspect added to try and give it legitimacy. As a psychodrama it fails miserably and doesn't know what to do with herself. I'm not sure what if any mesaage ir has. It lacks any degree of originality.
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Stupidly portrayed
Leofwine_draca16 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
CARMILLA HYDE is an Aussie indie horror flick and an updated twist on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel. This time around, an ordinary woman is date raped (the scene would be distasteful if it wasn't so stupidly portrayed) and afterwards her killer alter ego emerges to go on a rampage. Shot in a static way and extremely poor quality throughout, this is shot entirely in close up, a series of lame bedroom encounters with a mildly violent edge and lots of embarrassing acting.
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