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Not great, but not bad.
hystaric5 May 2013
There will be people hating on this film because of various reasons, but I loved the story, even though it could have been much much better, I'd say this is rather rushed, but I wouldn't say it's bad. This homosexual prison camp never came across my mind, at least it doesn't seem to exist in my country.

I looked up Doubleday's filmography and found this movie, at first I wasn't expecting much from her but I must say her role as Butterfly is really really fabulous, same for Visnjic, although I think he'd have done better with his emotions.

If you have spare time, it wouldn't hurt to check this out as it is a rather different experience with other films.
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Captivating from the word go.
hannah_a_lovefilm29 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm no film critic, a media student yes, but I've never written a review before, to be honest I've never needed to. Usually every film I come across can be expected to have hundreds of reviews by users on IMDb, most far better than any I could ever write. Disappointed by the lack I found when reading up on K-11, I decided it was time to watch the film, and share my experience.

I had the usual expectations going into this film in terms of the prison film genre. It's set in a prison, there will be violence, drugs and rape. There will be top dogs, underdogs, minions, and those just trying to survive. What I wasn't expecting from the directional debut of Jules Stewart was such a captivating story. The interesting scenario our main character Raymond Saxx finds himself in, the characters that surround him and the interesting dynamic of K-11 make for a sometimes difficult but ultimately rewarding experience. I found it an important tale to tell, unlike most films out there. It had thought and meaning behind it, and the actors truly brought the film to life. Would I recommend those of you curious about this film to watch it? That's a definite yes.
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Better than expected
Filmfanatic1113 October 2013
I had super low expectations going into this film, but I surprisingly liked it.

The characters feel very real and damaged. Raymond Saxx Jr.'s plight is uncomfortable and unfortunate for him.

D.B. Sweeney is solid as the waste of space Lt. Gerald Johnson. Goran Visnjic gives a sympathetic portrayal of record producer Saxx who got too deep into drugs.

Kate Del Castillo as Mousey is not bad. She has flashes of brilliance as the trans-gender. Portia Doubleday is unnerving and heartbreaking as Butterfly.

Obviously, the film is low-budget, but I'm confused why the critics trashed it like they did. I bet some of them never bothered to watch the film. Although, this is not the type of film critics would love. It's not an amazing film, but it's hardly exploitative...so take it for what it is. I enjoyed the ending and I would watch it again if I saw it television. An interesting directorial debut for indie director Jules Stewart.
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a great concept fails for playing it safe
sinnerofcinema3 May 2013
I heard about this film and looked it up. The premise seemed fascinating and the first thing that came to mind is "I must watch this". Anticipating, from the visuals and advertising, this film would be a trippy ride through prison lane. Unfortunately as soon as I started watching, I got the sense of a very sanitized film with actors who I am sure had lots of terms and conditions imposed on the filmmakers prior to diving into making the film. In one word, the film just does not seem authentic. A simple a word as that maybe, it is the lifeblood of films of this type. If you are going to go through the troubles of doing a prison drama, get in there and get your feet wet. The actors skimped on all situations. Not sure if the script was written like that or what happened between the production and final cut. Whatever may have happened in the process, it is obvious many things got chopped and with them the fear and tension that this sort of situation brings about for any straight attorney who would have been wrongly classified in a prison system. The girl that the attorney meets at the beginning is so obviously female, she was miscast in the first place. Nowhere did her performance remotely resemble that of someone who may have been previously male. If you are going to do something like this.. go all the way. Get the real thing. You would never see obviously real women in a K-11 section and that is what spoiled it for me. Sometimes playing it safe can inhibit your film from all of the wonderful possibilities that could have been effective if more time and effort was placed in finding actors who could accurately portray a grim situation successfully in a rather dark place. My suspension of disbelieve got interrupted several times and at every attempt I made to try to immerse myself in the reality of what should have been a very dark, disturbing, spine tingling situation for the viewer. In other words I expected something around the realm of "OZ" the very successful cable series that did exemplify the tensions and fears that prison life entail. Sad to say, I felt instead of OZ I got something along the lines of "the wizard of OZ" version sprinkled with mild to light tension. Unfortunately, this was a missed opportunity.
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'Bad things happen to bad people.'
gradyharp30 March 2013
Someone likely had a good idea in planning this film: place a straight man in a prison cell area reserved for homosexuals and all variations of gender role playing. That concept could prove interesting as an exploration of 'community' among the 'unwanted' of detainees. But as written by Jared Kurt and Jules Stewart and especially as directed by Jules Stewart the film loses all semblance of originality, for one reason - because it casts women in the roles of transsexuals and transvestites so as not to offend the actors or the audience with same sex variations.

But that is only one reason this film sinks. The script is tepid to poor, a story is practically nonexistent, and the characters are tropes played by actors who seem embarrassed by what they are asked to do. What little story there is can be summarized as follows: a wealthy but drug addicted and alcoholic record produced named Raymond Saxx (Goran Visnjic, one of our stronger actors usually) passes out, is arrested for homicide, and thrown into LA County Jail in a unit reserved for Homosexuals and sexual deviants K-11. From there it is a power struggle run by transvestite Mousey (the first female - Kate del Castillo - cast as a male and it doesn't work). Cocaine and other drugs are readily available through the corruption of Ben (Jason Mewes) who works in the office of the deputy Sgt. Johnson (DB Sweeney) who is likewise drug addled and preys on the inmates for sexual favors. Bad things happen, such as the murder of child molester Detroit (Tommy 'Tiny' Lister) by transsexual Butterfly (Portia Doubleday) and Raymond finally comes out of his cloudy drug abused head and figures a way out of this very odd confinement, but not without a series of meaningless circumstances that serve only to point out the depravity of the inmates.

Yes, it is that bad. Try as you may to find a saving grace to this film is without success. Perhaps if the writers and director had had the courage to use an all male cast instead of putting female actors in the roles of men who are range from simply nelly to butch to surgically transformed (in various stages) into transsexuals the film may have had a reason for being made. As it is, it is an embarrassment for Goran Visnjic, and DB Sweeney and the rest of the actors who for some reason signed on to this poorly conceived and made project.

Grady Harp
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K-11, the film critics reviewed without seeing.
DameFlux17 March 2013
I will write a review but what we have here is an amazingly American "pile on" by the press. What I realize after having seen K-11 is that virtually none of the critics who gave this film zero stars even saw it. If you see the term "CAMP" or "EXPLOITATION" or here them claiming "it couldn't decide what it was" you know that those critic's wrote a review on the trailer and not the film. This film has one problem only to them , Jules Stewart is Kristen Stewart's Mom . They cant get to Kristen so they attack Jules. They attack her even after Kristen was intentionally NOT cast in K-11 http://gawker.com/5990662/kristen-stewarts-mom-wanted- her-to-play-a-character-thats-raped-repeatedly. Interviewers will start asking about the film and then turn to Kristen , helpless in their own lack of imagination and drawn finally to a personality that blinds them to everything around them. Years from now when Kristen is no longer a young star people will re-examine this film. Kristen is not even in this film , intentionally. The press lie, that is what they do.

K-11 is a straight film, not exploitation or camp. Portia Doubleday ,Goran Visnjic , DB Sweeny and most of all, Kate del Castillo, are brilliant. So what has the critics babbling ? They can't put it in a box. They use the term "its like " because they need something to compare it to. Its a great little film that you should compare to every great directors first films because it is vastly superior to Canmeron's "Piranha Part Two: The Spawning" ! Its an incredibly good first film. Making a film of this kind for a first time director is virtually impossible because everyone "knows better". Jules stuck to her guns, finally taking the film back from her first editor and recutting it to the original script. The films most memorable quote "Bad things happen to bad people" . If that were true a few critics here would spontaneously burst into flame. This is a great little film that stands on its own and the cast and crew did a terrific job.
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This film is set in a jail "reserved for homosexuals". So, upon seeing seeing trans-women in the jail too, I thought, "Oh, they're going to touch on how trans-women are misgendered in the prison system--wonderful!", but that was wishful thinking. I was really surprised to see that this movie was made in 2012, as all it would have taken to make it a wonderful movie would have been the consultation of one actual trans-person, or a Google search on what a trans-woman actually is. Since none of the other reviewers have touched on this yet(or seem to think the words "transsexual" and "transvestite" are interchangeable), I'll be the one to say it.

Transgendered women are women. This film blatantly implies that we're simply men who transition our bodies to look like women for the purpose of sexual deviance--not only in the premise, but in the dialog from trans and cis-gender characters alike. This is simply not true! Contrary to popular social belief, we were not born as men; we're born as women with a male body. We spend years correcting our bodies to fit who we are inside, and it is no easy process. Films like this only further serve to set back the leaps and bounds of progress we're making within society to achieve a sense of normality. To be clear, being trans-gender has absolutely nothing to with sexual orientation.

This film isn't overtly hateful towards trans-women, but it does further the many misconceptions we suffer from on a daily basis. As a trans-woman, I feel compelled to dispel them where I can.
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Was Interesting but so many holes
Liz Donut17 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I like the concept of how it was done and the story. Though, some scenes felt like that it was plain acting, it could have been done better or just more convincing? The Character's personality seemed inconstant at times too but I like their base character. Especially the person who played Butterfly (though I'm sad for her story...)!

Also I was sure that Mousey had large junk in the shower scene, what happened to it?! (Even if she hides it, there has to be something if she wears a thong right?!) Also, that Blonde targeted Ray and then she just stopped?! Ray was so miserable with killing someone and then he is a bad ass in the end with a gangster driver?! (Or was he just sad that he killed a friend? I wish it was explained!) Plot holes people! I wish they had a time skip explaining how the person Ray killed died, if he got revenge on his ex-, or if he got Butterfly out and is caring her.

Overall I enjoyed it.
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Great Movie!!! Spoiler Alert...the bad guys lose.
femsidhe29 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It was really entertaining, I especially love how the bad guys get it in the end and the "better guy" (can't really call him the good guy because he isn't "good") tosses his illegal substances out of the window when he is released. LOVE the Mouse!! My daughter was confused because they had women playing 2 of the main (can't believe the word for biologically male ladies is prohibited!!) characters, but it works, they just look like REALLY authentic alternative persons. Butterfly was also one of my favorite characters, just wish someone would have stepped up and saved her, angered me that everyone around just let it happen and didn't do anything. It's suppose to be a safe unit for endangered populations and yet they put her in there with a child molester!! All in all great movie. Markus rocked too,
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Horribly misinformed, but I liked the dark nature of it...
kaia013216 April 2014
First and foremost, when will the film industry learn that trans women are WOMEN and not men playing dress-up. This film is not overtly mean to trans-women, but completely goes on to reinforce all stereotypes of trans women. It does nothing except make a joke of the matter. Matters of transgender women and men should never be a joke, but this film uses them to try and get cheap laughs.

I did like there wasn't a truly good protagonist. This is the part I like. A bunch of darkness in a world of darkness.

Overall, barely watchable even with a hot main character. Was OK to waste 90 minutes on a sick day with. It isn't that I wish I could have my 90 minutes back, but this film was solely a time-waster to distract me from my illness, and nothing more.
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A mess
TheLittleSongbird31 May 2013
Goran Visnjic gives a sincere performance in the lead role, but really that is all that is halfway decent about K-11. And this was from actually seeing the movie and giving it a fair chance, so there goes that rather ignorant assumption. Some people probably didn't even see the trailer and saw it only for Visnjic, myself belonging in this camp. The script is confused, it is not sure whether it wants to have exploitation laughs or sombre tragedy. Instead it tries to incorporate both and neither work, the comedy being forced and can fall into the distasteful category for some and the tragedy being mawkish and you never care enough for the characters to genuinely feel it. Okay some of the grind-house punchlines are not so bad, but they are too far and between. The dialogue at best is tepid also. Another major failing is the story, it is slow and almost non-existent and you don't feel any of the tensions and fears of prison life. Part of the reason why you are not engaged with anything here is because the movie in an attempt to trying not to offend plays it too safe. There are also campy elements that are too artificially done and while the comic exaggerations are played for shocks, there was little that came across as genuinely shocking and instead it was too exaggerated and too overdone. There are cheaper-looking movies out there, however K-11 does nothing interesting with the photography or the single-room cell-block, they are just there with no signs of life. The music is pulpy and loud, but often overbears everything. I couldn't care less about who Jules Stewart's family is- that's never been an overriding factor in my judgement of movies, never has been, never will be and also it shouldn't be- what really matters is whether her involvement in K-11 worked in its favour. It didn't, it had intent sure but turned out to be every bit as confused as the script. Visnjic gives the only good performance, the rest struggle with the cardboard characters and give cartoonish caricatures in the process. All in all, apart from Visnjic- who deserved better than this- a messy movie that played it too safe and didn't know what to do with itself. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Stark look at life in a homosexual prison wing
Leofwine_draca22 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
CELL K-11 is an odd little prison movie with grindhouse sensibilities. This one steps away from offering a realistic approach to instead go all-out with over-the-top characters and outlandish situations. The main character, as played by former E.R. actor Goran Visnjic, is the usual innocent guy who wakes up one day and finds himself thrown into the homosexual wing of a Los Angeles jail.

This film seems more occupied with detailing transsexual culture more than anything else. The cast features a bunch of actresses playing transsexual or transvestite characters and many of them are believable in their parts, particularly Kate del Castillo, who steals the show as the completely convincing Mousey, the woman who runs the wing. Others like Portia Doubleday (MR. ROBOT) fare less well but still deliver kooky performances.

The main problem with this film is the story, or rather lack of it. It seems to slide along aimlessly, giving a good example of prison life but failing to involve the viewer in any way. Take Visnjic's plight, which is predictable and extremely uninteresting. The supporting players are more interesting than the lead, including D.B. Sweeney's slimy prison officer, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister as the resident rapist, and Jason Mewes as, unsurprisingly, a drug dealer. The usual sex and violence fills the screen, giving this a hard grindhouse edge.
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LA Guy wakes up in jail
ksf-221 December 2015
Such an odd film. Man wakes up in jail, and finds himself in a strange prison cell; it appears to be a ward for gay and transgendered people. Goran Visnjic is "Saxx", and he tries to navigate survival; everyone he meets is either a friend or foe. From the start, we're shown one main corrupt officer that we can tell is going to be trouble. And we're also shown "Mousey" (Kate del Castillo), who runs the joint. The main plot here is that Saxx says he doesn't belong here, and he keeps making phone calls for help. About halfway through, we find out what he's at least accused of, but we have yet to find out if he actually did it or not. Of course, the most famous face here is "Jay" from Clerks... Jason Mewes. (yes, they are making Clerks III, so we'll see Jay and silent Bob again). We almost don't recognize him with short hair. In K-11, he's part of the drug dealing crew. Gets pretty rough, so definitely NOT for the kiddies. It's a prison, so expect anything to happen. And the ending is a little cheesy, but not bad for a first film. The sound and photography were actually very well done for a first-timer, but as she has been in the business for a while, Stewart certainly had the connections to hire professionals. ( Stewart is also Twilight star Kristen Stewart's mom!) Will definitely look for more projects from Stewart. Written and directed by Jules Stewart, based on an original story by Jared Kurt. K-11 seems to be the first project for her. Also son Cameron makes his first acting appearance. A whole lot of violence, cussing, and nudity. It is prison, after all. Not for the faint of heart.
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Not really all that bad
MisterE210819 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this film on a whim, didn't think much of it when I viewed a trailer of it. Let me tell you, although it does have some dramatic elements, 'K-11' was hilarious, especially during the beginning stages of the main character's introduction to a whole host of drug addicted inmates. Kate del Castillo (Mousey) was totally outrageous and fun to watch, trust me you'll understand why once you see her in action. Yes it was obvious K-11 was short on budget, but hey, they made due with what they had and did a good job considering. K-11 did not lack on the entertaining factor due to the various wacky characters, which is why I'm not bashing this film. I could guarantee you the cast had loads of laughs during filming. K-11 is not gratuitous, violent or vulgar as it could have been, but still manages to make you 'drop jaw' a few times throughout the film. So in my opinion, see K-11 for entertainment factor. So-called real film critics will pan this film, but don't let that sway you from viewing it. It's really not all that bad as they (real critics) may lead you to believe.
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