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Chasing a Ghost
When Fugitive Task Force Investigator John Hunsinger discovers that a murder suspect from his town is hiding out in Puerto Rico, he briefs Commander Lenny DePaul and Detective Roxanne Lopez about the case. The team flies to San Juan and joins up with the Puerto Rico Task Force to hunt down the fugitive.
Wake Up Call
Investigator Al Fernandez and Senior Parole Officer Vinny Senzamici get a case involving a man with a violent past, with convictions of attempted rape, robbery and assaulting the police. Commander Lenny DePaul launches an intense search with the resources of the U.S. Marshals to capture this sex offender who is wanted for larceny and violating his parole.
21 Apr. 2011
Family Secret
Detective Roxanne Lopez has a full plate helping to clean up the crime in her New York City suburb when she pulls an urgent new case. A woman comes forward to tell Roxanne a heartbreaking story: her uncle allegedly had sexually molesting her after a family barbeque. And now the uncle (who's also one of the area's most prolific criminals) has disappeared.
21 Apr. 2011
The Ruse
After committing attempted murder in the United States, a Mexican gang member is deported back to his country. Soon after, federal authorities learn that he has slipped back into the U.S., and the Marshals' Fugitive Task Force is called in to track the convicted felon down.
28 Apr. 2011
City of Troy
Senior Inspector Mike Woerner of the Albany Marshal's office has a lead on a "Most Wanted" fugitive in upstate New York. Allegedly the suspect participated in an attempted murder--a drive-by shooting in Troy. Mike fears that the shooting was the opening salvo in a larger drug war. If he can apprehend the fugitive and put him behind bars, he may stem some of the impending violence.
5 May 2011
Gun Store Heist
In Virginia Beach, Virginia, nearly 30 handguns were stolen after thieves broke into a gun store through the roof. The case made all the local news reports. When Supervisory Inspector Greg Holmes learned that the fugitives might be hiding out in Brooklyn, he called an emergency 5 a.m. briefing with Commander Lenny DePaul, Inspector Dennis Tait, and Supervisor Ed McMahon. Holmes suspects that the thieves will try and sell the guns on the street, so the team must act fast to secure the firearms. When Holmes gets a lead on where the fugitives are hiding, his team wastes ...
5 May 2011
Ticking Time Bomb
When Senior Officer Vinny Senzamici is assigned a parolee who's on the most wanted list, he knows he has a "ticking time bomb" on his hands. He assembles his team and assigns the manhunt to his lead investigator, Officer Al Fernandez.
12 May 2011
Deja Fugitive
When Deputy Michelle "Michy" Mendez is tasked with apprehending the same fugitive for the second time in her career, the case brings back memories of her first days on the task force. Her target is charged with probation violation after convictions for escape and drug dealing. She gathers a team of Marshals together and works with Commander Lenny DePaul to figure out a game plan.
12 May 2011
Murder for Hire
Five years ago, state witness Kendra DeGrasse was found murdered in her S.U.V. at a Trenton intersection. Her death devastated those who loved her and brought fear to the community of Trenton. When a witness is murdered, no one wants to talk to police, making it even more difficult to solve crimes.
19 May 2011
In the Syracuse office, Supervisor Joe Ciciarelli and his team--including Investigator Lyn Fox and Deputy Julie "Jules" Gossin--are working the case of a dangerous and elusive fugitive, a man who once robbed a Burger King with a sawed-off shotgun. Now the fugitive is on the loose in Syracuse with many places to hide.
19 May 2011
Young Gun
Supervisor Mike Woerner and his team are hunting "Young Gun," one of upstate New York's Most Wanted fugitives. Young Gun earned his name because he always carries a weapon. When he walks into a bar, people walk out, afraid for their lives--and with good reason. Young Gun is wanted for murdering a man in Schenectady, New York, with an AK-47.
26 May 2011
Hot and Cold
Senior Officer Vinny Senzamici and Officer Jesus Dumeng start off the day by nabbing a parole violator who raped a nine-year old. Without missing a beat, they jump right into another case. Their next fugitive is a man wanted for violating parole on a manslaughter conviction. He killed his girlfriend's eight-year old daughter with a metal pipe.
26 May 2011
The Ex
Supervisor Tommy Kilbride, Deportation Officer Dennis Carroll, and the ICE team are working a brand new illegal reentry case. Their target was deported several years ago after brutally assaulting his ex-wife, but has returned to the country and could be after her again.
In the Wind
ICE Supervisor Tommy Kilbride has been chasing a dangerous fugitive wanted in the questioning of an attempted murder and illegally re-entering into the United States. After four years of searching, the case finally has a big break and Tommy along with Deportation Officer Dennis Carroll enlist the help of Commander Lenny DePaul in their manhunt.
Officer on the Run
ICE Senior Special Agents Jerry Di Napoli and Hector Colon bring Commander Lenny DePaul a very unusual and challenging international case. Six years ago a Jamaican police officer allegedly shot and killed a ten year-old girl while chasing a young man through a crowded market.

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