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The Reeds
Scarecrow-884 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well, this one sets things up as you might expect. We see someone setting up traps in a river with surrounding land containing reeds. A group of London adults wish to unwind on the river with the reeds, and they are looking for a pub. Before even leaving, their boat has suspicious looking brats who are rude and silent, not moving as our cast demands. They hire the boat from Mr. Croker who, at first, doesn't seem to have one available, only to steer them to the one with the kids inside. Once the kids remove themselves, our cast head off on the river, and soon come across a path that all of us viewers scream at the screen in unison, "Noooooo, don't take the path! Don't go over there!" But, they take the path and come across a metal spike which breaks through their boat and into antagonistic Chris(Will Mellor), the bloke whose temper is short and bark loud. Chris' chances of survival are slim as any movement would cause him to gusher as the stake is completely through his stomach. Even worse is the fact that they are located in the middle of nowhere. Joe(Daniel Caltagirone), operating the boat, searches for help as those kids run about, finding them around a fire as another mysterious presence, with a shotgun, pursues them. Meanwhile, a gasoline canister and a flare gun end up igniting a fire on board the boat, an explosion, two dead bodies, Helen(Scarlett Alice Johnson)is burned badly, Nick(OT Fagbenle)twists his ankle while seeking out a boat he sees from a distance, and the kids continue running free as if someone is chasing after them. We soon discover that something is off as characters see themselves with darkened eyes, the killer is in two different places at the same time, Laura(Anna Brewster)witnesses a horrifying crime involving the kids being blown away by the shotgun-toting killer in a slicker, with Nick finding Croker, hoping to go for help. Laura also watches in horror as Joe and his girlfriend Helen wind up in a most unfortunate fate. Laura's significance in the plot, regarding her being found as a child, raised as an orphan, is important as it pertains to unraveling the odd goings-on and she will need to finish a deed long overdue as it concerns the killer.

Really, "The Reeds" has a weird structure. We all know, I imagine, pretty easily who the killer's just too obvious. And, we can see that there are specters loose, and that a crime has been buried away, but the haunting remains..restless spirits desiring payback. This movie has one of those loopy time paradoxes where a terrible event continues in a cycle seemingly never to end unless someone is able to break it..the only witness to a crime is the one who must disrupt the ongoing cycle. But, and this is what induced my eye-rolling..the filmmakers couldn't allow for this to happen, as we must always have a twist which pulls the rug out from under us. One cycle begets another and all that jazz. The structure of this movie, which constantly sends us around in circles, is a bit of a mess and eventually I was tired of it all. Maybe others will find this kind of movie a refreshing spin on the whole "six young adults take a boating trip, meeting their doom at the hands of a psycho in a slicker, with few places to run, caught in a place unknown to them", instead of irksome as I did. One direction the movie didn't go in, I was figuring it would, was setting up the kids as possible threats to the adults of "The Reeds", instead they contribute in a different fashion. I did find the underwater cages containing the skeletal remains of victims rather effective. I also thought the setting was perfect for a thriller..too bad, the filmmakers had to go and craft such a convoluted, puzzling scenario to complicate matters.
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Is there any Reeds?
darrenwalker8030 March 2010
As usual some of these reviews seem placed by people attached to the project! There's a lot of Love or Hate hmmmm. This is often the case with these lower budget films but...

For what its worth, this is a solidly performed low budget horror with a less than solid conclusion. The journey is fun to watch and compelling although the cinematography is slightley dated.

For high-end scares / gore / violence (those things you expect from indie horror) you may find this lacking. But then so are most big budget Hollywood offerings.

If you like the genre, this is far from the worst flick out there. Worth a spin. ******
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Solve the enigma
bradley-tepper30 March 2010
This movie could've been called enigma - in a positive way - a supernatural low-budget horror that takes thought to work out what's happening to who and why once past the half-way mark.

The story?

Five or six guys and gals from London go on a jaunt on the canals and watery inlets of Norfolk - think Everglades without the crocs - and slowly discover that as the movie straplines go, 'there's something in the reeds' and 'they can play tricks on you.'

Re what it is and why the guys & gals need to be worried we keep guessing, guessing some more, and the blood just keeps flowing.

Maybe there's too much guesswork for some but the lead girl pulls off the plot-moves passably well and the others make it a totally bearable experience, specially the first half of the movie.

My humble analysis is that 90% of people will like the first half of the movie, and only 50% will like the second: I liked it enough to comment and give a review but then I don't like movies with stars and nothing to say. This had something to say and even though it may have tied itself up in Gordian knots it's worth a 6 or 7.
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Something lurking in The Reeds
chesneytim31 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
B+ effort for director Cohen who I haven't seen over here before. The leads are pretty likable and the movie looks nice in a theater: expansive without the expensive: it's got some production value in there somewhere.

As for story/plot, it certainly keeps you guessing, although perhaps I'd have preferred a few less red herrings and, like the other reviewer, I wanted more direction on whether this was going psychological, supernatural or simply natural. It sits somewhere in between the first two IMHO.

I haven't seen all the other Horrorfest offerings this year but know people who have: I suspect this is at the intelligent (British?!?) end of After Dark's offering and it's certainly got enough nasty bits to keep horror fans - including yours truly - happy.

Yup - worth the price of a theater ticket, maybe even the popcorn.
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The wind that shakes the Reeds is a subtle 1980s vibe
NathalieP27 March 2010
A horror that looks like high-grade 1980s output, which made it spooky and nostalgic in equal measure - the 16mm explains the nostalgic bit.

On the positive, the young main characters are attractive - I dug Laura (magazine girl Anna Brewster) and her Kate Moss delivery - very London - and the set up is nicely done, hinting at yikesy things to come, which they do.

On the negative side, I wasn't really sure about the movie's central message, but I did like the hook - yes, there is a comparison to Triangle definitely, but this is different again.

I'd say that this is not a wide theatrical release type movie but that it's pretty good and quite creepy watching it late at night within the comfort of your own home. Most of the acting makes it feel very natural, very real, and you can (if you shut your eyes and click your heels three times) almost imagine yourself there in amongst those razor-sharp greeny reeds wondering where everyone else is...
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Well crafted and tense horror
MattyGibbs4 May 2013
I stumbled across this recently on Lovefilm and it seemed an interesting idea. The cast is pretty natural and includes the always watchable Will Mellor. The characters are thankfully quite likable which is rare for a horror movie and makes you care more about what happens to them.

The setting on the Norfolk broads is stunning and quite eerie which is of a huge benefit to the film. It's certainly not a place you'd want to be stranded.

This isn't an out and out horror more of a ghost story but there is a nice air of tension built up throughout and some creepy scenes. You will probably guess what's going on from a long way out but it's handled so well it doesn't really matter.

For a film with a very modest budget this is an impressive effort and I found it very enjoyable.
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Relatively Intelligent Film
pianomangidley28 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'd say this film is more of a puzzling suspense film than a horror flick. It's a rather intelligently-written film, but it still didn't completely wow me. Again, the typical handful of young adults, this time in the setting of taking a boat through some reedy marsh-like area of the UK. For a long time, the entire movie feels like a jigsaw puzzle. We're shown glimpses of the whole, but we still can only guess what they all fit together to finally mean.

Is it a basic madman slasher thing? Are they being haunted by ghosts? Dopplegangers? Ah, it's some weird temporal flux thing...but still, that only explains a piece of the overall mystery. Who's the guy in the hood with the gun? What's his beef exactly? This movie will do a good job for a lot of people to unsettle them because the audience keeps having to ask these questions. And as we're calmly asking questions, our main protagonists are panicking here and there at what they don't understand. So much of the suffering and death comes from this really wonderful plot device: when you experience something you don't understand, the worse part of you wants to panic. When you panic, you're prone to make bad decisions. When you make bad decisions, bad things happen and people get hurt. The fact that so many of our main characters just screwed themselves over because of this speaks to me of relatively smarter storywriting.

However, this film isn't without its flaws. I said a lot of people would be unsettled by the nature of this film's storyline, but not me. Again, it felt more like a mystery movie than a horror flick, and the climax, while it still puts together enough of the pieces to satisfy us, didn't leave me feeling like much was really resolved. There's no real denouement, especially as we are led to believe with the final scene that the couple who "escaped" get caught back at the beginning of the entire temporal loop that messed them all up in the first place. Give a try, though; you might enjoy it.
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triangle style,with no sense
jamiemamo25 March 2010
What the hell was this? this movie had so much different vibes going on that it leaves you only with empty plots, hallucinations,dead people coming back to life, a guy going around shooting a bunch of wild teens, they come back in the picture, skeletons in the water, a complete mash up of a movie, sort of the movie triangle but even more mind blowing, in a bad way. you will try to make sense out of the story but there's nothing making any sense,it started good and introduces the main characters well and ends up in a waste of time. The only thing going well for the movie was the acting the rest was a total flop. And the way it all ends just makes the scar even bigger, because when you thought it was already a waist of time it really continues to keep putting you off even by the ending. all in all 1 out of ten just for the acting.
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Watch out for that reed!
ctomvelu118 October 2010
If you can get past the thick accents (this is a British flick), THE REEDS is not half-bad. A group of young people are on a boating cruise, and end up running afoul of some less-than-pleasant locals. Plotwise, we're in WRONG TURN territory, only on water instead of solid ground. The gore is minimal, although the suspense builds pretty well. Very low budget, so don't expect anything out of the ordinary. As I recall, this film was running back to back or concurrently on another channel with PRIMEVAL, the Aussie or New Zealand flick about a killer croc. I have to say in all honesty that I prefer PRIMEVAL. But why not watch them both and decide for yourself.
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half of the time I can't even tell what is going on in this movie.
Boba_Fett113811 August 2010
To be honest, the movie at first really doesn't seem like a bad one at all. The first few minutes are nothing too great but at least it makes you think that its going to head into something decent and watchable, if only a tad bit formulaic. But as it turned out in the end, the movie was just an incredibly bad one.

The movie is just very poorly done. It's an extremely bad handled horror-film, that tries to go into many different directions but none of them ever work out for one bit.

A problem already lies with its concept. Seriously, what is so scary about the reeds in this movie, even though all of the characters try to make it seem like it's one of the scariest places to be in and they constantly get a bad feeling about things, just by driving a boat, at clear day. The movie its 'horror' really relies on its concept and settings, which were already incredibly lacking to begin with.

But the biggest problem of the movie simply is the story itself. The movie is given a whole bunch of side-plots, which makes the movie as a whole all the more messy and confusing. And the movie already gets an incredibly messy and confusing one to begin with, during its second half. First of all, the movie is so incredibly dark that you can hardly tell what's going on, on screen and who's where and most importantly why. And second of all, lots of stuff just doesn't make sense. Like mentioned earlier, the movie combines lots of different horror elements, in an attempt to keep things interesting and also surprising but instead it makes things incredibly messy. You see people constantly running and looking scared, a ghostly figure appears, a strange sound can be heard but there is actually very little happening in the movie. It's not a boring one, the movie is too fast going for that but there is nevertheless not a whole lot happening in this movie.

No way that this movie will please any horror fans, despite the fact that it still has basically all of the right ingredient in it, to make a decent, watchable horror film out of. The execution of it all is however far too poor and lacking for any of the horror to ever work out. The atmosphere is too dark, since you can't even tell what is happening, there is no gore, no effective scare moments and no real originality to it all, though the movie tries really hard to be. horror fans should simply stay away from this, as should everybody else.

A failed attempt.

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Where do we go, where do we go now??
dschmeding26 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"The reeds" is a UK horror movie that goes for a rather typical genre approach. 2 couples and a single girl (handy... she's medically trained) go out for a boating trip in the reeds. Boats are sold out, they get some other boat which they have to pick up somewhere in the nowhere and they keep meeting some strange teenagers. Honestly I thought it would go for some kind of Eden Lake thing with the kids acting pretty dysfunctional but unfortunately it didn't. Boat gets lost, cellphones and radio don't work (they never do, do they?), people start acting totally idiotic and the boat gets impaled by a spike (realistically while slowly moving). From here on things get mysterious and most of it play in the dark night or foggy morning reeds with the teenagers re-appearing every now and then, some strange dreams and flashbacks inserted and pretty soon you know that this is just another ghost movie.

Problem is that the director obviously didn't quite know where to go... loads of things happen that don't make any sense in the bigger context and are never explained (for example a dog keeps re-appearing and the kids have fun barbecuing several animals... why? Don't even bother to ask. The whole explanation of the ghosts appearing and the lame parallels with the main actor make little sense as well. Its all just random and mysterious and to top it off the movie ends with another thing dropped in that turns the mess upside down again and dropped my rating by 3 points. The actors are quite interesting, the setting could have guaranteed for some eerie atmosphere and chills but they dropped their chances with the ridiculously convoluted plot. Ignore!
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Depressingly Naff
TwentyCamels25 March 2010
Not so much a film as another painfully lacklustre reminder of the uninspired state in which the once-great UK horror scene is currently languishing. The first two failings of this excursion into lukewarm waters are casting a Craig David lookalike with the acting ability of a four year old, and casting an actor who is best known for his long standing roles in the cursed training grounds of Hollyoaks and Two Pints. Not a good move to miscast your lead roles with these two. The third is leaning way too heavily on location for effect, which quite clearly highlights the lack of effort put into the plot and script. The Fens are actually a very original and genuinely creepy setting for a horror film; just not this one. Acting talent from the female cast members doesn't offer much either, and britflick regular Geoff Bell hamming his part up to the hilt only adds to the comical side of things. Overall a vague mess of a movie. Triangle did more or less the same story, but a little better. My advice to budding UK horror writers is to aim for something different. Seriously people... Nobody cares anymore about photogenic city types getting into trouble in the countryside.
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If a snore could be represented by video...
Heislegend31 March 2010
Rarely do I ever give a movie 1 star. I've seen some truly awful crap that I gave at least 2 or 3 stars for effort. But maybe that's the problem with The's not trying. At all. The only effort I could see going into this film was the attempt to cobble the whole mess of crap together at the end, and even at that it failed miserably. I have to agree with another reviewer who compared it to Triangle, but perhaps because I watched that only a few months ago so it happens to be somewhat fresh in my mind. But the big difference is that Triangle managed to keep it's warping of time linear whereas The Reeds just sort of went "screw doesn't need to make sense". To make matters worse, it was presented as part of 2010's Afterdark Horrorfest...a festival that usually produces movies that are at least decent.

The plot is almost pointless to explain. A group of friends takes a boat out onto...a lake or something. They become marooned and start dying in truly ludicrous ways. Then things become all weird with the time line and past events are played over again...sometimes involving the main characters and sometimes not. Again, just a random mash-up of crap that I guess is supposed to be spooky or something. Then it ends on a completely unrelated note that might as well have been a different movie. Nothing here is redeeming. Not the story, direction, cinematography, acting...nothing. Ditch this trash.
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Oh dear!...
ballisticbane25 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This film should have been called "Bumbling Idiots Go Boating".

Just how many times did the characters do something totally stupid???

The film was not one bit scary! The acting was woeful! The characters were annoying! In fact the only enjoyable bit of this film was when Will Mellor got kebabed! Nice one!

A truly dreadful piece of work throughout!

Not only was it dire to watch but the plot and outcome was totally predictable and dull!

Please... Avoid at all costs!

Don't waste an hour and a half of your life watching this pile of mince!
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British Triangle
dusan-2226 March 2010
This movie definitely reminds me on Triangle but has much less sense and style. It is pretty poorly developed and has amateurish approach when it comes to crucial points. Beginning was kinda promising with tense scenes and reasonably intelligent mystery. However, film takes another track after that and that is mostly the misery of the main heroes which is trying to make impression on us by bizarre scenes that are more typical for Hollywood and in the most of the cases are sign of movie-maker's incompetence. Most of the horror movies made in Britain that I've seen were pretty good, but this one is definitely not the case. Take a look and judge by yourself.
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Fantastic Work, But a Nonsense Story
gavin69427 October 2012
A weekend boating party turns into a nightmare for a group of young Londoners when they stumble upon a terrifying secret hidden in the reeds.

This film is troubled for one reason: it makes absolutely no sense. Burned dog, bloody make-out parties, caged remains underwater... even as we find out more about the story, it makes no sense. I cannot get into any real depth without revealing too much, but I will say if you are waiting for answers, you will not find many.

That major caveat being said, the film itself is a fine piece of work -- good acting, good cinematography, good music and lighting. All that can go into a film to make it good has been done here, but the story just was not done right.
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Awful is too kind word for it
hindsiteman26 March 2010
Reeds is scary as like playing hide and seek in a house. Sorry, actually playing hide and seek would be a bit scarier. Reeds tries to copy Triangle, and fails (mind you, triangle is a fail on its own turf...ocean). Nothing new here, actors are dumb and almost retarded in reactions. Occasionally the film will try to scare you, miserably, and you'll grab your head saying:"I wanna fast forward this..." Actors look like they were chosen at a Supermarket, and not an audition. But the story...leaves viewer in a question: "What the hell was this all about"? The humble director and his minions explain in a 10 minutes segment on the very end what's the purpose of this...not impressed, highly crossed in fact. Do yourself a favor, don't watch it, there are better movies than this garbage!
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A film to die from (boredom)
cyclopsgr-126 April 2010
I am a horror movie lover.I am 37 years old so you can imagine how many films i have watched so far in my life.Not all of them had a large budget on the contrary.But the film "The Reeds" was such a crap.First of all it was a bad copy of "The Triangle".The plot was childish, everything lacked interest.I guess it's a financial crisis year and there is shortage of funds but this film was one of the worst i've ever seen.There were some scary seconds and those because of the sudden camera and sound effects.Nothing interesting, a boring film.It was a waste of time. Last years HORRORFEST contained some excellent movies but this year ..."HOUSTON WE VE GOT A PROBLEM".
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Worst of Horrorfest 4
movieman_kev6 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A fairly generic group of interchangeable douche bags go on a boat trip that, obviously this being a horror film, doesn't go exactly as planned. Their ship gets trapped and they're terrorized by people who may or may not be ghosts. The movies lame, unscary, and charts an extremely familiar course. The characters are pretty much cardboard cut-outs that you don't really care if they live or die. An awful entry into the '8 films to die for' made all the worse because I saw the best of the bunch ("Mungo Lake") right before this bottom feeder. And to make matters worse it has an ending that makes the whole film moot anyways so don't even bother to watch it in the first place.

My Grade: D-

DVD Extras: Ads for & Fear.Net; and Promo trailers for "After Dark: Horrerfest 4", "8 Films to Die for 3", "After Dark Originals", and trailers for "Saw 6" & this film
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Bog standard
Leofwine_draca23 February 2016
THE REEDS is another entirely predictable horror yarn, set somewhat incongruously in the Norfolk Broads (for anyone who's ever been to the broads, you'll know they look nothing like the desolate, atmospheric place shown in this film). The cast are a group of uninteresting youths who run afoul of a dark secret, and the viewer's patience will be tested early on by the sheer banality of it all.

The problem with films like THE REEDS is that they copy rather than innovate. So pretty much everything that you see taking place on screen here has been done before, and better too. The lines of dialogue are dull and lack spirit, and the cast give strictly ordinary performances with none standing out. The only person I recognised was Geoff Bell (COMEDOWN), stuck in one of those creepy elder type roles. Elsewhere, the film offers some bloodshed, a lot of screaming, and plenty of stuff shot in the dark to disguise the low budget. It's not very interesting.
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Disappointing shocker
hibiki-15 January 2016
This is a strange film for the wrong reasons. I also can't believe it cost '$1.600,000' to make? There's obviously some regional film fund money in this and it makes me wonder if film funds ever read scripts? It's lacking in horror, and they seem to have taken the approach of improvising some dialogue so it seems more real. Well, it's not a documentary, it's not an art house movie so why go for 'realism' horror and thrillers work when they are stylised and The Reeds lacks stylisation. The reeds themselves are not a spooky setting or at least if they are it doesn't come over on film. The grade is far to jolly to make this environment seem sinister. The group of 'young friends' seem a tad close the thirty or more if you ask me, and there's also a lot of clumsy cutting to get around certain moments such as the spikey thing that comes through the bottom of the boat into the guy. I get the kids were ghosts and the creepy boat hire guy had killed them but it was all over the place. There's better low budget horror out there.
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An Excellent film well worth the price.
HorrorFanExtreme2 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The story opens quickly and then moves faster. A few friends out for a boating trip that turns surreal. The daughter's "surviving" is key to my understanding of the film. I found the characters engaging and the dialog could have been smarter but the directing was excellent. The setting was masterful and cinematically it was excellent. The role of " Mr. Crocker" is a bit of a mystery to me, as we are left to wonder if he gets his and do the kids get theirs? I was left with many questions and I get something new out of the movie every time I watch it. I liked the British accents but I like UK horror films. I would recommend the film to anyone who likes puzzles as I am still trying to understand the relationships between all the characters. It would be a shame if it " is" just a collage of ideas with no real meaning.i for one believe their is a fundamental meaning to it all and continue to watch it over and over. Overall a good horror experience.
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dcpsychologynews4 February 2010
The fens are the Norfolk broads dark looming watery places where evil lurks. Hence the fen-tastic. Cohen's best horror yet is atmospheric and contains one especially gruesome scene which will make you sweat = and make the squeamish bury their heads in their ice creams. Excellent performances from Anna Brewster and the girl with half a face. Good photography and a nice build up to a surprising ending. As they say for Michelin 1 star - and let's face in the movie lexicon - Michelin 3 stars are The Godfather, Smiles of a Summer Night and A Bout de Soufflé - worth a small detour. The film is really worth a look it is the best traditions of the creepy with knives, guns and beings that go bump in the day
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a wonderfully told ghost story
xpunk_rock_poetx29 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Reed's tells the story of six friends who plan a weekend boating trip through the Norfolk Broads but soon find themselves caught in the middle of the struggle between an old man and the very teenage life's he took many years ago. The spirits of the murdered teen's now haunt the old man and anyone who steps foot on the Corsair Star boat. I want to start off by saying that so far this is my favorite out of the latest batch of After Dark films. As most people know I love movies dealing with ghosts and the paranormal but unfortunately a lot of them are just done horribly. That is not the case with The Reeds which is a beautiful example of a movie based around a haunting. The acting in this film is very solid and the special effects are beautiful all of which appear to of been practical effects no CGI that I could spot so if it was in there it was done well and unnoticeable. The story really blew me away its hard for me to review this one without giving up important parts of the movie because I just loved the story so much and the way it progressed at a very nice steady pace ending in a very satisfying way. The plot twists were executed perfectly. The Reeds does an excellent job of building tension and unlike a lot of today's horror it also delivers at the end. It didn't feel rushed or like they weren't sure how to end it like a lot today's movies seem to be plagued with it was done very well and really left you with a wow feeling as you finish piecing together what you just witnessed. If you enjoy a good haunting movie with a strong storyline beautiful blood and gore where needed all rolled up in a neat package of pure horror enjoyment I highly recommend you pick up a copy of The Reeds. 8/10
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Not a simple film...
moruten1319 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
At first I was not expecting a great movie, most reviews where low and said the plot was just gibberish or blurry. But when I saw the film, I noticed, those people hoped just for the general, slasher horror film, where something is somewhere slaugthering the group.

But let me start at the beginning:

The story starts with some friends from London renting a boat to party and get lost in the nowhere. Here most people already are turning their brains off, thinking about the usual teenager horror flick, but no. These people are more adult, acting more reasonable and not predictable in a horror film way of sense, but in a more logical sense. Which is refreshing, if you ask me! The acting is good, the faces new and not well known. Their British and the scenery (some kind of reeds covered swamp) not to much exploited.

While being lost, they meet some really strange teenagers. (Spoiler, from her on you need to keep aware of what is happening more carefully).

A bit later on, they kinda drove into something and one of the group get impaled by something, that was in the water, forcefully. Here it is a bit "overgored" but it's not too much.

I don't want to spoiler too much, even though I warn of spoilers... it would ruin the film and the mood.

The story is complicated, everything is connected somehow. This is the point, where some say it's too much and others (like me) say it's a really good story! It is rare for a film nowadays to be more than just entertainment but also giving you a story to follow, to connect clues and with such complex story and still making sense!

I can recommend this film to everyone who wants to see a horror film, which is something else, way off from those gore and monster film. You won't be disappointed! In my opinion one of the best horror films I've seen so far! Everything is just above average and still, it is a budget movie from the U.K. Some of those American big players should stop coping Japanese or other horror films, or do sequels/prequels to already bleed out film series and focus on doing a story telling like in this film!
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