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25 Oct. 2008
High Society Murder III
Dr. Wendelin Winter visits daughter Alexandra's shared Hamburg student apartment. Shy, nerdy housemate Felix worries rightly when the third, music student Maike Südhoff, whom he adores despite being treated like a sweet baby brother, doesn't return from another nocturnal private cello recital, as her corpse is found by their dog on Wendelin's walks, dumped near the river Elbe. Maike's computer confirms Winter's suspicion: she paid for her studies as call-girl with exclusive escort-service "Bella Musica". One of the three 'sponsors' and regular clients is Senator (city...
15 Jan. 2009
High Society Murder IV
Delicatessen king and big spender-Casanova Hans-Georg Fischer floats dead in his pool, apparently with a fatal cocaine OD, actually laced with lethal rat poison strychnine. Dr. Wendelin Winter must assess unwilling fresh widow Witwe Regine's mental condition. Cynical hedonist Fischer openly cheated on his wife, who keeps the business floating, and was equally gross to latest mistress Ariane Jäger, who nearly bumped into Wendelin's car fleeing from the pool on the fatal day, and has a jealous ex, emergency doctor Dr. Lohmeyer. Vegetables grocer Karl Baumgartner hated ...
4 Jan. 2010
High Society Murder V
Wendelin Winter worries as vindictive 'Madonna-murderer' Manfred Borchert, jailed after his psychiatric testimony, is reported escaped from psych ward. Winter's brat daughter Alexandra moves out unexpectedly to in Starnberg as independent reporter, researching well-reputed plastic surgeon professor Rheza Hamadin and his private clinic, attracting socialites, but questions about his two years missing wife Silvia's portrait make him retract permission to publish. Nearby is found the corpse of rich ex-patient Susanne Sachtleben. Alexandra prefers to father's 'meddling' ...
14 Jan. 2010
High Society Murder VI
Wendelin Winter and daughter Alexandra booked an Ostsee luxury wellness hotel. He can't resist visiting the nearby stud-farm of his wealthy self-dismissed ex-patient from years ago, Rita Theisen. The repeatedly divorced millionaire plans to marry much younger, gorgeous Ricky Römer, to her adult, spoiled parasitic children Johannes and Sophia's horror, who hope to block the gold-digger. Alexandra finds Ricky in the private chapel, fatally shot. Theisen estate manager Max Warnecke, Sophia's adulterous lover, is arrested, but Rita asks Wendelin Winter to help find ...
31 Mar. 2011
Das Ende vom Lied
Reluctantly, psychiatrist Wendelin Winter accepts a short interim for a colleague at the Tegernsee, while daughter Alexandra joins a wild party. Eager to keep an eye on her, he's happy when commissioner Ackermann asks him back him for a murder in Münich. Schlager-song star Ronny König is prime suspect for the murder in a hotel elevator of a pushy fan who stalked him. Attending his next concert, Wendelin witnesses wheelchair-ridden ex-singer Romana threatening to expose Ronny's old secret, a day before she's found drowned in her pool. Lush Ronny's devoted manager ...
24 Sep. 2011
Der Fluch der bösen Tat
Winter's Tubingen university mentor, psychology professor Johannes Silberberg, asks favorite-ever student Wendelin, who politely declines, to write his biography from his secret journal. Shortly afterward Silberberg die from cardiac arrests, the diary is missing also from his stately home. Fresh widow Marlene only shows interest in his former assistant, flirtatious Dr. Florian Stemmle, and wants her step-daughter Clara gone within days, but the testament leaves it and more to Clara. Johannes had a long illicit affair with student Luise Bartels who is missing for 8 ...
12 Dec. 2013
In Teufels Küche
TV chef Max Loderer, whose autobiography Wendelin Winter's daughter Alexandra, which moved back home, was to ghostwrite, is fatally stabbed in his kitchen, shortly after missing dishwasher Amadu was murdered in his wretched apartment, being a cocaine courier. Wendelin sleuths, even in Santa suit, along with Alex and her cop boyfriend, detective commissioner Donald Becker. Max had left his wife and restaurant service chief Christiane Loderer for his ambitious younger TV sidekick and PR agent Dana Stamm but had doubts, paparazzo Bernhard Hase blackmailed him with ...
15 Jan. 2015
Die Täuschung
Finding his rich partner murdered in her stately home, ex-con Josef Stürzelmeyer -13 years for murdering his abusive dragon wife- flees from the police to psychiatrist Wendelin, having failed to reach his lifelong buddy, tax employee Max Müller-Moorbach. Winter reluctantly grants his amnesiac client discrete 'shelter' in the garden shed and starts sleuthing, crossing paths -also again- with police detective in charge Donald Becker, who wants his profiling help, and his own brat daughter Alexandra Winter, who 'reports' on the case's 'human interest' for her new ...
11 Jun. 2015
Das Scheusal
Reporter Alex Winter, daughter of the (police) psychiatrist Wendelin Winter wants to write an article about the confessed and convicted serial killer Gerd Granitzka. Digging into the 3 murders for which Granitzka is convicted they soon find several big holes in the burden of proof. They confront the murderer himself, the police psychiatrist, the police officer, who worked on the cases and the DA who sampled the burden of proof and find themselves in a dark web spinning almost out of control. Alex and her friend the police detective Don Becker find more and more proof ...

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