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Breaking Dawn: I miss Buffy
Kristine5 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying that I would claim these movies to be in the best of cinema category if they just changed the genre from "drama, romance, horror" to "comedy". That's seriously all they need to do because the awful dialog is back, the horrendous story and the terrible characters are back. You know the funny thing is, the story actually has some extreme potential to be a great horror story with some in depth drama and dimensional characters with a powerful conflict. A vampire has sex with a human impregnating her with a child that will most likely kill her but she doesn't want to give the baby up so easily. But this is Twilight, where Bella Swan likes to play boys back and forth like a pin pon ball and the boys are chumps.

The newlyweds Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are finally together forever as they are wisked away to a private island where they make love for the first time, but everything is cut short when a series of betrayals and misfortunes threatens to destroy their world. Bella soon discovers she is pregnant, and during a nearly fatal childbirth, Edward finally fulfills her wish to become immortal. But the arrival of their remarkable daughter, Renesmee, sets in motion a perilous chain of events that pits the Cullens and their allies against the Volturi, the fearsome council of vampire leaders, setting the stage for an all-out battle. In the end of the movie, Bella, with her baby cut out of her and injected with vampire venom, finally wakes up from a coma. But will she turn into a vampire in time to raise a cute little CGI vampire baby? You'll have to wait another year to find out.

I swear on my life, Bella Swan would have made a great Shakespeare villain somewhere. This is the most selfish, manipulative, self righteous little (you know the B word that I cannot say on IMDb) ever in the history of books or cinema. She finally gets her wish, she's married Edward with the same "enthused" look that she always has with that dumb open mouth grin with bunny teeth and yet she's STILL flirting around with Jacob, sometimes in front of her husband! She's made every bad decision known to man, yet she still continues the same path where she wants to remain human for a few more nights because she doesn't want to hurt on her honeymoon, umm, you've been begging to be a vampire and picking at Edward every chance you get and when told that he could kill you she's like "yeah, it's cool". He hurts her with bruises and she's like the abused wife "no, it's OK, I know he loves me". Then she gets pregnant and everyone is begging her to get rid of the baby as it will kill her, she says with the same dumb grin and expression of monotone voice "it's a miracle". Oh, my God, how this is supposed to be the woman that these two guys are fighting over? She's so boring, so awful, not pretty, doesn't have any special talent, what is wrong with this world that they think she is worth fighting for?! All these immortals are risking their lives for this girl who is the blandest character you've ever seen.

Jacob comes into Edward's home, disrespects him and cuddles up to Bella and Edward is cool with it, almost encourages it. Taylor Lautner, I give him a little credit because during this one sick scene where Bella says she'd name the baby if it was a boy "Edward Jacob" and he has a look of disgust that I had too. Finally, someone almost stood up to Bella! I'm not crazy! They use full songs during the movie that are so random and out of place that it felt so awkward. The story is 30 minutes long into a 2 hour movie that isn't interesting and is an unintentional comedy. Billy Burke is the only actor who seems to give any kind of emotion to his role and I think he's just playing it like he's expressing in real life that he's just sick of this franchise. I give the movie credit for making me laugh hysterically, I needed a good laugh and Breaking Dawn definitely gave that to me. No matter which director they get, this series is doomed and tame. They are milking it for every penny by splitting a book that was written by a 5 year old into a 2 part movie that is drawn out with no suspense or interesting moments. I don't know why women(I'm a woman by the way) love this franchise, it's insulting and absolutely horrible. I have to cut the comment off but just trust me, I could go on about how bad this movie is but we'll sum it up by saying: skip it.

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One of the worst movies ever made
djo_3431 January 2012
I watched the first movie in the saga because my wife loved the books. I must say, the acting was good, except for Stewart who is a cold fish. She looks confused or depressed. That is the scope of her acting abilities. The character development was good. The plot was good. And there was enough suspense, mystery and action to make the movie solid.

New Moon introduced the werewolves and Volturi, which added new mystery and suspense. But the Volturi were never heard from again.

In Eclipse, no werewolf makes an appearance until over an hour into the film. And you are already snoring within 40 minutes.

Finally, Breaking Dawn. In the first hour we see a wedding and honeymoon full of pathetic dialog, weak acting, and ZERO imagination. It was slower than a Lifetime production, with less romance, mystery, intrigue, suspense, and action. Stewart's character states it was the best night of her life, yet still not even a smile. She would be fantastic if casted as a corpse.

After watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the CG werewolves look like they were rendered in 1991. They look to be about 1200 pounds. They snarl and human voices are heard... but their bark is worst than their bite as no one dies or even gets injured. There movements and interaction with their environment look extremely fake.

The final 10 seconds of the film hold the only suspense or intrigue in the entire movie. These greedy bastards just want teens to pay for two movies when they could have rolled it into one. They could have started the movie with "I Do", shown a quick scene of Bella getting knocked up and getting morning sickness, then the 15 minute finale. This movie was simply a 20 minute prelude to Part Two stretched into 2 hours.

Get your neighbor to rent it, borrow it for 30 minutes and watch the last 15 minutes and you are ready for Part Two.
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Forced To See This
Fields2013 December 2011
I know I'm late in reviewing this and probably no one is reading this review, but I had a hot date for this one and I couldn't say no. She really wanted to see this, and she had a thrill in dragging me along despite me not wanting to see this at all. I was never going to see this or any Twilight movie for that matter. She loved this one. I did not.

The problem, the biggest problem to me, is that it's very, very, very boring. NOTHING HAPPENS! Let's see, we see Jacob take off his shirt in the first two seconds of the movie and then Bella and Edward awkwardly have a wedding with fake smiles on their face. Then she has nightmares, possibly to show some form of entertainment throughout this boredom of a movie, and then there's the reception. That was the only scene I liked in the movie. At least it provided some humor. Then they go off to Rio... and nothing really happens. Yeah, they keep having sex and Bella just keeps wanting more. She calls her dad who is the only likable character, at least to me, in the whole series and then she finds out she's pregnant with some hell spawn, I guess. And vampires and werewolves get ticked off.

Then the dumbest moment happens. The wolves talking to each other. I swear it looked like a Saturday morning cartoon because they were so faked CGI and their voices was so Saturday morning cartoonish that Twi- hards should be offended! Anyway, the movie just drags and drags and I caught myself falling asleep. I held my date's hand and practically made out with it just to keep from falling asleep. I made it through the film. Thank God for that.

After the film, she really looked at me in hopes that I would love it like she did. I really couldn't lie to her and I hate telling her how much I couldn't stand the film. She explained the whole lore of the Twilight series and I still don't get it. I hate these movies. Unfortunately she is dragging me to part 2. At least I can spend more quality time with her.
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No. Just...No. Warning: Spoilers
Just when everyone thought the "Twilight" saga couldn't get any worse, this drivel introduces the "imprinting" thing between Jacob and the newborn baby Renesmee (what a stupid name, by the way): I mean, "Twilight" was dumb and ridiculous before, but the blatant romanticization of pedophilia from that scene makes one wonder what the hell is wrong with human race when a story including such kind of stuff is able to become a worldwide phenomenon.

While "New Moon" should have been enough warning for me to stay away from the awful franchise,I decided to give Bill Condon the benefit of the doubt (Come on, Gods and Monsters was good and Dreamgirls was a decent musical) but not even the best filmmaker would be able to save the dreadful mess the Twilight books are.

Anyway, imprinting(*shudder*) aside this movie was unspeakably boring, being filled with lots and lots of padding, without nothing relevant happening in most scenes. There wasn't any good reason of why the last part of the idiotic Twilight saga should have been split in two parts, considering that the first part was mostly irrelevant filler.

Other than that, "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" has all of the flaws of its predecessors such as wooden acting, a cheesy script, embarrassing stereotypes, corny scenes, sparkly metrosexual vampires and shirtless teen werewolves. The only redeeming factor was the soundtrack, which in my opinion is way too good to be included in a movie like this.

I'm done with the Twilight franchise. By this point, criticizing its stupidity and awfulness would be redundant, way too obvious. Even kid's cartoon's mocked it and I think it would be better to let the sparkly vampire fad buried in oblivion, the same fate that waits for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" film adaptation.

0/10 (And I would rate it with a negative score if a could)
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The Inconvenience of Vampire Nookie
popcorninhell6 December 2013
For those not familiar with the rules of the Official Twilight drinking game they are as follows.

Take a shot/sip when... 1. Someone says the word vampire or wolf or any variation including "newborns". 2. Whenever someone sparkles. 3. When the father appears in police uniform. 4. Whenever someone is brooding. 5. Whenever an obnoxious hipster indie song is being played in the background. 6. Whenever someone doesn't have his shirt on. 7. Whenever someone gives an unrealistically generous gift, does a foolishly gallant act or otherwise bends the rules of common sense for Bella.

Drink the rest of the bottle when... 1. Someone unattractive or out of shape is on screen. 2. Something in a scene makes you feel anything other than sleepiness or the need to plant your face in your hands.

Thus I delved into the world of Breaking Dawn Part 1. In this film, Edward and Bella take the plunge so she can become a vampire like she's always wanted. Jacob pisses and moans, and Bella has unprotected sex while still human resulting in her mutant baby trying to eat its way out of her womb. You know, true love and all that good stuff.

My roommate, whose expertise on Twilight I value as much as one reasonably can, filled in some of the holes that went unexplained or glossed over in the flick. Why can't they just turn her into a vampire while pregnant? Because it would kill the baby. Why is the act of sex with a vampire while human potentially deadly? Because their skins as hard as diamonds and they're super strong. How can these vampires live for eons amassing enough money to afford a private island off the coast of Brazil without the IRS at least knowing about it? And for that matter why would vampires want a vacation home in sunny Rio anyway? Just shut up and watch the movie!

My roommate did bring up an interesting notion that was not explained in the movie nor, she believes, explained in the book. How can they even have sex? Vampires have no pulse so they have no blood actually coursing through their veins. It only stands to reason that Edward can't get his little Dracula to stand at attention. So Bella is waiting to be turned, just so she can have human carnal knowledge of a cold corpse with a flaccid iditarod. Perhaps if you're being turned into a bloodsucker while you're performing (its been known to happen in vampire movies) then you'd have a fully erect projectile for always and forever but that would be a very inconvenient case of rigamortis. You'd never be able to wear mesh shorts, birds would always want to perch on you and all your vampire friends would always call you Vlad the Impaler. But on the positive side you'd actually achieve every pubescent boy's deep seeded fantasy; you could use you're dingus as a weapon!

Of course its all fun and games until someone gets pregnant. That's why its important kids, to make and keep important commitments to your loved ones. In this case, commit to spending the rest of eternity with a manipulative Gothic horror monster before getting jiggy with it or else be forced to drink O- slurpees while your ribcage and spine breaks from the force of your bloodthirsty monster child. By the way, the baby's name is Renesmee a mix of Bella's mother's name and the punchline of a cruel practical joke. The newborn is also imprinted by Jacob which is a way for a werewolf to leave his marking that disappointingly doesn't involve rising his hind legs.

In the end, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is a vapid, stupid, glacierly paced movie with very little going for it other than the welcome sight of Bella withering away. So its a substantial improvement from the rest of the series. I actually look forward to the next and hopefully final chapter in the franchise. Maybe if I get liquored up before the premiere (or during), I would only remember the good parts, like the credits.
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worst move ever made?
shervinv25 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First I had to contemplate whether this rating would have a "spoiler"... It was a tough decision, because that would imply that there's some sort of plot line that I may ruin inadvertently... rest assured, there isn't. I mean we knew Bella and Edward were getting married, and the previews showed there may be a baby in the works, and well, there you have it. But after sitting through this.... thing....for two hours, I thought that I simply MUST write a review. I haven't felt this motivated and energized to write a review in ages! I simply had to start typing as soon as I got home! My goal: to stop just one person from seeing this film. If I do, I will have done my good deed on this earth, and my work on this planet would be done. I know, it's such a minor thing, but hey, it's the little things that count.

The movie starts by a few excusable facial closeups as we see one actor after the next sigh, or smile, or look wistfully or longingly here and there, while the camera lingers on them 30 seconds too long; sometimes with a sarcastic smile which says "I'm really sad inside, but I'm putting on a brave face for you", or a mirthless smile that says: "I'm thinking about a grilled cheese sandwich right now, but I'll just smile and look past you to give the impression that I'm really deeply moved by what you're saying". Now and then the REALLY good actors get to throw in a little knowing crooked half smile to add some REAL gravity to the scene! I could only imagine what deep ironic thoughts they must have been projecting, but alas, it's one of those things that if you have to ask, you're just not cool enough to know. Well! Just when you think you've seen every possible mellow dramatic look and cheesy music combo possible... the director decides to do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and just when you thought it couldn't possibly happen again, it does! And then again, and again, and again, .... Oh, and once in a while the director gets in his helicopter and does a senseless nature flyover scene just to break things up a little, and to get a way from the set.

Since I had lots of time during the film to contemplate life, the universe, and everything while I listened to the cheesiest musical scores to ever accompany a film while actors sulked, and stomped, and pouted, glared, and tried to out-overact each other, I wondered, why would this director resort to this inanity? It then hit me! The entire plot could easily be filmed in 30 minutes, and he had a whole hour and a bit to fill! I then empathized with the director as I imagined his moment of panic... it must have been a spot of genius when he realized he could fill the rest of the film with meaningless nature shot after nature shot, and the above-mentioned "let's throw in another drawn out look" scenes.

At various points in the film I drifted, and started to fantasize that sudden weird things would happen to change up the deadening tempo to spice up the film: like Bella would trip over her wedding gown, or Edward and Jacob would profess their love for each other and leave Bella to quiver lip herself into oblivion on her own while nobody cared, but sadly nothing like this happened to save the day.

There was one saving grace, I must say. Even though the theatre was filled with teenage girls, about halfway through the film, one, then another, then another started to laugh out loud! Pretty soon those of us who weren't comatose or brain-dead, joined in. It was something akin to a Christmas miracle! It was just like it happened in Whoville when everyone started to sing together! We the brave, and the few, in our darkest hour, we came together in laughter, and through our laughter whispered to one another: "it's OK, we're in this together, we can make it"! And we did.

When you get to the very end of the film, there's this nail-biter to end all nail-biters.... you'll go through five to ten minutes of nail biting dramatic mastery, there's changing camera angles, and zoom ins, and zoom outs, and music, and really really bad effects ... all inching towards the final finale and the answer you must know: will she live, or is she dead? Don't worry, I won't spoil it, the real spoiler is this: when you get there, you just... won't... care!

So you, standing there getting a last review in before deciding what to do with the evening... don't do it... you know who you are, just... don't... do it!
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50 minute wedding followed by 50 minutes of birthing pain!
zeetoddy3 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, it IS awful! The books are good, but this movie is a travesty of epic proportions! 4 people in front of me stood up and walked out of the movie. It was that bad. Yes, 50 minutes of wedding...very schlocky accompanied by sappy music. I actually timed the movie with a stop watch I was so bored. There is about 20 minutes of action and the rest is Bella pregnant and dying. The end. No, seriously. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. If it didn't have such a big budget and hype it would rank with one of the worst horror movies out there. The movie is plain stupid and cheesy and by far the worst of the series. The first two movies were nowhere near this awful!
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Not a movie but a soap, movie makers to be penalized with no revenue
nagendra_ravindra14 January 2012
I watched the first one after some insistence by my girl friend. I have to admit, the first one was a fairly decent movie, which translates to a 4/5 rating on IMDb.

After that it has all been about making sequels or as many movies as possible ...

Most movie goers to the cinemas to watch movies, not a soap that comes out with a new episode every few months.

I got conned into seeing until the third part of this epic nonsense, simply because I wanted to see how the story ends.

Such intentions from movie makers need to be punished by ensuring they don't get any ticket sales or any revenue from such movies.

It becomes very clear after the first one or two parts that the movie makers simply intend to never conclude the movie and wish to milk as many of us movie fans who will shell out money because we want to know how the story concludes ...

Okay fine, if you made a good first movie, you can make the extra money from a second part .. But half a dozen sequels of complete garbage is a bit too much.... Movie goers, we need to wisen up to these gimmicks ...

I would love to give negative ratings to such movies, but the IMDb scoring system will ignore very low scores and hence I am giving this to 2, which is close to where it is rated now, but still far enough so that it will drag the overall rating further down.
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sooo bad
Roger Jacobsen27 January 2012
Probably one of the worst movies i have ever seen. The movie itself was boring, with no twists or highlights what so ever. The acting, just terrible. No real emotions, or a connection with the audience. Thank god i downloaded this, and therefor didn't waste any money on it. I liked the first Twilight movie. Because, like someone else said, it was new and exciting. But this one, no, simply horrible. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. The only reason this movie is not a huge flop. Is because of all the 12 year old girls who watch it without considering the over all quality of the film. I hope movies like this, does not become a trend within the movie community. Its nothing but a forced, and failed try, in making a good sequel to the first movie, and a good adaptation of the book.
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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain29 January 2012
I hate Twilight a lot. But nobody can say I am unfair towards it. The third film was actually entertaining and less infuriating. Breaking Dawn Part 1, is different altogether. It is just a horrible product shoved out with no regard for its audience. Bella and Edward get married and go on honeymoon, this last for over an hour. She gets pregnant, which shouldn't be able to happen, and some potentially evil demon baby is sucking the life from her. The films biggest crime is that nothing happens for so long. This series has had a tendency to drag on and on. With New Moon seeming totally unnecessary. What happens here, is that we get one book split into two films. This film has about 30 minutes of material in it. Characters have the same conversations they've had a thousand times before, with nobody evolving. Bella and Edward feel the same way they've always felt, as does Jacob. The sex scene is embarrassingly juvenile, with a quick cut to something from a parody. The film doesn't let up in the absurdity department, as some animated wolves have a conversation with each other, but with mindless growling and dialog, it sounds terrible. What any other film would have shortened into a montage is played out to a variety of banal songs that all sound the same. Finally we get towards the end and the graphic, grotesque birth scene is barely shown at all. It leaves us with a finale in which a wolf "imprints" himself onto a newborn baby in a scene more disturbing than anything The Human Centipede could muster. If you like characters that whine about everything, actors that have no emotional range, and watching slideshows of other people's honeymoons, then you may enjoy this laughable effort.
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A brilliant example of wooden acting and bad movie making
R K3 December 2011
It is a sad world in which such talentless display of acting, screenplay and direction gets any recognition whatsoever.

You do not care about any of the characters, nor is there any chemistry between the supposed lovers Bella and Edward, calling it wooden would be a compliment,instead it is a bored and effortless "going through the motions and I could not care less performance..." Exhibiting with that a huge disrespect for their audience...!

Edward is suppose to be this strong and wise immortal, but instead I see a stupid weakling who faced with any sort of danger at all would appear to rather lay down crying than to stand up for himself..., there is truly no strength of body or soul in him at all, at times it seems he'd rather be Bella... and as for Bella(KStew), it is sad to see how one merchandise has ruined the blossoming of a good actress... it almost appears the Twilight saga has sucked the soul out of her... perhaps she'll recover, perhaps she won't.

I enjoyed the books very much, to my shame. However, this latest instalment has finally managed to kill all my imagined magic this Sage might have once held for me. I finally grew up...
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Are You Kidding Me ? It's All About Sex !! Give me my money back!!
Ahmed Samir27 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First, i am not a twilight fan , i saw all the other parts and i didn't like them but i didn't hate them too! Last Monday , my friends wanted to watch it , i went with them to the cinema and we watched it! All I Can say : Oh My God! is this a movie??!. i wasted my money on sex and french kissing! Twilight this time is a big shame for all the audiences! The Whole Movie Was about the baby , they wanna have sex , etc! it's not even romantic! At least , they should've prepared it as a 3D movie! i really went out the cinema very angry and i wanted to have my money back! Don't Ever Waste your money on this movie! go watch another movie ! maybe some twilight fans might like it ! if u like twilight you're gonna rate it as 5/10 and if you're not you're gonna give it a zero! And i hope part 2 is better than this one!
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I'm damaged for life...
itisnoita8 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
OMG!!! I have been trough a HORRIBLE ordeal!!! I doubt I ever will fully recover from this... O.O I had never, I mean EVER imagined that my eyes would witness something that horrible, that outstandingly gruesome that the movie Breaking Dawn turned out to be! OMG! I had a moment of weakness and let myself be talked into watching the new Twilight movie...yes..yes I know...I should have seen it coming...I mean, the last movies have by no mean shown any indication that the upcoming sequels would suddenly turn into quality entertainment. But I never saw this coming...I would rather have been shot in my kneecaps and been hung up on meet hooks for days, than suffered through this terrible, SHOCKING piece of Mormon scheisse! WHY do people go crazy over this fundamentalist Mormon MORON'S openly anti abortion propaganda with it's dogmatic brainwash attempt to convince that it's "God's will to wait until you're married"!?!?!? AND that you should always ALWAYS give birth to WHATEVER "child" you're carrying, no matter of how it got there or if it so will kill you!!! All the while, ALL THE WHILE; This utterly boring little slut, with NO character or personality (or acting skills for that matter) what so ever, is playing with two guys FOR YEARS! So, you have a movie that is openly trying to teach Christian (Mormon) "values and morale", BUT is saying at the same time that it's completely OK for you to be a horny little 'beep' who manipulates people and keeps them from living their own life...And if you think they might be slipping away, here's an idea NAME YOUR FREAKING MISTAKE OF A CHILD with BOTH of the guys names!!! Gaaah!!!! NOT TO FORGET that the bruises in the movie, that were caused by Eddie "The hair" dear's "vampire strength" is in fact in the book bruises cause he beat her, so that's another great Mormon message for all your daughters, submission to your man, no control over your own body AND you should accept the occasional beating once you have the ring on your finger. I will not be caught DEAD watching another one of these piece of poop propaganda movies with twisted messages and ideas! Over n out!
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I'm still in shock
thevdoc8 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am nominating this for the best movie, hands down, for the razzy awards. i m still not sure how this movie earned 16mil dollars. Please please don't watch this movie if u work hard for ur leaving, or u value ur time. In relation to the hype surrounding the movie, this definitely is the worst movie to come out in the last decade. there is absolutely nothing happening absolutely nothing. Unlike other run of the mill movie, u cant even say the story takes a predictable path, coz there is no story at all. the basic story as all of you might know by now is the heroine gets pregnant, and somehow she gets so sentimental she wants to keep the baby, add in the werewolfs, jumping around once in a while. The worst line: If its a son I will call him "edward Jacob" . I nearly pucked at that scene. One of the reviewer wrote- if your girlfriend asks u to watch the movie leave her, i totally agree
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Horrible and boring
mailfrommonique25 November 2011
They just can not act, I do not know why they still getting with this girl but she is terrible actor, she can't transmit her emotions and that is the first opposite for an actor, it just was boring.

Oh and Edward wasn't shining under the sun in Brazil, they forgot that part, and that's a huge mistake in vampire movie if he doe's not afraid of the sun light.

They could do better then this but before change the actress she is horrible in acting.

Cutting the movie in parts was a terrible Idea too, its not like a Harry Potter containing to much information its just a love story movie that does not transmits love.

So in a few words it was HORRIBLE AND BORING.
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What the bloody hell did I just watch?
Eline Schreurs8 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The films starts with the wedding invitations, progresses to the wedding itself, after which (skeleton) Stewart and Patterson ('The Hair') will go on a honeymoon, where Stewart will get pregnant, and she eventually almost dies. That's it. Two hours, and that's it. After the first part I've found myself thinking that it wasn't as boring as I expected it to be, in all honesty. But then I thought about it, and realized it's just like going to McD or BK (or any places like this). You go there because you fancy a hamburger or cheeseburger, take your pick. While you're eating it, you think it's not bad, but afterwards you're wondering, what was it that I ate? What is that hamburger made of, and that cheese tasted like garbage... It's exactly the same with this film. You watch it because you fancy a nice, emotional, non-intellectual random film. Afterwards, you'll find yourself thinking: what the *** was this? The first hour mainly contained Stewart and Patterson making out, and making out, and making out even more! Not even at the wedding Stewart looked happy, nor at the honeymoon. I was disappointed by the cheekiness of the film, especially the first half. It was so bad! Seriously, take a bowl, you're going to puke. And not because of the amount of blood, because frankly it's hardly there. The second part,I admit was slightly better. Lautner was also disappointing to me, though, his acting doesn't come through to me. It just stays on the screen. The wolf part was actually quite cool, where Lautner would stand up for Stewart and her child, and when he could hear voices. But the vampires fighting with the wolves? Not so much, I found myself thinking: whatever. Seriously. Awkward when Patterson realized that Lautner had imprinted on his daughter. If I were a father, I'd freak out. Honestly, he fell in love with Stewart, who is his age, and then falls in love with her daughter? I wouldn't sound cool. At all. The best part was the transformation. How on the outside, she lookes dead, and the shots from her veins, where you see the venom spread, is very well done. Well done, Condon, I knew you had it in you. Please, show more of your incredible director skills in the next part. Frankly, you can do so much better than this.
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WTF was that?
Beck5521 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
(I never read the books so this comment is strictly directed to movie franchise)

WTF WAS THAT? Almost 2 hours of NOTHING. God Damn it!, that was sad. It was a F-U to the public and especially to the fans. They might as well have sold us a bucket of sh*t, so we can carry something home because I got nothing from this movie. Not a laugh nor a cry, not even a boner (Bella looks like sh*t).

Let's recap the series:

1 - The first movie was OK, it was new and different. I actually enjoyed it.

Then they started shooting sh*t into our eyes.

2 - The second movie was exactly the same as the first (plot wise) but with wolfs.

3 - The third had more action and featured the Volfucks and an "army" (really? The word that's used is army?) of 10 young vampires who died in about 2 min. after the fight started.

4 - Then came this piece of sh*t movie, the fourth, and its plot: (ATTENTION THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! IF YOU DIDN'T SEE THE MOVIE YET SKIP THE FOLLOWING LINE!!!) Edward and Bella get married and have a kid - F-U!.

I don't understand why the final part of the series had to be split in 2. This movie would've taken 30 min. (tops) of the Breaking Dawn complete movie.

They really took a massive dump on the fans. And yet, some of then appear here to defend the movie which we all know (fans and none-fans) it was absolute crap.
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Breaking dawn, beds and bones...
Chalice_Of_Evil16 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Bill Condon has achieved the seemingly impossible task of filming that which had been deemed 'unfilmable'.

The book ending for Eclipse (with Jacob running away after receiving the invite to Bella & Edward's wedding), which was left out of the Eclipse film, is where we begin this movie. Breaking Dawn Part 1 thankfully takes its time with (most of) the important moments from the book. The preparation for the wedding, the wedding itself (most intricate back of a wedding dress EVER), the honeymoon (complete with leg-shaving!), and everything involving the pregnancy - these sections of the film are the most focused upon. That said, there are some things left out that may upset some fans. Jacob's section of the book? Condensed. Considerably. Hope you weren't expecting to see the stuff involving him going off to look for somebody to imprint on. It's not here. Sadly, one of the parts I liked most about the book (the stuff with Jacob, Seth & Leah) has been vastly shortened. But at least the major points are there. Maybe we could of got more of them instead of that rather pointless fight scene between the Cullens and the wolves?

Regarding the sex scene and birthing scene, which everyone wants to know about: Well, Bella & Edward having bed-breakingly good sex *is* included, but you can sort of tell there have been cuts. The birthing scene fares a bit better. There is more blood in this scene (and a nightmare Bella has early in the film) than the whole of the three previous movies combined. I can see how this would have been trimmed down also, but I think they really did include as much as they possibly could given the rating (here's hoping for an unedited DVD release). It is definitely an intense emotion-charged scene. Clearly giving birth to half-human half-vampire offspring is no picnic. Dawn isn't the only thing breaking in this movie. There's also the breaking of Bella's bones, thanks to the spawn crushing her from the inside out. One thing the movie nails is making Bella look as sickly as possible. She's so skeletal it's disturbing.

Kristen Stewart is put through the wringer in this film. There's a vast array of feelings Bella has to tangle with. And, yes, she *does* smile, though the happy feelings don't last very long. Edward (or 'The Hair' as Jessica calls him) matches Bella in regards to the number of emotions she goes through. He has to carry all this guilt over the one he loves most, and it clearly takes a toll on him emotionally as much as the pregnancy does on Bella physically. Poor Jacob, meanwhile, isn't having any fun either. These three characters deal with so much throughout the film. Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner (with new stubble) all sell it.

Most characters get at least a brief moment to shine. Some Cullens who aren't Edward get a bit more dialogue than usual (Elizabeth Reaser as Esme is probably the most happy about this). I especially liked seeing some conflict between Alice and Rosalie in regards to Bella's child. The wolves have a few brief scenes here and there. I was thankful for more Seth and Leah in particular. And we finally get to hear what werewolf telepathy sounds like. It's definitely chaotic (which makes sense). Billy Burke and Sarah Clarke as Bella's parents get some great moments, both emotional and humorous. Even new characters like the Denali clan get some screen time. Keep an eye on that Irina (Maggie Grace, who manages to do a lot with a little amount of screen time), she'll be important in Part 2. Bella's friends maybe get a line each. Jessica (Anna Kendrick, who still steals every scene she's in) gets the most. She, along with various other characters, add humour. Given how heavy the storyline is in this film, the humor is a much-appreciated relief.

Things do get very dark post-honeymoon. And one must admire Condon for taking on this film and tackling such touchy subjects as: the fact Edward can't be with Bella completely (while she's still human) without causing bruises. Does he let Bella die giving birth to their spawn? Does Jacob remain loyal to his tribe or side with those he has hated for so long in order to protect Bella? And what of the all-important 'imprinting'? Thankfully, we get a look at what Renesmee will look like when she grows to adulthood (which will be when Jacob starts thinking of her in THAT way. So don't get your panties in a twist about it. If you paid attention, you will know how imprinting works and it won't seem as freaky as it initially sounds).

Condon should also be commended for his direction, as his choice of shots add so much to the film. We even get a look inside Bella to see how the venom changes her. The effects on display during her transformation are really something. I also liked that they included flashbacks to the previous films as we hear Bella's Lullaby play.

If you don't like anything to do with the Twilight franchise, then you're not going to change your opinion by this point. Haters will hate. But for those of us who appreciate it, this movie is a fine interpretation of the first half of the book. As well as the choices of music used, something else these films have always done right is remain true to the source material, including (most of) the important dialogue/moments from the books. Things end in a logical place and leave you anxiously awaiting Part 2. And if you stay for a little while after the end credits start, there's an extra scene involving the Volturi.
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The Top Twenty-Eight Things I Learned From Twilight 4a: Part 1
thesar-230 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
1. And God said: "Since AIDS didn't teach you, I bestow 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1' upon you."

2. The cast's acting ability is equivalent to a possum under attack.

3. Shouting out "You did THIS!" to a man who recently impregnated his wife isn't just insulting…it's obvious.

4. While playing chess, it is appropriate to gleefully proclaim: "I win!" like a five-year-old verses the oh-so-ancient "checkmate."

5. According to the morals of somewhat-writer Stephanie Meyer, it is acceptable to kill humans as long as you're in the healthy position of playing both judge and executioner. Long-live mormons.

6. If it was previously okay for someone over 100 to woo someone under 18-years-old, then I guess the same could be done for a teen to an 18-minute-old infant.

7. 'Twilight' contains as many vampires as the Republican Party contains Christians.

8. Within 3-seconds of the start time, Jacob rips off his shirt. Release the horny and lonely 50-year-old moms!

9. Werewolves tend to get sick at the sight of blood, apparently.

10. You know you have script problems when George Lucas, himself, has dialogue suggestions.

11. The original subtitle of 'Breaking Wind' was questionably rejected.

12. Soap Operas, left and right, are being cancelled and yet this has a theatrical release? My apologies, World.

13. Mercifully, to cut some costs on lighting, the moon is full in every night shot, despite the continuity of scenes.

14. If this is the Anti-Abortion-Advertisement it screams, I will pull the hanger myself.

15. More got accomplished in the 16 Republican debates than in two draining hours here.

16. I've heard the same bed that breaks in the movie during Edward and Bella's sex scene happens in the book. Big deal; I used to call that: Tuesday Night.

17. Worried your unborn child might become a demonic offspring? Turn to Yahoo™ on an Apple™ laptop for all your answers.

18. Who knew a pack of talking dogs could be this funny, outside of Pixar's 'Up'?

19. The Mayans calendar has been recalculated to narrow the end of days to 2/11/12. In a completely unrelated story, 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1' is being released on video that same day.

20. Wincing as hard as you can and uttering the line: "Why can't you see how perfectly happy I am?" isn't the most believable pose to convince someone they're good in bed.

21. Finally, a movie I can agree actors deserved a $30 million paycheck. Isn't that the going rate for a soul?

22. I believe in Guilty Pleasures. Although, to call 'Twilight' that, would only be half-right.

23. Some women are undeniably psychic when it comes to pregnancy. For example, Bella acts constipated for roughly 2 weeks prior to her actual conception.

24. I admit: I've never been to war. But, I can imagine watching this is what it's like seeing someone's arm getting blown off.

25. How…can…anyone…keep a straight face with dialogue such as "'Kind' is my middle name"?

26. Pitching a movie in Hollywood should always take longer than the writing of the screenplay. Right?

27. Breakfast of champions: Chicken, Peanut Butter and Vomit. I wonder if she's pregnant.

28. Failed attempt at positivity: It's not as bad I thought it would be. It's worse.
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William Roulo21 November 2011
If you're a big time fan of the books, you have probably hyped yourself up to a fevered expectation rendering you incapable of any objectivity. This film, of it's own merit, would have never made it to the theaters. In a word, it is very "boring"... unless your hyped, it bites! (pun intended). Many of the scenes were obvious fillers with terrible dialogue. The acting was so-so from most of the lead performers, with the sole exception being Billy Burke (Charlie), who appears to be a very good actor. About half way through the film I kept looking at my watch hoping the 117 minutes would be over soon.

I am being forced at this point to continue writing when in fact I have nothing more to say about this boring sequel of a film called Breaking Dawn. According to the rules ones' review must be at least 10 lines minimum. So what you're reading right now is the completely unnecessary and unpleasantly annoying filler, mandated by IMDb.
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I even bothered to write a review due to how torturing it is
zeroforz1 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say like at the very first movie I was quite a twilight fan. I read all books as I watched the super cheesy trailer (now I realized when I looked back.), and I am too young to resist the so-called 'heroic' action by Robert Pattinson in the first movie. Sorry for that, but I think it could clarify that I was totally not a twilight hater, at least initially.

Kept on watching the following movies, my mind already went blank when I am watching New Moon and Eclipse, though I already found them making no sense, but at least they have a climax that can get my adrenaline level a little bit higher and though I am not a big fan of Jacob's obligatory muscle-showing scenes, I do find the glittering pale vampire's face is kind of my cup of tea. You know people are looking for different thing when they are watching the movies, and for me watching the sequels are just looking at my own brand of eye candy and that's all.

But Breaking Dawn is like the worse thing I've watched in ages. I claimed to my friend that Beastly is the worst movie I have ever watched at least in a decade, now this Part 1 has kicked that down pretty far away. Why spend so much money in making this movie? And why I have to watch those big dogs who claimed themselves as wolves running into forest every time they are unhappy with petty things. The animation seriously hurt my eyes.

Don't know why they are kissing all the time and I felt it's just like the couple's private show or something; Can't understand how can a movie maintain totally no tension throughout; Won't comprehend why everything can be so wrong in a single movie... When you know that the female star can't act at all, what is the reason of giving her a 2 or 3 minutes or a century-long scene without a line? What I can tell from her face is ... nothing. She looked at the mirror, can tell she is trying very hard in changing her facial expression yet without any success. I paid for the movie and I played with my phone instead. Even my eye candy can't help that much.

And when she started to turn into the state of being deprived by their vampire baby (sigh.), she had no make-up and tried hard to act that she is in pain (and I felt like I am in a deeper misery by watching her acting skills), it became hard to keep staring at the screen as she is too unattractive. Apologies that I didn't really watch the so-called climax that she is giving birth to her baby which had more resemblances with a butchering scene, I realized this movie is going to end and I totally have no clue that what I have watched in almost two hours. Apart from the comparatively beautiful honeymoon house and the wedding dress, or maybe also the pretty pale faces of the vampire family, what else could I say with this movie? Seriously, I think the book is not very good either but, this movie proved that it could be worse when it was put on the widescreen. Why bother yourself to spend such a long period of time to watch a pointless movie? I am kind of perfectionist so I am pretty sure that I will have to finish the last movie; but I am quite glad that it is the last one, which could at last put an end to this people-torturing series.
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Twilight series dims
arunpachat11 December 2011
Probably the worst movie I have ever seen. It's not because I'm a Twilight hater. This is just awful. The first hour and 10 minutes was god awfully brutal to sit through. Some scenes were as disgusting as it can get on screen. This slow-moving film has long periods of inaction and generates no suspense and though sometimes unintentionally funny, when they make serious statements. Making it the worst film in the "Twilight Saga" films so far.

Waiting for the damn wedding to start while director Bill Condon labours the point that Bella is nervous.

Waiting for the reception to end while Condon labours the point that it's very awkward for everyone.

Waiting for the happy couple to finally get their act together and have sex while Condon labours the point that Edward (Robert Pattinson) is scared of hurting Bella (Kristen Stewart).

Waiting for a baby to be born while Condon labours the point that it is very perilous and Bella might die.

Why did this final story in the Twilight Saga needed to be split into two movies at all? Part 1 could have easily been compressed down to half an hour if all the mind-numbing padding had been taken out of it.

And it really is such a shame, because when the first 'Twilight' movie hit screens way back in 2008, director Catherine Hardwicke turned the script into a captivating supernatural love story, crackling with sexual tension and life, full of promise.

The second installment, 'New Moon', under the direction of Chris Weitz, was so self-indulgent and turgid that I really don't want to say any more about it.
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jacobjohntaylor113 November 2015
I am a fan of the first three Twilight movies. And I have to say this one is very bad. There not a lot of drama in this movie. The first three twilight movie are so mush better. And this one is just awful.The story line is no good at all. The evil vampire in this movie was left out unless you watch this movie after the credits. Then there one seen with him. This movie is very slow and boring. I do not care who Bella picks it as always been Edward they made it very clear the The third Twilight movie Twilight eclipse. For the first movie is as always been obvious. I do not care. I care about the drama with evil vampires. And this movie had none of that. It was all about Bella and Edward. Boring. See Twilight and see Twilight New moon and see Twilight eclipse. Do not see this awful movie.
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Don't Have Unprotected Sex with Vampires
Michael_Elliott14 January 2013
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

The fourth film in the mega-popular series has Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) getting married and shortly afterwards the female virgin becomes pregnant, which could cause her death, which doesn't sit too well with werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Obviously a 32-year-old male isn't the target viewer for this film but I must admit that it was a major step up from the previous two installments. I might even go as far to say that this here was the best of the series in a bad way. I say that because I'm sure teenage girls will be weeping all over themselves through the first hour of this thing but, as an adult, I couldn't help but laugh at it. The first hour deals with the screen's most popular duo getting married and of course the girl losing her virginity. I know this is a big thing to Twi-hards and teenage girls but the execution here is just laughable and especially the moments leading up to the act. The entire thing is just directed so over-dramatic that I couldn't help but laugh. It also didn't help that the dialogue was just downright awful and at times embarrassing. With that said, these bad moments actually make the film rather entertaining. Both Pattinson and Stewart are pros at these characters by now and it's also clear that Lautner continues to work out and this must cause him to skip his acting classes. As usual the CGI is pretty bad but I guess this is to be expected. Still, I found the story to be rather compelling and the entire thing kept me entertained from start to finish. Yes it drags on too long but you have to admit there's some pretty weird stuff going on here and especially during the second half.
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Holding out for nothing
Alfredo Scolari5 October 2012
Now I have seen all the movies in the series. The first was not bad but it wasn't that good either, the second, forgettable, same as the third and now the fourth makes me feel like I really am holding out for nothing.

In a movie you need to make the audience care about the characters. This is to make sure that when something dramatic happens or when you try to build suspension people will actually feel something. You need to either want the person to die or get hurt or you need to want them to be better of. Many movies pull this of in the opening act of the movie, this series hasn't pulled it of in 4 movies.

So far we know almost nothing about the characters in this series, their all cardboard cut outs easy to replace and when ever some one is threatened, close to death or even dies you end up going "meh". Why? Because they have no dept. It doesn't seem like the writers are even interested in making these characters interesting. The movie is also very drawn out, far too much time is spent on getting the audience trying to sympathize with the characters but since they have no real character, no personality and nothing about them that makes them likable this just doesn't happen.

The love interests have no chemistry, this makes the drama surrounding it less believable. The lead actress problems and reasons for her actions are so shallow, childish and selfish that you end up disliking her when the intention is the opposite and the male leads end up coming of like easily manipulates sock puppets.

The production value is quite high, this is the best thing about the movie but a polished surface if not enough to endure these drawn out plots that give almost nothing. There is no pay of in the end.

You end up sitting trough the series thinking "soon, soon something will happen that makes me react, makes me feel something" but it just doesn't happen. If you have not seen the first movies, don't waste your time on them.
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