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Ranbir Kapoor: Sid Mehra



  • Sid's father : Sid, you should join the office.

    Sid Mehra : Whoa, where did the office come from?

    Sid's father : Your college is over, right? And you don't have classes to skip anymore?

    Sid Mehra : No...

    Sid's father : Then you're joining the office.

    Sid Mehra : But, Pa... what am I going to do there?

    Sid's father : Work. What else?

  • Sid Mehra : [wondering why Aisha wouldn't want to be more than just friends with him]  No, seriously, Aisha, what's wrong with me?

    Aisha Banerjee : There's nothing "wrong" with you... Sid, I don't want to talk about this. You'll feel bad.

    Sid Mehra : Why would I feel bad? It's not as if I'm in love with you. Come on, I think we can talk about this.

    Aisha Banerjee : Okay. I think... you're still a kid... a bit immature... childish. You're just not what I'm looking for.

    Sid Mehra : Okay. This is gonna be fun. What are you looking for, Aisha?

    Aisha Banerjee : I guess somebody who is... independent, for starters. Someone with a career, a goal in life. Somebody I can relate to. In short, a man, not a boy.

    Sid Mehra : Basically, the exact opposite of me.

    Aisha Banerjee : Basically.

  • Sid's father : [hearing Sid tell his mother to shut up]  Say you're sorry, Sid. I said apologize to your her.

    Sid Mehra : Please don't interfere with this, Dad.

    Sid's father : Don't interfere? And continue to ignore what an ungrateful, spoiled brat you've become? How dare you speak to your mother like that. Her life has revolved around you every single day of the last twenty years. She couldn't go to school, so she wanted you to do well so you could get everything she couldn't have.

    Sid Mehra : Wow. Another lecture.

    Sid's father : [as Sid turns to leave]  Sid! Don't you dare walk out! You are going to stand there and listen to me tonight! When I was your age, my father was dead. I was married and working day and night trying to make enough money so that you could have everything you have today. Your lifestyle... this arrogance...!

    Sid Mehra : So what do you want from me? Do you want me to be grateful?

    Sid's father : You're damn right. The least you can do is be grateful!

    Sid Mehra : THANK YOU SO MUCH, PA! There! I said it! Now can I go?

  • Sid Mehra : Hey, Debbie, why do you hate me so much?

    Debbie : Three years ago I came to Bombay to join our college. I had the right grades but I was late with my application. I didn't get in that year. You know why? Because you took my seat, Sidharth. Your father called a few people and you got the last seat in the batch. I am smarter, I work harder, and I'm more deserving than you, but life has always been easier for you, hasn't it? Bye, Sid.

  • Sid Mehra : Why did you have to write such a big article? Couldn't you have just said it at home! You know that I'm an idiot, Aish.


    Sid Mehra : Aish... I love you too.


    Sid Mehra : I love you!

    Aisha Banerjee : [smiles]  I love you, Sid!

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