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do not waste your time
hotgirl99911 December 2008
I watched this movie yesterday and I'm still shocked at the quality and performance. The graphics were so shocking I could not believe it. I mean it was the worst photoshop I have ever seen, I could probably do better. The film was so low budget, they didn't even have enough money to hire a room to shoot it in. The whole film you could see the fake background. Even in scenes where the girl is in woods, it was still graphics? Why? Woods are everywhere they could have just find a park or something, but no it's the fake background. The story line was poor, very poor. No proper plot or background to the story and did not really make a logical connection to previous films. Because I thought the the ghosts are bad, but no, half of the film they are good and half of the film they are bad again. Overall, my advice, do not waste your time and watch something (anything) else instead.
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Really Bad !
vamplad799 January 2009
OK to put this in reference i am one of those minorities that actually liked the first Pulse. Further, low and behold i actually didn't mind the squeal and though for a direct DVD it was pretty good. The blue screens never bothered me with the film as i tend to view it as the defining look for the second one and clear indication that the ghosts via electronics have taken over the world. For me it just worked and had a OK storyline. Not saying it is a masterpiece but i enjoyed it.

Pulse 3 had the same look as the second and i could have lived with that but man does the story suck. The fact i as a previous Pulse fan hates it tells you something. The story is boring, bad acting, hopeless story that is both predictable and just plain stupid and the film just isn't any fun to watch. There are plot lines that defy any logic and mixed with bad acting it is a chore to watch.

Avoid at all costs. It really does suck and i say that as a guy that liked the first two.
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The Love Child of James Wan and the Wachowski brothers
werwun3 January 2009
Have you ever watched a teen-girl drama TV show where the cute blonde stuck-up preppy princess-turned-anti-conformist gets rejected by her family because of her choice of boyfriend and then rebels against society and everything else? Oh, they don't make shows like that? Thank God. Too bad it slipped through in the theatres.

Pulse 3 is like watching Gossip Girl put in a blender with The Matrix and Saw, except it's infinitely more painful. I went between the emotions of: boredom, disgust, hatred and checking to make sure I hadn't nodded off. Yes I know that's not an emotion, but it happened to me repeatedly during this tragedy so I thought it was worth a mention. What kind of movie provides you with a number of camera angles of a woman blowing her head off with a shotgun in grisly detail? THIS ONE!!! I'd like to think that scene served some kind of purpose, but I'll leave it at that. I'd also like to think that one's imagination serves some sort of purpose, but this film won't let me have it. The film seemed to be going somewhere, until the girl runs away, then it's just a scantily-clad drama queen screaming at the top of her lungs because her internet boyfriend won't txt her back. After about the half-hour mark you may as well shut it off. That's where the philosophy turns into fluff. A huge build-up to nothing. Don't waste your time.
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Not Scary, Not Fun, Not worth seeing... get out of here
mohamed_nashaat10 December 2008
well, joel soisson continue to prove that he shouldn't have skipped these directing classes...

the movie has no story line, no acting whatsoever, and absolutely no Horror... when i was going through the movie my eyes was focused on the forward button all the time... really the movie can be summarized in (at most) 5 minutes... and i am saying that while being a huge fan of the first part... the second was really not up to the expectation and so is this...

90% of the actual events that could entertain a viewer happened in the last 9 minutes, and the rest is just a boring filling, i didn't at all love the star of the movie, but she couldn't help it... the dialogs were poor.

and at the end please don't use an Indian girl to play an Egyptian rule... it offends me :)
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WHY was this made?
Horrorfan19956 April 2011
Here we go again with PULSE. Now we have more ridiculous crap to watch. The first PULSE was good, the second was garbage, but this one takes the cake.

Much like PULSE 2, the acting was wooden, the story was extremely weak, the effects are lazy and green screen shots. But this time, they really made this series suck. The characters are now total idiots, and the story can't stay consistent.

Now the PULSE series is dead, THANK YOU DIMENSION FILMS. You guys took a decent horror movie and turned it into a shitty trilogy.

Never see this movie. It is utter garbage. It's even worse than PULSE 2.

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God, how could you let me watch this?
abdulhares4 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
OK, lets be objective; this movie is awfully bad... i watched the first two movies of this series although people on this site warned me not to. and i even kinda liked them. but this one? just a waste of time!

i think the director or whatever said "i've shot the first two movies, why not make it a trilogy?" he then probably went to a pub and announced that he was making a movie and asked for volunteers to take part in it and they didn't have to have any kind of acting skills and everybody acted as they wanted to because they didn't have a screenplay...

there are so many blanks in the story and after almost every move of Justine, you can't help asking "Why would she?" if you wanna watch this movie and if you care what other people think; take my advice: Run to the hills! Go like the wind! See the first two movies but save yourself from seeing this stuff!!!
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A big improvement over the previous sequel.
Boba_Fett113828 July 2010
This seems to be one of those sequels that got shot back-to-back with another. And like strangely so often enough, this sequel turned out much better than the other one actually.

This time it actually does follow a decent story, that offers some tension and mystery as well. It's the last part of the trilogy and I don't think any other sequels will come, since the story got pretty much closed. And it's not like this is a profitable enough franchise for the studios to cash in on anyway.

It also probably is the least confusing movie out of the trilogy. It's pretty much being straight-forward and it doesn't spend too much time lingering, or trying to give the story multiple layers and deeper meanings to it all. It makes this the most pleasant one to watch out of the entire trilogy, as well. The movie keeps flowing well at all time and manages to remain interesting throughout, though it still perhaps falls kind of flat toward the end.

Its effects also work out better in this one. It actually all serves a purpose and I can also say that this movie works out better as an horror as well. Not that the horror fans or anyone else will go crazy about this movie but it just happens to be so that it's all being a positive improvement over the previous sequel.

Unlike the second movie, this movie pretty much follows the events of the previous movie. It of course helped that both movies got shot back-to-back. It pretty much continues on the same story and follows some of the same characters but also introduces some new ones. These are all good things for this movie.

Simply a good and watchable third and final(?) installment.


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Actually enjoyed it...
p-stepien19 December 2010
I actually enjoyed this third outing of the Pulse trilogy. But well... it is still a bad movie.

First off we get to see a couple in love via internet. He's American, she is Egyptian and they have cyberlove for over 10 months. She gets infected and kills herself off. He is in shock.

Fast forward seven year and we get to hook up again with Justine (the youngling from part 2), who has now turned into a rebellious teen in a Amish society. Taken over by foster parents she isn't satisfied with the life she has. By chance she find an old decrepit laptop stowed away in a car. She unwittingly takes a risk and turns on the little death machine. After which she is instantly attacked by... a chat-room. There she meets Adam, who apparently lives in town (Houston to be exact) and invites her over to visit. Naturally she takes a trip by foot to meet the mysterious internet lover...

Not all is bad with this movie. Yes, some of the acting is off, but in general the action is good and after a while you get used to the crappy blue screen. If you take it at face value you might actually enjoy yourself, as there are a couple of really worthwhile sequences with the opening segment a standout. Additionally there are a couple of interesting ideas, like causing pain to spectres via ultrared light or the whole house in the prairie motive.

But if you put any thought into the movie it just doesn't make any sense. In the end it turns out that Justine's whole trip was pointless and gives nothing to the story. Additionally we are to believe that it took the army seven years to coordinate a global nuclear EMP attack (what does that say about the army?). Not to mention cell-phones that have power after seven years of laying around in the dirt (Nokia eat your heart out!). All in all I strongly doubt that after the prolonged period of lack of power sources (with no-one to run the power plants electricity would be down in a matter of days, save for maybe nuclear facilities), maintenance and so on anything electromagnetic would be working after seven years. Basically the whole premise stinks of crappy writing and zero afterthought as it really doesn't make much sense.

Generally if you were involved by the previous two parts you can watch this to get some sort of closure. But don't expect much (in any department, especially special effects) and you may just have a good time.
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Don't waste your time with this one
Leofwine_draca9 November 2015
PULSE 3 is the awful final chapter in the awful PULSE trilogy. The original PULSE was an effective lo-fi Japanese ghost story while the American remake was a sub-standard rip-off. However, PULSE 2 was even worse; an entirely dumb slice of semi-horror in which everything in the film was CGI-ed, even the backdrops.

Unfortunately PULSE 3 is much like the previous film and just as appalling. Once again ghosts inhabit the world like a disease, appearing through wireless Internet and other digital communications. There's a story of some sorts about a girl trying to track down her boyfriend, but overall this is a mess: messy characters you don't care about, messier effects, and an entire lack of incident. The whole film looks unrealistic and that's not just the ghosts. There's a stand-out scare sequence involving a woman blowing her head off which obviously wants to be as terrifying as that TV set-piece in THE RING, but it doesn't even come close. PULSE 3 is junk, and as near-unwatchable as a film can get.
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Did a 4 year old write the script?
vampyrecowboy22 February 2009
Pulse 2 was no feat in cinematic history.

This achieves even less.

Yes, watching the 2 Pulse movies back to back was a struggle, but I managed to garner up the energy and ambition to do so.

Desire was lacking after 15 minutes into this movie due to horrible dialog, plot less story, lousy effects, crappy performances and just basically it being even worse then the previous.

How can that be? How can an already boring story get worse? I don't know...there are some things I can't explain - just like the writer of this movie...there's so much left unexplained because there simply is no plot or point to the movie.

It's bad and there are not too many movies that fall into the area of just downright lousy, but this one succeeds to do so well at it.

The entire series actually...and to think there was actually paper wasted on the printing of the script...trees devoid of their life on earth to be cruelly cut down, shredded up into pulp to form a thin film which would be bonded to form a substance called "paper" and that paper would be used for printing this script on.

Yes, just as this comment is really lousy and pretty much boring and pointless, it is just a reminder of the total direction of the movie.

If you want a scary movie script - avoid the ones written by preschoolers. Tey have yet to learn to spell.

Another waste of time, talent and money...well OK...not talent.
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Oh My God This Is Like Soooo Funny
ripetomato10 December 2008
Like I would guess that "Fred" is like, you know, and old guy, like prolly thirty sumthin, and like Diana just didn't' like get it, u know. Like I totally got it, like OMG, when the lights went out...like I was all whoaaa this is freaky.

Like I enjoyed reading "Fred's" comment more than the movie...you know. And like I think he summed up the movie like exactly the way I remembered it...like totally.

But like the movie is you know, like about a girl, who like leaves the camp she lives in, in search of a new boyfriend she met on like myspace or something. Then like, really really scary stuff happens to her along the way.
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Come on son!
ninjamasterzer01 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't seen this version yet but just got done watching the second one. Something popped out at me as soon as i read the summary. The creators of the 3rd installment couldn't even get the time line correct. in the 2nd movie Justine is 6, as said by Steven when talking to his girlfriend, Marta. In the summary it says seven years into the invasion but then they say that Justine is 17. if i remember back in freakin kindergarten. 6 (age) + 7 (yrs of invasion) = 13 not 17. obviously the creators just threw **** out there without referencing to the other movies. and also what happened to all the scary ghost things? these things were cheesy as hell and served barley any purpose. how about Dimension goes back and watches the 1st one over and try again. worst sequels ever (almost as bad as the saw movies)
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