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Joel Soisson Goes Cam2Cam for Online Terror

Director Joel Soisson (Pulse 2: Afterlife, Pulse 3, Children of the Corn: Genesis) is back with a new film for the digital age entitled Cam2Cam (formerly DARKnet), and right now we have the poster, trailer, and release details for ya! Dig 'em!

Tammin Sursok, Ben Wiggins, Sarah Bonrepaux, and Jade Tailor star.

IFC Midnight will be releasing Cam2Cam on August 22nd in limited theaters day-and-date with VOD.


A young American backpacker, Allie (Sursok), falls in with a mysterious group of ex-pats living in Bangkok who perform on a provocative interactive website called “Cam2Cam.” The seductive allure of Bangkok, along with the strange sexual magnetism of the group’s leader, Marit, turns Allie’s world inside out. In a city where foreigners come to reinvent themselves, Allie learns too late that nothing is what it seems.

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Hellraiser: Revelations' First Trailer is Too Easy a Target

The ninth film in the Hellraiser film series is set to move to DVD shelves October 18th and now the first trailer for this feature is available. Actor Doug Bradley has played Pinhead, the central antagonist, in the previous eight films, but he declined to participate in this latest film, titled Hellraiser: Revelations, after reading the script (Bradley). The short shoot time of two weeks also signals a possible rush to complete the film by Puzzlebox Films, which has no other titles attached to its name. Horror fans and Hellraiser fans can take a look at the clip here, which involves a late night at a bar, a bum, a box, and a bumbling line or two.

As well, Dimension Extreme will distribute this title. Other films released from this American film distributor include several sequels such as Feast II: Sloppy Seconds, Feast III: The Happy Finish, Pulse 2: Afterlife,
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Release Pushed Back As Joel Soisson Takes On Rewrite Duties For Piranha 3Dd Sequel

Dimension are certainly reshuffling like crazy of late, something's definitely shook them up and to coincide with the 'extreme' pushing back of the release for 'Apollo 18' word has arrived that something similar, albeit not as drastic, has also occurred to fishy follow-up 'Piranha 3Dd'. The sequelisation to Alexandre Aja's fun summer b-movie nod has been whipped back from it's intended September 2011 slot to 23 November. Can't really imagine that audiences prepping for Winter are going to be too involved in a sunshine based horror flick though, but who knows. In addition to this it seems that producer and writer Joel Soisson ('Hellraiser: Hellworld', 'Pulse 3') has been tapped by Dimension to redraft the script penned by 'Feast' triology scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, and to also co-produce. 'Feast' helmer John Gulager will direct. Aja's original gave us laughs,
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DVD Releases: October 5th, 2010, or The Most Expensive Day in Horror History!

Another week in October, another bounty crop of horror DVDs and Blu-rays. This week we have home entertainment from recent theatrical releases of nightmares of the mind as well as re-releases of classic and campy horror, all with boatloads of extras.

Then there are other horror titles that are being re-released on Blu-ray or in packs for double dipping. On top of that, horror offerings from Asia, past seasons of TV shows, manga, novels, and even video games are all vying for our pocketbooks. And we still have four more weeks of October to go.

Next year October needs to begin in August.

Human Centipede: First Sequence

Directed by Tom Six

Human Centipede: First Sequence (review) was a sensation ever since its first mention. Stephen Colbert even talked about it at the 2010 Emmys Awards broadcast! The premise cannot be simpler. Two pretty American girls are on a road trip through Europe.
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Pulse 3 (DVD Review)

Better than the first Pulse remake (but what isn’t?) but not as good as its predecessor, Pulse 3 is a disappointing but nonetheless interesting direct follow-up to the events depicted in Pulse 2.

Taking place seven years after the previous entry (which was reviewed here ), the new sequel has young heroine Justine now played as a 17-year-old by Brittany Finamore. Justine, whose parents were killed in the previous film (spoiler alert?), is living with the foster parents who rescued her during the climax of Pulse 2, in a shantytown located as far away as possible from the wireless technology that summons the spirits of the dead the way honey attracts bees. But as she’s a bored and restless teenager who longs to escape from home and go out into the world, Justine is lured via an abandoned laptop computer into a surreptitious on-line friendship with someone named Adam, who coerces
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Exclusive Clip From Pulse 3!

Just in time for Christmas, the third and final (?) chapter in the Pulse trilogy will be hitting DVD, and the cool folks over at Dimension Extreme have donated an exclusive clip to us to share with you guys! Check it out belo, and then scroll down to pre-order Pulse 3 through Evilshop!

Pulse 3 Clip - "Attack Plan"

Uploaded by dreadcentral

- Johnny Butane

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Exclusive Clip from Pulse 3

Genius Products gave ShockTillYouDrop.com an exclusive first look at Pulse 3 by way of a 2 1/2-minute exclusive clip. The threequel, written and directed by Joel Soisson, arrives on DVD December 23rd. It is now seven years later and the survivors on Earth have settled into a primitive lifestyle completely void of electronics. The clusters of human survivors live together in refugee camps as the phantoms have taken over the cities. Justine is now a teenager and she escapes to the city to try and make a life for herself where she is not a drain on her adopted family (her parents both became phantoms in part one). She heads in to the city at the urging of Adam, a seeming survivor in the city that lures her with promises of understanding and friendship.
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Fangoria Holiday Chopping List: Last-Minute Edition

'Twas the last weekend before Christmas and all through the house... All the creatures were stirring... even the dead mouse...

They realized that this is the last weekend to brave the Holiday madness in search of that perfectly horrifying gift, and your old pal Psycho Bunny has dusted off the Satan Santa hat to make a list of some last minute goodies for all the boys and ghouls on Your Horrorday list!

Here's the last-minute list, but for Hundreds of other great Gift Ideas, visit http://www.fangoria.com/holiday

Pulse 3: Dimension Extreme's "Pulse Trilogy" is completed the Tuesday before Christmas. A perfect gift for a horror fan, since you know they won't have it yet!

"Nearly a decade after the terrifying events of Pulse 2 the dead still walk the earth -- having entered our realm through electronic devices. Justine, raised with her fellow human refugees in the remote no-tech survivor camp,
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New Stills from Pulse 3 DVD Release on December 23

  • ShockYa
Genius Products and The Weinstein Company sent us some brand new movie stills from the upcoming DVD release of “Pulse 3″ from director Joel Soisson (Pulse 2), the pulsating supernatural fright-fest stars Rider Strong (Cabin Fever) and Brittany Finamore (Silent Night, Deadly Night) as Justine, Pulse 3 is a horrifying and gruesome tale that will make you reconsider opening you laptop ever again. Seven years after the last attack by the “soulless ghosts” who haunted the human race twice before, the world is left void of all deadly electronics that almost destroyed it… or so we thought. Living a primitive existence on the outskirts of the city, human survivors are [...]
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Pulse 3 DVD Artwork & Stills

It's been a while since we heard much about Pulse 3, the Joel Soisson-helmed second sequel to the American remake nobody asked for. But since the DVD drops in just a few weeks -- December 23rd to be exact -- Genius Products and The Weinstein Company have released the box art for the disc along with a couple of choice stills.

According to the press release, Pulse 3 takes place seven years after the phantom invasion, and the survivors on Earth have settled into a primitive lifestyle completely void of technology. That is, until sixteen-year-old Justine is lured into the city where her curiosity gets the best of her as she unwillingly unleashes the deadliest digital invasion yet.

The bonus features to be included on the DVD are as follows:

Behind-the-scenes featurette Commentary by writer/director Joel Soisson, producer Mike Leahy, actress Brittany Finamore, and editor Kirk Morri Not
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Pulse 3 DVD Artwork and Details

  • ShockYa
Dimension Extreme just released the official DVD artwork and release details from the upcoming film “Pulse 3″ by director Joel Soisson and starring Rider Strong and Brittany Finamore. Synopsis: Nearly a decade after the terrifying events of Pulse 2 the dead still walk the earth — having entered our realm through electronic devices. Justine, raised with her fellow human refugees in the remote no-tech survivor camp, is now a 17-year old girl who dreams of the world they’ve left behind. When an abandoned laptop links her to a mysterious outside caller, Justine risks everything to see if life has resumed back in the forbidden city. More frightening than ever, Pulse 3 [...]
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