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i dont like...
ops-525358 November 2022
These kind of films where the woving of a holier sanctum totally dominates the plot, where the gospel of faith is absolute, and the methods of teaching and learning is made in a medeval manor of repent and forever repent or thy shall be doomed before kingdome come...

but i guess there are people out there that devours films like this, and they may have practical or personal reasons for viewing cultified purgatorial movies like this one, cause there are many religious cults and religious communions out there that demands repent whatever, cause when everything a man do can be considered a sin, even breathing, then there obviously has to be people out there with loads of revengeful wishes that aint close to peace and love...

productionwise its all on the average, the script leaves no chance of improvisation, the acts is like the plot...agonized...and the playtime kills the curiousity for sure. Score is made outta ''mental'' mayhem, and colours the films already black and grey waves. Its a film that the grumpy old man cannot and will not recommend, its just one outta the 1000 others of this subgenre out there.
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