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Despicable See
Dawson2 July 2010
Since Toy Story 3 is in theatres, it's rather knee-jerk to compare Despicable Me to the animation giant. But you shouldn't. Despicable Me doesn't have the heavy, dark tones of the final Toy Story and, therefore, is probably better suited to smaller children. As with the best family films, though, adults will love this story as much - if not more - than their little ones.

And here's why. It is incredibly rare to see a single dad portrayed in such a positive light. While Gru has an admittedly "bad" vocation, there are unbelievably sweet moments between him and the three children, probably aided by the juxtaposition of tiny girls to a large, "bad" guy.

The nepotistic supporting cast from Saturday Night Live (even Jack McBrayer works for Tina Fey) is fantastic. One pleasant surprise was from Gru's minions: they did not steal the show. Not that they should've- the little yellow guys were funny and entertaining, but one would expect from the previews they would ultimately be the best part of the film... and I'm happy to report that wasn't true.

Despicable Me is LOL funny throughout, warm, goofy, and will not disappoint. I'd say you're a despicable parent if you don't take your kids to see it immediately.
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Lots to Love
meininky18 June 2010
Despicable Me's teasers and trailers seemed to represent a few different movies, and that's reflected by the general segregation of comedy styles that the film begins with. At the film's start, Gru (Steve Carrell) handles the dark comedy, the trio of orphans get the cutesy comedy, and the minions handle the slapstick. As the film progresses, though, these lines begin to blur, building to a strong emotional finale and a satisfyingly complete tale. (This is one of those rare non-Pixar animated films that doesn't seem destined for sequel-dom.)

The tale of rival villains isn't terribly original. Nor is the idea of a villain having his heart melted by adorable children. But the way Despicable Me blends these two ideas is just fantastic. There's humor, action, and heart -- what more could you want from an animated film?

Also notable is the way the star-studded voice cast handles their characters. While there are a ton of big names filling out the roster, most of them use accents which render them familiar but not too much so. It's a different route than many animated films take, and it's refreshing. Julie Andrews and Steve Carrell especially do well at straddling the line between their trademark voices and their characters' accents. The voice that steals the movie, however, is the adorable Elsie Fisher as Agnes. Almost every line gets either a laugh or an "Aw..." (On a related note, I love that the orphan girls are named Edith, Margo, and Agnes. I love old names for young people.)

The plot has enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, and the antics of the minions provide a nice side of fun to the proceedings. Also, their reaching contest during the credits is a fun use of 3-D that had the kids in the theater reaching for the screen.

Last year was a banner year for animation, and this year seems to be following suit. How to Train Your Dragon amazed, Toy Story 3 is one of the best animated films of all time, and Despicable Me impresses. A very pleasant surprise.
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A LAUGH RIOT! ( Will watch it again)
viki10 July 2010
Despicable me is Simply Hilarious. This Movie is not just for kids, Adults are going to enjoy it even more. The youngest girl in it is sooooooo cute. Also the Small yellow minions simply adorable and so funny. The entire hall was laughing through out the movie.

The plot is very interesting to keep you engrossed throughout the movie.It is not a very original plot but has the very humorous dialogs and acts.

Steve Carell's is SIMPLY amazing, he is funny in a very different way...he is the king of the awkward embarrassing insulting type of comedy. You can't help but remember Steve carell's during some of the dialog deliveries.

One of the funniest animation movie. Definitely Worth Watching twice.
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One of the Sweetest Villains Ever
Claudio Carvalho11 December 2010
When one pyramid of Egypt is stolen, the despicable suburban villain Gru feels frustrated since he considers himself the greatest criminal mind ever. However he plans to steal the moon, in the greatest heist of history, with the support of the evil Dr. Nefario and his army of minions. Gru intends to hire a loan in the Bank of Evil (former Lehman Brothers) to build a rocket and steal the shrink weapon to reduce the size of the moon. But the banker Mr. Perkins intends to invest in the young Vector, who actually had stolen the pyramid. When Gru robs the shrink weapon, Vector steals it from him and kept the weapon in his impenetrable fortress that is protected by state of art security system. Gru sees that the orphans Margo, Edith and Agnes from Miss Hattie's Home for Girls have full access to Vector's house to sell cookies. Gru plots a scheme, adopting the three girls to use them to recover the shrink weapon from Vector. But the three little girls change the behavior of Gru and his minions.

"Despicable Me" is a sort of contemporary version of the Charles Dickens' classic novel "A Christmas Carol" and a highly entertaining animation with one of the sweetest villain ever, three adorable little girls and a group of adorable minions. The story is not corny but human, and the jokes with Bill Gates that is the source of inspiration of the nerd Vector and with the investment banking Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. that declared bankruptcy in 2008 and affected the lives of small private investors are witty. In the end, Gru is not the criminal mastermind that he supposed to be. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Meu Malvado Favorito" ("My Favorite Meanie")
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Despicable... Au contraire!
berrorg17 June 2010
First of all, I am real, not one of those big studios planted minions that come to IMDb to talk wonders about their new releases. You can check my history to prove that.

Second of all, to make your time worth, let me tell you what kind of movies I like and/or dislike (you know, to see if my taste is compatible with yours).

Taking into account only what would be considered "family friendly movies", Pixar cannot be topped. From Pixar I believe that "The Incredibles" is its under appreciated best product, although I have a soft spot for "Finding Nemo" and "Up" (hey, I agree, "Toy Story" and "Monsters Inc." are awesome!). Their worst effort is without a doubt "Cars" (I almost don't even like it), but even that is above a lot of other crap from other studios.

I like the first "Shrek", "Kung-Fu Panda"; found "9" and "Coraline" a little bit boring (but interesting, both!), and totally dislike "Shark Tales", "Planet 51", "Space Monkeys", "Surf's Up", the first "Madagascar" (except for the penguins and the king lemur, lol).

In a broader sense, my all time favourite animated movie (although not CGI) is "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

Enough of that! With that very well established, let me give you my opinion of this movie.

It is amazing! It is charming without being corny; hilarious without resorting to stupid pop-culture references; exciting without being overly loud.. and the best thing: it plays like a fable.

It is absurd! ... but in a good way. The whole plan is to steal the moon, for crying out loud! How ridiculous could that be? And yet, we are led to root for the evil genius to be able to do just that. The whole thing is so tongue in cheek that you will pee in your pants laughing at the effects of having no moon for a few minutes (it is a quick flash of things, for they are so funny).

The movie is incredibly intelligent. The jokes are dead on and VERY imaginative (for example - and this is not a spoiler - pay attention to how they manage to produce light when Dr. Gru and two of his minions are in a ventilation duct at Vector's fortress - just delightful).

You will fall in love with his minions, and if you have a soft heart, with the three orphan girls.

OH, I almost forgot!! The 3D... this is the best usage of 3D I've seen (excepting "Avatar", of course) in a movie. There is a roller coaster ride scene that will literally "tickle your tummy" (like my kids said). For the first three seconds it easily compares to the effects found in "The Simpsons Ride" at Universal Studios.

The action sequences are thrillingly enhanced by the right amount of 3D, and make sure you STAY while the credits roll on. There are some OBVIOUS usage of 3D on those scenes with very funny results. Actually, here's a hint: sit down and enjoy these scenes while the people in the rows in front of you try to exit the theatre; the point of reference they offer will enhance the 3D in such a cool way that it will seem that they will bump into the staircase and the minions protruding from the screen (I suppose that was the intention of these bonus scenes, and boy they nailed it!) All in all, do yourself a favour and go WATCH it... I am sure I will do it again!


P.S. Be sure to learn a little, tiny bit of Spanish so you can "get" one of the jokes... my family was the only one laughing like crazies during that scene.. cheers again!
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Wild Ride!
cheryllynecox-110 July 2010
If Warner Brothers and Disney Animation Studios had ever had a baby they might have named it Illumination. The machine behind "Despicable Me" takes the wacky bits from old school cartoons and applies 21st century animation technology to produce a hip and well articulated masterpiece. From start to finish, the film was absolutely captivating and sophisticated with an engaging narrative and imaginative characters.

All of the characters were well-voiced, but I found Jason Segal's "Victor/Vector" villain particularly inspired. The little yella fellas were uniformly charming and I expect they'll probably have their own aisle in toy stores very soon. Carell's crazy villainy was perfectly tuned, as was Julie Andrews whose new voice adds a delightful note as the Despicable mother. The juvenile vocals brought both sass and sweetness to the story, and Kristen Whiig was smarmy in a distinctly southern way.

The humor is rich, with winks at classic cinema like "Taxi Driver", "Apollo XIII", and others. The Bank of Evil is staffed by former Lehman brothers execs, and recurring motifs and jokes create a comic continuity that is sustained through the credits. "Dispicable Me" was my second choice, but now I'm very happy was running a little late this evening.
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Hilarity and heart are a great mix for this Excellent movie!
MajorFilmFan9 July 2010
Despicable Me, the new animated from produced by Chris Melandandri, who also produced Ice Age: The Meltdown and Horton Hears A Who, is one of the summer's stand out movies. Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Miranda Cosgrove, and Russell Brand are perfect actors to lead this at times hilarious, at times tear jerking animated tale. Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, Danny R. McBride, Julie Andrews and Jermain Clement make for a worthy supporting cast.

Gru (voiced by Carell) is a evil genius who only wants to win the affection of his cold-hearted mother (voiced by Andrews), something he has NEVER had. His only friends are Dr. Nefario, a aging scientist (voiced by Brand), and his army of minions (voiced by directors Peiere Coffin and Chris Reneud, and Jermain Clement), Twinky like creatures with both one and two eyes, it varies.

When a mysterious newcomer named Vector (voiced by Segal) steals the Great Pyrimid of Giza, Gru decides to pull off the greatest heist EVER: stealing the moon! Then, three orphan girls, Margo (voiced by Cosgrove), Edith, and Agnes (both voiced by newcomers who names I don't know.) The three of them don't hit it off with Gru instantly, but they see him as the first real parent they've ever had. Gru slowly begins to warm up to the girls, and they're interactions make for some truly heartfelt, and also hilarious moments. Case in point:

Edith: Are these beds old bombs? Gru: Yes. But, they are very old and highly unlikely to blow up. Try not to toss and turn.

Despicable Me pulls off something almost unheard of: a film that is enjoyable for both parents and children that does NOT involve humor centered around bodily functions, or violence.

Final grade: A Plus infinite number of times!
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Not an Animated Feature
boblipton6 July 2010
DESPICABLE ME is not an animated feature. It is a flat-out feature-length cartoon, a rare bird in the field, and the first really successful one since THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE. If anything, it's better.

Animated features are typically fantasies, taking us to places and stories that cannot be filmed in live action. They can be dramatic, fantastic, inspirational, terrifying, all the range of emotions. Cartoons are different. Cartoons inhabit a universe that is a cross between Krazy Kat and the Keystone Kops. Walk off a cliff and you don't fall until you notice. Fall a thousand yards and hit the ground and you wheeze like an accordion until the next scene, when you're fine. Cartoons are silly.

And this one is very very silly, from Steve Carell's indecisively Eastern European-voiced Grue to Julie's Andrews who, as his mom, sounds like Beaky Buzzard's mother in Bugs Bunny shorts, to the seemingly indistinguishable minions who talk like Chip and Dale on helium -- Grue knows all their names. A modern supervillain has to have people skills.

The gags are all spot on in relevance and impeccably timed. The plot advances at a good clip and even the heartwarming aspects of the plot never descend into mawkishness -- the little girls whom Grue adopts to advance his plan to steal the Moon are endearing but frequently annoying.

I saw the 3-D version and the question arises, should you spend the extra money to see it in 3-D? I don't think so -- but then I am happy looking at stuff in black and white and even silent films. You may get a little more out of the 3-D version, particularly the credit extras. But that's up to you. See it in whatever form you like, but see it.
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Despicable in name only
Simon_Says_Movies9 July 2010
What a year it has been for animated films. So far in 2010 we have had three great films from three rival studios. DreamWorks kicked things off with the surprise sleeper hit How to Train Your Dragon and animation juggernaut Pixar countered with the hotly anticipated Toy Story 3. Now Universal's Illumination Entertainment has released the audaciously titled Despicable Me and while it may be the "worst" of the trio, it is certainly the most purely entertaining.

The strengths of Despicable Me lie within veins commonly found in animated features, but his entry simply utilizes them extremely effectively. Along with jumping on the 3-D bandwagon (my theatre was screening it in normal dimensions) Despicable Me boasts an impressive voice cast, a ploy first used with Robin Williams way back in the days of traditional days of animation with Aladdin, superbly executed slapstick and what I will call the sidekick factor. Whether cute or wisecracking, you would be hard-pressed to find a film in this medium that does not employ this tactic. Even so called "art-house" animated pictures like WALL-E follow the trend (in fact, that particular film contains two such supporting characters) and Despicable Me ups the ante and adopts thousands.

The villainous central character of Gru (voiced my Steve Carell) operates his evil lair with the aid of a multitude of adorable little yellow workers, and along with their "awwwee" factor, are the subject of a healthy portion of the aforementioned slapstick. Nestled in between the easy laughs however is ample heart and if you are prone to do so, you may very well shed a tear or two. This warmth is generated by three orphan girls, Margo, Edith and the doe-eyed Agnes, but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.

All Gru has ever wanted is to be accepted, and what better way to achieve that goal than by resorting to supervillainy. After a fresh- faced rival villain Vector (Jason Segel) outdoes Gru by stealing a pyramid from Egypt, he devises a plan to obtain a shrink-ray from a government testing facility and use that technology to shrink, and then steal the moon. Things do not go according to plan after Vector steals the shrink-ray right out of Gru's spindly clutches. What's a supervillain to do? Devise another plan of course, this time using the three aforementioned orphans to infiltrate Vector's lair by selling cookies. It's all very complicated in writing but works very well on screen.

Steve Carell does an admirable job in the lead voice role, and his Russian accent helps us to forget it is an A-list star nestled behind the animation. Russell Brand gives an unrecognizable performance as Dr. Nefario, the brains behind Gru's operation, and Kristen Wiig is hilarious as the head of the orphanage. The most disappointing is certainly the great Jason Segel whose underwritten character fails him as does his voice. Half of the allure of Segel is his physical presence and that is neutered in a voice-only role. While the physical humour will no doubt please the kids, there is perhaps even more for adults and if a movie is able to make me double over in the isle, then it must be doing something right. With Shrek Forever After being the one misstep for this medium, I look enthusiastically forward to the remainder of the year. What I know for certain is I (and the audience I joined) had an absolute blast with this flick, that is despicable in name only.

Catch all the latest movie news and reviews at
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Very cute and adorable animated film.
dvc51599 July 2010
As a reviewer mentioned, this year is set to be a great year of animated films, much like the previous two years. This is proved with Pixar's unmatched (touching wood) winning streak and Dreamworks' surprise turn "How To Train Your Dragon", which proceeds to continue the ever- increasing "golden years" of computer-animated films. Universal's "Despicable Me" is yet another gem in an already quite-heavy bag of diamonds.

With nice direction, the filmmakers were able to combine two quite unoriginal plots into one with ease and without force, and they managed to add wit, charm and smart humor to it as well. Not to mention heart. I have never heard of the filmmakers before, but this is a heck of a debut from two first-time animated film directors. The humor is also not too over the top, yet utterly hilarious and ingenious when they pop up. Most of the jokes had the entire audience rolling in the aisles. The three girls end up being adorable and lovable characters, as per the main character/protagonist/villain, whom you can't help but cheer on and care for, no matter what he does. Steve Carell is spot-on as Gru and he makes the role funnier than it should be, I mean his voice and humorous style is there behind the funny accent. And what Gru plots and does is beyond ridiculous and far too funny to be deemed "serious" by any cynic. Some hilarious supporting characters round out the primary cast, most notably Gru's assistant Dr. Nefarious played by Russell Brand, and I could not believe Julie Andrews was Gru's mother, I hardly recognized her voice at all! Jason Segel was hilarious as Gru's vain nemesis Vector. And let's not forget the utterly adorable and hilarious minions and their wacky antics.

Technical wise, the animation is gorgeous, bright and nicely rendered with a deft touch of simplicity to it, causing it to be not too overly glossy and polished. This makes the animation look less artificial and more fluid, and this especially shows when it comes to the practical jokes. The music score is just wonderful and suits the moods of the film as they come along. The 3D is great and used quite a number of times in the movie during many effect-driven scenes, which is very impressive considering the poor up-conversion to 3D of MANY movies of late.

Overall, this animated film is a great fun time for the kids and family to see, and even some teens will get many laughs out of it as well. This is a very adorable film, full of charm and heart, and with a funny and lighthearted storyline, and may the powers that be reward this at the box office, if the mediocre "Eclipse" isn't taking all of its viewers already. Looks like Universal's animation days are returning.

Entertainment value: 10/10

Overall: 7.5/10
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The most fun computer animated movie of 2010? Maybe so!
lewiskendell27 January 2011
"Now, the rest of the plan is simple. I fly to the moon. I shrink the moon. I grab the moon. I sit on the toilet."

Any animated movie that was released during 2010 is inevitably going to be compared to Toy Story 3, so let's get that out of the way, first. No, Despicable Me is not "better" than Toy Story 3. On an emotional and story-telling level, it's not nearly as profound or involving. But Despicable Me isn't trying to be profound, it's aiming for amusement and entertainment. And on those two fronts, Dreamworks has a definite success on their hands.

My favorite thing about Despicable Me is how humorous it is. This is seriously the funniest animated movie that I've seen in quite a while. It has the expected amount of jokes that will give kids (and older people, too) the giggles, as well as lots of comedy that only the grown-up crowd will appreciate. It's fun to see what will pop up next (keep your eyes open for a particularly amusing reference to a particularly un-amusing scene in The Godfather).

Despicable Me is also a vivid, bright movie that's pleasing to the eye in all the right ways. The character designs are stylized and fun, the soundtrack is a nice change of pace for this kind of film, and the pacing is excellent, with nary a dull stretch. The voice talent is great, but I will admit that most of them were pretty much unrecognizable. I wouldn't have known that Jason Segel, Kristin Wiig, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, or Will Arnett were even involved, if not for the credits and the fact that I had read about them beforehand. Steve Carell and Jack McBrayer (in a small but hilarious part) are really the only voices that are easily recognizable. That's not a criticism, just an observation. 

So yeah, it's pretty clear that I liked this movie a lot. It reminds me most of Monsters, Inc. (a movie I absolutely love) in the way that it combines sweetness and humor in a manner that's never cloying or annoying. Watch it with your kids, watch it with your friends, watch it with your significant other, or watch it by yourself. You'll laugh, you'll cheer, you'll say "awwww", and you'll fall in love with Agnes, Edith, and Margo even faster than Gru does. 
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The kids will enjoy it, and so will you
Neil Welch22 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I probably don't need to explain that villainous Gru, annoyed that rival Vector is in the process of outvillaining him, adopts 3 orphan girls as part of a masterplan to regain the ascendancy, only to find that the girls turn him into a softie.

This CGI 3D animated feature is daft, charming, and very funny. It manages to have its cake and eat it, the cake in question being real vs fantasy - Gru lives in a variation of a suburban house, drives his villainmobile around suburban streets and, in many ways, lives a completely conventional life, but he also freeze-rays people in the coffee shop, has an enormous secret laboratory under his house, and is assisted by a host of small yellow non-human minions.

The plot serves two purposes. It is a vehicle on which to hang a number of gags (most of which greatly pleased the young audience in the cinema - there is no question that this movie works very well with its target audience). And it delivers a gently sentimental message in a fairly non-glutinous way.

The visuals are very good. Character design is excellent, especially the girls and the minions. Voice characterisation is solid with, again, the girls and the minions standing out, although Steve Carell's Germanic/Russian Gru is also good fun. The 3D is occasionally effective but mostly irrelevant, although the end credits sequence, where various minions vie with each other to get closest to the camera, is well done and very funny.
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Must see
Falcon6718 July 2010
This was a fantastic movie. My son and I loved it. We saw the 2d version and i'm curious as to how good the 3D version is since there were many scenes that would have been ideal for 3D. I recommend that you also watch the end credits, especially if you're viewing the 3D version. Gru isn't a very outgoing person as far as showing affection but as you watch the movie you will understand as to why he is this way. The hyperness of the little girls is pretty accurate as any parent will testify too. There is a scene at the amusement park involving a stuffed unicorn that many parents can probably relate to and wish that they could have delt with it in the same was that Gru did. I would recommend this movie for everyone to see.
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Heart warming Fun
gigan-9227 January 2011
I was pretty surprised by the quality of this film. As usual, the animation was stunning, but I digress. What kids' flick isn't on par with the animation now-a-days, aside maybe the few nobodys that no one ever cares for. Disney and Dreamworks are no longer the only real competition. The emotion in the film is definitely its strongest suit, for you'll probably find yourself very touched by these characters by the end of the movie. This makes up for the rather simple story actually, one you probably have seen in some cartoon show somewhere.

The voice acting was pretty on spot, with Steve Carell Russel Brand, and Jason Segal. And for the record this is probably the only production starring Miranda Cosgrove that I actually respect. The only other I have to knit pick about is perhaps the score; not the most stunning I've ever heard, but it holds my attention rather well. So definitely check this film out, because it's worth it.
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Call Me a Cynic, But I Liked It!
Colin George13 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Never one to pass up a good cinematic curmudgeon, maybe I was predisposed to enjoy Universal's "Despicable Me." I mean, when it comes to off-brand animated entertainment, ass-kicking Pandas and pet Dragons only take me so far—It wasn't until Russian supervillian Gru (Steve Carell) put his adopted children to bed in the hollowed-out casings of "probably" inactive bombshells that I finally felt like the target audience.

Ever since animation studios began better emulating Pixar's secret sauce, they've met with varying degrees of success in combining raw, gooey emotion with their signature lighthearted recipes. "Despicable Me" grapples with it, and though it may be one of the most consistent examples yet, it's still about as nuanced a dish as macaroni and cheese — which, fortunately for me, I've never outgrown.

However, of the two conflicting senses of humor at play, there is one I absolutely have outgrown. Rarely has a family film so distinctly set aside its kids' humor from its more mature fare; In "Despicable Me," it's a difference personified. Gru's subterranean lair is crawling with his "minions," little, yellow jellybean-like creatures who make butt jokes and slap each other around. They're cute purely for the sake of being cute (in effect, a sort of artificial cuteness) and anytime they're on screen, the comparable intellect of the rest of the film is suffocated by indecipherable high-pitched chatter and broad gags that make vaudeville look like the Divine Comedy.

The good news is that the minions are never on screen for particularly long, and there are a few laughs to be had at their expense when they become the unfortunate casualties of Gru's experiments. Conversely, most of film's jokes have an avant-garde sensibility that jived better with me; Gru must acquire a loan from the "Bank of Evil" in order to fund his diabolical scheme to shrink and steal the moon. Coupled with a "Spy vs. Spy"-esquire kinetic goofiness, it still averages out to be a fairly funny film.

No surprise, a lot of upper-echelon voice talent is involved, and I remember being impressed months ago at the wall of names that played after the teaser-trailer. Admittedly, I haven't been the biggest fan of Carell's work since he left "The Daily Show" back in 2005, but he doesn't distract as Gru. He plays well off of a cast eerily similar to that of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall:" Jason Segel as his nemesis, Vector (who is, interestingly, another supervillian —"Despicable Me" doesn't have a hero); Russell Brand as an elderly inventor by the name of Dr. Nefario; Kristin Wiig as the proprietor of the orphanage from which Gru adopts three young girls in a ploy to infiltrate Vector's fortress.

But perhaps most interestingly, "Despicable Me" has some of the most easily-missed cameos in the history of animation. Danny McBride plays Gru's neighbor with a line and a half of dialogue, and Jemaine Clement from HBO's "Flight of the Conchords" (apparently) voices one of the minions. Other than stacking the deck as an advertising vehicle, it seems pointless to pay such funny people for such inconsequential roles.

But I think their presence signifies, if nothing else, that "Despicable Me" is a project worth being attached to. It may fall back on certain cyclical annoying tendencies, catering occasionally to lowest-common-denominator comedy (the avoidance of which even the best emulation of Pixar hasn't managed), but the world of the film is comically rich, and no amount of disposable, annoying minions can wreck that — though not from lack of trying. The heart of the story, Gru coming to begrudgingly love his adopted daughters, may not win any prizes for revolutionary storytelling, but it's well executed and 'cute' in a legitimate way.

As something of an amateur curmudgeon myself, please disregard my smile.
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Despicable Me: Cute but nothing more.
hahacyprus13 October 2010
I am simply baffled by the amount of (over-the-top) praise this film has received! It is ludicrous! Despicable Me is an average movie, nothing more (don't be fooled by the critics) nothing less.

DM is a cute film. The lush blending of colors is truly eye-popping; however, the animation isn't necessarily top-notch! I couldn't help but compare the animation to that of Toy Story 3 and feel disappointed! However, the 3D is truly state of the art! (Make sure you stay during the credits in order to be blown away!)

The film orbits around Gru, the 2nd greatest criminal in the world, who wants to perform the crime of the century; steal the moon! He is helped by his loyal legion of (VERY adorable) minions who are the main generators of laughs through-out the film! The film-maker found a brilliant way to make the audience fall for the evil master-mind; imposing upon him the task of taking care of the 3 orphans.

Some jokes are a big success, while others are tired out gags that fall flat on their faces. Their isn't much focus on plot here, but , let's cut tot the chase, the only people who know how to mix plot with great emotional core is Pixar! (It goes without saying, anyways). In other words, don't walk into the theater expecting a masterpiece.)

Several people have enjoyed this film - including me- but I didn't find anything here worth of excessive praise. A kid sitting next to me kept on jumping in his seat,laughing hysterically; he truly enjoyed it and was captivated by it. I, perhaps, enjoyed watching the film succeed in making kids laugh rather than watching the film itself...
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Not Despicable Nor Evil, But Fluffy
TourettesPersonal6 September 2010
If you are a fan of animated movies, then this year is one of the best years of your life. "Despicable Me" is a movie that you can watch all over again without getting tired of it. It has many laughs, and memorable characters. The only problem of this movie is that the story is just simple but what makes this movie great besides the laughs is the heart. It is cute, entertaining, and amusing. Non-Pixar animated studios has finally know how to make a great animated movie.

The story is just simple it's not bad it's just simple that makes the movie feel short and small. But the runtime and scale doesn't matter. The important ingredient of animated movies are the jokes. The jokes were non-stop laughter especially the yellow minions. The characters are crazy looking (except Gru's daughters). The music sounded like James Bond music. Steve Carrel's voice acting works for Gru but the biggest prize goes to Russel Brand changing his voice for Dr. Nefario.

What makes "Despicable Me" special is the heart. The movie has plenty of heart and laughter. It's not the best animated movie of the year though. It's a nice adorable movie where both kids and adult will love. Will this be a classic? Almost.
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"Better than you think" animated feature.
Michael O'Keefe14 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Living up to the advertising buzz DESPICABLE ME is absolutely a hoot. Steve Carell voices Gru, a bumbling egotistical villain with life long plans of stealing the moon. Gru's personal weapons specialist Dr. Nefario(Russell Brand)creates a shrink-ray so the reflective orb can be shrunk and brought back to earth. But as Gru and his diminutive little yellow pill-shaped helpers called Minions can get the rocket assembled and ready for blast off...three little orphans Margo(Miranda Cosgrove), Agnes(Elsie Fisher)and Edith(Dana Gaier)enter his life. The biggest heist in the history of the world is ready to come about and the devious Gru discovers he has a heart with a soft spot.

I will probably never be a Carell fan, but stealing the show are the gibberish spouting Minions. After all they were a huge part of the movie's marketing campaign. Most of their voices were supplied by one Pierre Coffin. Also in support are the voices of: Jason Segel, Will Arnett, Rob Huebel and Chris Renaud. This film is heartwarming as it is humorous.
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kmhansen109 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a girl who loves kids movies. Especially recently. They have been done very well, so that adults (such as myself) can be thoroughly entertained. I take no children, just my close friends and we giggle like we are five years old again.

When I first saw a preview for Despicable Me, I was very on the fence... it looked like it could be borderline stupid, and I am very poor so I don't take a gamble on movies that look even borderline stupid to me. However, more previews came out and, like the rest of the world, I became obsessed over the cute yellow minions, and checked it out further. Upon seeing several of my favorite's among the voice talents of the movie, it became my mission to see this movie, ASAP. I found out that my town had a midnight showing of it, and me and my oh-so-giggly best friend went to see it. If you are anything like me, it will make you snort with laughter, aww at the cuteness, and even cry- out of laughter, happiness, and sadness. Steve Carell does a FANTASTIC job voicing Gru. The character goes through an apparent transformation because of the three little girls. Jason Segel's voice makes for a wonderful nerdy villain. Russel Brand plays an entirely different type of character than normal (of course I am basing his "normal" on Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek, in which he plays the same character, so there's not much to compare him to...) and it works for him.

As for the animation, this movie is DEFINITELY worthy of paying the extra 3D fee... I get mad when I pay more to see a movie in 3D and then there is hardly any out-of-the-screen action. Gru's nose, for one, is ALWAYS popping out of the frame when he is facing the audience. Arms pop out, faces, the tip of the rocket was out so far that my friend and I actually reached up to touch it. Absolutely fantastic 3D animation.

And if you have the capability, you should really download the Best Buy Movie Mode app for your iPhone or Android phone... the end credits feature the minions speaking incomprehensibly... but the app translates for you and there are some definitely quotable lines. My friend and I were the only ones cracking up during it because we were the only ones looking at it.

All in all, this was a fantastic movie. Definitely worth seeing. Twilight watch out, because your #1 Box Office Status is going away after this weekend... I can tell...
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Great Movie! LOVE 3d
cruisenbeaches8 June 2010
I was fortunate to get free tickets to see this movie in 3d over the weekend. I only went because it was free, I really was not excited, but it ended up surprising me and I really enjoyed it. The people I saw the movie with were from ages 6 to 31, male and female, and we ALL thought the movie was great!!

There was a lot of lol moments, the theatre was packed, and everyone in the audience seemed to enjoy themselves. The story was cute and enjoyable for children as well as adults. It had a good message too, which makes it worth your time to go see. I loved watching this film in 3d! I think the movie would be good without 3d, but if you are going to spend the money to watch it, spend the 3 extra dollars and see it in 3d. It was worth it.

This film is AWESOME and I would recommend it to everyone!!!
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Despicable Me is a wonderfully enjoyable yet totally forgettable animated feature from Universal Pictures.
PopcornJury12 January 2011
Despicable Me is a wonderfully enjoyable yet totally forgettable animated feature from Universal Pictures that follows an eerie criminal mastermind as he works to become the greatest, most despicable villain in the world. The film, starring the voice of Steve Carell as Gru, a criminal intent on executing the largest heist in the history of the world, is often funny, always entertaining, but unfortunately much more forgettable than the animated films it goes against (see Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon). Regardless, for young kids or an adult audience alike, it provides enough wonderful visuals and comedy to keep you fully competent for it's fast paced 95-minute run time.

Despicable Me opens and ends with Gru, an awkward individual dressed in all black with a pointy nose, bald head, skinny legs, and fat body. He, much like the other characters in the film, features characteristics that we don't often see in animated features. No one necessarily looks human, but in the age when apparently we're able to build shrink rays, spaceships, and squid launchers, who knows what mankind will look in the making.

When Gru meets Vector, the criminal most famous for stealing a pyramid in Egypt, the film immediately becomes a competition of criminal minds, a battle for the bigger idea, and a race to outwit the other individual. It's only when Gru adopts three young girls, originally planned as bait to outwit is sympathetic suitor, that the film goes from funny and action oriented to sappy and heartwarming.

There's absolutely nothing bad about Despicable Me from a film-making standpoint. I was very much impressed by the visuals, the design, and the overall flow of the script. I guess the reason the film was somewhat forgettable for me, is the fact that it was such a lighthearted piece of entertainment, with characters that exited my head just as easy as they entered into it. With films like Toy Story 3, we're brought back to our childhood with toys, muppets, and mascots that we remember from our yesteryears. With How to Train Your Dragon, we're transferred into a world of magical, mystical dragons. With Despicable Me, we're still in the States, but the inventions we're capable of coming up with are just a bit more complex.

Overall, I recommend Despicable Me for what it is, a lighthearted, funny, fantastic looking animated feature. Is it the best animated feature I've seen? No. But in the age of the Alpha & Omega's and the Alvin and the Chipmunks, trust me, you could do a whole lot worse.

Michael Buffa Editor, Popcorn Jury
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Cute, charming and touching without being too cheesy
KineticSeoul31 January 2011
This is a CGI movie for kids and adults, where the plot is mainly from a villain's point of view. Gru(Gru) who is the bad guy or as bad as these CGI movies for kids and adults go. The rivalry between the villains is done well and the jokes are clean and yet fun. All the little things that happen in the background is fun to watch as well and just about everything is played out very well. I also enjoyed the mischievous music that is constantly played in this movie. It's also cute, charming and touching at times without being too cheesy, the minions was also one of the best part about this movie.

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An entertaining animated film
DarkVulcan2911 July 2010
Gru(Steve Carell) is the most popular super villain out there, he looks like a cross between Lex Luther and Dr. Evil. He is at the top of his game, is planing is biggest heist to date, to steel a shrink ray, and get funding to build a rocket, fly into space, and shrink the moon, and steel it. With the help of his little yellow minions. But his plans quickly go awry, when another super villain wanna be named Vector(Jason Segel) steels the shrink ray from him, and just as Gru is smart, but Vector proves to be one step ahead of him. But he soon finds out that Vector has a weakness for cookies, when he sees three orphan girls sell him cookies. Gru decides to adopt the three girls, in hopes the will help him steel the shrink ray back, but will the plan go through?

The animation is almost up there with the shreks and the toy story's. This film was funny, Steve Carell is memorable as the voice of Gru, not just the voice, but the animators try to mimic Steve Carells style of comedy. Jason Segel is also good. Despicable Me is for the whole family.
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Good...(not brilliant)...but very good :D
FilmFanatic0316 October 2010
I love the concept of this film, how the viewpoint is of the villain and that conflict and battle of the egos' for the best villain title. But i think the film really kicked in when we are introduced to the cutest little orphan girls: Margo, Edith and Agnes (Agnes being the youngest and cutest) I loved the character development of Gru, who turns from failed villain to loving father and big softie. But sadly this film kept being interrupted by silly characters such as Vector (who just simply wasn't funny) and Dr. Nefario who was just a British idiot. But then when we are brought back to Gru's storyline which simply make the film what it is. So it did feel inconsistent, the storyline of Gru and the little kids is the best and i guess you can cope with the in between bits. Of course it's not as good as a PIXAR animation: because it didn't have that emotional depth as PIXAR does (it was emotional and sweet but thats it, nothing more) and a PIXAR film feels right and feels so nurtured by a group of enthusiastic artists and animators but this felt like just a good film. But putting that aside this is no doubt an enjoyable film, of course the little minions were cute, and there was some great character development in this film so i would say it's a good watch.
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OK for young children
newtonpost8 August 2010
Oh Dear! This is fine you children 8 and under. However, for anyone older the plot is highly predictable, the characterisation belaboured and most of the jokes purile in the extreme. Comparisons with similar recent offerings (UP, Toy Story 3, How to Tame your Dragon) are inevitable and DM does not compare well on any measure you care to use. Might be worth buying the DVD to keep young kids occupied for 90 minutes when it's raining, but there are far better animated films out there that will entertain you better and will be worth a second or third showing.

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