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The writers/director clearly have never owned a cat
FeastMode24 August 2022
Other headlines I thought about using are "Rooting for the lion" and simply "Idiots." This movie is so dumb. And this is coming from someone who frequently enjoys dumb stuff. I'm the target audience for this type of movie. Yet I couldn't stop noticing how dumb everything was.

And there is a variety of dumb. The most obvious are the idiots that fill this movie. It's staggering the amount of times a character does the worst possible thing. Don't get me started on the forced family drama. It made me want the lion to eat them.

But the parts that annoyed me the most have to do with the lion. The people who made this movie either did zero research on lions, or didn't care and assumed the audience is stupid. They hope you don't know that cats can see in the dark. Or that cats can smell their prey. Or that cats have a keen sense of hearing.

(Infomercial voice) And that's not all! This lion can almost fit its entire head under a car, but doesn't use his arm to reach. Cats can reach at least half the length of their body with their arm. Also, this lion has a thousand chances for killshots and decides not to take them.

This is turning into a rant, but I can't help it. Cats are lethal predators. Even little house cats HUNT AND DESTROY without mercy. This lion has to be the worst lion in the history of lions. Apparently this lion's weakness is small knives. Ugh. That would be like fighting a linebacker with a needle.

Why not take advantage of the R-rating? This is the perfect kind of movie to go extra bloody and violent. But it's so tame. Why did they CG the humans in scenes with CG lions? It's very noticeable. Why is this listed as horror? It's not scary.

In conclusion... terrible movie. I left the theater thinking 3 stars, but after writing this review, it's a 2. (1 viewing, UltraScreen 8/23/2022)
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I was fuming
AfricanBro19 August 2022
I had to rewrite this because the first one was more of a rant with spoilers. You know those moments someone attempts to be a hero and somebody else goes "you're either really brave, or really stupid", well this is full of the latter. All the main actors keep making the most illogical decisions and the beast hunting them's actions also didn't make sense. Somebody said the writers think we're stupid. Idris Elba deserves better than this, even he couldn't save it. The script sucked, tries to hold emotional weight at times but it either falls flat or feels forced, especially from the stubborn daughter. Camera work sucked too, it looked like it was filmed by a regular guy walking around with a camera, not a professional especially when following in tight spaces, it was unstable. At times, it's like those videos of a school fight and the person recording keeps moving around and it's just commotion. It also starts out like a horror and is full of jump scares, still deciding if that's a good thing or not. I however loved that they cast locals for this, because that "African accent" Hollywood likes to use bugs me because I've never met anyone who speaks like that; like some director in the 80's decided this is how we sound and Hollywood still oblivious to it years later. So points for the accent. But the movie's still not worth the watch, it's just a family with really bad survival instincts and I haven't been this infuriated during a movie in recent memory. One of those movies that makes you wanna reach into the screen and knock some sense into the characters.
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Sleep Mode Not Beast Mode. Rule #342 of Bad Movies: Kids In Survival/Disaster Films Are Totally Annoying!
RedandBlueBulldog24 August 2022
I had high hopes for this film. The trailer seems interesting enough. Idris Elba and Sharlto Copley are always good in their roles and here it's no different. This movie just doesn't have it. I wanted to like it. I tried so hard to like it, but ultimately it doesn't do its job. It doesn't strike fear into the hearts of men or anyone else for that matter. It does, however get on your last nerve. All because of the kids in this movie. It's always the kids. The kids, as in other films, get in the way. They distract. They do stupid stuff. They say stupid stuff at tense moments thus shattering said tension. As already stated, not even Elba or Copley can spiff this baby up. It's a mess.

You won't care about the family relations in this film.

You'll even feel sorry for this Lion. He has his reasons for this rampage and they're pretty solid reasons. So, go lion!

This could've been so much better.

The bear attack in The Revenant.

The gators in Crawl.

I'm not even going to bring Jaws into this.

Even the chimpanzee in Nope.

Much more realistic scenes of animals attacking humans.

A movie like this strongly depends on two things, belief in the characters and their love and connection to each other. And true terror from the creature involved.

This movie evokes neither.

Go see Nope instead.
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Feed the beast
eric-312-41747620 August 2022
Ridiculous, annoying actor/character actions will make you want to feed these people to the lion. Especially the older daughter. I've not been this annoyed by a character in a long time. I think we are supposed to feel for her plight and her fear but all I wanted to do was to make her shut up. Even before the lion came.

And then There are the contrivances that are necessary because had these characters had brains they wouldn't be in as much trouble. We are a step Ahead of every jump scare, every plot point, every action. It's as if the writer and director have never had an original thought.

I've never thought Cujo was a great movie but at least you wanted the people to survive.
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Cheap Rip Off of Another Savana Movie
arfdawg-113 August 2022
This is basically a very cheap poorly made movie of another film made a few years back concerning a family in Africa who get stranded adn stalked by a lion.


This is a blatant rip off!!

To add insult to injury it stinks to high heaven. Bad writing, really bad directing and idiotic.

Dont bother.
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Succinct in Sixteen
unclesamsavage21 August 2022
"Are you ok?", to Martin, mauled by a lion, clearly not ok. A cheap thrill waste.

Screenplay...................................... 0 / 10 Acting............................................... 3 Cinematography/VFX............................ 4 Sound............................................... 4 Editing................................................ 4 Music....................................................... 1 Timeless Utility................................... 0 Total.................................................... 16 / 70 (rounded to 2) Verdict................................................. Repulsive.
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I had no expectations going in but holy damn was that bad
nscoby9320 August 2022
There's not a lot of good here so let's get straight to what little is done right. The first act is what carries this film, it was so well done and entertaining. The scenery and establishing shots of the African landscape were beautiful it made me wish I was watching this film on a bigger screen. The introduction to these characters was fine enough, I was intrigued to learn more. Idris Elba was great he's a fine actor, his co-star Sharlto Copley was great in his supporting role they both had great chemistry. This first act culminates in a fantastic scene where this village is massacred, it made for some great tension some horrific scenery.

Unfortunately after the entertaining first act this film just takes a massive dive, the amount of disbelief and the sheer stupidity of these characters was just astounding. Nate's daughters (Idris Elba) are absolutely inept, making the most ridiculous and downright idiotic choices. I can't count how many times I rolled my eyes saying "why would you do that?" And I know I wasn't alone in that as my fellow audience members made their displeasure known.

Like I said I had no expectations but because of how good that first act was it actually had me excited for the rest of the film. The quality of the last two acts was so bad that it felt like this film was directed by two different directors who didn't agree artistically. The lion cgi was passable, I've seen better but I've also seen worse.

The story is whatever, a subplot with Nate's wife that I did not care about, family drama was annoying and just not done well. The scenes shot at night were terrible I couldn't see a thing, I don't know if that was a style choice or poor lighting but either way it was bad. This was just a bad film and the more I think about it the worse it gets.

Disappointing drama, thriller that had some great potential but went down hill so quick. If you must watch this film then wait to rent it when it's streaming and prepare to turn your brain off completely.

IMDb: 3/10 Letterboxd: 2/5

Watched in Theaters.
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Ehhh.. No
ALHanoofH11 August 2022

The storyline and dialogue was very dull and predictable.. so many illogical scenes that would make you laugh!

Skip this one for sure and you're welcome.
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Cheap thrills
shweta-5165718 August 2022
I know when the trailer came out, we were all thinking of the GOOD 90s flick with lions in it, but, sorry, this is not The Ghost and the Darkness.

While this isnt in the same league, I am going to be honest and say I really enjoyed it. Its pretty entertaining, decent cinematography, good background music, half way decent jumpscares and thrilling scenes, overall I got a good evening out of it.

Just leave your brains out the door, because you have Mr. Idris Elba try and literally punch a lion in this film.

So fair warning, its a popcorn film, but a decent one in that. 3.5/5.
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Off, this hurts!
atmegh15 August 2022
Why isn't Idris Elba getting better roles? He's better than this nonsense!

I adore him and don't want to see him on crappy roles; I don't want to waste time watching him in these silly films.

Does anyone know why he's not getting better parts or a good star vehicle? I need to know!
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terrejolly25 August 2022
Seriously, this was hilarious, unfortunately, I don't think that's intentional. When a lion is preying, don't get out of the fu$&ing car! Or leave the windows open. Or argue about a carriage ride from last year.

This movie is an insult to the intelligence of lions and to the audience. I'm embarrassed for Idris Alba, this is a pathetic mess. And the two teenagers in the movie must be related to the producers, neither was even convincing as petulant teenage girls. I honestly was rooting for the lion to take me out of the misery of watching.

But, just like a train wreck, it's hard to stop watching.
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An African survival safari with Idris Elba and a bloodthirsty lion.
movieman6-413-92951014 August 2022
Beast is a new survival thriller directed by Baltasar Kormákur, the director of 2 Guns and Everest.

The film is about Dr. Nate Daniels (Idris Elba), who, after the death of his ex-wife, takes his daughters to the South African savannah to the place where he met his ex. They are accompanied here by Nate's friend Martin Battles (Sharlto Copley), who often leads safaris for tourists.

During the safari, Martin learns that something is wrong and learns that a bloodthirsty lion has attacked the local village and killed most of the inhabitants. When they come into contact with this lion, they are quickly seen as his new prey. Now they must hide in the safari jeep and the lion survive its attacks until help arrives. Otherwise, they have to find a safe way on their own before coming face to face with the brutal lion.

With the 2015 film Everest, Baltasar Kormákur also tried to make a survival thriller about people who tried to reach the top with the cold temperatures around Mount Everest. He had made that film a bit too big with too long a running time, so you had to go through the preparations of the mountaineers for about the first half of the film before they even started climbing the mountain. He provided some long-winded moments in this film.

With his new film Beast, with a shorter running time, he presents a more exciting survival thriller about a family that has to survive in the warm savannah while they are constantly attacked by a lion. Survival thrillers about lions have become more popular since the film The Ghost and The Darkness, but with films such as Prey from 2016 or Rogue from 2020, due to lesser storylines or visual effects, they have always been difficult to succeed. Despite the fact that Beast has a simple story with the accompanying clichés from survival thrillers and also has nice, but not always the most believable visual effects, they still manage to provide an entertaining and exciting survival thriller.

Idris Elba manages to carry the film well as the main character, who tries to improve the bond with his estranged daughters after a tragic experience. Iyana Halley and Leah Jeffries also know how to portray the two daughters in an appropriate way. One does have more acting experience than the other, but this is also due to the standard story of the film. It is also nice to see the South African actor Sharlto Copley in this film as a South African safari guide, who knows the areas and animals well.

Beautifully shot in the real African savannah, the film shows beautiful images of these landscapes and of the different animal species that live here. This way the film can come across as if you are really on a safari in the African savannah and you will also learn the necessary information about these areas and animal species. The film also responds somewhat to the current problems of the African natural landscapes and the different animal species that live here. So they try to draw some attention to this.
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What a waste of money
jit-236979 September 2022
When this was advertised I was so excited because of idris. Boy was I disappointed Stay in car - don't listen and get out of car in the wild knowing something is out there Lion attacking car so just stick your legs out but your okay after he's bitten you.

Girls go out for a walk in the wilderness, OMG can't take it anymore had to switch off 40 minutes into film Acting is awful Car almost hanging off cliff but it's okay to get out as normal Why oh why was this made, thank god I didn't go to the cinema to watch this absolutely awful, Nora and mare why do you want to go into acting its not for you BORING BORING BORING, YAWN YAWN YAWN.

Idris you are better than this.
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A rolleye fest
foxtografo9 October 2022
This movie (the script) suffers of high levels of stupidity. Everyone and everything in it.

It's unbelievable that something like this (the script) can get approved to be filmed. Incredible.

I've worked in little short films and the amount of people reading and making changes to improve a script on something that's not going to make any money is astonishing. It's almost sad that these people have the resources to film and get someone like Elba on their movie and they can't write (the very first and basic step of a movie) something decent.

To stop the rant and resume, there is a lot of stupid people making always the worst choice in situations (that even if extreme) where the choice is so obvious.

Even the animals are stupid or don't make sense! Don't have to be an expert to know that these animals have enhanced smell and night sight! Come on!!!

There's a lot of annoying and forced family drama that just adds up to the eye rolling.

There are two little brats that even if they do two good things in the whole movie (I think it was two, but not out of good common sense), will be a teenager annoyance the whole way. Barf!

That's pretty much it, if there's no story, no characters, what's there? The setting was what attracted me, but I honestly didn't feel anything looked great, as a photographer, I wasn't impressed one time.

An clear example of what's needed is talent, not money. I hope these guys give the money to charity next time, it'll be better used.
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martinrobertson3004828 September 2022
"Beast" for the most part is "Cujo." But with a CGI lion in place of that creepy St Bernard dog. Still, the movie looked good. Especially with Idris Elba at the helm.

The effects are really the best part of the movie. CGI can go either way, but the lions do look really good. Probably helped by alot of the movie taking place at night. Which always improves the seemlessnese of CGI.

The story however is pretty straight forward, and what really let's the movie down is the characters. Like alot of these survival movies, alot of what the characters do in thier dangerous situation is just pure stupid. Making alot of noise when there's a killer lion around, going off by yourself when it's out there looking for you, and walking through waste high water when there are lions and crocodiles and everything everywhere are the best examples.
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lnatoli21 August 2022
Never written a review before, but a day after watching this I wish I could get my money back! This is an assault on the film it was put on. Everything about this movie is ridiculous and an assault on my brain. What a waste of Idris. Laughable.
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The Ghost and The Darkness... not
kaintrust14 August 2022
Up to this day The Ghost and The Darkness is the top movie for me for lion survival movies. What made it so great was the story itself. 2 male lion made a bloodbath in their era.

There was no option for me to compare each other. This movie is not based on real story like The Ghost and The Darkness but still it is dull. I really like Idris Elba's acting in general but even he couldnt save it and in fact he kind of underplayed his role. CGI lion was like a kitten, that made me think all the budget went to Idris and they made the CGI lion whatever left from the budget.
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B Movie at best - and that's generous
MordonDancer20 August 2022
Just came out from seeing this and regret the time I wasted being in there. Did consider leaving a couple of times.

Awful story, weak plot, poor CGI with obvious flaws in the movie throughout. What Lion can't smell blood when the person is straight above you?

I won't say more as that'll put me into spolier territory. Do yourself a favour and give this one a miss.

What on earth was Idris doing signing up for this? He must have needed the money or something?
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My worst nightmare
jtindahouse14 September 2022
Experiencing this movie would be a living hell for me. Give me a serial killer chasing me over this any day of the week. When your only escape from a lion is to wade deep into an African swamp that you've recently seen crocodiles and snakes plunge into, kill me now Mr Lion. This movie was a fun ride.

At first I was a little worried the children were going to annoy me. Their introductions were quite annoying. They seemed like bratty teenagers. But as the film went along they mellowed out and actually became a decent addition to the film.

The lion in this movie is constructed very much like any other horror movie villain. It can be heard from miles away when it needs to be, and yet it can also sneak up on people out of nowhere and just appear. It's an elite hunter when it needs to be, however when the main family are the ones in danger it becomes completely clueless and can't see/smell them from a metre above its head. It can be quite frustrating to watch at times.

The CGI on animals doesn't seem to have been perfected yet. I guess it's because we've all seen so many animals in our lives that we know exactly how they should look. The lions in this movie do look disappointingly fake though it has to be said.

'Beast' was a decent watch. It's a fairly safe film for the most part, but it doesn't overstay its welcome and it's reasonably entertaining for the majority of the 90 minutes. 7/10.
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A beast is coming!
jp_9116 August 2022
"Beast" is an interesting horror and suspense movie, although its script is not new, it works well in terms of entertainment, as well as including a successful social criticism (something typical in natural horror films). The performances are well done, they convince and you feel concerned about the protagonists. The cinematography is a great success, being fully exploited in the filming locations. A very noticeable flaw is that the computer generated effects look too obvious on several occasions, detracting from the realistic factor. An entertaining movie with no pretensions.
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Another solidly (albeit cliche) crafted creature feature with great performances and safari scenery.
tresm8712 August 2022
Seems like the creature feature genre has been bolstered of late in the last 5 years or so. Sure we will always have shark attack, godzilla, and kong films but it's nice to see a return to other beasts of a different breed for the thriller genre. We had these by the dozen in the 80s and 90s, so films like Crawl and Beast are a great throwback imo.

Idris Elba was a perfect choice for this particular setting and circumstance and shows great versatility and intensity once again. The safari dangers are out on full display with supreme environmental effectiveness. Sharlto Copley is once again one of the most underrated actors around and adds a great element to the overall product. The cgi is standard but it does the trick. Plotting is definitely by the numbers but that's to be expected.

Overall it's a solid offering in the creature feature genre that doesn't break any new ground but is none the less a fun ride.
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Perfectly entertaining for what it is
ethanbresnett8 September 2022
Beast doesn't really offer up many surprises. There's a rogue bloodthirsty lion chasing Idris Elba and his family through the wilds of South Africa. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea then this film won't be for you, as there is no depth or complexity beyond this simple premise.

Simple is not meant as a slight however. Simple and effective I would say of this film. There is a decent amount of tension, an engaging performance from Elba, and some gorgeous shots of the African landscape. The pacing is pretty spot on too, which is a huge relief in a film like this, where there can be a tendency for things to drag.

One of my big pet peeves, and it's a common pitfall of this genre, is for characters to commit truly bonkers and frustrating acts which are very annoying to watch. "Stay in the car". Character proceeds to inexplicably leave the car for no reason etc etc. When a murderous lion is on a rampage there's no need to force tension through moronic character decisions, and there are too many examples of this in Beast. These cheap ways of creating tension do weaken the overall experience and make it hard to warm to the characters in some ways.

There are definitely better films out there in this genre, such as Crawl or The Shallows, but Beast does a pretty solid job of creating a tense experience, even if it never quite manages to truly excite.
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Old School Action Drama
zameerpro15 August 2022
Beast isn't highbrow cinema at all. The movie knows the kind of film it is and then goes and tries to elevate it by coming up with really solid technical proficiency and great acting. The movie is just 90 minutes long, so it knows that it shouldn't overstay its welcome. The ending might come off as a bit underwhelming thanks to its abrupt nature. However, the film is great entertainment and everybody should give it a chance when in the mood for a simple and straight-to-the-point kind of movie.
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Its no Ghost &the Darkness
QueenoftheGoons14 November 2022
I was hoping this was a loose remake to ghost 7 the darkness though that movie will never be beat. It seems lions are just as stupid as deer. Just stand there while they are killed. Should be more rogue animals to put us in our place. The movie was a bit slow. I like Idris he did very well. The kids were annoying and annoying to the point you cringed every time one of the brats opened its mouth. The kids were total brats. Annoying. But like all animal beastie films its just an animal. At the end of the day that's all it is. We are still at the top of the food chain. Animals still fear fire and still can't use a gun.
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Good Survival Thriller
Joshumms21 August 2022
Kind of a surprise for me. The 3 best things about this movie is Idris Elba's acting, the thrills, and the cinematography. While the characters are all basic this is still a very well done survival horror thriller.
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