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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman are seen under the sheets, presumably nude. However, nothing is shown below the shoulders.
  • A man kisses a women
  • Men watch exotic dancers in a bar. There's no nudity.
  • Really nothing to worry about in this category. The only reason the film is rated R is language, and violence. The sex in this film is PG-13 type stuff.

Violence & Gore

  • A man stands in front of the famous Hollywoodland sign at night and forces another man to watch as another man is chained between two cars headed in different directions and when the cars drive away, the victim is torn in half at the waist in a long shot that shows some blood; we hear the victim scream as he dies and two growling coyotes sniff around and lick the dead man's crumpled corpse (we see a little blood) as the first man tells the other men to go back East, tell everyone what you just saw, and never return.
  • A man shouts and stomps his feet throughout the film as he threatens his cohorts with death: in one scene, he tells them to stop police interference and to "Kill them all. Kill their families, their kids, their friends, their dogs, their cats" and orders two thugs to be killed with beatings that we see as they begin on screen and end off screen with screams (we see blood splattered on walls and reflected in a blurred mirror); in another scene, a man switches on a 2-foot long drill and moves off screen to drill a thug in the face and head (we see a shadow of this in a broken mosaic mirror).
  • Three men walk into the back yard of a man's home at night and demand to see a woman in his house: the man says she is gone and knocks out two of the men with punches as they run at him but the other man shoots him in the stomach and we see a bloody wound as he falls into a swimming pool (we see him from inside the pool floating face down with his eyes open); the other man shoots him in the back of the head from above and the water turns red with blood.
  • We see a shootout in a hotel lobby with loud Tommy gun fire and thousands of bullet casings, blazing gun muzzles and flying shrapnel (some is in slow motion close-up); one shot goes through a man's face and head to splatter a large red mass onto a marble wall as the man falls out of the frame, several other men fall dead with a little blood around chest wounds, and bullets demolish a large Christmas tree and boxed gifts as well as some ornaments bursting toward the camera lens in slow motion.
  • A shootout in front of a nightclub destroys several cars, there are several men with bloody wounds, and kills a teen boy with a large bloody wound to the shoulder and chest (the boy dies in the arms of a crying man); a detective walks into the club, draws a pistol and aims it at a crime boss, but another man grabs and tosses the cop into the men's room and tells him to go home.
  • A shootout occurs as young boys throw lighted firecrackers, adding to the sparks and noise, and a laundry truck parks at a curb and gasoline is released into a puddle underneath until a man tosses a burning cigarette into the puddle to create a flaming explosion that knocks several men to the ground; one man dies as a woman cries over him in the street and Tommy gun fire breaks out in a prolonged fight scene and several men fall dead, with some blood showing around wounds.
  • During an extended car chase Tommy guns and handguns are fired between vehicles, with cars attempting to run one another off the road, a rocket launcher shoots grenades into several cars filled with men, blowing off fenders and doors and exploding one car in flames and smoke as it flips toward the camera; one vehicle falls into a deep ditch, police officers pull the two men inside to the ground and shoot them in the legs, telling them to retire from dealing heroin.
  • In a bar a man puts his hand against a wall and a second man throws a knife into it, drawing blood and pinning it to the wall; the first man shouts in pain and a police officer sarcastically tells him to pull the knife straight out so as to do as little damage as possible.
  • A man in an elevator fights three men, dropping them all to the floor; he enters a hotel room and fights three more men (all of their faces are bloodied by punches) and he frees a woman closed up in a Murphy bed in the wall.
  • Throughout the film, several scenes include gunfights between police and gangsters, with fistfights, kicking, grappling, razors flashing, knives thrown into men's chests leaving bloody wounds and significant lengthy rounds of Tommy gun and handgun fire; we see blood and gore as men fall dead on sidewalks and the steps of hotels and office buildings after shootings, one man is strangled in close-up with a garrote and falls dead and another man is slammed in the head and gut with a lead pipe and falls off screen before we can see the damage.
  • Outside a hotel, gangsters and undercover police officers shoot one another with Tommy guns, destroying several cars and killing several of them with a little blood spilled, an officer calls out, "Light 'em up" to begin additional shooting and an officer jumps onto the back of a car carrying a crime boss and shoots the driver, who drives into a fountain and is then shot dead by another police officer.
  • Two men fight bare handed and both suffer extremely bloodied faces before one man knocks the other man to the ground after driving his face through a car window and driving a fist into his face a dozen times (we see the battered man with a bloodied, swollen, poorly stitched face as he receives a mug shot and we hear that he went to Alcatraz).
  • Hooded men break into a man's home and use guns with silencers to shoot and kill the man, his wife and his maid, who all fall motionless to the floor.
  • In a public lunchroom, two men approach another man and a woman at a table; the man stands up, knocks both of the other men out, takes a bottle of acid from one of them and pours it onto the man's clothed crotch, which we see burn with smoke as the victim screams, "You'll get yours!"
  • Three men are locked into an elevator by their boss and we see a wall of flame shoot up the elevator shaft and hear screams as the camera cuts to a street scene.
  • A woman goes into a room expecting to attend an audition but she is instead slapped, forcibly thrown onto a bed, held down and threatened with gang rape by three man; another man comes and interrupts them.
  • A plainclothes police officer questions an informant on the street, twisting the man's arm and hand until blood appears on one finger.
  • Undercover police officers are arrested by a sheriff and break out of their holding cell amid a lot of gunfire and fist fighting (several men suffer bloodied and bruised faces); the next day, the officers practice shooting at a desert shooting range, firing a lot of ammunition.
  • Two detectives argue briefly and one punches the other in the eye, cutting it, with a little blood showing.
  • Undercover police break into the back room of a nightclub where a telephone gambling operation was underway, shooting up the phones and knocking guards and other men unconscious.


  • Around 21 fucks, 9 sons of bitches, 7 asses, 5 shits, 5 whores, and 1 each of bitch, pussy, and cunt

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several scenes in policemen drink alcoholic beverages in several scenes; at home, in hotel rooms, during card games, and particularly in nightclubs.
  • Several scenes also have men and women lighting and smoking cigarettes (at home and on the street, in restaurants and cafes, in nightclubs, outside theaters, in offices, in hotel lobbies and hotel rooms, in elevators, at a cookout and in automobiles.)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film has some graphic violence. Not for those who are easily upset by blood, or implied pain of an intense nature.
  • There is a scene in which a teenage boy is accidentally shot and killed by gangsters during an attempted hit, which can be disturbing, especially to those who are especially empathetic towards younger folks.
  • The film contains lots of scenes in which a lot of guns are fired at once resulting in several casualties at a time, and the shots are usually somewhat graphic, despite usually being to the chest or head.
  • A house containing a pregnant woman is shot at from a moving car with machine guns, which can be disturbing (with it's implications of possibly killing an unborn child).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Men execute a drive-by shooting at a woman's home, filling it with bullet holes as she rolls out of bed and crawls to the bathroom; her husband rushes in later to find a trail of blood and finds his wife safe in the tub with their baby, which was born during the attack (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) and the next morning's newspaper headline includes: MOB MASSACRE.

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