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Sex and the city,.... for men!
iemand-anders116 August 2010
I laugh at many of the hate comments as what the hell did they expect? a romantic comedy? award winning performances? deep dialogues? Freudian complex character study?

common give me a break!!! from the start you should know this is all about guns,explosives and one liners from start to finish and homage to silly 80's and 90's action flicks. and this is simply exactly what you get!!

while i will never understand what most woman think so great about sex and the city( fashion? shoes? what the hell?)

so this is for men/boys who will be thrilled to see their old heroes from back in the days once more on screen kicking everybody's ass! (and no, i can appreciate intellectual and deep movies, but it often simply comes down with having the right expectations)
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I enjoyed this movie
MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
A novelty film, the novelty being seeing all of these great action stars together in one big action film. Unfortunately, most of them are past their prime, and it's hard to share the spotlight. The action is great, but it just isn't enough to carry the film this time. The characters and plot just aren't developed enough.
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Too much testosterone!
TheCinemassacre13 August 2010
Tough guys. Always going on suicidal missions. Threatened by bullets and blades. Running from explosions. Best friends waging wars. Nearly killing each other, then going to the bar later to laugh about it. Director and star, Sylvester Stallone, gets all his best men together to kick as much ass as humanly possible, allowing himself a severe beating from Steve Austin. Sly took a serious neck injury. Then he goes in front of a Comic Con audience and jokes about it. A man whose Double-"R" franchises, Rocky and Rambo have both been highly successful. But he keeps coming back for more pain and putting his body on the line for the sake of entertainment. There's nothing tougher than that!

The Expendables is a movie that lifts you up out of your seat, pats you on the head, gives you a lollipop then smashes you in the frickin' face! With a cast like Jason Stathum, Randy Couture, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Dolph "I Must Break You" Lundgren, and cameos from Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, you'd think it would be one crazy mess. Surprisingly, it's more focused then you may think. Just a straight-forward action movie with a reasonable run time that sustains itself and never has a chance to feel dull. It doesn't try to be anything more than what it is.

The only negative: Some of the blood and explosions looked digital. Wish it could have been just a bit more authentic. Sometimes, there was a tad too many closeups during the fight scenes. With so many people fighting at the same time, sometimes I couldn't tell who was punching who. It didn't happen very often, but how cool would it be just for one moment to see three simultaneous fights from a super wide master shot? Never, but I can't blame them. At least let the cameras pull back and allow the choreography to do the work.

It feels nice to get my ass kicked by something I haven't seen yet. It's not Rambo. It's not Rocky. Nor is it another Die Hard or Terminator sequel. It's something fresh, yet feels like it came out of the 80's. It has the perfect blend of humor, blood, sweat, smart-ass comebacks, witty one-liners, and an overabundance of testosterone! Don't expect anything more than action, exposition, action, exposition, all with a nice cherry on top… with sprinkles… and grenades. And some real tough guys. We all wish we could be tough guys. But no, let's just watch'em instead.
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Big action balls!!!
Mash-the-stampede14 September 2010
So I guess with any film review - it's all about the answers to the important questions. So let's get them out of the way first shall we?

Q) Is the plot descent, with a substantial storyline including dramatic arcs, twists and/or turns?

A) Not particularly.

Q) Are there character arcs and meaningful character developments?

A) A little.

Q) Is there romance?

A) Next question, please.

Q) Is the overall film original?

A) Not at all.

Q) Is it a likely Oscar nomination contender?

A) Hell no!

Q) Is it still awesome?

A) HELL YES!!!!!

Critics should be banned from reviewing films such as these. Anyone with half a brain can tell exactly what kind of film this is and what they're in for purely by the film's trailer alone.

This is a film made for action movie fans and not just regular action movies - I mean REAL action films in the style of the classic 80's action movies where plot and substantial character developments and dialogue took a backseat to intense over-the-top violence, explosions, car chases, sex scenes and catchy, memorable one liners!

The 80's action hero (and villain) breed was a rare phenomenon which will likely die with those very actors who gave them life. No 90's or new millennium "action" movie star will ever come close to being anywhere near as genuinely tough and just plain bad-arse as their 80's predecessor's! Even now with the main 'Expendables' cast pushing 60 +, you know that they would snap Matt Damon's spine in 2 with one hand tied behind their backs!

The 'Expendables' cast consists of Sly Stallone as the fearless leader of the team, Jason (Basketball stabber) Statham as the trusty knife-throwing sidekick, Dolph Lundgren as the treacherous giant one, Jet-Li as the small one, Terry Chews as Wesley Snipes, Mickey Rourke as the tattoo/previous knife-throwing sidekick and Randy Couter as the "who the hell is this guy, oh he's a UFC fighter" guy.

I still can't believe the unbelievable shape these guys are in! They're giants (exception for Jet-li of course).

Still, despite it's 80's throw-back appeal - the film isn't all action. Believe it or not there are slow parts. Mostly unnecessary filler between the action scenes. However the third act of the film makes up for the lack of action and then some!

It's when this third act commences when the true action film we've been waiting to see kicks in and steps up several notches to become the manliest most testosterone-fueled film since the last 'Rambo'!

It's funny, it's loud, it's un-relentlessly violent, an action-packed no-brainer of a film! An 80's action movie fan's wet-dream!!!

Bring on the sequel/s and bring on Jean-Claude Van Damme so he can give Statham the butt-kicking he so desperately deserves!!!
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They don't get much more explosive than this!
yellowbuket1014 August 2010
The expectation for this film is obviously very high with one of the best action hero line ups (if not the best) in cinematic history. So I went into this film with a little trepidation and a lot of anticipation. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. This was a high octane, unbelievably explosive, funny, blood thirsty, proper action movie! This film would not have been out of place in the 80s, but manages to fit into the market of today's cinematic action experience. It is easily much more graphic and gory than most modern day action films, but this adds to the film and creates a degree of realism. Let's face it; if you go around killing people it isn't going to be pretty! This film did what it needed to do, it wasn't afraid to contain blood, guts and violence for the sake of an age restriction but also wasn't overly ridiculous. After all most of the people who will watch this film grew up watching the classic action films of the 80s and 90s and are old enough for a bit of gore.

The plot is not that original, but it doesn't need to be, nor was it expected to be. The cast, goes without saying, was fantastic. What could have been a disaster of conflicting egos ended up being a believable team of mercenaries where banter is rife and keeping each other alive is their number one priority. Stallone can give himself a big pat on the back for getting so many iconic actors onto the screen together and actually making it work. Though the much hyped cameo of two particular people was short lived, it was hilarious and I think a great moment in cinema.

This was a great film that keeps you glued to your seat, constantly makes you gasp and laugh out loud and leaves you pumping with adrenaline. It was ridiculous and wonderful all at the same time, with more bullets and bombs than Rambo and more fighting than Rocky. This is a must see film for any movie buff or action hero wannabe. It is certainly not for the faint hearted, or for kids, but for any true action movie lover this is the ultimate manly film.

Sylvester Stallone, NICE JOB!
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Ok. Overrated Action Movie
pawanpunjabithewriter22 September 2020
I had expectations from this movie, and it didn't deliver a penny. So much action, so much explosion, sometimes good, sometimes unnecessary, but do we need only that in a Movie? What about the story? The story is highly predictable with not much to offer. It's just the action scenes that keep you in awe, but wait, that's not enough right? I don't understand why is it unnecessarily made so dark, gloomy and depressing in the middle? The emotions during the halfway point has no meaning. I do not recommend this movie. Plus it's highly overrated. Trailer was better, movie was worse.
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Big_River7 September 2012
A typical action movie that checks all of the action movie boxes. Lots of explosions, shootings, killings and unrealistic fight scenes.

It's great to see all of the dinosaurs from the 80's team up with each other. Stallone looked convincing as the main guy but it's the youth of Jason Statham that delivers the adrenalin in this movie. I would've liked to have seen more from Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their roles were far too short for the amount of action experience they have. Steve Austin is the only person that was miscast. Personally, I think that this movie would have been better without him.

I got what I expected and if you like action will definitely like "The Expendables".
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Everything an Action Movie should be, times 2!
kezopster13 August 2010
Get ready to cheer. Be ready to laugh. Be ready to be amazed with wonderful, live action fighting scenes using everything from fists, to blades, to guns. I don't know how this movie avoided being cheesy, but darn it, it did! Mindless explosions? Not really. Excessive? Again, not really. I hate the sort of climax usually seen in an action movie where the pyrotechnics are the show. I want to see the actors/stunt-men doing their thing. I want to see people. I can see fireworks on the Fourth of July. (Though, trust me, there ARE fireworks in this movie, too.) The balancing of this many stars is incredible and pulled off remarkably well. When Sylvester Stallone made his final Rocky movie (Rocky Balboa), he said he did it as a "thank you" to the fans. Maybe that was the idea behind this one, too, though I heard a quote from somewhere that after seeing wimpy Tobey Maguire as "Spiderman" full of CGI and a stuffed/padded suit, he realized action heroes like himself were, well, expendable.

This is fantasy baseball and fantasy rock-n-roll camp for adults all rolled into a wonderful action flick with enough of a plot to give the characters motivation for their action. A deep plot? Heck no. A predictable plot? Certainly. But trust me, if you thought you've seen it all before, you have yet to see "The Expendables." Thank you Mr. Stallone!
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People get shot with bullets, from guns, and die as a result.
matt-soulliere28 July 2010
If you aren't sure what to expect going into this think Rambo, only there are five Rambos instead of just one, and two of them know karate.

If you do have high expectations going in (as I did), you will start to wonder if perhaps this movie isn't going to be what you were expecting as you watch it. The first hour gives you the two 'big' cameos, which weren't worth the hype (or any hype for that matter), and an out of place Mickey Rourke emotional moment but not much else.

The real payoff comes in the last half hour or so of the movie which is a beautiful symphony of mindless violence, and more than makes up for the beginning.

Overall the movie seemed a little rushed as far as the story goes and I won't be surprised to see a extended cut when this comes out on DVD but it is a solid action movie and worth the watch. And hats off to Randy Couture who actually steals the movie a little bit during the big action scene at the end.
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Thank you Stallone, thank you
RockyBalboaV7 August 2010
Wow.. this movie was very good. I have been looking forward to this movie for over a year and it did not disappoint me. Yes the story is not the best. But that's OK because you don't need a 'very' good story line as long as the movie is entertaining as hell. The acting could have been better but its still good acting. This movie has action, funny moments,intense moments, insane violence just anything you want in an action movie! Most Critics are giving this film negative reviews on but this movie is mostly for the fans. Bottom line very good action packed action movie thats brings back the memories of the 80's. Stallone, Statham, Li, Couture, Crews, Lundgren, Austin, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Rourke, the gang is here!

Very nice work Stallone!
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"Makes Michael Bay look like Bergman"
reinbo14 August 2010
Awesome action picture in the line of Rambo 4. This movie is really loud!

If you are a fan of big macho action cinema as it was like in the '80s, you will not be disappointment. I liked all the characters, especially the ones played by Lundgren en Rouke. It also hods Stratham's finest performance, who plays the lead next to Sly.

I was a bit disappointed with the scene with the 'big three'. That scene was quite boring and Arnold looked really old. I guess they did not have time to make more out of it.

Back to the movie. It has some great action scenes. The one with the plane bombing the hell out of the village in the beginning is an instant classic. Last half an hour it goes completely insane when everybody is fighting everybody and the rest gets blown to pieces.

Greatest action movie so far. Stallone did it again 25 years after Rambo 2, he completely blew me out of my seat. 10/10
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Action movie at its best!
redp13 August 2010
Action movie at its best! Everyone who enjoys action movie should watch it in the movie theatre. It's loud! It's fun! It's explosive! You don't see this kind of action flick anymore because Hollywood is trying to be smart and thrilling. Every movie has to have a surprise ending these days. In this one, you are guaranteed to see bullets flying, blood splashing, torso blowing off, body chopping up and wicked kicking. Big guns and big knives, just a little bit women, perfect though. Too much would make the guys soft. This one, using what critics like to call, is SLAM BANG kind of FUN! After it comes out on BluRay, buy it or rent it with a group of buddies, makes a fun afternoon. And surprisingly, the acting is quite good. The casts are just perfect. And so are the fighting match ups.
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There's still some gas in the tank
MoronUnited12 August 2010
To put it bluntly, this is greatest action movie in ages. Sly has crafted a movie that is a perfect blend of story, comedy, and action that work together to keep the viewers locked in for the ride. It's a kind of action movie that has not been seen in decades, in that it's not about cramming explosions into a 90 minute block, rather telling an exciting story that involves characters you care about. The story is gripping and moving, the comedy is spot-on and releases tension, and the action, well....

When you buy a ticket to The Expendables, you are essentially paying to have your balls thrown into a blender. People are literally blown in half with rocket launchers, limbs and heads fly everywhere, and bullets fly across the screen in unfathomable quantities.

Sylvester Stallone is a living legend and seeing him in an 80's style action flick is is a real treat. Dolph Lundgren is absolutely fantastic and this movie proves he should bring his straight-to-video action releases to the big screen. Jet Li's swift kicks and beautiful fighting techniques are stunning and Jason Statham shows that he truly is among the last remaining classic-style action stars. Steve Austin, Randy Coture, Terry Crews......all turn in great performances as well. And got to mention, the Stallone/Willis/Schwarzenegger scene? It delivers.

Wrap all this up and you get an action movie that is so 80's that it hurts. The movie flows perfectly, the action hits harder than anything out there today, and the characters are all well developed. By far the most satisfying movie in ages, The Expendables is the return of a genre lost in time, and I couldn't be happier.
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Sly's time machine. Lets go back to the 80's!!
supertom-39 August 2010
Ever since the film was first announced, way back in November 2008, Stallone's action ensemble spectacular, The Expendables, has been in the forefront of every genre fans mind since. Starting with the triple casting of Stallone, Statham and Li, it was awesome enough. Then add Lundgren, Rourke, Austin, Couture, Gary Daniels and Eric Roberts, and it sent fans into delirium. Then throw in a dash of Bruce Willis and Ahnuld Schwarzenegger, and bed sheets in explosive action movie poster adorned bedrooms around the world, were soiled! So after a year and a half plus, of waiting, does it deliver? Yes! The plot is kept very simple. There's no real surprise in the film, but fans aren't here for storyline. Better too simple, than to make things too bogged down in convoluted sub-plot. Sly leads his team of good guys, against Eric Roberts team of bad guys. The mission goes wrong at first, leading to the capture of the beautiful Sandra, a native who acts as contact for Sly's band of mercs at the mission locale. Sly decides it's in his best interests to go back on perhaps a suicide mission, to try and save the girl. His team join him for the last harruh.

The film is short and loaded with characters. As such there's not too much development on any of them, especially peripheral roles. Stallone is the glue that holds the film together. Sly has great chemistry with everyone here. There's a sense of vulnerability about Barney Ross, and a sense of personal struggle here. Stallone's hound dog eyes bringing the soul of the character through, despite little in the writing, or the mumbled dialogue that suggests it. Statham as Lee Christmas is also solid. His arc comes from a somewhat needless subplot with his on-off girl friend. That extends to little more than him coming back one day to find she has a new boyfriend, and then coming back later to find new boyfriend, has smacked her around. It's Frank Martin again in truth, with the deep raspy drawl and erratic Brit-American accent shift again in evidence. But I don't care, because Statham is badass and that's what counts. He's got presence. Jet Li seems utterly redundant in the film though. Serving little purpose and given no dimension.

The characters, with limited arcs devoted to each, mean that the more theatrical roles stand out. Mickey Rourkes brief appearance is excellent as Tool, a former Expendable. Mickey gets to swoop in and steal all his scenes, and none more so than his monologue, that in part provides Ross a catalyst to risk it all to save Sandra, and his soul. Rourke nails it, giving Tool's character a sense of tragedy and poignancy. He's a ghost of a man now. By the same token, Dolph Lundgren manages to upstage his co-stars when he gets screen time. Gunnar Jensen is unpredictable, uncontrollable and difficult to read. In one hand he likes to play the joker, but there's darkness and intensity behind the façade. Years of too many drugs and too many kills have taken their toll, and Lundgren embodies the character brilliantly. Like Rourke, you just wish there was more, especially as Li, Crews and Couture (they do well with what little they have though) have even less depth and impact. Retrospectively, two or three could have been trimmed from the cast, to devote more time to Stallone and Statham's characters, and especially Rourke and Lundgren. Elsewhere Eric Roberts delivers a vintage Roberts bad guy. It's easy, yet perfect casting and he revels in chewing his scenery. Stone Cold adds menace, while B-movie veteran Gary Daniels delivers his best performance ever, with the benefit of having real direction for the first time. It's a small role but his performance reaches competence for the first time, while his fight with Li and Statham is memorable.

The big selling point of this film of course, is action. There's plenty of it. The opening is all too brief, seemingly trimmed down, so an extended DVD release may deliver even more carnage. Still, it packs a punch and sets the violent tone of the film. Then there's an array of vehicular set pieces and fights, before the finale. The finale is what will really have 80's action fans cart-wheeling with joy. It's nearly half an hour of unrelenting, old school, carnage! Like a combination of Commando, Invasion USA, Red Scorpion and Rambo 2 and 3's end action scenes, it's insane, and brilliant. It's a total antithesis to most modern action films too. We've all the classics here, brutal fights, gung-ho attitude, explosions (and jumping away from) and although grounded, with a sense of unreal, Reagan era glee.

In all, The Expendables delivers what fans will want. Unashamed, 80's style carnage. It's not one for the critics, who'll continue to judge on plot and character, and dismiss a need for a movie 20 years outdated, but it's for the fans and on the whole, will delight. There is a sense that dramatic moments are forced in, but that was also a trait of the 80's action film in any case, and the now completely unsurprising scene with Willis, Stallone and Arnold has lost any enigma for first time viewers, which is a shame. The scene is still a geeks delight though, and brimming with star power. Despite some faults, the film has plenty of star power and charm to ride on. In a strange way, the faults just seem to make it feel a little more 80's and add more to the charm. It's just great to watch an old school action film again, and to see a collection of tough guys doing their thing. The Expendables does what it says on the tin, and for that, Stallone deserves thanks and praise. Roll on the Extended cut on DVD!
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War Dogs just don't give up
misel9820014 August 2010
During the 80's and 90's it was a common question whether action film superstars could ally and face evil enemies.Sly never allied with Arnie, and each superstar continued to trash evil guys by its own.Until today!In this film everything the audience could expect from the action movie genre is here:hard language, tons of big and small explosions, black humor and a small army of film heroes blowing away a large army of bad guys.All the stars we loved are here, along with our memories from past movies coupled with fresh stars like Jason Statham and Jet Li.Don't expect great acting here,neither a script that will be awarded an Oscar.Acting is decent,storyline absolutely predictable and the script is humorous and entertaining,simply perfectly fit for such a movie. Stallone has become a better director through time; directing is a strong point of this movie. The camera takes the audience inside the action and in front of the dialogues.Arnie's extended cameo appearance is a plus. It is a pity Van Damme and Seagal are not here,however Dolph Lundgren does his part fairly well.Overall this movie is a classic one and a must-see for action movie fans. Action film stars perform nicely and the storyline will leave almost no one disappointed.
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This decades BEST action movie.
SubZeroMK11 September 2010
2010, the last year of the Y2K generation or decade. 2011 is the start of a new age, a new generation and a new decade into film and everything else.

You're not supposed to go to this movie expecting to be moved by the story or for the story to make you think. You're supposed to go to this movie and think "Yeah, I paid this much money to see a movie with kick-ass action and guns, I can't wait!". Sylvester Stallone has been known to make action movies and have roles in more than he can count. But this movie delivers 100 levels of high-octane action. You film geeks and critics can't grasp that fact. You expect a story, something to make you think. Well this movie does that. Everyone who lived through the 80's and 90's can re-collect their memories of Rambo, Predator and movies alike that had balls to the wall action and enjoy the old glory days. But you critics are something else. You obviously don't know the audience this movie is sold to. But you see, this movie made people think. When I saw some of the most bad-ass action scenes I thought to myself, wow, words can not describe the joygasm I am having watching this. F****** BADASS!. F*** YEAH!. That's why it did so well in the box office, but again you critics cannot grasp that. In fact, why are there official jobs for being a critic? They shouldn't be paid to write a few paragraphs. They should only be information sources people go to if they want spoilers or opinions, but unfortunately these low lives get paid to do that type of job. The world has gone upside down. It truly has.

But let's get back on track. This movie is for the action fanatic, for the kid in you that wants to spring back out and enjoy your old child-hood of what life was growing up in whatever decade you were a kid in. I was a 90's kid, but was born at the height of the 80's. In 1989 to be specific, so I didn't have the luxury to be hyped for the latest action movie from heavy hitting stars like Arnie or Sly. I instead grew up with their movies on VHS in the 90's, and to see that cast come back alive with some of my other favourite action stars was a dream come true. Seeing Arnie and Sly talk for just that 2 minutes alone was a dream come true. You know, I kept watching Last Action Hero and Demolition Man to lookout for how Arnie talks about Sly in that fictional T2 poster with Sly on the cover or how John Spartan goes to the future in Demolition Man to be informed by Sandra Bullock's character that Arnie IS the president. And funny thing is, he is in politics now and I think I've heard him wanting to run for that shot of the big man in the White House. But aside from those two movies, I ALWAYS, for as long as I can remember; have been wanting to see Arnie and Sly in one movie together, face to face and this movie does that for me.

I thank Sly for his contribution to the world for this amazing work of film. On such a low budget, he managed to make the 80's and early 90's come out in us, adults. He re-awakened our inner child, of what it meant to enjoy life before the expectations society has set out on you after you entered high-school and finished it. He made me feel like a kid again. I think I might just cry. 10 out of 10. You are the man, Stallone, you truly are.
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Say Goodbye to Summer 2010 with The Expendables
aaronjbong14 August 2010
Yes, summer 2010 is ending. It's pretty sad isn't it. After "Iron Man 2", "Robin Hood" and so on until now, it's the moment of rocking movies. Now, August 13 is the end of all those moments as we have to wait until November for another short movie season. So, why don't you do yourself a favor to end Summer 2010 by watching this explosive, action-packed movie, "The Expendables".

First things first, the cast is obviously awesome. Meet your favorite actors: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Steve Austin, Dolph Lundgren and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's definitely awesome and rare to see such a great ensemble in one film. Sadly, most of them appear on screen for a short time except Stallone and Statham who receive the most screen time.

The action. Totally breathtaking. It's very loud and enjoyable and yes, there's a lot of blood. The fights were worth the money you pay for watching the film and it's very satisfying.

Let's start with the movie. The first hour can be called boring as we are still learning the characters and their strategy etc. Skip the first 60 minutes, that's when the real action begins. A 30+ minute battle in a small island begins as explosions, noise and plenty of blood on the screen. Stallone and his friends kicks ass in the final hour of the film. And not to forget, there's some comedy in the film.

The story. Well, you know Hollywood. Hollywood can make a film so exciting even with a simple story concept and "The Expendables" is one of those films. The story is so simple that it's about Stallone or Barney Ross with The Expendables assigned to eliminate a general in an island called Vilena. It's very simple but the movie is very exciting.

However, to the more negative sides of the film is the special effects. The blood looked pretty fake at several scenes as when it spreads, it really looked unreal. The explosions and others were of course life-like.

"The Expendables" overall is a very exciting film. It's another great job by Sylvester Stallone. It's a very good way to end the enjoyment of Summer 2010 movies. I recommend this to moviegoers who love action movies and people who love Sylvester Stallone on action. It's worth to sepend your time and sure to not disappoint you people. In a word, "The Expendables" is ... awesome!

Prince AJB's rating: 8/10.

Thanks for reading my review on "The Expendables" and hope it's useful.
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Everything you want in an action movie - just not very much of it
cliveowensucks4 August 2010
On paper this has everything you want from a big stupid action movie. Stars who can do the violence. A plot simple enough to not get in the way of the violence. A chance to violently destroy part of a foreign country. Violent tough guy dialogue. And it does have all of that. If you wait long enough.

That's the killer with The Expendables. Having got everyone together they just hang around not doing very much for way too long as if just getting them all in the same film was enough. Which means the film relies on story, writing and dialogue, and none of those are good. Too few funny lines, too few good scenes. Even Arnie's cameo is so what? Most of the first hour is sweaty guys badly photographed in dark locations. If you stick with it you get an okay last half hour, but it's just okay, not great. It's only a bit above the straight to DVD stuff most of the cast make in their day jobs. Set your expectations way down and it is okay. Expect it to live up to the cast, and you're going to be disappointed.
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Not quite, Sly. Not quite.
mike50022 May 2011
What a cast. Many of these A-list actors could fill cinemas on their own. Putting them all together in one movie should surely multiply its appeal and magic, something like a Dream Team? Predictably, it's not the case. Neither of those actors, some of whom my childhood movie heroes, get enough time to develop their characters on-screen. They're all empty shells of action heroes, one trying to be cooler than the other. Maybe just with Stallone and Statham playing off each other, this movie would've amounted to something more.

Today's coolness and manliness then, according to this movie, consists of riding motorbikes or hot rods and killing lots of bad people for money. I do not really agree. Going back to a benchmark of mine, The A-Team has shown that being cool doesn't depend on scenes of gory, meaningless killings. Yes, Rambo also killed a lot, but that was not as meaningless as this. There was some personal motivation and reason. Here, they piled on kill after kill, none of which have any impact.

With these actors, the plot should've been much more focused on hand-to-hand fights. Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, all their fighting abilities are criminally underused. And when there's a short fight scene with Jet Li for instance, they don't really use their own style (kung fu in this case), plus we get the usual bad "american" fight editing, using shaky cameras and extremely short cuts.

The humor is also badly limping. The plot is rather ridiculous (at one point i thought "did they really just make up an island for this movie?") and only a means to generate various unlikely scenes of violence. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against violent movies, but this left me feeling empty and detached.

Too many cooks spoil the broth, never has this saying been more appropriate. Had this been a more focused attempt with two or three main characters, it might have worked better.
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9/10, but could have easily been a 10/10!
portuguezgangster6 August 2010
I am a really big 80's-90's action movie fan! One of the only ones around of my age! I think bringing up a movie like this is great to re-live those great times, which I greatly miss and I'm sure all the fans miss!! These actors changed the movie industry for ever and they deserve a big congratulations for that. I rated this movie a 9/10, but as I state in the summary, it could have easily been a 10/10. One of the biggest let down of the movie, in my opinion, was Steven Seagal not joining the cast! I know Stallone invited him and he refused, due to problems he had in the past with Producer Avi Lerner, but I must say if Seagal was part of the cast, this movie will get an easy 10/10! Another thing I disliked was Schwarzenegger's attitude! I understand he's now a politician and a politician's work is not a joke (not that I'm considering the movie industry a joke, but less serious), but I think Schwarzenegger should have appeared more in the movie, as he was up there with the best in the 80's-90's and we all miss him!! Van Damme's absence didn't really affect the movie, in my opinion, as I have never been a big fan, although I do recognise he was a big star of the time. Other than that, I think Stallone deserves a big applause, for doing what we were all waiting for and that was to relive the 80's-90's era, just one more time!! Congratulations Stallone and to all involved!!!
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The worst movie ever
marius_iancu224 September 2010
I never saw a movie that bad like this one in my life.

In "The Expendables" we don't have just 1 bad actor we have 10.

They gathered here and the show is assured. Is like a parody , yes i think this is the best word for this joke.

Who can look at this crap all the way is a hero. And Arnold Schwarzenegger, now that's funny , i will never know why he take part in this movie.

One thing i cannot understand is the notes for this movie..7.2??? I think someone look only at the trailer because if you are a normal guy it's impossible to rate this movie with more than 2
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Exactly what I hoped for.
jdkraus15 September 2010
I haven't seen a really good, hardcore, shoot 'em bang 'em up action flick in a long time. When I went to see this movie with a couple of buddies, that's what I was hoping for. My wish came true.

As a kid, I have grown up watching the big action heroes portrayed by Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Statham, Li, and many more. Seeing close to a dozen action stars together in one movie is a real treat. All of the actors do not just deliver classic one-liners, brutal action sequences, and plenty of testosterone and macho attitudes, but they also immerse themselves into their characters. It's easy to love the tough good guys and hate the cruel bad guys. Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger and Willis only receive mere cameos, but at least they were present in the film. I will note that Schwarzenegger, however, gets the best intro and exit of any character in the movie.

The action sequences is another thing worth noting; they're not only great, but the immerse CGI adds a somewhat stylized/cartoonish look to them. There's a somewhat 300 style to the violence in the excessive blood splatter, yet no slow motion is used. Instead, all of the action is very quick and crisply edited—this makes it hard to keep up with the body count I might add.

In regards to plot, do not expect much. I predicted it all from the beginning, but there is a nice twist that I didn't see coming at the end. I don't hold this against the movie though, because plot is not its purpose. The film's goal is to provide mindless action—the perfect escapism. That's what I like about this film. When this comes out on DVD, I'll certainly pick it up and if Stallone decides to do a sequel, I'll definitely go see it on the big screen.

The one thing that I did not like about this movie is the sound design. My buddies and I noticed that the music and effects were very loud, but the dialog was real quiet. I have nothing wrong with loud explosions and gunshots in a film, but I do not appreciate quiet dialog—which is supposed to be the most important aspect of sound in cinema. Other than this, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. If mindless, bloody, hardcore action with tough guys as the heroes is your fetish, then go see this movie!
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The Dawn of man !
janus-2021 August 2010
I'm afraid i'm throwing my hat in the ring here and probably going to upset some people, but i've got to be honest. This film wasn't just good, it wasn't just amazing, i cant find the appropriate words to say how thrilled and entertained i was by this movie. It honestly made me feel like a teenager again, it brought back every punch, every bullet fired and every exploding vehicle i watched in movies and on TV during the 80s.

I just simply cannot understand any person who claims to be an action movie fan not enjoying this. I wouldn't argue on the script or acting front for one second, (although i really found Mickey Rourke's monologue surprisingly touching),but in terms of quality and quantity of action this is inarguably a milestone in action cinema.

Hollywood has always made a lot of money from the summer films season and the output has changed dramatically since the 80s. I feel they should acknowledge their audience beyond the teens age group and for all the hundreds of millions Harry Potter, the Pirates and the Vampires generate, some of that profit should be put back into funding middle range budgeted films such as this.

I don't feel its an accurate perception that these films cant stir the kind of interest they once did, The Expendables box office would seem to contradict that. Even if you view the combined pulling power of the cast as a gimmick which has garnered interest here, i would ask, what word best describes cgi, since it in itself has become the focal selling point of most, if not all, blockbuster trailers now.

I don't want all superheroes, or any genre overly visited and wrung out, we live in an age which prides itself on offering choice to the consumer, from dining out to all forms of other entertainment. Offer old dogs like me more of this type of thing and enjoy my "expendable" income as well.

MR Stallone has come full circle and produced something both nostalgic and contemporary and above all, more fun than i've had in the cinema for a long time, good on ya Sly, now Expendables II please lickety-split !
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I Be A Moovey Revyewer
Arisdoddle31 August 2010
Poorly written, poorly directed, poorly edited, poorly acted. It's just a disjointed collection of silly action and comedy scenes that were cobbled together and eventually given the title of "movie".

Anyone who gave this pile of poop more than 2 stars is obviously an industry shill, because anyone who finds it anything less than an insult:

a) Can't count to three b) Can't form coherent sentences c) Can't pronounce "computer" let alone figure out how to work one well enough to submit an online review d) Is confined to an institution that doesn't allow access to the outside (or online) world. very sad. Nothing to see here. Move along please.
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Solid boys-own action but could have done with a few more thrills and a bit more in the way of comic relief
bob the moo18 November 2010
With the cast it had it was no surprise that The Expendables was being hyped long before it arrived in cinemas anywhere. "Could it be the greatest action movie ever?" some magazines breathlessly asked themselves, assuming perhaps that the cast could somehow just produce a good film by virtue of all just being in it. The answer of course is "no" and I doubt anyone expected it to be any other answer. However the real question was can the film produce the boys-only, 1980's action movie fun that the 2010 summer season needed. The answer to this question turned out to be "sort of" because The Expendables has plenty to enjoy about it but yet somehow falls short of what it could have been.

The plot is essentially a small group of mercenaries heading into a tropical island in order to take out the dictator and his ex-CIA puppet-master: so far, so "one man against endless ethnic army" 80's style plotting. And indeed so it is, complete with unnecessary violence and overblown physical actions and seemingly indestructible heroes. It plays out just the way you expect it to do and those looking for action sequences will enjoy the many fights and scenes where everything blows up (Terry Crews in particular demonstrating to the world why Infinity Ward were out of their minds to make the AA-12 a "secondary" weapon in Modern Warfare 2!). The downside of the action is that, while it is enjoyable, it doesn't deliver enough of two key things.

The first of these is genuine thrills. It comes close and there are good moments but generally you find yourself sitting back watching the mayhem for the sake of mayhem, whereas I would prefer to be sucked into and really gripped by the action - I wasn't really here; instead most of the action is of the video game style – where the enemy just keeps spawning in front of you and getting chopped down by powerful weaponry. The second thing that isn't as prevalent as I wanted was comedy. We get the odd bit here and there, but really Jet Li's "because I'm small" speech is probably the high point. What was needed was more comedy mixed in with the action. There were a few kiss-off lines but nothing memorable or even "good". These are important because it makes the excess easier to enjoy as just part of a fun package – the film not having enough suspense or thrills makes the lack of this "fun" all the more obvious and notable of a gap.

The cast do help though and not just in terms of having big names in there. They do have an easy charisma between them and they all play off each other well – whether it be Stallone and Statham or the brief cameos from Willis and Swarzenegger. Crews isn't used particularly well but otherwise I liked everyone else in it, even if there were probably too many of them to really do much with – I thought it was a good move, despite appearing to be an ensemble piece, to put most of the focus on two of them rather than spreading it evenly around. Of course looking at it fairly, the film is not great – the plot is obvious and full of "groan" moments that we have to have simply because of the genre plus it is hard to shake the feeling that the film is more for the stars benefit than it is about the viewers, like perhaps they enjoyed it more than I did? Overall though The Expendables is a solid enough 80's style action movie that does everything you expect it to do but nothing more. Personally I preferred The Losers to this simply because it delivered action and comedy blended well to make for an enjoyably silly actioner, whereas this doesn't really do that and perhaps takes itself a little too seriously for its own good. A solid genre film and enjoyable as that, but it doesn't do enough to justify the sheer volume of big names in it.
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