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Bland guys not funny enough
SnoopyStyle2 February 2014
Andy (Preston Jones) is surprised by his girlfriend Katy Hartman (Julianna Guill) when she transfers to his university. His two friends Korkin (Michael Trotter) and Jake (Nestor Aaron Absera) convinces him to take a road trip to compete in a beer pong tournament and reconnect with an old girlfriend Jenna (Julia Levy-Boeken). They try to get the help of the son of a rich despot Arash (Danny Pudi). However his dad got overthrown and everybody got taken by the CIA. Now the 4 hopeless idiots make their way to the tournament.

The three guys are hopelessly unimpressively bland. There just isn't enough acting talents here. Danny Pudi is at least crazy weird. DJ Qualls pops up every once in awhile to retell the story of this road trip to the new freshmen. It's a weak way to reconnect with the original 'Road Trip'. This is a simple T&A movie with inappropriate humor. It's just not funny enough.
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Gives bad movies a bad name.
tdevereaux23 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The first "Road Trip" was a clever movie with a talented cast. It was fun to watch and has nothing to do with this movie. Well except for a sad attempt to connect them with a play on Tom Green's part from the first movie.

One of my big problems with this film is the almost total lack of beer pong. I thought that having it in the title there would be more then just a passing reference to the game. Instead the entire movie is a very boring car ride for one guy to go hook up with some french chick he met once. And he doesn't even do that.

Here's my synopsis of the movie: Some guys walk through a room where people in the background are playing beer pong. They watch a scene from "Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanomo" and then steal a cab to drive to a beer pong match. One guy tries to hook up but for some reason doesn't. Then they get to the match and forget to play beer pong. The chick that the dude was trying to cheat on shows up and helps them win beer pong without actually playing it. And they beat a guy that you are supposed to hate, but since you don't know him you don't really care. Then the quick rap up and a line that is supposed to be funny but isn't... FREEZE FRAME.

This has got to be the slowest and most boring "College Comedy" I have ever seen. You'd be better off watching the movies this one poorly rips off.
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Unoriginal, lack of humour and pretty much useless
killer_instin2928 July 2009
9 years after the first road trip was out this new instalment brings back DJ qualls (kyle) who takes potential new undergraduates to show and tell them of the college.

Not as anywhere funny or original as the first one this movie does bring a few laughs, but nothing major. The movie is highly predictable and does not allow the watcher to connect with the road trip. I felt with the first and second road trip that the viewer can feel part of the movie which was not the case with this one. This is a straight to DVD release which tells you a lot about the movie.

If you have nothing to do and have some beers in the fridge and snacks i'd recommend this movie. If you want to actually watch a movie and make time for one, this is not it!!
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funny...........and not
leakthenet27 July 2009
lemme start off by telling you i have been waiting for this one for a long time. I totally forgot what was in the first one but it was funny...this one though....not so much.

first the acting was not good at was just mediocre. people illustrated themselves as party people pretty good but their was no fire behind it.

second if you wanted to see this movie for the T&A you will get some but not a lot. the nude scenes were pretty hot but if you been waited to see if Julianna Guill would show some skin...keep on waiting cause she only shows cleavage and thats the best it gets. You probably will never see her performance in Friday the 13th ever again. she does get more scenes and stuff which is cool cause she has a hot voice.

third the concept of beer pong is pretty cool but is shown basically nothing. I seen those youtube clips of people making amazing shots from different angles and thought this movie was gonna show more but it was so so and it was more like Road Trip: Beer Pong Chicks.

fourth if you seen a lot of comedy movies and such you will fully predict what it was kinda boring for me but yeah very very predictable.

all in all its a flick that you could see in your spare time or if you just want to watch it for the chicks in it. there definitely are some great hilarious moments but they last for like 3 seconds.
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Embarresing Sequel, Not Funny at All !!
homecoming812 January 2010
"Road Trip" (2000) was an instant hit because it was released shortly after "American Pie" and it had hilarious humor and a great cast: Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart (both were in "Rat Race")and Seann William Scott (American Pie 1-3). None of them are in this sequel except for D.J. Squalls (The New Kid), who now takes on the Tom Green role (The Tom Green Show, Freddy Got Fingered) in the original. Offcourse, even Tom Green couldn't be bothered with this kind of garbage. It just isn't funny, even for a moment: the story is poorly executed: why does a student with a hot girlfriend wants to track down a girl from his childhood who isn't even that attractive as her ?? The cast is unknown and unconvincing: D.J. Squalls isn't that great either, but he makes the rest of them look a bunch of amateuristic wannabee's. Too bad, this actually could have been OK (not great) but the cast really gets on your nerves, very unconvincing.. If you like the original one, watch it again please.. "Road Trip: Beer Pong" (sounds more promising than it's delivers) is like "American Pie 4,5"etc... a cheap way to cash in on what could have been a great franchise. You were warned..
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Better than expected.
kaioshinex227 July 2009
Going in to the movie, i was expecting another horrible comedy similar to the stuff National Lampoon has released in recent history. The movie would probably appeal to the 13 to mid 20s crowd. It has its moments, good for some laughs. It holds your interest because the acting for the most part is well done. DJ Qualls definitely helps telling the story.

There's a few nudity scenes, nothing outrageous though, mainly just a few breast shots here and there. The main characters are intriguing and play their roles well.

So if you're looking for a decent B comedy to watch with the woman/man, it's good for a few chuckles without making you want to blow your brains out.
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FlashCallahan8 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
the original road trip, wasn't that good to begin with. it would have been a hell of a lot more of a success, if it wasn't riding on the back of American Pie.

that was ten years ago. since then we have had numerous movies which are dedicated to high school 'shenanigans' and featuring lots of randy, half naked people. you would think that we could take no more of the: virginal girlfriend

virginal girl who is really wild

type-cast 'non American'

handsome lead

handsome leads hokey stoner/drunk friends model with European accent.

it's nor deja vu my friend. you have seen this film a dozen times before, with better scripts, set pieces, and narrative.

i knew it was going to be bad when DJ Qualls had taken over Tom Green duties in narrating the story. the story is below average, and at times, it's really painful to watch.

but if you like these sort of comedies, you will see it, and then me...
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The worst movie in the world Warning: Spoilers
This movie is the biggest sh*t I have ever seen, including the time when i ate 1 kg of beans for a bet.. The worst movie until now was for me Accepted but Road Trip 2 is just too much.

Spoilers ahead(actually lets call them Warnings OK?)

Lets see. You have a nice guy who is in serious relationship with a girl, a crazy cool guy who is his friends and he is very very cool because he has no moral compass and of course middle eastern or African funny-goofy guy for a comic relief. Full bag of surprises there right?

Oh yeah and i must not forget to mention: They play mentally challenged game where you are trying to throw a ball in to a other guys beer oh and Wait... Wait a little longer.... Now : They have national championship in this sport. Buya! Didn't expect that have you?

This bunch of guys go on this trip to some town to win this gay championship. The nice guy goes because he wants to test his relationship with current girlfriend and wants to have sex with some french ex girlfriend because if he wont do that his schoolmates will tie him to a tree and pour mixture of feces and urine on him.

On the trip they steal a taxi, are captured and tortured by CIA (how i wish that the torture part would be real)rob a store and of course two classics of sh*tty movies: a) to anger the biker gang b)kill a hog (actually this is pretty clever because in most retarded movies is the bear). OK so movie stinks says the director, but I will trick the viewers with some nudity and girls making out, recipe for success obviously. Combine that with the washout performance of actors and you are half way there.

I was feeling fuzzy two times during watching this movie and i drank only 4 beers, unfortunately. I had to watch Rio Bravo than to make myself feel better and not so violated. Perhaps this movie is meant only for American government to play it in Guantanamo I cannot see any other reason for making this disaster. It insults the viewer intelligence so much that someone(director?) should answer with his life.
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Good, but there's just one thing that...
skin66630 July 2009
I've seen a bunch of comedies this summer, actually I think I've seen all they made commercials for etc. This one is a totally OK movie, except Julia Levy-Boeken, who I have seen play beautiful girls for some stupid reason?!?! Is her daddy a rich dude or something? Don't get me wrong she may be a great actress, but she played like the "hottest" girl in this movie and all the other girls looked sexier, especially Julianna Guill! Julia ruined this film, I was so mad when they showed her as the "hottie" of the movie. How can an anorexic-bulimic parrot play "the" hottie??? Are people blind nowadays. I don't care who her mom or dad are, and I won't waste the time to do so, but people please!!! I think Hollywood is at it's worst so ugly rich spoiled girls should stop spoiling whats left of it. Children should not see bone- collections like her being portrayed as the "beauty" in films! So, if you can stay calm despite all these facts during the movie, you should try it, if not, don't bother pissing your self off.
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Pretty funny, but it has a lot of room for improvement
Jackpollins24 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Road Trip: Beer Pong is a comedy set nine years after the original, and fantastic first Road Trip. This time, Kyle (DJ Qualls) who went on the original road trip is the tour guide telling the story. This time, the story is of Andy (Preston Jones) leaving his girlfriend Katy (Julliana Guill) to find his hot, french ex-girlfriend Jenna (Julia Levy-Boeken). Along for the ride is Korkin (Michael Trotter), Jake (Nestor Aaron Absera), and Arash (Danny Pudi). The movie is pretty funny, but there's room for much, much, much improvement. For example, Andy spends half of the road trip talking to Katy on the phone. This is not so funny. That said, the film is filled with a ton of good old fashioned raunchy jokes, and I seemed to be laughing a lot. It's a fun time, but not a flawless time. It's a very funny film that's nowhere near perfect. The character of Katy rubbed me the wrong way. She's always complaining about how Andy doesn't spend every second of the day with her. This is an extremely annoying flaw. That said, this is definitely worth a rental for a night of watching fun films, and it does not deserve most of the crap it's taking. Anyone who looks for a lot of great raunchy jokes in a film, then this is definitely worth checking out.
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Not worth your time
Sandcooler20 July 2014
"Road Trip" has always been sort of a guilty pleasure for me, so I guess I watched this straight-to-DVD sequel hoping that it would recapture an ounce of the original's charm. Unfortunately though, it never even came close. To their credit, they did get DJ Qualls to reprise his role (sorta kinda, he acts completely different), but that's all the effort that went into this. The writing is just so lazy, I don't watch lowbrow comedies for their ingenious plots but some kind of story would have been nice. The whole movie is just our bland protagonists going to random places (a sex comedy with a strip club scene, very original), looking at naked chicks that seriously don't want to be there and then on to the next location for more of the same. Writer Brad Riddell (of "American Pie Presents: Band Camp"...fame?) couldn't set up an actual gag if his life depended on it, so he does the next best thing: writing some dirty words on a napkin and just seeing where the scene goes from there. Furthermore, beer pong is a selling point for a movie now? Is there anything more boring than watching people play beer pong without being in the game yourself? Thank God the subtitle barely comes into play, but that's about the only decision they got right. This "sequel" is totally pointless, has zero laughs and at times is just embarrassing to look at.
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croftywoft7 August 2018
Awful plot. Awful cast. Not funny in the slightest!!
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Adapt or die
StevePulaski25 September 2013
Beer pong is a game of impulsiveness, immaturity, and amplified distractions, so the fact that Road Trip: Beer Pong has all these characteristics, I suppose it can be seen as faithful to its subject matter. That's about one of the only things I can credit the film for, as it seems to be predicated off of the worst tendencies in contemporary raunchy comedies.

The film stars Preston Jones as Andy, a simple college kid with a loyal but somewhat oppressive girlfriend (Julianna Guill), who has just transferred to Andy's college in Ithaca. Andy and his buds Korkin (Michael Trotter, who looks nothing shy of a young Ashton Kutcher) and Razor (Daniel Newman) are beer pong players for their college and are about to compete in the national tournament. Things get better when Andy realizes that one of the beer pong advertised is a young French woman whom he had a thing with years back. Now they have an extra incentives to head out to nationals and decide to take a road trip. Blink if you think it'll be a crazy ride. It all starts when they try and gain sponsorship from a local despot named Arash (Danny Pudi), whose native country has a coup leading him and the group of collegians arrested and abandoned in a random town in Maine.

The film opens as an orientation of the college by current student Kyle Edwards, who returns from the original Road Trip film reprised by DJ Qualls. I've mentioned my appreciation for Qualls as an actor and screen-presence, mainly for his charming, every-man nature and likable charisma. Even in this film, as mediocre and as dreary as it is, Qualls finds humor and likability. Even if he is consistently being hit on by a mother-daughter team attending the campus tour.

The bar has been raised for comedies in the last eight or so years. Comedies like Road Trip: Beer Pong are similar to the series of spin-offs bearing the American Pie name, as they appeal to the smaller percentages by marketing the lowest common denominator of comedy. These are films that feature excessive nudity and confuse zealous amounts of language and bawdiness for wit and humor. Compare this to the films of Judd Apatow, some of the most humanistic and hilarious comedies you'll be able find in this day and age.

Because the bar has been raised, my main complaint with Road Trip: Beer Pong is its inability to even function as a faithful member of its genre. It mistakes excessive vulgarity and nudity for humor, completely shunning the most crucial factor in comedy, which is obviously the writing. To do that alone is a very poor move; to have it leach onto a film from 2000 and have such minimal continuity from it - like one character - in hopes to garner more viewership is nothing shy of disingenuous.

Starring: Preston Jones, Michael Trotter, Daniel Newman, Julianna Guill, Danny Pudi, and DJ Qualls. Directed by: Steve Rash.
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More Road Trip, less Beer Pong, please
Kamurai2513 June 2020
Fun, if forgetable watch, will eventually watch again, and can recommend, if you're looking for something new.

I've watched this several times, and for the life of me, I can never remember what happens during the movie, so the rewatchability is fairly high. It also means the the substance of the movie is very low, which is part of the movie's intent, proposing a philosophical means of life where you should live in the moment and have a good time, deepening the substance just enough, if you wanted it.

Overall this is a ridiculous, but enjoyable movie with some deplorable, mischevious characters.

The beer pong part of it really feels like its shoehorned in, and it would have been a much better movie if was just a group of friends that just decided to make a road trip, even the girlfriend angle (carried over from the original and modified) feels silly, as if people watching this movie are looking for a lesson in morality.

Its not a great movie, but its fairly enjoyable for dirt humor.
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Typical American Pie rip off
jacob-l-williams8 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Road Trip: Beer Pong is once again another rip off American Pie.

It is that bad that even after the movie I thought I'd just seen the sequel to Sex Drive and searched for that to write my review.

Now I have no seen the original Road Trip but after watching the sequel I think it would be pretty pointless.

This film is funny in places and did actually make me laugh a couple of times, but a majority of the jokes where regenerated and predictable so in fact most of the film is a giant cliché.

For starters its the type of film that Ashton Kutcher would have done in his youth, and seeing as he is now too old and too expensive the director thought lets go online and find a lookalike, their search obviously came up Michael Trotter, and the director thought 'you know who cares if this guy can't act he looks like someone who can, give him a main part so the idiots who watch out crappy film think its Ash'. So thats what they did, and I was one of the idiots; the first time this guy came on screen I did think for a split second that it was Ashton; and believe it or not I was excited, Kutcher is great actor in my opinion with both Dude Where's My Car and the Butterfly Effect (the first one) being fantastic films. Unfortunately his look alike possesses not talent and killed the film.

A good point about the film is they did attempt to bring some originality for example the whole CIA kidnapping was rather amusing and I like the satirisation of the torture system into listening to 'techno music'. I also enjoyed the beer pong tricks that although I know didn't actually happened but where tricks of the camera where pretty awesome.I also liked the sections withe storyteller chatting up the girl and her mum but the jokes in these sections where not made big enough if you ask me.

So in general if you like your teen search for sex films which are predictable yet funny go and watch American Pie instead of Sex Drive: Beer Pong. Oh crap I got the title wrong again didn't I... I mean Road Trip: Beer Pong.

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