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Kung Fu Yoga (2017) by Stanley Tong

With “Kung Fu Yoga,” Jackie Chan reunites with one of his regular collaborators, Stanley Tong, for their second movie that has a touch of Bollywood flavoring.

Jack (Jackie Chan) is an archaeology professor who, along with his assistants, teams up with Ashmita (Disha Patani), an Indian Professor to locate India’s lost Magadha treasure. A series of globe-trotting adventures take place as they compete with Randall (Sonu Sood) and his mercenaries, and one of their own, Jones Lee (Aarif Rahman) to find the diamond artifact known as the “Eye of Shiva” that will lead them to the treasure.

Kung Fu Yoga” will screen at at the 9th International Chinese Film Festival, that will be on 23 February to 28, 2018.

The difficulty when reviewing a new Jackie Chan film is the legacy of what has come before it. With a career spanning five decades and numerous classics of cinema, comes a certain expectation.
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Little Big Soldier Movie Review – Jackie Chan

Original Title – Da bing xiao jiang

Director: Sheng Ding

Writer: Jackie Chan (screenplay)


Jackie Chan – Big Soldier

Leehom Wang – Little Soldier

Rongguan Yu – Deputy General Yu

Plot | Story

Little Big Soldier is a fantastic movie. The plot seems simple enough – a soldier who survives a massacre of his sides forces discovers a general from the other army alive. He decides to take this general back to the capitol to claim a reward so he can retire and become a farmer. This is where the simplicity evaporates. The story is filled with some fantastic twists and turns. It was really delightful to watch the complex relationship between the soldier and the general develop as the story progressed.

Characters | Acting

I have been a fan of Jackie Chan’s for years. I love his acting and his martial arts and now I can add his singing to my list of likes.
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Fantasia Audiences Award A Serbian Film, IP Man 2, Summer Wars and Symbol

You might have noticed the coverage of this years ultra-sized Fantasia film festival in the Reviews and Interviews column of the site from a number of contributors taking in the festival:  Mack, Shelagh, Peter, Todd, and myself, as well as a plethora of other Twitch writers hither and yon.  Covering a festival of this size is a massive undertaking and I hope you enjoyed all the updates, interviews, and reviews.  Rest assured there are still a few more to come.  As Fantasia winds down with a screening of Metropolis Extended Edition and full orchestra, it seems to have been a raging success this year across the board.  The festival announced its Jury and Audience awards, and they are below.  It seems that the Subversive Serbia sidebar was a big hit, with controversial A Serbian Film getting one of the big audience awards.

Montreal, Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - As the 14th edition
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Nyaff 2010: Team Twitch Wraps Up

With last night's screening of Blades Of Blood and Gallants (which tied with Castaway On The Moon for the Audience Award), the 9th annual New York Asian Film Festival has come to a close.

We at Twitch have to thank co-founder, Grady Henrix for being our ambassador to the festival, providing us with everything a growing group of writers need to cover such a whirl wind event. An extra shout out to all the staff at Subway Cinema, Lincoln Film Society, IFC Center, and Japan Society for running a smooth show. And lastly thanks to the filmmakers and actors who were so gracious enough to sit down and talk with us about what they do so well. 

So, with another year down, lets take a look back at some of our favorite films and highlights from the festivities.

I'll get the ball rolling...

Ben Umstead:

Cinema - in any and
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'Fantasia' remake opens Fantasia Film Fest

'Fantasia' remake opens Fantasia Film Fest
Toronto -- Jon Turtlelaub's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," a live action remake of Disney's classic animated feature "Fantasia," will suitably open Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival on Thursday.

Montreal's Jay Baruchel, co-star of "Fantasia" along with Nicolas Cage, Alfred Molina and Teresa Palmer, will be on hand for the Canadian premiere in Montreal.

And Eli Craig's horror satire "Tucker & Dale Vs Evil," a Sundance and SXSW standout, will close North America's largest genre film festival on July 28 after, in all, over 120 horror, fantasy, Euro psycho-drama or just edgy documentaries unspool over the event's three-week run.

Festival highlights include world premieres for "The Shrine" from Canadian director Jon Knautz ("Jack Brooks Monster Slayer"), U.S. director Steven Monroe's "I Spit On Your Grave," a remake of the notorious 1978 rape and revenge movie "Day of the Woman," to be released by Anchor Bay in October, and Frank Henenlotter's "Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore.
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Nyaff 2010: Little Big Soldier Review

Little Big Soldier will be screening on Thursday, July 1 at 7:00 Pm as part of the NY Asian Film Festival. Go to the Subway Cinema site for venue and tickets information. 

For most of its surprisingly brief 96 minute running time, I loved Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier. Let's say for for 93 of its 96 minutes as a ballpark figure. But then comes the final scene, the final shot that seems to upend what appeared to be the movie's overall theme about the futility and uselessness of nationalism. In the aims of preserving the ending for you, dear readers, I won't elaborate on what happens in those final 3 minutes or so, but it's enough of a disruption to nearly downgrade the movie for this me.

Taking place during the Warring States Period, it stars Chan as an unnamed soldier who's made a practice of surviving the vicious clashes on the battlefield
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Fantasia 2010: First Event Information and Films Announced!

Several press releases went out today featuring some huge news coming out of Canada's Fantasia Film Festival including the first batch of films that will be populating this massive three-week long event. Pull up your chair, kids! You're gonna be here for a while!

Dig on the wealth of information below from today's releases and look for more announcements and of course full coverage soon!

Spotlight: Between Death And The Devil

Recent times and crimes have seen extraordinary levels of disillusionment with organized religion, particularly with the Catholic Church, and genre cinema has mirrored this anger with startling impact. In the face of this, we’ve put together this troubling spotlight focused on the abuse of faith, the horrors of ideology and the corruption of Godliness. Several of these films will absolutely stagger you.

Black Death (UK) Dir: Christopher Smith – North American premiere. Hosted by Director Christopher Smith

With the Black Death sweeping across England,
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Fantasia 2010 Bringing The Best (And Wildest) Of Asia!

Fantasia has a proud tradition of showcasing the best and strangest of Asian cinema and 2010 will be no different!

The Asian film selection brought forth by Fantasia 2010 will allow spectators to experience a variety of Asian cultures, all while enjoying a wide range of cinematic genres that will inspire every possible emotion. From musicals to thrillers to war films and horror flicks, Asian filmmakers often use genre cinema as means of painting a portrait of their nation, highlighting certain social preoccupations, or examining historical events that have impacted that corner of the globe. This reality is strongly represented in the Asian film selection at this year's Fantasia Film Festival.

In order to paint an accurate picture of the national cinemas presented in our program, attention will also be given to certain key works that have helped shape the contemporary cinematic landscape of these countries. Therefore, Fantasia will offer an excellent selection of classic films,
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Just A Friendly Reminder: Nyaff 2010 is Just About Here!

If you live in the New York City metropolitan area, read this site, and are not planning on attending the New York Asian Film Festival, then I suggested you carefully examine your film geek cred. Seriously. Take. A. Good. Hard. Look.

Moving the majority of its loony lineup uptown to the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, Nyaff runs from June 25th - July 8th with additional screenings at Japan Society (in collab. with Japan Cuts fest) and midnight madness at IFC Center.

The opening night flick, IP Man 2 with the legendary, Sammo Hung (someone so legendary it is now officially redundant to call him a legend), is well past sold out, but don't fret, the opening weekend offers up some other tasty morsels, including midnight screenings of L.A Streetfighters and Death Kappa, Ning Hao's jacked up Bicyclist flick Crazy Racer with Huang Bo, the much talked about Bodyguards And Assassins,
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It's Time To Stop Griping About The Quality of Jackie Chan's Us Roles.

I admit it freely. I was one of the early, vocal doubters of the Us remake of The Karate Kid. And having just had the chance to see it, it's time to eat some crow and admit I was wrong. Yes, the title is a complete and total misnomer - the sum total of karate in the film is a less than one minute clip of a Teach Yourself TV show that Jaden Smith's Dre watches - but put that aside. This is a good film. No, this is better than good. And a big part of why is Jackie Chan, who is absolutely fantastic in it. Granted, I have yet to see The Shinjuku Incident or Little Big Soldier but of the Chan canon I have seen - which is A Lot of them - this is easily the richest and most nuanced performance he has ever given.
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New York Asian Film Festival 2010: Midnight Movies!

Subway Cinemas has updated their New York Asian Film Festival 2010 blog with details on their Friday and Saturday midnight screenings at the IFC. Head on over to their blog to see the full descriptions of the films and check out some of the trailers, and keep an eye out for further announcements about the  complete times and dates.

IFC @Midnight Lineup

Death Kappa (Japan, 2010, World Premiere)

L.A. Streetfighters (U.S.A., 1985)

Pink Power Strikes Back: Japanese Wife Next Door, 2, Groper Train: School Uniform Hunter

Power Kids (2009)

Hong Kong Films

Bodyguards and Assassins (2009, New York Premiere)

Development Hell (2010, North American Premiere)

Eastern Condors (1987)

Echoes of the Rainbow (2010, North American Premiere)

Gallants (2010, North American Premiere)

Ip Man (2008)

Ip Man 2 (2010, North American Premiere)

Kung Fu Chefs (2009, North American Premiere)

Little Big Soldier (2010, New York Premiere)

Red Cliff Uncut (2008/2009)

The Storm Warriors (2009, Us Premiere)

Mainland Chinese Films

Cow (2009, North American Premiere)

Crazy Racer
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New York Asian Film Festival 2010 Lineup: Hong Kong and Mainland China

Subway Cinemas has updated their New York Asian Film Festival 2010 blog with details on the full roster from Hong Kong and mainland China. Head on over to their blog to see the full descriptions of the films and check out some of the trailers, and keep an eye out for further announcements about the  complete times and dates as well as special screenings and events.

Hong Kong Films

Bodyguards and Assassins (2009, New York Premiere)

Development Hell (2010, North American Premiere)

Eastern Condors (1987)

Echoes of the Rainbow (2010, North American Premiere)

Gallants (2010, North American Premiere)

Ip Man (2008)

Ip Man 2 (2010, North American Premiere)

Kung Fu Chefs (2009, North American Premiere)

Little Big Soldier (2010, New York Premiere)

Red Cliff Uncut (2008/2009)

The Storm Warriors (2009, Us Premiere)

Mainland Chinese Films

Cow (2009, North American Premiere)

Crazy Racer (2009, North American Premiere)

Sophie's Revenge (2009, New York Premiere)

Tian An Men (2009, International Premiere)


Japanese Films

8000 Miles (2009, North American Premiere)

8000 Miles 2: Girl
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The full lineup for the New York Asian Film Festival!

And the winner for film I most want to see is Gô Shibata's Doman Senman which I hear is incredibly weird. This is the same guy who did the serial killer with cerebral palsy flick Late Bloomer (Osoi Hito).

Other notable films include Merantau, the world premier of Alien vs Ninja, Mutant Girls Squad and Hitoshi Matsumoto's Symbol which I'm also dying to see.

The festival runs from June 25th to July 8th, and you can hit the Nyaff website right here.

Full lineup after the break.

Official Opening Night Film

IP Man 2 (Hong Kong, 2010, North American Premiere) - Sammo Hung and Donnie

Yen throw down in this lavish martial arts flick that blew the Hong Kong box

office wide open and beat Iron Man 2 like a redheaded stepchild.

***The movie's star and action choreographer, Sammo Hung, will be present.

Centerpiece Presentation

Confessions (Japan, 2010, International Premiere) -
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Live in England? Fancy checking out some new Asian Films?

The Terracotta Far East Film Festival runs from the 6th to the 9th May, at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square London. And? Well it’s full of fantastic films, which include “Bodyguards and Assassins”, Jackie Chans’s new period adventure “Little Big Soldier”, “20th Century Boys 3″, “Fish Story”, “Meat Grinder” and a host of other films from China, Japan, Thailand and Korea. You can grab individual film tickets from £7.50 or a festival pass for all 15 films for £70 – but there are nice discounts for members of the cinema. So if you’re not doing anything over that weekend and fancy checking out some new Eastern cinema, get your arses down to the Terracotta Far East Film Festival! http://terracottafestival.com
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The New York Asian Film Festival To Honor Huang Bo, Simon Yam And Sammo Hung! And They're Moving To Fancy New Digs To Do It!

I am not nearly foolish enough to compete with a Grady Hendrix penned news release so I'm just going to copy and paste:

Like Vandals storming the gates of Rome, the New York Asian Film Festival rampages through the Film Society's Walter Reade Theater June 25 - July 8, unleashing an orgy of the latest and greatest pop masterpieces Asian cinema has to offer. For nine years, the Nyaff has been North America's leading festival of popular Asian cinema but now it's teamed up with the Film Society of Lincoln Center to also become North America's fanciest!

America's art-house theaters normally show an anemic sliver of what Asian cinema has to offer but the Nyaff's 2010 line-up is a brawny slab of 35 blockbusters and break-out hits that audiences in Thailand, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan actually buy tickets to watch.

The full line-up will be announced in May, but this year's festival will have three major events,
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Jackie Chan’s Little Big Soldier Slated for Hk Blu-ray, DVD

Having endured both “The Shinjuku Incident” and the embarrassingly foul American comedy “The Spy Next Door”, I’m ready for Chan to get back to what he does best. Harald Zwart’s forthcoming remake of John G. Avildsen’s 80’s classic “The Karate Kid” certainly looks promising, but for those of us who prefer the man’s Chinese output, “Little Big Soldier” is the one sparks genuine excitement. The film has apparently been rattling around Jackie Chan’s imaginative little mind for close to twenty years, which could mean that a) it’s a great idea that has been patiently waiting for a fantastic director or b) nobody wanted to touch the damned thing until just recently. Whatever the case may be, I’m looking forward to getting my grubby hands on a copy. Here’s a synopsis for those who are tardy to the party: Set during the final
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Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2010 website now live

Back for a second year, The Terracotta Far East Film Festival returns to London, UK to present another cream of the crop from Asia’s finest films. Running from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th May 2010, you can immerse yourselves in 15 of the finest hand-picked flicks from Hong Kong to Thailand. The festival opens with Jackie Chan’s Little Big Soldier and closes with Donnie Yen’s Blockbuster martial arts action hit Bodyguards and Assassins. For full details of the even and all the screenings head over to the fest now live official site!
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Complete Terracotta Far East Film Festival Lineup Announced!

A couple weeks back Twitch got word that the 2010 Terracotta Far East Film Festival in London would include the likes of Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier and Soi Cheang's Accident and now we've got the rest of the line up for you! Joining those two will be:

Cult Japanese hit Fish Story, Mamoru Hosoda's animated gem Summer Wars, Thai art-gore Meat Grinder along with horror anthology Phobia, Hong Kong action-drama Bodyguards and Assassins along with behind the scenes documentary Development Hell, In The Mood For Doyle and Yakuza Eiga from documentarian Yves Montmayeur, Japanese blockbuster 20th Century Boys 3, Korean drama Antique, arthouse oddity Cow, Japanese comic book style adventure K-20 and Johnnie To's Vengeance. And that, my friends is a high quality and very diverse lineup.
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People Getting Punched In High Definition! Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier and Donnie Yen's 14 Blades Both Hitting BluRay!

Little Big Soldier and 14 Blades - the latest films from Hong Kong action icons Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen, respectively - are soon to be in the hands of fans around the globe thanks to April DVD and BluRay releases for both in Hong Kong.  While 14 Blades is coming all-region in both formats, Little Big Soldier will reportedly be Region 3 on DVD and Region A on BluRay. So 14 Blades is good to go everywhere in the world while Little Big Soldier may require region free hardware to play though the BluRay, at least, will be playable on standard North American equipment. Both come fully English subtitled.
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Jackie Chan Scores a Win With 'Little Big Soldier'

As is the custom in Hong Kong, Chinese New Year brings presents, firecrackers, lucky money, and of course, the annual opening of a new Jackie Chan movie. The problem is, over the past few years, Chan has been trying to make films to appeal to both Asian and Western audiences, with little to no success. Laden with crappy CG animation and poor writing, Jackie has been trying to play the Hollywood game without realizing that his appeal is not to be gained by westernizing his films. Even a western attempt at portraying Chinese fables with last year's The Forbidden Kingdom was a catastrophic embarrassment for Asian audiences who were long-tired of western cliches about Chinese culture.

Then came this year's The Spy Next Door. Completed in 2008 and shelved until 2010, it was yet another dud in a long line of martial arts misfires, and many feared that Jackie's best films were already behind him.
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