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Good TV Show
nguyenlilie011 July 2014
I really enjoy watching this show. I don't know this has so many bad reviews but this show is pretty funny. I like that it has some lighthearted (sometimes corny) jokes. I enjoy watching this so, it's a stress reliever. If you like shows like Girlfriends, Home Improvement, or any other comedy family shows, then I don't see why you wouldn't like this one. And the family/cast is very cute and endearing. You really feel for the characters and their ups and downs. I also think the show is very comparable to real life in it's choice of events, and the main guy, Mr. Brown is really outstanding and out there in his humor, but it is all in good fun. Overall I would recommend it for people who like slapstick humor, and families, as this show is funny as well as family friendly.
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Just what you'd expect. Horrible.
sylverknight2126 May 2009
First off, before making this comment I read around and understand that it seems as though this is a love it or hate it kind of thing. Apparently most people truly hate this show, whereas others ( a tiny few) seem to like it. That being said, I knew nothing of Tyler Perry's work until now, and the only reason I even heard of this show is because it would be spammed during the commercials for the NBA playoffs.

Honestly, the commercials alone were unbearable for me, however I gave it a shot, and honestly, with no bias whatsoever, this has got to be one of the worst works I have seen. Its apparent that its meant to be some sort of G to PG rated "whacky family" type of scenario, but oh GOD please, how are people so ignorant. I wonder, before such works are made, or written, do the people involved actually wonder, hmm, would I really rather spend my time watching this than doing anything else? The answer is no. Anyone who even gives this show like a 10 or something is completely mad, there is nothing funny about it, its just some stupid attempts at humor, and the only funny thing is when people take this comedy into another light and claim it has purpose or has some sort of literary quality to its writing.
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Not good...not even close.
forevermitch0329 December 2009
I'm not sure why anyone in their right mind would think this show is TBS worthy. I think that this show tries to hard to be funny and that pretty much ruined it for me. I couldn't sit through one episode because I thought it was absolutely preposterous! Everyone is ignorant and over-acts mostly every scene. I also feel this way about House of Payne as well. They are exactly the same show! Just aired at different times!

Whoever said that the only reason why people don't like these shows is because they're racist - is ridiculous! The reason why people don't like these shows because it lacks quality, talent, and morality.

I miss good shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Family Matters, Friends, etc. They were funny because they were all well written. I feel that writers are getting so lazy nowadays and only want to make a quick buck.
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One of the WORST shows on Television
Writer0160323 April 2010
The route of good comedy exist with creating characters who actions relate to their environment. Tyler Perry doesn't understand that. None of his characters are ever explained, we don't know why they are so stupid, why they act so crazy, or why they are completely nuts. Take Arrested Development, a real comedy, with incredibly inane, stupid, crazy plots, and even more psychotic characters. Watching it however, you can believe these people exist, because they're actions are exactly what they're characters would lead you to believe.

But we're supposed to believe that these blue collar, black folks, are stupid, moronic, inane, exaggerators of every small thing, and derive comedy from it. Family Matters was real comedy, it used it average intelligent people, acting sincerely, only to be drawn out through chaotic circumstances through the superior intelligence, but below average social person Steven Urkle. Brilliant comedy. Where is that dynamic. He doesn't seem to understand the straight man in a comedy routine duo. And their outrageous behavior is accepted as the norm. It doesn't make sense. It's pathetic. It's horrible. He really should stop writing.
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Meet The Browns
jejohnson22442 May 2011
I met the browns alright, when I got off the commode. Perry just says just put faith in god and he will make it better, well depending on god I think he lost faith a long time AGO. Lets face it the more I watch this crap, the more my head hurts and yes it literally hurts bad. How on earth can this be considered entertainment when a strange bald headed gorilla highlighter and his gray haired daughter (who by the way is the actor's wife, don't want to know what they do at night)are constantly acting like idiots? I just can't tell it because it freaking makes me sick. Another thing, his nephew and niece in law are as boring as they can get especially the girl who plays their daughter. The first girl I guess wasn't boring enough so he got the most blandest actress I've ever seen in my life and guess what, neither one of them can ACT. I bet when Jesus watches this show he literally just pukes and says "forget it this show ain't worth me dying for the sins of no man, I need some holy water for my sight to wash this crap induced show out my in the name of myself". Just one Heep of warning, This show will take your soul and beat it, stomp it, and slap it in the name of Jesus then say in Jesus name amen then send you to hell. P.S. This show sucks my dew dew crack.
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excellent show, must watch
rjg21024 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Meet the browns is a great show its funny it's different, and I'm very upset these close minded people gave such bad review s and that Tyler perry stop producing the show., THIS IS A BLACK SHOW, it's wasn't made for the dry no humor having people who hated.I say great job to the actors especially. Mr Brown there isn't a white show ever made that's any thing like this one so stop hating, it's a great show.but because it wasn't appealing to some white people it got cut no good.I read the reviews some of you wrote and I cannot understand how you could dislike this show.there has never been a Mr Brown in any show ever made, great acting every thing this cat has played had been good with watching.I wish this show would come back with new seasons forget the haters great job
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Gets better and better.
funky-dee12 May 2009
I have seen many good movies and a show by Tyler Perry.I liked House of Payne, it actually is like the beta version for this show and this show is a lot better.Many people criticized House of Payne, but i dunno why they didn't like it.Leroy Brown is a very entertaining character with a good personality and thats what i like about him, the plays i saw him in or the movie Meet the Browns.I like Tyler Perrys movies and shows and i recommend this TV show to everybody who like Tyler Perry.I don't know do black people feel offended by this show or House of Payne, because i saw many guys commenting, that House of Payne sets a bad example of a black man to white people.Im white, but i know a lot of black people and the shows are pure entertainment.
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Thank goodness this filth got cancelled
trehxx1 June 2012
This is one of the worst TV shows that I have ever seen. I cant believe this mess got to air on TV. This show should of gotten cancelled after the first episode. I tried to watch a few episodes and they just weren't funny. The shows elementary humor isn't funny to me. Tyler Perry must be doing something with the people of TBS because to keep this slop on the air because his TV shows are horrible. The characters have no chemistry at all. It just seems like they don't give a damn about their job as long as they get their pay check. The laugh track that is used every 30 seconds is annoying as heck. The laugh track is also used at the wrong times which is ridiculous. I don't understand why the TV show uses laugh tracks instead of having live audience. Its just ridiculous. This show is just like the House of Payne which is a pain in the you know what. That show needs to be cancelled also. This show deserves 0 out of 10 stars because this show is beyond horrible. The people who give this show 10 stars must be one of the writers of the show or people who never seen a real comedy before. Its sad to say this but black sitcoms will never be the way they were back in the day as long as Tyler Perry is producing TV shows. He needs to either cancel his shows or hire brand new writers who have higher than an elementary education.
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Missed the point
Rockyj123 May 2014
This show is a black version of the Dick Van Dyke show.....yes it's silly. Just as Van Dyke made fun of the middle class white families & their ways this show is a group of black people doing the same thing as so many White cast shows have in the past....Married with Children is another example. I figure many blacks will see this show as racist & embarrassing just as many whites saw the above mentioned shows as embarrassing for them. No one truly believes that either truly portrait a race or economic group of people. It's just Silly -ss comedy! I'm glad to see shows like this that don't show all blacks living in a ghetto & most are ex crack addicts. There's educated & retired military people...not trash men or sewer workers.

Now I don't watch the show everyday but again I don't watch any shows religiously. But I do like silly comedy whether it's white or Black.....their all funny. On this show, They make fun of each other no matter the color. Old black men can be made fun of just as a old pompous white southern belle as long as racist name calling isn't involved. It helps break down the race barrier by showing people living, loving & having a great time doing it. This is just my opinion now...others will see the same thing in many different lights. But laughter is the key to breaking down most racist walls & myths.
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Meet the Stupid
April Twist9 August 2012
As I said on the "House of Payne" site, I like Tyler Perry. But I do believe this show is beyond dumb.

I'm sorry but Mr. Brown's character is very stupid. I know people who are not the brightest but this takes the cake, no one is this slow and this ridiculous. For example, The Colonel is a Vietnam War vet hence why they call him the Colonel but in one episode Mr. Brown after calling him this all this time thinks 'vet' is meaning 'veterinarian' in this case.

I will admit, Mr. Brown's outfits are very colorful and the only funny part of the show. His combinations are very unique and out of it that that you have to laugh. Once again though, there is too much 'baby' in like every other sentence between the spouses. I draw the limit at that. It's very annoying and irritating to hear that every five minutes.

Also, I'd like to add: does anyone know any nurse or medical staff who wear heels and nice dresses on the job? Me neither but in this show, it is the way of the world. Sasha, wears it all the time. No scrubs, no sneakers, just nice heels and a dress. Guess there's not a lot of emergencies at this hospital.
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Pure gold
reelliousen8 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The first time I saw this show I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. David Mann was made to play this part, I just couldn't stop laughing. I don't get why all these other people say things that what Tyler Perry makes is a bunch of crap. But everything that I have seen that has been made by Tyler Perry is pure gold. It will end up even better than the super funny shows Family Matters, Sanford and Son, Friends,and so on. You will love it. It has feeling in it and some times even drama, but no matter how much of this it has it will always be good. **** on every level. They make it look like a big ass mistake but I promise you that if you like comedy, you will love Meet The Browns!
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The Paynes
zenia-0862022 February 2018
The most annoying program I have ever watched. Stupid overacting people. Too many commercials with clips just annoying
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Over The Top But Don't Miss The Message
midnightlady131 May 2012
This show is a winner for me. Some may not agree with the lack of quality but with all of Tyler Perry's work this show is about family and healing. Tyler Perry conceptualized his plays from his car where he was living. He had a nightmare childhood and I sense that he is healing with every new play or movie and many of us are healing with him. He has gone on to feature several homeless people in his movies and that message of healing is the theme that runs through everything he does. As it pertains to character acting and portrayal a good example in Meet the Browns is that of David (Mr. Brown) and Tamela Mann (daughter Cora) who are a married couple in real life and are both in reality, accomplished gospel singers (Kirk Franklin). David Mann is very different from the character of Mr.Brown. Mr. Brown is way over the top but that ridiculous humorous portrayal zeroes in on today's social issues. Many may not appreciate the delivery and the total ridiculousness of the show but the message is there and I appreciate all of Tyler Perry's work and let the healing continue! This show "cracks me up"!!
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Very Funny Show
nikkigran5 January 2012
I absolutely love this show. It was my favorite show on TV besides The Game. I think it is the best show Tyler Perry has. If you have not seen any of his plays then you would not understand the characters. The characters are based on his plays.Mr. Brown is hilarious the things he says down to the way he dresses.He cannot pronounce words correctly and gets mad when you try to correct him. Every week it is something different. My favorite episode was when Mr. brown lost his memory and they had to sing this is your grand-daddy for him to remember. The only thing I wish is for him to have a episode with Madea and Brown or Uncle Joe that would be real funny.
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Tyler Prry is a genius
bearfaceproductions7 February 2009
Undeniable, good, awesome, comedy. Tyler Perry still can keep people laughing. Meet the browns is a great comedy show you've come to expect from a mastermind like Tyler Perry. The show is extremely funny and it always has a great moral in the episodes, people that love Tyler Perry will surely like this series, I strongly recommend it for those people who look for a good clean sitcom. Many people give Tyler Perry's work many bad ratings, but you must not believe them because there are many racist in the world who may want to bring him down. Also it depends on what kind of things you like to see. To me is one of the greatest sitcoms ever existed. Great Job Tyler Perry you never stop amazing me with your works.
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Avoid It!
Chris Reed20 July 2013
If you have seen anything written or directed by Tyler Perry you should know just what to expect. The characters and humor in the show is lame, bland, and overall boring. The monotonous beat the show has will keep you thinking not about the show, but when it will actually end. It is just a non stop drag. Filled with Pathetic jokes and lame plots, Meet the Browns consists of mainly bland situations and not a speck of humor. Not to mention the awful sense of timing with the fake laughs leaving you wondering if your supposed to be laughing at all. It's a waste of time. The fact that the Season DVD's actually sell is shocking. Thus making this show a terrible experience. I would avoid this show to save yourself from a truly boring time.
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Very boring and not funny at all
FilmCriticChick882 May 2014
Every time this show comes on, I find myself trying to give it try and to see if I might possibly enjoy at least one episode, but each and everyone of the episodes are very boring, and not funny at all. They make sure you hear the audience laughing (which I'm pretty sure it's just probably someone hitting the laugh button). None of the characters stand out and the script just seems like Tyler Perry just wrote it up carelessly. Never found Tyler Perry's films to be funny either, very overrated. But this show, is not funny at all. Leroy Brown, is by far the most annoying character on the show, and totally unfunny!! None of the characters draw you in and it's hard to connect with them. I bet even the actors themselves realize the show isn't funny either. Glad to know it's canceled.
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Really Really Bad Oh My Goodness
lceb25 November 2013
Whenever I would go in to donate plasma the center would have this playing on their televisions. Even with a needle in my arm, blood being drawn, watching this show would be the worst thing happening to me.Whenever I would go in to donate plasma the center would have this playing on their televisions. Even with a needle in my arm, blood being drawn, watching this show would be the worst thing happening to me. Whenever I would go in to donate plasma the center would have this playing on their televisions. Even with a needle in my arm, blood being drawn, watching this show would be the worst thing happening to me.Whenever I would go in to donate plasma the center would have this playing on their televisions. Even with a needle in my arm, blood being drawn, watching this show would be the worst thing happening to me.
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How Could a Show Like This Not Work?!
Benjamin Black1 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was really excited to see Brown and Cora received their own TV show! After their success in theatre and their movie, it was about time to see them on TV. We got an idea of what their show was going to be about from the few episodes they starred in on "House of Payne." So after seeing a lot of their episodes, what did I think? was...kind of a letdown.

Not only was I disappointed that Tyler Perry, freakin' Tyler Perry!, let this show be so low in quality, but it's really upsetting thinking a show like this couldn't work! When you go back and watch the Madea plays, look at Brown and Cora - they are funny! Imagine THAT on television; would you have imagined what we were actually given, or would you have expected something much funnier? Now, this isn't to say that there aren't some good elements about this show. They do address some serious topics in a good, tasteful way. Not all of the jokes work, but when they do, they are really funny! I actually like some of the earlier episodes. Do you remember the episode where Ms. Edna wanted to die, and it ended with the characters showing her her own life? That was very nice, very tasteful, and very well done. It wasn't trying to force a joke at us; it wasn't shoving a dramatic situation on us. We were just able to look at a character with a minor problem and see how it gets resolved. It's dramatic, but it's not too deep or too heavy. If the show had gone in this direction, it would have been much better.

As the series continued, however, we were forced with unlikeable characters, shoved with dramatic situations, and rather than being entertained with the Tyler Perry form of comedy, we were "entertained" with the sitcom form of entertainment. We're not laughing to get away from the emotions brought about by the heavy, dramatic moments; instead they're forcing a laugh for the sake of forcing a laugh. That is never funny. I hate sitcoms that tell jokes that aren't needed for any other reason than the fact that the producers and writers wanted to tell a joke. Rather than go for the honesty of the situation at hand, they go for the humorous. When they reach for the funny, it's no longer funny.

With the sitcom-style, I don't like the kids. You'd think that their background story with their real mother would give the writers something realistic to work with. But instead we have the typical daughter who can't stand her family. She can't tell you a thing about what she's learning in school, but she knows everything in pop culture. The son is so much smarter than his sister, and his over confidence in how smart he is often becomes his downfall. Also, I don't like the actor who plays the son, Gunnar Washington. I don't know, his acting isn't that spectacular.

My conspiracy is that Tyler Perry was busy writing plays, making movies, and running two shows on the air simultaneously. Because of that, he often looked over some of the things that didn't work about this show. Again, there are a lot of good moments in the show, but when the show chooses to be a modern sitcom instead of a good television show, it sucks pretty bad. If you want to see it to find those good moments or just to say you've seen all of Tyler Perry's productions, you could watch this, I suppose. But if you're sick of the typical modern sitcoms like I am, you'd probably want to stay away. BOOYIKA!
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I've never been more disgusted.
Dylan Tosland29 May 2013
I would like to begin with how bad this show makes my fellow African Americans look, it puts a bad name on all of us. The way this show attempts to be funny is disgusting really. The annoying nonsense and rambling on really got me thinking is it time for Tyler to quit... I can't seem to understand why this show is still available to watch on television. The plot is all over the place, the acting is just awful and the jokes which I have already mentioned are terrible. I have yet to understand why on earth a 60 year old man would allow 5+ people to stay at his house. This makes it look like my fellow blacks are just lazy as hell. I would demand this show be canceled immediately. I will never recommend this to anyone.
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Not quite quality TV
msr3168425 July 2011
Wow! Where do I start. I REALLY want to like this show because I feel that black folk make the best comedians. I grew up watching Martin, Family Matters, Fresh Prince, Living Single, etc and I feel that those shows were pure comedy. You can't watch those shows and not laugh.

However, when I watch this, I can't help but notice the lack of realism. For one, race is clearly an important theme here. The white people on this show are usually weird in some way. With the exception of Juoquin, the others just seem a bit off. Then you have Leroy who has a personality where he Just Doesn't Quite Get It. His jokes are funny at times but his character is always loud, obnoxious, and foolish (like Curtis Payne). But then you have the two surgeons (Will & Sasha). A scenario that kinda reminds me of The Cosby Show. These two are very bold, wise, goal-oriented, and successful. Not only that but they could qualify for models. In other words, they're perfect. It's just hard for me to decipher this show as realistic.

The acting isn't exactly on point. There are times where it seems like they're not trying hard enough but then there's times where it seems like they're trying too hard.

The comedy of this show isn't always funny. I would actually admit to laughing about once every 10-15 times they play that little fake audience laughter.

I really want to like this show. I'll catch it every good once in awhile (mainly because Sasha so fine) and watch but I'm not too sure how anyone can really enjoy it 100%. I DO feel that it has potential but they have to change a lot of stuff.
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