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1 Jul. 2009
Meet the Ex
Will's gorgeous (and very free-spirited) socialite ex-girlfriend shows up as a donor for a charity benefit that he is chairing. Sasha is jealous of her, until she realizes who Lynn is really attracted to...Sasha. Edna is considering plastic surgery, so London steps in and convinces her and the ladies to throw a "Botox Party".
12 Aug. 2009
Meet the Gold Digger
Brown meets his soul mate, but she may be after more than his heart. Brianna gets arrested for shoplifting at the mall.
30 Dec. 2009
Meet the Adoption
Tanya (Tasha Smith) wins custody of Brianna and Joaquin---but she may be in over her head. And Brown must face the music when he breaks Edna's record player
30 Dec. 2009
Meet the Liar
Tanya (Tasha Smith) seeks Cora's help; Brown has a quarantine quandary when he gets stuck in detainment at the hospital with Derek and Renee.
1 Sep. 2010
Meet the Lay Off
Budget cuts at the school result in a layoff to either Brown or Cora. Meanwhile, Sasha passes an unwanted gift on to Renee.
3 Nov. 2010
Meet the Nightlife
Sasha's wallet is stolen. Her, Will and Renee reenact what happened.
10 Nov. 2010
Meet the Big Payoff
Brianna learns an important lesson about the dangers of texting while driving. Brown's cousin visits with another get rich quick scheme.
10 Nov. 2010
Meet the Recession
Edna and Cora help Thelma deal with losing her job and home. Brown works with Benny the Bum, Derek, and the colonel in a "pyramid" scheme
24 Nov. 2010
Meet the Attraction
Brianna gets jealous when Simone becomes the focus of Jamal's film and does outrageous things to get his attention. Cora has to take first aid from Reggie and bond when she has to stay after class.

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