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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense and frightening sequences of action and violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Will and his veterinarian girlfriend Caroline kiss.
  • And we see the pair in bed. (The scene is years later, and it's never stated whether they married or not.)
  • Two passionate kisses.
  • A man and a woman are seen lying side by side in bed, the woman has a t-shirt on, cannot see on the man, sleeping through the scene.
  • We see a man wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt.
  • A couple is seen lying beside each other on a picnic blanket as an ape watches.

Violence & Gore

  • Trailers for Rise of the Planet of the Apes make it appear that this is predominantly a rampaging man-vs.-ape war movie. It's really not.
  • But there are still more than just a few violent moments.
  • Early on, an upset female ape smashes windows and throws her human handlers into walls and furniture.
  • When Caesar leaps to protect Charles, he knocks a neighbor man head over heels off his porch and bites the man's hand, nipping off his finger.
  • That same neighbor strikes out at the chimp in another scene, opening up a gash in the creature's leg.
  • We see Caroline stitching up the wound.
  • When Caesar is sent to a primate shelter, a young attendant there, Dodge, hits him with an electric prod and slams him into a wall with a stream of high-pressure water.
  • Later, after a brief battle between the attendant and several apes, Caesar manages to turn the water back on Dodge, electrocuting him in the process when the liquid hits his zapping device.
  • Caesar also slams a human into the bars of his cage and beats an ape into submission with a metal can.
  • As a simian army takes shape, apes of all shapes and sizes smash through windows, turn over cars and busses, rip up metal fence posts for spears, bash human opponents with their enormous fists, and generally raise havoc on the streets of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • But Caesar's not out for blood.
  • Tolerating one accidental death, he repeatedly orders his gorilla and chimp forces to spare the lives of their human foes.
  • We do see Caesar refuse to help one villainous man-who is pushed to his death after Caesar has turned and walked away.
  • Humans, on the other hand, aren't quite so cautious with animal life.
  • The police open fire on the simian hordes with rifles, pistols and automatic weapons, mowing down the creatures by the dozens.
  • On a different front, an animal handler at the lab accidentally ingests a drug and gets sick, sneezing up blood.
  • We later see him dead in his room with gore covering his face and hand.
  • An ape is threatened with an electrical weapon when he sprays the man holding it with a hose, electrocuting him. You can see a brief glimpse of the man's dead body, which is bloody and fried.
  • An ape leaps onto a helicopter and kills the gunner, but is shot several times by the pilot and killed. Some blood is visible.
  • A man coughs up blood onto another mans shirt. Not violent but graphic.
  • An ape attacks a man, punches him several times, and bites his finger off. A few glimpses of the bloody stump are seen.
  • Apes are shot and killed by police officers in a very intense action sequence. Humans are also threatened and killed.
  • Apes are chased down and captured by men with machetes in the opening scene, and you can see an ape screaming as it is taken away. No apes are harmed.
  • A man is trapped in a fallen helicopter hanging on the edge of a bridge, and an ape pushes the entire helicopter into the water below. The man screams several times, adding to the intensity of the scene.
  • An ape breaks out of its cage and runs through a facility before it is shot several times. Lots of blood is briefly seen pooling around the ape's dead body.
  • A man attacks a young ape with a baseball bat. A bloody wound is briefly seen on the ape's leg.
  • An ape grabs a man's hand and attempts to break it.
  • There is a Slo-Mo scene where a Gorilla jumps at a helicopter, and he is shot multiple times. We se blood squirts out of him in slo-mo


  • God's name is combined twice with "d n." Jesus' is abused once.
  • A half-dozen exclamations of "h " and one or two uses of "a " show up too.
  • One quick crowd scene contains an unfinished "what the ..."
  • There is at least one instance of "bulls--t,", "a-s", and "Jesus", as well as a few "damn's" and "hell's." There are no f words, but a sentence "what the..." is left dangling.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The drug variations ALZ112 and ALZ113-described as virus serums-are injected and/or otherwise transmitted to both apes and humans.
  • Some of the animals have these drugs forced on them while tied down.
  • After killing the chimpanzee subjects being experimented on in the ALZ112 project (offscreen), an animal trainer leaves Will a syringe of some kind of deadly drug to eliminate the last baby chimp.
  • Will refuses to use it.
  • When Dodge sneaks some friends in to see the apes, they arrive with a six pack and several open bottles of beer.
  • One guy moves to give a beer to Caesar, but the chimp doesn't take it.
  • A young man opens a bottle of beer and teases a chimp with it.
  • A young man holds a six-pack of beer and offers one to a young woman.
  • Bottles of beer are seen in a man's refrigerator.
  • An empty wine bottle is shown next to a man and a woman on a picnic blanket. The man appears to be somewhat intoxicated.
  • other than that, there is no smoking in this film.
  • The main human character works for a medical drugs company, it is two forms of a drugs he originally developed to treat brain disorders such as Alzheimer's that drive the plot forward as the main chimp has received one form of the drug before he was born due to his mother getting treated with it and this chimp treats other apes with another, gaseous form the latter of which is shown to be detrimental to humans as when a human character is accidentally exposed to it he becomes ill and dies but not until after he infects at least one other person, in the ending credits a graphic shows of the spread of humans getting ill and dying from this.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man with Alzheimer's dies in his bed with his son at his side. Very emotional.
  • Towards the end of the movie a large amount of apes take over a wooded are near San Franciso, they harm humans and cause terror whilst travelling there.
  • Animal cruelty and drug testing on apes are depicted on several occasions in this film and the opening scene shows apes being captured for animal testing.
  • Several apes are seen trapped in small cages/pens and thrash violently and repeatedly against the mesh walls while screeching. The fast-paced editing and loudness of the scene enhances its intensity, making it potentially scary and/or disturbing for young children to watch.

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