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Season 1

21 Jul. 2009
The teen daughter of an 80's pop star reunites with her irresponsible father, who surprises his estranged, former band-mate brother and his family by asking them to help raise her.
28 Jul. 2009
Save the Last Dunce for Me
Ruby joins the student social committee and helps plan a father-daughter dance.
4 Aug. 2009
Do You Want to Blow a Secret?
Patrick asks Ruby to watch Ben for the evening while they go to the opera and Jordan is at a study group.
11 Aug. 2009
It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want to
Patrick and Audie take a weekend trip to celebrate their anniversary, but while they are away Ruby throws a party to impress the popular girls.
18 Aug. 2009
Papas Don't Preach
David and Patrick are at odds on whether Ruby should date one of her older potential band mates.
25 Aug. 2009
Hot for Spanish Teacher
David Gallagher falls for Ruby's Spanish Teacher. Jordan and Ben sell tours of the family home to fans.
1 Sep. 2009
We Are Family?
David has a magazine reporter follow him and Ruby around on their father-daughter day, and Jordan tries to collect DNA samples from them to see if they are really related.
8 Sep. 2009
We Aren't the Champions
Patrick coaches Ruby's soccer team while Jordan seeks songwriting advice from David, who has an interesting way of helping him.
15 Sep. 2009
50 Ways to Heave Your Mother
David and Patrick's mother -Shirley Jones- comes to town and gives Ruby the cold shoulder as she attempts to get to know her.
22 Sep. 2009
Smells Like Teen Drama
Ruby has had it with Jordan intruding on her life especially after dating her friend. Meanwhile, David and Patrick help Ben overcome a bully.

 Season 1 

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