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Sex & Nudity

  • Some young discussion of boobs and menstruation. Some kissing. No sex or nudity.
  • Two girls at the beginning are side by side in a stall. Though nothing is seen, one girl asks the other if; "She's got anything?" In which, she is obviously referring to a menstrual cycle. The other girl responds with saying; "No."
  • Later on, two girls are seen lying on the bed in a bedroom. The girls start talking about getting boobs. One girl refers to her grandmother's boobs as melons. The other girl asks her if she thinks her boobs will get as big as Dolly Parton's.
  • A girl asks her mother if her grandmother had big boobs. Her mother says that she had a perfectly normal bust.
  • A man kisses a woman on her neck.
  • A girl asks her mother if she wishes she had a thing to stand out by and mentions having something such as a "big boobs".
  • A girl cuts up a swimsuit to make a bra for herself.
  • A girl passes a note to a student during class asking is she can tell she is wearing a bra.
  • A teacher is talking about blood types and he asks a girl what blood type her mother and father is. She responds by saying that her mother is an "A" and her father is an "AB". The teacher starts off by saying; "When they make a baby..." earning a abrupt roar of laughter amongst the classroom.
  • A girl reaches underneath her parents bed and pulls out a couple of magazines. One is clearly a playboy magazine.
  • A man and woman kiss.
  • A girl is sitting on the toilet and realizes that she's just started her menstrual cycle.
  • A girl complains throughout the film about having cramps.

Violence & Gore


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman smokes a cigarette.
  • A woman gives another woman a cup of an unexplained drink.
  • A woman gives a girl "rye whiskey"
  • A woman is outside a motel room smoking.
  • A man drinks something out of a flask, then offers it to his neighbor.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A woman walks into her daughter's room, thinking that she is there only to find that she is not. The mother gets into her car to drive away and is so distraught that she almost backs into a tree.
  • A woman pushes her daughters bike off of a cliff.
  • A woman explains to her daughter about how she didn't even want her.

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