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A "must-see" movie. Really. I'm not kidding.
innocuous26 February 2011
Don't be fooled by the rating. You have to watch "Birdemic" at some point.

This movies outshines "Troll 2" in every respect. It puts "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and "The Room" to shame. Imagine a movie that would be created solely to give film students a paper topic on how NOT to make movies. Every conceivable error has been made in making "Birdemic." At first, you simply won't be able to believe that the film is not a spoof. But if you read about the film and about Nguyen, and if you take a few moments to watch the additional material on the DVD, you will soon agree that this was just a misguided effort on the entire production team's part.

The sound is the most outstanding example of sheer incompetence. The director clearly understood what Foley is, since the gunshots have all been added post-production, but I guess they just didn't have the time or money to dub the vast majority of the film after shooting. And it needs it. Badly.

The acting is uniformly terrible. Not bad. Terrible. Alan Bragh doesn't even rise to the level of fourth grade pageants. Whitney Moore is cute as a button and is aided by a bit of camel-toe in at least one scene, but she's the best of a poor lot. All the supporting cast is "give your financial backers a small part" bad.

If you want to explain blocking, editing, framing, sound markers, continuity, reverse shots, and other film terms to your friends, this is the film to use. None of it is done correctly.

While the CGI (and I use the term in only the broadest sense) birds are hilarious, my favorite scene is the "retirement" scene. I think that the word "retirement" is used six times in just three lines. Watch for it. It's hard to miss.'s strangely watchable. In contrast to many bad movies, it's not boring. Consider it a train wreck that you simply can't tear your eyes from. Even the boring scenes (and there really aren't that many) have some aspect (poor sound, hilariously unrealistic dialogue, odd things going on in the background) that fascinate. You'll be giggling and poking your elbow into the side of the person beside you.

So, go rent it. Really. You won't regret it.
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Definitely on the "best of the worst" list
ejonconrad26 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Let's be honest, if you even got as far as reading this review, then you're not looking for a good movie, so there's a good chance Birdemic is the movie for you. On the other hand, let me give you some practical advice; just start the movie at minute 47, because nothing of any real importance happens in the first half. It's entirely spent establishing an implausible relationship between a Nathalie (Whitney Moore), a hot fashion model and a Rod (Alan Bagh), computer geek. I know this sort of thing is a staple in horror and sci fi movies, but usually the nerd has some hidden charms. Rod is basically just annoying and full of himself. Also, the relationship normally develops in the context of the plot and involves at least *some* dramatic tension. In this case, they meet and she is immediately swept off her feet by his complete lack of charm and affected speech patterns. Oh yeah, he's also just landed a big business deal that will make him a millionaire. So much more Nathalie's wholesome image, the little gold digger!

Anyway, this whole process takes about 5 minutes. Where the other 40 go is a mystery. OK, they do find one dead bird on the beach. Consider yourself foreshadowed.

On second thought, start at minute 44 to catch the movie's only redeeming feature: a gratuitous slow pan of Moore in her underwear. But then *immediately* jump to minute 47 to escape the most awkward and unconvincing love scene in the history of cinema. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Then the action starts. After a night of passion, they awake to a full scale attack by badly rendered CGI birds which terrorize people and occasionally dive bomb the ground, exploding on impact. I don't mean they burst apart in a shower of bird guts; I mean they actually explode, with fire and smoke, like little Kamikazee pilots! This is never explained.

And that's pretty much it. The rest of the movie is basically spent running from these birds and occasionally fighting them off - first with coat hangers and later with the the stash of firearms and (almost) limitless ammo that one character inexplicably produces. Sometimes there's a variation on the explosion theme where the birds splatter people with something that appears to burn them like acid.

They run into a couple of people in their travels who explain this is all caused by global warming. This shameless pandering to social relevance loses any sympathy the film maker might otherwise have had. Also, I can believe that climate change might make birds aggressive, but could it really make them explode?

Just how bad an actor is Alan Bagh? Well, it should tell you something that he couldn't project any credible passion in a love scene with our scantily clad heroine. His dialog is delivered in a uniform stilted monotone, and he seems to avoid eye contact with either the camera or any of his fellow actors. In fact, even the scenes when he and Moore are walking in silence - and there are an annoyingly large number of these - are somehow not at all believable. I mean seriously, how hard is it to *walk* in a convincing manner? If I saw someone walking like that on the street, I would assume he had suffered some sort of head trauma.

Almost all of the actors are more or less equivalent to Bagh, with the arguable exception of Moore. Don't get me wrong, she's not great, but since she's the only person in the movie with any acting ability whatsoever, she comes across like Merryl Streep. Really, you find yourself longing for her speaking parts, because it's the only dialog that's doesn't literally make you cringe. Also, did I mention she's got a gratuitous underwear scene at minute 44?

A lot has been said about the poor quality of the CGI birds, but nothing can prepare you for how bad they really are. If Ed Wood had made this movie, he would have interspersed stock footage of flocks of birds with stuffed birds thrown in from off screen - and the result would have been much, much more effective!

Anyway, since they're worried about bird attacks, you would think they would, I don't know, stay indoors! By no, they're outside as much as possible. Part of this is because in the one day since the birds attacked civilization has completely crumbled, and they're forced to forage for food.

Just when you're continuing to wonder how they're going to end this this thing, the birds simply fly away, with no explanation. Huh?

Truly, a masterpiece.
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The worst film made by anyone, ever, at anytime
pledgerock25 March 2010
There are no words that come to mind after seeing this film. Travesty, horrific, absurd, ridiculous, and mind-numbingly stupid all come to mind but none of 'em quite describe just how awful this "film" really is. To see where everyone went wrong, let's break it down!

1. It takes 45 minutes until the actual plot begins to develop. By this time, the majority of viewers have fallen asleep or have taken their own lives.

2. The actor who plays Rod, Alan Bagh. He makes me miss Nicholas Cage. NO NOT THE BEES!!! AHHHH!!!

3. The birds. What do they do exactly? Nothing. The birds come down and fly directly in front of the victims face. Then they die for reasons only criminally insane director James Nguyen knows. God help us.

4. Read my parental advisory

5. "Hey I thought I told you to stand back. These birds are contaminated"

6. What is wrong with Rod's friend? And why can't he get a good looking girlfriend?

7. The dialogue. It's like watching a poorly translated foreign film. "I like you and because you are pretty to me" "I thank you this words they make me happy" "Yaaaaaayyy..."

8. This quote: "Why would birds do something like that? Why would they just attack" "......I don't know"

-------The good?

1. Thank god for Whitney Moore in lingerie. The only believable thing about this movie was that she got a job at Victoria's Secret.

And that's my review. Go see it. I guarantee you will never see a worse film.
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a film for our times, for ALL times, or perhaps none at all....
Quinoa19843 April 2010
Sometimes there is a film that comes along that boggles the mind. You cannot believe the thing exists, but there it is, paddling its arms forward like a Special Olympics finalist (and no, this is not a joke on the Special Olympics - they're too good for Birdemic: Shock and Terror). The movie tricks a viewer like yours truly; at first, having not seen anything made by its director, the inimitable James Nguyen - he has two other films to his credit, Replica and Julie and Jack, neither seen by me (just as well, one of whom gives its highest praise as "Ed Wood quality" on IMDb) - I wasn't sure what I was really seeing, if it was either the highest or lowest of artistic expression.

The film takes place in some sunny seaside community on the California coast - as we're made PAINFULLY CLEAR in the opening from-the-car driving shots (immediately calling to mind the opening credits of Manos: The Hands of Fate) - and is about how Rod (Alan Bough) and Nathalie (Whitney Moore), who meet one day by chance, he a successful solar-panel salesman and she a Victoria's Secret model (she just made the cover!) Oh, and there's an almost inexplicable warning of a crazy-killer bird epidemic on the news, from, um, I guess it's global warming. And after about a half hour of almost *nothing* going on between these two pieces of cardboard-as-actors, the birds finally arrive.... oh yes, how they arrive.

What I mean by my uncertainty of what I was seeing, it felt like a double-edged sword. I kept thinking during the film, 'either Nguyen is a total genius, crafting the most intentionally bad movie in recent memory, or he's quite possible the most sickening hack you've never wanted to meet.' It's one thing that the film was shot on a shitty camcorder. It's another that the actors appear to be non-professionals or at best from community theater (Alan Bagh is so stiff he just might make your eyes bleed; Moore is too hot to have that happen, though her talent is just as nill).

But it's something else how absolutely, and surprisingly consistently, awful the film-making is. Even if you've never taken a class in proper lighting or sound or stage direction or editing, Birdemic shines so mightily in its crap-ness. Scenes start and end without a proper marker, as if the editor didn't know how to flow from one scene- one SHOT- to the next. Sound is completely mis-matched from one shot to the next. The music is the kind of synthesizer work that cranked up loud enough could drive Bin-Laden out of his cave (they even go as far as to rip-off the John Lennon song "Imagine" for a girl character wearing a "Imagine Peace" shirt. And the birds... oh, boy, the birds (if you need further proof, watch the trailer, do yourself a favor and get it out of the way).

Now, again, experiencing this film, especially in the case I had in a theater with people perhaps anticipating its awfulness based on the trailer or the website or the claim by Nguyen to be a "Master of the Romantic Thriller" (Trademarked. I'm not kidding), that this is perhaps just a brilliant prank, a satire of epic proportions. Certainly the "message" part of the movie- and it's wielded with such a sledgehammer it would make Stanley Kramer look like Jim Jarmusch - is done to such a ludicrous extent, with characters appearing for walk-on scenes like a Old-man Biologist who appears to explain that the birds were caused by man's harm to the planet, or the "Tree-Man" in the woods who has a tree-house home and finds the birds don't attack him because he's in the woods and not out on the road like the rest of stupid man-animal civilization. Not to mention the rather *listen to us now* attitude of the main characters driving their hybrid cars and seeing An Inconvenient Truth (I s**t you not, this is in the movie) and their silly solar panels. Who ever heard of that working really well?

All of this could, potentially, really be just a put-on of such a magnitude that I would want to shake Nguyen's hand for pulling off such a feat. But, no, Nguyen took himself very seriously during this production, only slightly changing his tune after the fact of people seeing the film like the audience in The Producers seeing "Springtime for Hitler" for the first time (if you need proof, look at this NY Times article quote: "I never went to film school," Mr. Nguyen said. "But I did go to what you'd call the film school of Hitchcock cinema."). I'll give him that he had persistence in getting the film out there, even showing it in bars around the Sundance film festival when he couldn't get in. The masses of sober people puking all around him should have given him a clearer idea of what he had though.

Oh, don't get me wrong, Birdemic is absolutely, hysterically, historically, gloriously funny. It's a magnificent fresco of horrible CGI (the birds just float, like a screensaver), and non-existent acting, and plot that... wait, what plot? And who needs an ending that makes sense either, or shots that match up? It's so funny that I ended up feeling just a wee-bit guilty by the end. It's easy to mock this movie, like a bully on the playground mocking the kid with Cerebal Palsy. If the film isn't an intentional anti-film, then it's just a really bad Manos/Ed-Wood level movie, and all of the hilarity that ensues from it is kind of expected. It's not even worthy of Asylum DVD status. Alongside The Room, After Last Season, and Severed Ways, it's one of the real no-budget bad-movie finds of the past ten years. A must-see, for every wrong reason imaginable.
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I felt my brain melting and eyes aching
maggeboiii5 July 2013
When a movie starts with music that grinds your ears, standard movie- maker font, 10 minutes of random shots from the valleys of Hollywood and an unknown B-movie director that claims he's the "master of romantic thrillers", you know you're in for one hell of a ride.

I don't really know if this movie is a joke or not, if they actually went in full force with the intention of actually making a great film with their 10.000 dollar budget, clearly they did not. When the actual film starts, the camera is so horrid I thought the cameraman was drunk, or if I was unwillingly intoxicated. Anyways, I had to check my earphones after a couple of minutes, because the sound suddenly stopped and popped up at random, looks like the sound-mixer of this movie probably is deaf or some sort of modern day Hellen Keller.

Let's say something about the acting.. if there is any. I felt my heart wrenching when the protagonist started reading his lines, his act is already so wooden after two minutes of screen-time he'd fit right in the Ents from the "Lord of the Rings"-trilogy. When an actor can't even walk straight without showing signs of having something rectangular shoved up his rectum, there's something wrong.

After about 45 minutes of clapping (yes, see it for yourself), a love story that makes the Twilight-saga seem like "The Notebook" and "Titanic" combined, dialouges that are from another planet and all-in- all all I'm thinking: Is this movie the "Shock and Terror" the sub-title proclamates? 'Cause I haven't seen a f*cking bird yet!!

When the birds arrive.. No, I don't even care to write about it.. I feel ashamed of myself. I feel like laying down in the shower with my clothes on and cry while the cold water is running on full.

This movie basically makes Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" seem like the new "Schindler's List". Enough said.
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i am a bird
wynimations4 July 2018
Words cannot describe how greatly this movie changed my life. The year was 2014. My legs were gone. My children, somewhere in Ukraine. My wife stolen from me by the Government. Everything was going wrong for me. One day, I decide to rent Birdemic: Shock and Terror. The moment the movie started, my spirits lifted. Its four minute intro of only driving made me forget about my wife and children almost immediately. Then, the first words were spoken: "h i" I'd like to pay whoever casted this because they did an amazing job. The audio quality is also the best I've ever seen. Yes, this movie has gifted me the ability to see sound.

Continuing, every word that was spoken inspired me as a person. I also learned, in detail, how to use a gun, which, I now find very helpful.

Immediately after the movie ended, I heard a knock at my door. My legs had returned to me, kicking the door down and attaching themselves to my waist. With this first amazing thing happening to me, I had the motivation to fix everything.

I flew to the White House, killing the president immediately with my bird-like stare. I grabbed my wife from the clutches of his arms and lifted her into the air with my newly grown wings, holding her with my feet. The children were next.

We soon arrived in Ukraine, my children screaming when they saw me. There were tears in their eyes and they were backing away from shock. They missed me so dearly. I grabbed both and put them in my pelican-like beak, and began flying home.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror is the reason I am still alive.
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claude654317 April 2010
Where does one start? How can you mentally digest something like Birdemic? I am still in shock. I have seen some shitty movies in my time. But Birdemic, friends and neighbors, is the worst movie in the history of film-making, on this planet or in any other dimension for that matter. It is bad, OMG, right off the scale on the shitometer. The acting? Poor Alan Bagh, is he a living, walking wooden plank? Special effects? I swear, the birds are cardboard cutouts dangling from strings. For some reason, they explode when they hit something. Why? Why is that? Can't somebody explain, for freak's sake?

Everything stinks so very gaggingly. A rhesus monkey with a camcorder poking out of its arse would do better. Beware, my friends, beware of this abomination that is Birdemic.
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The worst movie of the decade and probably the most preachy
akuma63419 September 2010
I just got done watching Birdemic for the first time, I knew it was made on 10,000 dollars and it is regarded as one of the worst movies of all time. This same day I also watched The Happening and The Crawling Eye (MST3K version) so maybe I was feeling masochistic. This movie was all around bad in every aspect. It looks like it was shot on a fairly cheap digital video camera and it's obvious that the sound was recorded from the microphone built into the camera instead of a boom mic. I know that because the sound is very awful, the actors have to be pretty close to the camera to be heard right, and there's way too much loud background noise which in post production they played a lot of public domain elevator music to drown out the background noise. The worst audio issue was when they film on the beach because the sounds of the beach are 5 times louder than the actors voices.

The movie itself is very slow paced, the first half of the movie is just the main guy meeting his dream girl and building their relationship. The problem is that nobody in this movie can act and the writing was pitiful so what we get are very bland characters, not even vanilla more like tofu bland. We get no reason to care about these people in any way and to make them less likable the main guy has to talk about solar panels, hybrid cars, global warming, and even the war in Iraq as much as he can. The script is almost a love letter to Al Gore. This feels like an eternity where it goes from his boring job that he is way too enthusiastic about, his obsession with a greener world, and his dates.

The second half of the movie is when the birds finally go on a rampage. Lots of 2D computer generated birds that fly around in circles and attack their prey by hovering in place while moving their wings up and down and making the same noise looped over and over the whole movie. Somehow these berserk eagles can set house on fire as well as kill people in one swoop. The couple ends up meeting another couple who lets them ride in their van, this van has everything from handguns and two AK-47 assault riffles with unlimited ammo (I'm guessing the van has Game Genie,) as well as medical supplies, and anything the plot requires. Most of the movie has these people gunning down birds and searching for survivors. The survivors they meet all have long boring monologues about how it isn't the eagles we should be afraid of, it's global warming and mankind's use of fossil fuels that is responsible for this disaster.

As far as the action goes, it's about as lame as the trailer makes it look. When someone dies it's just a bird hovering in front of the person and they fall down with blood make up on them. There's also some really pointless scenes there just to raise the body count like a man who pulls a gun on them (even though they still have an assault riffle that they seem to forget about for the rest of the movie)who wants their gas, which they say cost them 100 dollars a gallon. There's a whole lot of nothing interesting going on. At least companies like Troma can take a 10 cent movie and throw in lots of nudity, over the top gore, and comedy. The people behind Birdemic have the worst CGI effects since the old Star Trek movies and long speeches about the environment. If you watch it, bring some friends and laugh at it because it works in that regard. Other than that it's Duck Hunt: The Movie.
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Where Do I Start?
Natejitsu29 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know where to begin, so I'll say this. I've heard The Room reviewed as the "Citizen Kane" of bad movies. After watching Birdemic: Shock and Terror, The Room will actually seem as good as Citizen Kane.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror is a cult film waiting to happen. The low budget, the amateur cast and crew, the goofy, hole-ridden plot, but what this movie has that classic cult films like The Room and Troll 2 for example don't, is a complete ineptitude from the standpoint of all involved in this movie. I could watch Troll 2 and The Room, and I could picture in some alternate dimension that everything that was wrong with those movies was tweaked and they actually weren't half bad, but Birdemic: Shock and Terror is different.

First of all, the editing in this movie is worse than your average high schooler's film studies project. Almost every perspective change in a scene is accompanied with a long, awkward pause and an obvious change in sound, even on the television. I'm pretty sure the director/producer/writer of this atrocity (James Nguyen) just used the built-in mic on his digital camcorder. Also, every scene is shot with a pan to the right. Believe it or not though, if there's one thing I'll give credit to in this film, is the music. It's actually decent, considering the small budget. The song played during the (awful) bar scene comes to mind because it's really catchy and actually has some really good musicianship. However, the film score is often repeated, and in the case of the beginning credits, is obnoxiously repeated.

Next, the plot and writing. If you haven't seen the movie, the plot is that an aspiring software salesman meets a girl and they hit it off, only to have their wonderful love be cut short by killer birds. The plot is somewhat coherent, as it's pretty easy to figure out what's going on with the love story, and it's also pretty clear "why did the eagles and vultures attacked" (quoting a movie flier made by Nguyen himself). Thankfully, there aren't any subplots in the movie, unless you count the career ventures the characters make pretty early in the movie, which brings me to the writing.

In the pile of steaming crap that is this movie, this has to be the smelliest part. Nguyen was inspired by two movies supposedly: Hitchcock's "The Birds" and Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." I read about that before I watched the movie, and I had a hard time thinking how those two could be combined, then I watched this film. The most out of place, out of context plugs for unrealistic "green" technology (absurdly cheap solar panels, 100 mpg Ford Mustang) can are uttered in this movie to the point where it's almost offensive. This is a part of the movie that you need to see to believe because I'd easily be over the word limit if I had to describe all these scenes.

Finally, we'll talk about the acting. There's not much to say here, except that they aren't good actors. Thankfully, we don't see awkward characters or overacting like in other bad films that have acquired cult rating, but we do see bad actors nonetheless. I honestly don't feel like I can make a true judgement of their acting because of the terrible script and editing, but I can only imagine what I'd think if I got a "true" performance from them. If I had to pick the top 3 actors in this film, I'd pick the "tree-hugger," Nathalie, and the nightclub singer.

Basically, I suggest you watch this movie. This is probably the worst feature-length film of all time, and I've seen some bad films.
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A joke, the worst film ever committed to celluloid
InaneSwine29 June 2010
First of all, to approach "Birdemic: Shock and Terror" with any kind of hope of witnessing a good feature film is utter lunacy. "Amateur" is a word a thousand times too generous for this film's description. Even given its low budget of $10,000, the majority of which seems to have gone on car fuel, the film is a joke. The acting is unspeakably bad, the "special" effects aren't worth mentioning, the music is corny and inappropriate, and the film's editing techniques have all the marvel of a flip-book.

The only way to enjoy this film is to treat it as exactly that, a joke. The above faults of the film are so glaring that the film becomes one huge joke that you can laugh along to. However, even this joke wears thin pretty quickly, and you're left feeling quite empty, as if you've been cheated out of 95 minutes of your life.

Nonetheless, I am firmly convinced that it is the director James Nguyen who is having the last laugh, as he has created a film so notoriously bad that everyone wants to see it. Perhaps the joke is on us, and the director's intention was to see just how popular this film could be through its infamy. Even so, absolutely nothing can forgive how bad this film really is. It makes Battlefield Earth feel like Star Wars, and makes the special effects of 1933's King Kong look like those of Avatar. It is, quite simply, the worst film ever committed to celluloid.

Watching the trailer, I actually had a decent laugh, and thought it might be worth it. But having watched the finished product, the knowledge that somebody spent $10,000 making this ugly piece of garbage and then having the audacity to call it a film is infuriating, and actually quite offensive. People were PAID to produce this. With MONEY. I still don't believe it.
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really awful, but strangely entertaining
Hinosan4171 March 2011
Given that "Birdemic" has been blasted by many critics, I think I should say something positive about it to start off with. The scenery of Half Moon Bay is agreeable, for one thing, and Ms. Moore has at least a modicum of charisma; also, anyone who appreciates a stylish blue hybrid Mustang rolling along in a stately manner gets to savor that very sight in many lingering shots. All positive aspects of this film.

Less positive aspects of this film are legion, so much so that I'm reminded of my wish that would allow a vote on a scale from 1 to 100 rather than 1 to 10 (in which case "Birdemic" would rate at least a 3 out of 100 for the reasons mentioned, and perhaps a 4 for meaning well (though the message about global warming comes across in a preachy and ham-handed manner)). Still, something about the profoundly amateurish quality of this film makes it feel a little unfair to rate it at all ~ in much the same way that it would feel wrong to grade a term paper on the basis of some rough notes jotted down before writing the paper rather than the paper itself. This film very much reminds me of a rough draft ~ a sort of rough visualization of what the film would have been if the producer had more resources at his disposal (thus making the upcoming larger-budget sequel all the more intriguing).

Yet, I wonder if this film might have been less entertaining if it were better made. If it featured better sound, editing, writing, acting, direction and special effects, it might just be a forgettable homage to "The Birds"; its very flaws elevate (or should I say depress?) it to a special level otherwise occupied by a few special films like "The Room" and "Manos: the Hands of Fate" ~ the legendary realm of films that are so bad they're good. So, giving it the benefit of the doubt as a real film and not just a rough draft, I tender my vote of 1 out of 10 and hope that other fans of this film will also give it an appropriately low vote and insure its rightful place on the Bottom 100 (once it gathers the requisite number of votes).
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Shock and Terror is completely right.
WheelzFourReelz20 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Last night, I went to a local movie rental store with my grandparents to rent some movies to watch. We rented two movies. First, we rented Saving Mr. Banks. It's a fantastic movie, I suggest you watch it. Second, we rented this. This was more for my pleasure because I knew neither of them would like it. So, this morning, I sat down and saw it. Oh boy… This movie stars a guy named Rod. He's your average marketer until he meets the girl of his dreams. They go out for a little bit, and then all of a sudden, a huge swarm of birds attacks the city! And that is literally the entire plot. The story is just so random. It's almost like a really crappy sitcom for a while then BIRDS! HOLY CRAP BIRDS! What I love most about the "plot" of this movie is that the first forty minutes or so is completely worthless. This movie is about birds attacking the series, so why is there so much relationship and work drama? Plus, there are scenes that don't make sense. For example, at one point in the movie, a guy goes to the main character's house about making a deal to install a solar panel to the house. What does that have to do with the plot? Absolutely nothing. Nothing new was added to the plot, none of this is ever mentioned again, so… why? What's the point? The cinematography is absolute crap. The camera never steadies and focuses on the right thing. Every shot looks like it belongs in a home movie. There are some shots that feel completely random and just out of place. It just looks awful. The editing is even worse. The scene transitions are beyond choppy with so many, many jump cuts. There are literally four jump cuts in the same exact scene at one point. Plus, this movie has that audio static you get when recording with a low budget camera, only in this movie between every scene the level of static changes. And sometimes it goes away altogether. Hey Nguyen- I don't know if you've ever heard of this before. It's called a boom-mike? It's really neat! It makes all the sound sound much crisper without all that audio static. But I see you wasted your entire 10 dollar budget on CGI, so what's the point of telling you this? Speaking of CGI… ugh… the CGI is poop! It's the kind of bad that you can't describe just because of the sheer amount of awful it withholds. It's just… bad. All the CGI is put into birds, explosions, and blood effects. Do you think you could've tried a little harder? The birds are absolutely ridiculous. Not only are they animated like crap, but they just make no sense. These birds literally dive-bomb towards the city, kamikaze style, and explode on impact. Also, they have no actual entrance or exit in the movie. After forty minutes of the bullcrap that is the story, the birds just appear and start attacking everybody. No explanation why, they just do. And at the end, they just fly away like it's nothing. There's no reason why they should. There's no indication of anything that happens that would drive the birds away. This plot hole makes the movie all the more pointless. Now I have to touch on the acting. The acting rendered me speechless. Wooden does not begin to describe the acting. Everyone seems like they're phoning it in, and even that is being too generous. Everyone does an absolutely awful job. Especially the main character. He brings a whole new level of awful to the table. I've seen better acting from the people that are in the home videos on AFV. And they aren't even acting! I just… I… I can't! I can't do this! Overall, Birdemic Shock and Terror is horrendous. The acting sucks, the CGI sucks, the story (or what little there is, anyway) sucks, there are scenes that make no sense, the cinematography looks like it was done by a toddler, the audio is grating, the characters are annoying, everything just sucks! And do you know what the cherry on top is? THIS MOVIE IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL MESSAGE. I'm serious. The characters in the movie say that "global warming" is the cause of all this. Bullcrap! What a cop-out! In terms of quality, this movie is definitely the worst movie I've ever seen. I still like it better than Battlefield Earth, though. Score: 1.0/10
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What the hell just happened to me?
CLANZO12518 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Potentially the worst movie ever. Troll 2? Pure genius compared to Birdemic. Manos? Well... maybe on par.

I checked the Spoiler Warning box, but I seriously have no clue how this thing ended... A beach or something. It's all very fuzzy to me. I literally went into this realizing it was going to be bad. Expecting it, and waiting for it. I had a discussion with a coworker, and we were reliving all of the fun BAD movies we'd watched as kids... Food of the Gods? Beyond Atlantis? Troll 2? All of them laughably bad, and just kinda fun to watch when you realized their stink going into it...

This movie literally takes 45 minutes to get to any humor. Seemingly, the first 10 minutes are nothing but driving shots in Northern California. Then we're treated to the two main characters getting to know one another, being successful in business, etc. It's literally 45 minutes of useless back story.

Once the birds get involved, there's much to enjoy (nothing to move the rating from a one...).

You know? I'm just going to fore go the review, and list my favorite parts (in no particular order):

1) During their date, the stop for a moment to admire the birds landing in the trees... the birds look like they are moving in slow motion, and are our first glimpse into how bad the CGI is going to be... Bubo the Owl from Clash of the Titans looked infinitely more real...

2) They meet up with random survivors in the hotel, and oddly enough these folks are armed with an M16, and a spare handgun.

3) They are driving down the road (in a supposedly war torn NoCal) supposedly "fighting off" the birds (none of which are in the picture), and they have the M16 and Pistol shooting out the window. There are PLENTY of other cars driving down the road... you have to wonder what these folks thought was going on!

4) The birds are capable of explosion inducing dive bombs! They make the sound of a dive bomber from WWII movie, too... No, Really!

5) MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE... People are stuck in a bus, and are being terrorized by the birds... our heroes pull in to save the day. They are facing the bus, and the birds are between the bus, and our heroes. What do the heroes do? Pull out their M16, and just start SPRAYING with NO REGARD. In the real world, both bird, and passenger would be dead... In Birdemic? Not so much.

6) The Tree Hugger... he hears a "mountain Lion" so he has to get back to his tree!

In sum, this movie felt FAR longer than it actually was. Some movies are so bad, that they are enjoyable in a laughable way... This was actually so bad that it wasn't good, it was just worse than you can imagine.
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This is what happen if 'The Birds' wasn't directed by Alfred Hitchcock, but a crazy fan of his
ironhorse_iv30 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Failure –noun 1. an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: 2. nonperformance of something due, required, or expected: 3. James Nguyen's "Birdemic". Birdemic is just plan awful. It's doesn't even belong in the 'it's so bad, it's good' group of bad movies. It's lacks any sense of entertainment. At first, I thought this was a student film, due to it's windows movie maker CGI effects, wooden acting, audio conflict and bad editing shots, but no, this movie was just produce by James Nguyen, the modern day Ed Wood with Tippi Hedren serving as his Bela Lugusi. He never received any formal training in movie-making, but instead grew up watching the movies of Alred Hitchcock, including his 1963 picture 'The birds'. It took the director four years to make this movie, and it's still awful. Please James Nguyen, learn how to make a movie, please. Birdemic: Shock and Terror starts with the shocking and terrifying Rod (Alan Bagh) who the camera loves to show driving and walking over loop music, badly made sound effects, or blank silence. Rod meets up with aspiring fashion model Nathalie (Whitney Moore) and begins dating her. The dialogue between the two wooden actors are just bad. It's like a hurricane blew through the script and devastated every line in it's path. The whole idea of the two main characters being a couple is just awkward as both have no connection with each other, it felt like the actress didn't really wanted to be there. The whole love story is just painfully to watch due to it's dullish. The first part of the movie is so boring with non needed scenes, bad fade in and fade outs, and long pauses when cuts are needed. Most of the audience is just waiting for the birds to attack and kill these folks just because the movie need some type of entertaining value. Rod and Nathalie woke up to find that their town Half Moon Bay is under attack from CGI photoshop eagles and vultures that spit acid, disappear in end of shots and explode into flames upon striking the ground. I'm not a naturalist like Charles Darwin, but I don't think birds explode or spit acid due to Global Warning effects. The movie love to mention Global Warning, but doesn't really do a good job on explaining it. They even had a badly written doctor on a bridge to try to explain it, and he wouldn't do the job. Even Al Gore would hate this movie. The whole plot is directless, and the movie tries to pay tribute to 'The Birds', but felt like a cheap knock off of that. The sound is horrible, there are scenes where the movie go silence, yet in others, such as the one at the beaches. The sound of the waves crashing, makes the movie hard to hear. Don't get me started on the annoying sound during the attack, and things rubbing against the microphone. Oh god the bird screams, my ears are bleeding. I wasn't even aware it was possible to fail this badly. It fails as a romance and it really fails as a horror flick. I try to look for any good notes for the film, and I can't find anything worth noting. That's how bad, I dislike this film. I can't believe that they are even thinking of making a 2nd movie: Birdemic 2: The Resurrection. Birdemic is just pure cinematic failure on absolutely every conceivable level. I'm surprised it wasn't written, produced, directed and starred in by Alan Smithee. This movie makes Troll 2 look like Orson Welles 'Citizen Kane' or Tommy Wiseau 'The Room' look like Godfather. Check it out at your own cost. It's worth watching if you like your eyes prick by GIF clip-art birds.
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A Truly Awful Film!!!
Pumpkin_Man15 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so dumb and stupid, that it's laughable. After watching it a 2nd time with friends, it's a little better, but that's not saying much. The lead actor is always talking about his lame job, the sound is choppy, the birds are incredibly fake looking, the actors are terrible, and they talk about global warming every 10 minutes. Rod is a software salesman who runs into a fashion model named Natalie. They show their melodramatic love story until finally the birdemic starts. (It takes 47 minutes for the birds to start attacking) When they attack, that's when the fun of this movie begins. When they shoot at the birds, it's like the old Nintendo game, Duck Hunt. Rod and Natalie meet up with survivors and help two kids who lost their parents, but don't seem to care enough. Will they survive? This movie is worth a watch. It's so bad, it has to be seen to be believed. I would recommend BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR!!!
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Who needs a summary? It's Birdemic!
kylegardneryoung16 April 2013
This movie puts Puts Troll 2 to shame and rivals The Room... but I really think this one's the best of the worst... ever.

To truly enjoy this heap of hilarity, get yourself 5 or 6 friends with a 12 pack each of PBR and have a MOVIE NIGHT DRINKING GAME!


1. Any time the camera pans, drink.

2. Any time the audio gets botched, drink.

3. Any time Rod walks unconvincingly (that's right... you'll know it when you see it), drink.

4. Any time birds explode, drink.

Of course add your own rules, but sip small or you'll be through all twelve of those cold ones in no time.

Dear God this movie is fantastic.
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Schlock and Sputter
doctorsmoothlove12 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Birdemic: Shock and Terror has made a splash in the underground community of masochists that enjoy atrocious cinema. With a tag line of "Why did the eagles and vultures attacked?" people have mistakenly believed this is the newest "so bad its good" title. As evidenced by the midnight screening I attended, these people are or will be very disappointed. The incompetence on display here is remarkable. Director James Nguyen has no idea of simply techniques like: writing a coherent story, including sound in every shot, knowing when to end shots, or incorporation of special effects. Nguyen is a Vietnamese immigrant and had no training of any kind in filmmaking. He was apparently inspired to create this film due to his affection for The Birds.

The film opens with an extended driving sequence where the camera hovers at an odd angle for no reason. It is tilted slightly to the right for almost eight minutes before anything at all happens. It's almost a loving homage to the opening of Manos: The Hands of Fate, which was also directed by someone who had no idea of how to make movies. After this unbearable sequence, we are introduced to the main character, Rod. He works for a technology company and has apparently earned stock options. He notifies us of his success about every ten minutes and uses it as a way to pick up an attractive fashion model named Natalie. This was the first role for both actors and they are so artificial in their delivery, it's as if Nguyen told them to eliminate any emotion their characters should have experienced. Whitney Moore, who plays Natalie, appears to have a little bit of acting ability. She at least smiles sometimes.

The first half of the movie contains no bird attacks. This is the "romantic" part of the movie, if you could call it such. Nguyen insists calling his movie a "romantic thriller" instead of a horror movie. For seemingly no reason at all, eagles and vultures interrupt the couple while they have sex without removing their clothes. These creatures are floating GIF images and hover over the screen. They are so poorly incorporated into the live action that they never actually give the presence of third dimensionality. They are stuck to the frame until the next scene begins. This is amusing for about five minutes and then becomes monotonous, not only because of the repetition of seeing the birds but also because a looping chirp plays whenever they are on screen. We later learn the birds are attacking because global warming has somehow affected them. I honestly cannot recall what the explanation was in detail because I had difficulty hearing it. Nguyen didn't use anything to amplify dialog, so you will strain to hear what characters are saying most of the time.

Birdemic is an unusually bad, bad movie. It's a lack of imagination mixed with a lack of technical competence only made worse by a runtime of an hour and a half. If that wasn't enough to ensure its infamy, promotional material listed it as "Bidemic". It's actually worse than the TV sequel to Hitchcock's film that was later disowned by its director.

Not Recommended
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A movie so terrible is fascinating
JGChind8 April 2014
I don't know where to begin this review. It is a film that completely fails at every step of the movie making process. From directing, to acting, to writing, to camera operation, to scene structure, to pacing, to visual effects, to sound editing... The list goes on. I watched birdemic thinking it was a 'deliberately bad so it's funny' kinda movie. It's not. You can see the films director James Nguyan takes himself completely seriously with the global warming message jammed down our throats. I spent the majority of the hour and thirty minute run time laughing in disbelief that this movie exists. It is a film you have to watch, if only to know how to gauge a bad movie in the future. I was just wondering what fundamental error they were going to make next. Overall birdemic is a fascinating piece of work simply because it is truly awful cinema. So terrible that it's unintentionally hilarious. I would absolutely classify it as a must watch.
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Bad as bad is bad
dockbennett26 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Every now and again, I read a review on this site of a film where the person says things like, "it's the worst movie I've ever seen!", when it might indeed be pretty ordinary, but not really one star basis. My thought is usually, "You really don't know what 'bad' is, do you?" "Birdemic: Shock And Terror" is bad. It is as bad as what people say it is. It is almost unbelievably bad, and I can believe a lot. It is gobsmackingly awful - this coming from a fan of Ed Wood.

Rod and Nathalie are two former schoolmates who happen to come across each other, and proceed to fall in love, also happening to find out that they just happen to have neutral fans who also just happen to be in love.

Nothing occurs in the first half of the film. Nothing. After the opening credits, where a tinny tune is played on a continuous loop, we are treated to deadening acting (although, in defense, Whitney Moore isn't too bad), atrocious dialogue, horrible sound and dreadful editing. This all makes it vastly entertaining, for those who are fascinated by such ineptness.

After this first half of routine and dreadful drama, the birds start attacking. Just like that. There are a couple of references to strange things happening in nature earlier but, really, it could have all just been a 'straight' (so to speak) love story beforehand.

It could be that filmmaker James Nguyen, a self-proclaimed Hitchcock fan, tried to take a leaf out of the Master's book here, where Hitch sometimes had his thrillers trundle along in an unalarming way for a while until, almost casually, things would start to happen and, before we knew it, the thrills were on.

The difference is, of course, that Hitchcock did it with style, wit and panache.

To say the birds attack is a very loose statement. In reality, they are superimposed on the screen, bouncing up and down, while the actors wave various articles at them. When one thinks about it, this is not really very surprising. If a scene of two people talking in a restaurant can't be handled above the level of complete incompetence, how could we expect more from the special effects later? As we go on, our heroes fire guns, with unlimited ammunition, at the birds, while driving around aimlessly, trying to help others, including picking up two children.

These children have just seen their mother killed by the birds. And yet, before long, they're sitting in the back seat of the car playing computer games, and demanding Happy Meals!

Other people get killed by birds suddenly flying past them, and seeming to clip them with their beaks or claws, which is enough to drop them on the spot.

And the ending. The ending... It's utter meaninglessness suits the film perfectly.

As someone who is fascinated by true badness (not just in movies), "Birdemic" transcends such things for me. Everything that could possibly be wrong in filmmaking (again, with the possible exception of Moore) is on display here. Everything. Maybe one day, Tim Burton will do a sequel to "Ed Wood" and call it "James Nguyen", although it would be harder to pronounce. But surely it would be worth the admission price.
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How did no one prevent this abomination from coming into being?
ernstdirk6 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of things have been said about this movie, I read most of the reviews, but nothing could prepare me for the clogged toilet full of sh*t that is birdemic. Don't get me wrong I think you should see it, but it is truly the worst movie EVER.

Okay the CGI is HORRIBLE, the sound transitions between scenes are so bad you will think somebody switched the channel and none of the actors have any real talent. The plot is more made up of mistakes than an actual story, all characters are one dimensional and boring at best. The best part of the movie is the worst part of a porn movie, seeing the chick in her underwear.

Why I still think you should watch this is because of the leading role, Rod (or whatever), played by Alan Bagh. I think a cardboard cutout of the "They're eating her! And then they're going to eat me! Oh my GOOOOOOOOD!"-guy from troll 2 (search it on youtube if you haven't seen it) would do a better job than this guy. He can not do a single movement naturally, seriously everything he does looks ridiculous. EVERYTHING. He can't walk, talk, get into a car or even stand still like a normal person.

The first half hour of the movie (no birds yet) is hilarious because of him stumbling around like someone who is recovering from a severe stroke and had most of his brain removed. Moore tries to save it and she's actually not half bad (okay she's pretty bad but so much better than Bagh) but it just doesn't work because she has to act like she likes him. HE IS THE MOST BORING ZERO-DIMENSIONAL C*CKSUCKER EVER WHY WOULD ANYONE GIVE A SH*T ABOUT HIS HOBBIES OR HIS STUPID JOB.

The plot is total garbage of course, but what bothers me most is the TOTAL LACK OF SENSE on Nguyens part. At one point they find a dead bird on the beach, but instead of getting a dead chicken somewhere they use a CGI bird. IT LOOKS TERRIBLE. WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING.

This movie makes 2012: Ice Age look like Avatar. In comparison to this, Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus is worthy of 10 Oscars. It is unbelievable that anyone would produce this, did no one with a milligram of sense and taste watch this before it was brought out? Nguyen and everyone he knows should be whipped severely for making this hell spawn of a movie.

Bottom line: Go watch it and be amazed at the unbelievable amounts of incompetence one can show in just 90 minutes. Don't forget your eye bleach!
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Top Forty Things I Took From Birdemic
thesar-223 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
1. Angry birds do, in fact, drop bombs. Only, they explode. Literally. I'm not kidding.

2. Shock and Terror? Check and Check.

3. All film class's first assignment should be a full length movie, such as Birdemic, so by the semester's end you can see why you really did need the class.

4. Make that, if Birdemic was your intro film, then go ahead and pay for the same course for another three semesters. Actually, just drop out.

5. Repeating a 30sec music track in order to fill up a 4min opening credit screen does not deserve a "Music by" recognition.

6. Sometimes 20-minute films that stem from a 2-minute idea can, sadly, be stretched to 90 minutes.

7. If Hitchcock was resurrected to watch this remake: 'Birds,' he'd only sue the people who brought him back.

8. To close a $1,000,000 sales call, simply thank them for their business, hang up and smile.

9. To persuade investors to give $10 million dollars, a one-slide PowerPoint presentation should seal the deal. Remember just to keep pointing at it for emphasis.

10. Kids prefer HappyMeals™ over seaweed. Go figure.

11. Nintendo's DuckHunt not only had better graphics, but actually produced more realistic birds (and guns) in "combat."

12. No real birds were harmed in the production. I repeat: No real birds…

13. Al Gore not only changed his stance on GlobalWarming following Birdemic's release, but he spit on Director/Writer Nguyen before converting to Republicanism.

14. At least Tommy Wiseau's The Room was trying to be funny. At least Piranha3D knew what kind of movie it was.

15. As bad of actors that were in this feature, they must've learned something for acting scared of these "birds" that were as menacing as finches.

16. Sure, it's billed as a Birds redux…it's just as much a Beauty & the Beast remake: Just check out daughter, Nathalie and her monster of a mother.

17. At least M. Night does make the effort to edit something.

18. Twilight now seems surprisingly more romantic.

19. I don't have the $10,000 budget this movie had, but if I did, I'd sooner risk it on one pull of a slot machine than what this movie would net.

20. My guess is: whenever the director yelled "Cut!" or "That's a Wrap!" the actors, were seeing the connection to their future.

21. It's sad when, while laughing as hard as possible at a movie, you still think this would have worked perfect…as a 15-second Family Guy cutaway.

22. SYFY Channel Productions is in the process of suing for deformation of character.

23. Wearing green does not equate going green. Heck, it's not even a believable subliminal message.

24. Not all blame can be put upon the director. These actors did appear to be conscious.

25. $5/gallon for gas this summer? Ha! Call me when it becomes $100/gallon.

26. In a post-apocalyptic world, credit cards work just fine.

27. A movie about mysterious/unexplained "bird" attacks needs some time to get to that. The first 50 minutes out of 90 should be just the right about of time to watch people drive, turn left, fill up their gas tank, dance to a cruise-ship reject singer, fall in love in conjunction with making fake love in a motel, make one company rich enough to sell while simultaneously building another from scratch and land a Victoria Secret gig.

28. MST3k wouldn't know where to begin.

29. If someone tries to steal your gas can, simply wait until they, without cause, begin walking backwards, from you and their own getaway car, so the "birds" can "ironically" take them out.

30. Knocking off $1,000 off a $20,000 home solar panel is a steal.

31. Using two different Thai restaurant fronts in two simultaneous shots doesn't just equate a mistake; it makes you stupid.

32. "And on with the traffic report: 'Well, traffic is running smoothly on Cabrillo Highway, but make sure you watch out for tons of cars on the shoulder that contains what looks like moving dead people. No…heh…they're not zombies, but even if they were, the couple with the toy guns should take care of them.'"

33. Find yourself under attack from "birds" but that darned tourist bus just isn't holding up? Well, listen to a stranger and gather your thoughts in the fresh air, under the blue sky…in plain view of the very birds you're trying to avoid.

34. If a "bird scientist" tells you to stand back, simply walk up to him and just ask him to talk. It will throw him so far off, he'll have no choice in attempting to fill some plot holes in your movie. Unsuccessfully…but still.

35. Dialogue should never be plagiarized from Bazooka Joe Comics.

36. Sound effects and boom mics should be used to enhance the feature, not cause further ridicule.

37. These "birds" seem more bent on revenge than Jaws did in his fourth installment.

38. Long before Birdemic was made and someone asked the director when it was supposed to be made, his response should've been: The Day After Tomorrow…repeatedly.

39. "Why can't we just give peace a chance?" is not a good movie quote in this weapon of mass destruction of a film that should've been dropped over the Taliban.

40. Dissecting this movie on every…single…flaw is only fruitless to anyone other than a film school teacher – believe me, it would take me HOURS to scrutinize everything wrong here. Instead: grab a beer or thirty, gather some friends and laugh away an hour and a half of purely hilarious entertainment.
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This movie is beautifully bad.
ptkepler23 May 2015
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I do not mean that it is a good movie, as it is one of the worst movies ever made. However, the magnitude of this movie's failure makes it a truly original experience. Birdemic Shock and Terror puts your mind in a place between awe and crying from laughter. No other movie, even ones with comparable ratings , can compare to this movie. This movie pulls off awful in such a way that blows your mind. After you watch this movie, you will be left speechless for almost a 1/2 hour just trying to comprehend what you just watched. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that I feel everyone should have.
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If you put The Room, Troll 2 and The Birds in a bender
aredsunrises4717 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is like "The Room" with mutant bird .gif's. I understand its low budget, but wow. My guess is it was recored on an Insignia brand handy cam (the audio is poorly recorded. sometimes you can hear what their saying, sometimes not. but it doesn't matter, you wont care). The acting is wooden and stagy at best, but I have to say it was great for a laugh. One of those surreal moments like when I first watched Troll 2 or The Room where you ask yourself "Is this really happening?". The absurdity of the whole thing is priceless. Bring your buddies and have a laugh. Also, reading the comment titled "What is the Birdemic? Well, one of the best films ever, for one thing" they have to be in the cast or crew, which is really pathetic. They comment on how much you care about the don't! The girl would have pepper sprayed him and screamed "stalker!" within moments of meeting him. She's a model who's agency is in a strip mall next to a tobacco store. He makes a "big deal" by giving a customer half off, making a million dollars...last time I checked, two times a million is two million dollars...he lost his company two million dollars and he's "WOOOO"ing? And this is all within the first 5 minutes of the movie. This is a monstrosity on film, but a fun monstrosity.
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utter crap.
keirarts-111 September 2010
OK, first off i love bad movies. Hell of the living dead, birds of prey zombie 2,3,4,5 burial ground, nightmare city... OK you get the idea, so when I saw the trailer for birdemic I honestly HAD to see this movie. Finally I got a copy and sat down ready to laugh my ass off, instead I got bored, horribly horribly bored. Don't believe the hype people, this movie IS NOT so bad its good, its utter f*****g rubbish. For over half an hour of tedium I sat there as talentless actor gets in car, talentless actor gets out of car, talentless actor described his successful career in sales, talentless actor preaches enivronmentalism.... then i switched it off. No killer birds, no laughs and i was not at any point entertained this movie was just a complete waste of time and the money used to make this garbage could have been used to feed starving children. If you want a cheesy killer bird movie, watch Rene cardone Jr's Beaks (aka birds of prey) or if you want a great killer bird movie watch Hitchcock's classic the birds, just avoid this like the plague, watching it makes you stupid and the director makes uwe boll look talented.
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Birdemic - Making "The Room" look like an Academy Award winning film
TimmyDumples6 March 2010
If you have any chance of seeing this movie, do everything in your power to do it. This is one of the best "so bad it's funny" movies I have ever seen. I saw an encore presentation in L.A. and haven't seen a room of people laughing so hard in my life. It simply has everything one could want. Bad CGI (the animated birds in the movie are actually GIFs!), horrific acting, drunken cinematography, you name it, this movie had it. I typically zone out when watching a funny bad movie, the plot will lull and some things will get boring. But NOT Birdemic! This movie seems to be specifically tailored to ensure you don't get bored! Out of all the things this movie got wrong, keeping your eyes glued to the screen, they got right. Encore James! Encore! Put it this way, this movie is even worse than my sentence structure in this review. Do yourself a favor and SEE THIS MOVIE!
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