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Sacha nailed it
SqueakyLovesGeorgeSpahn23 December 2020
Tbh, I found it in many ways even better than the first, when he caught everyone offside and was easy to perform in a way. This time it was a tougher job and he did brilliantly. In many ways the jokes are smarter, I'd give it 8,5 but is not doable. The girl is also brilliant and the framing of Giuliani, a work of art on how to show the man's true -stinky- colours.
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aramsdale28 December 2020
This is just so politically incorrect, I love it. It is clever & unapologetic & what a find with Maria Bakalova, who played his daughter. Brilliant. Never seen anyone shame their self like Rudy Guiliani.....pervert. Highly recommend. 8/10 for the audacity of Sasha.
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Hilariously offensive
austincolibaba19 December 2020
I just don't get why everyone hates Jews but that's besides the point. The movie was so funny maybe because my humor is a little twisted. Seems like everyone is crying about how political the movie is. Just enjoy the how far they went with some of these parts! Ill have to watch the other movies now
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Cohen is a genius
WindsOfWintergreen27 October 2020
For those saying Giuliani was just tucking in his shirt, why lay down on a bed to do so instead of STANDING UP? And that, folks, is part of the genius of this film: that is shows you, live on video what's going on, and lets those who want to continue to lie to themselves, to continue to do so, while being laughed at by others. Don't miss it.
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Pretty disappointing
schroederagustavo23 October 2020
I can't deny I laughed pretty hard about 2 times and chuckled like 3 times, but most of the movie was a flatliner for me. I am a big fan of the first movie and I think where this one falls apart for me is that it focuses too much on current events (that the movie will probably be irrelevant in a few years), focuses way too much on politics and on the plot with Borat's daughter. Many people are praising her performance here. I think she's fine, but I don't think the script is anything special here and it doesn't help the actors. The scenes I enjoyed the most are those with Borat doing his thing by himself, but a lot of it felt to me like attempting to recreate the mood of the original.
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Borat Make a Number 2
MissCzarChasm29 October 2020
Borat Make a *Glorious* #2! Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is very naiiice!

America Mayor Rudolph Giuliani say he not like film.

America Mayor Rudolph Giuliani say he very much LIE down to fix pants like in nation of Kazakhstan where we not stand up to tuck the shirt. Much success.

You watch.

Chin qui
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I was excite, but now I am dissapoint
FixedYourEnding23 October 2020
Who doesn't love Borat Sagdiyev; the clueless foreign reporter from Kazakhstan? definitely not me. I love Borat. I also am a BIG fan of Sacha Baron-Cohen, he is a wonderfully nice person and witty, not to say genius, comedian. This is why it is heart-breaking for me to tell you the stone cold truth: this Subsequent moviefilm is one of his worst works, it's even worse than The Dictator that held that title up to this point.

Now, if you are a fan of Borat, like me, and you have Amazon streaming, there is nothing in the world that will stop you from watching this (especially it being free) so I think it will get the views, there is not need for all these fanbois 10/10 reviews on this site. This is not a spoiler review, however if you have seen the trailer you have seen everything that this movie has to offer (in fact the trailer have some shots that are not even in the movie itself!) there is no 'uncovering of Americas underbelly' and the worse thing, it's not even funny. Crazy to notice there are 10 names listed as writers list for this thing on top of Cohen himself. Really? maybe just let the comedian do his job? maybe?

For some reason, the combination of 'candid camera' action and bad scripted non-candid camera just doesn't work this time. It comes out as a cringe-worthy 90 minutes of overly-gross juvenile humor. Where are all the edgy scenes that we are used to seeing from Baron-Cohen? Just watch Who Is America for some good edgy Baron-Cohen humor. Even better, watch some of the serious work Cohen does in "The Spy" or "The Chicago 7" those are masterpieces who deserve the 8+ ratings they get. This one? neh-eh.

Overall, this should be on the bottom of the things you should see from Baron-Cohen if you watched everything else already- sure sit down and watch a mediocre 90 minutes that can be covered in 2 minutes of a trailer. Exact score: 45 / 100
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A Weaker But Still Worthy Sequel To 'Borat'
CinemaClown25 November 2020
Lacking the freshness of the original but still retaining many of the elements that made Borat an instant classic, this follow-up story does suffer from our increased familiarity with Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy routine but it still packs an effective punch, not to mention that its incisive commentary on America's eroding social & political foundations makes it an urgent, timely & welcome delight.

Directed by Jason Woliner, this mockumentary comedy attempts to merge Borat's usual shtick with a dramatic storyline but the combination is more of a mixed bag. When it does work, it is as crude, funny & ludicrous as its predecessor. But when it doesn't, the gags fall flat & feel outdated. Its on-the-spot improvisations are more or less impressive, and it exquisitely shows how America has only become dumber between the two films.

Sacha Baron Cohen is as fantastic, fearless & freewheeling as before and delivers another hilarious performance as the (in)famous Kazakhstani journalist. However, this time he is constantly matched by Maria Bakalova who plays Borat's daughter and is every bit as audacious & amazing as Cohen. Both lift each other's work but it's Bakalova who is the real find & true revelation here. The best bits are still the priceless reactions from folks who fall in their vicinity.

Overall, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a weaker but still worthy sequel to Borat that accomplishes everything it set out to do. Just like the first film, it captures & exposes the good, bad & ugly facets of American culture only to reflect it back to them. A scathing & stinging satire that doesn't really have the original's sharp wit or memorable appeal but there is nonetheless a searing quality & seething anger to it that makes the final product all the more relevant & required viewing.
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matianero23 October 2020
Not as good as the first one (it doesn't even come close), but still very funny at times. The actress who plays the daughter could be the next big thing, she is fantastic in her role.
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Maria stole the show!
roborobrl26 December 2020
Borat is the funniest movie I ever saw in my 47 years. So, I wouldn't have been surprised if I was as as disappointed as I was with The Jesus Rolls. This movie was lighthearted and endearing with a funny nod to the The Usual Suspects. Tell Rudy the truth is an option. Maria is somebody I just wanna hug and has the chops as if shes been acting forever. Bravo!
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The beginning had me worried- but by the end...
epicmickey-602913 December 2020
I really think this movie has a lot going for it. I love that because Borat is so recognizable- his daughter takes center stage in a lot of scenes. She's genuinely hilarious and I love seeing how people react to a character in a disguise playing another character and a new fun equally crazy character.

It's a lot of fun! Loved the first one but I really liked the messaging of this one!
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He's back
cartsghammond23 October 2020
Borat is back, with this subsequent moviefilm. This will be compared to the original to no end, but with borat being a cultural icon in America, this one was bound to be very different.

I loved this film, it made me topple with laughter multiple times. The accomplishment of making this within a pandemic is also a massive achievement. Do I think this is better then the first one? No. Do I think this is a hilarious movie? Absolutely.

This one seems a lot more planned narratively and has a lot more scripted scenes, not bad things at all. The girl playing borat's daughter was also great.

Very nice!
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Pseudo-subversive woke agitprop
reedraymondb25 October 2020
Sacha Baron Cohen could have easily (and should have) created something worth placing alongside his previous work here by clowning both sides of the political aisle. To have done so might have been a much needed transcendence of the hyper-politicized atmosphere suffocating pretty much everything these days.

Instead, he offers more of the same stale and thinly veiled leftist propaganda masquerading as comedy we can already find almost everywhere, somewhat akin to an R-rated Jimmy Kimmel.... yawn.

At what point did this once brilliant artist cease being brave?

Also, unlike his previous films, most everything in this is obviously staged with everyone on camera in on the joke, making it even less funny.

Granted, Maria Bakalova added a lot to the film and there were one or two genuinely funny scenes. However, this was overall very disappointing compared to his previous work and I'll likely skip Cohen's next, as he has apparently foregone true comedy for banal political activism.
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Not as daring or hilarious, but not bad
uwasattheclub22 December 2020
The satire this time around is much more clean-cut and obvious, unfortunately at times it borders on the point of being preachy with how transparent it is. Now of course with this year in America being as insane as it is there's a lot of material to work with, and I like that Sacha Baron Cohen returned to this character after all this time with a clear purpose behind the offensiveness and shocking shenanigans. However, what was so great about the original was that the comedy and reactions were at the forefront, with the satire and hidden message behind the encounters much more subtle and cleverly hidden. This did result in a lot of claims of anti-semitism, racism and the like (it's easier to be offended than to think about jokes) but I liked how the film functioned in two different ways for everyone to enjoy - a hilarious Jackass-esque prank movie and a clever satire on the hidden prejudices and social problems of America.

This time around it's still enjoyable, funny and even shocking in parts, but the comedy seems to be built to accommodate the message, and so sometimes comes off as forced or even preachy. Still, a for-the-most-part good time that amuses but isn't as timeless or well-crafted as its predecessor.
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Anybody in power should fear Sacha Baron Cohen
dylanmoogatt-2826323 October 2020
Let's start by saying that Cohen has been notorious for pointing out political and social problems in society with most of the films he has been attributed to.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is no different.

His penchant for trolling not only the general public but those in power in this movie is on a whole other level to anything he has done in the past.

If you were a fan of the original 2006 Borat film, don't expect something exactly the same. This movie felt more refined with less filler and feels much more relevant to the things we are going through today from politics to COVID to human rights and equality.

There will be those who say "this is a stupid film" based on face value. However, when you break it down to what Cohen tried to do all you can do afterwards is just picture how stupid some of the people in this movie are going to (and already do) feel *cough* Rudolph Giuliana *cough* and you'll understand exactly why nobody can match Sacha Baron Cohen in the art of making people look incredibly stupid.
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Laugh Out Loud Funny S#!^!
YourSonsDad28 October 2020
What's even funnier than the movie itself, is seeing people cry about it. I mean, damn, Cohen just exposes the stuff, he doesn't make them say or do what they say and do. If you're mad at anyone, be mad at the buffoons caught on tape. Or on second thought, keep being mad here, cause its hella hilarious.

Great movie. Had richer, deeper laughs than the first, though not as many. Plus, it's on Amazon, so you can basically watch it for what you already pay or get yourself a free trial.

Great s#!^!
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Peak cringe in 2020
joeygassert8 November 2020
Usually when you watch a good comedy, you just laugh the whole time.

Sadly for this movie, I cringed more times than I laughed. Not funny at all, especially the Holocaust prank.
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This movie DESERVES the bad reviews!!
diegosays24 October 2020
If you love Borat, you will understand that the bad reviews are the best reviews. Sacha Baron Cohen threw a bomb in our actual society... And I LOVED IT. Every sensitive issue that exists today, Cohen broke it with nothing more than the truth that is so much being concealed. Even if the scenes are fake, he talked about subjects that no one really wanted to talk, and that's why this movie is going to get controversial and some people will obviously hate it. But that was its objective and it means Sacha Baron Cohen did an amazing job. I would write a longer review about this incredible movie, but it's about those who see it that will know this movie is indisputably amazing.
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Been there, seen that....
inkedbydesigninc25 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is even better than the first one............NOT!! Now that we all know the premise, after watching the first movie, the jokes all seem old and recycled. The first movie was funny because we loved watching people's honest reaction to what they thought was a real documentary.

Now, everyone is in on the joke so the jokes seem forced and not quite as "real". Having his daughter added to the mix just seemed like a desperate attempt to even get the movie made, as every knew who the Borat character really was, as shown in the beginning of the movie - with fans & autograph seekers wanting selfies taken with him.

If you liked the first movie, like I did, I think you'll be disappointed with this one.
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The 10's are 10's & The 1's are 10's!
AnaAnaBanana27 October 2020
Nothing more needs to be said than: LOOK at the 1 ratings and the vehemence (and bad English) with which they try to dissuade you from watching Borat 2! You KNOW it has to be good.

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First movies was good but this one is boring
dovla-7904825 October 2020
It is clear that it is politically motivated which is a shame, therefore score is equivalent to that... I enjoyed Sascha while ago, where he never took any part and he mocked everyone equally, but this is a clearly movie targeting right wing voters and party with hidden agenda and releasing it one week before elections. Enough said... Sascha obviously lost his touch and/or he joined the leftist "train" just to keep his career rolling (like many of other hollywood actors).

Really shame to see that.
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Excellent. And this is from a non Sasha Cohen Baron fan. REAL REVIEW.
lvanka30 October 2020
My husband loved SCB in all his incarnations (Ali G., Borat, Bruno, and that guy from Who is America). He'd quote parts of Bruno ("But first, more dancing with Bruno!") as he'd dance around me in the kitchen. He'd quote parts of an interview SCB did with Dick Cheney, as I rolled my eyes. Every couple of years or so, he'd put on Bruno or Borat, and laugh, and laugh, while I just shook my head. In short, he reverted from a mature 35 year old man, into a a teen, because of this one comedian. I kind of hated it and really didn't see the appeal of Cohen's comedy which I found crude and sometimes downright offensive (i.e., "In my country, they would go crazy for these two. That one, not so much."). Until this Borat 2020 film, that is.

Knowing he was such a fan, the evening of the day the film came out, I grilled him a porterhouse steak in bourbon and pecans, with a baked potato smothered in broccoli and cheese sauce, and relegated myself to sit through this new Borat without looking too bored or condescending.

Two things happened.

One, my husband, laughed several times, of course, but he did so less heartily than he had at most of SCB's prior work, and he never rewinded it to re-watch an especially funny part.

Two, I loved it.

This Borat film is hilarious!!! And not only is it both, in your face, and subtly hilarious, but it has sooo much heart, it nearly brought me to tears. Even the infinitely ill-informed guys he quarantined with, made me want to go out and hug a redneck.

So, if you're here wondering whether you should watch it (although I don't think that's what anyone does anymore), I suggest you do so. The worst that can happen is that you'll laugh. Since when is that a bad thing? The best that can happen is that you'll laugh and cry at seeing the United States in such a dire and chaotic state, and so far from united, that you will walk away with a desire to one day make it united, as the greatest gift ever to ourselves and our kids.
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Its just not Funny - Total waste of time
taylorkaren-1628425 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Sasha might have been funny once, but he's lost his edge, in fact I wouldn't even call this a comedy film, its more like a Russian Propaganda film, we didn't even make the end of the film, turned it off after 40 minutes. If anyone else is thinking about it, I wouldn't bother, in fact watching paint dry would be more entertaining ....
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A terrible film.
markygrosvenor24 October 2020
A dreadful film full of desperate cheap laughs, it may have worked 13 years ago with the original but the format hasn't aged well. Was tough to even finish, don't think I laughed or smiled at all throughout.

Very disappointed.
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A big disappointment
gurbuzfam25 October 2020
Disappointed.after the first movie. Fake and disgusting from beginning to the end. I know you're going to watch it regardless; at least know that you'll be watching a third class movie.
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