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What a Trash Original is always original
arjuncshekartheofficial26 October 2022
Chiranjeevi was once a megastar is now became notorious for destroying the originality of the script. First he destroyed acharya and now this one. Original movie which was shot in Malayalam by Prithviraj Sukumaran was a cult classic has been destroyed by this 67 year old moron. And cringiest acting made by Salman Khan decelarated the movie's pace. Ayya Chiranjeevi garu meeru cinema maanesi intlo koorchunte manchidi, meeku vayassaindhi kaabatti meeku manavallu unte vaalaki katha cheppandi. Adhi vadalesi meeku ee vayasulo cinema pichchi emtandi. Asalu meeru rajakiyalo dookina taruvaatha meeru acting marichipoyaaru.
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Is there a more lower word then pathetic?
rehmankhilji21 November 2022
One has to be very careful while reviewing these south movies.

A. Their tolerance level is very minimum regarding their superstars B. The level is further lower when it comes to mega stars C. I have no clue what mega star is, perhaps it's that star which throughout the movie just stands in one place, hardly moves a leg and do everything in it.

Spoiler alert, the mega star is having no song no dance number in it, wait there is one pathetic one in the end but that doesn't count, he is having no love no girl in the movie, there you go i just spoiled the biggest bore movie of your life. Trust me you will hate me less then the watching the movie.

The movie has nothing to do with the title Godfather, it should be more like "The repeated Cr@p you have been watching again and again, here is it again.

Adding insult to injury special appearance from Salman Khan who is more overboard then the entire movie itself. Come on, don't you guys never read? Don't you people watch the previews of the horrible cinema you make.

Chiranjeevi will be a star in his wood, but this is just a horrible movie.

Save your soul from this one.

P. S. The item number song Warina Hussain, have some shame, if your really wanna wear that on those thighs and shake like that, you really need a bang on the head.
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As a non southindian film watcher this remake is utterwaste one
andrinjohn10 October 2022
I don't know why they changed very good original script changed so much and all character depth we seen in original version completely gone, they changed old chirufilm and didn't give good impact ,utterly waste in all side of the movie compared to original version only one character is justified in this film was ,the character played Vivek Oberoi did in original version ...that actor is good 👍👍 . VFX was very poor like cartoonish bomb blast , bike fires missile at a container lorry scene was very illlogical move from the film maker..Personallyy i don't recommend this movie ..sorry chiru sir ,sorry sallu bhai.
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What a bore!!
prasun_dubey6 October 2022
This is a film where the cinematic art dies. "Made for the masses" cannot be an excuse for releasing such a bad piece of work. About a good 30 minutes of the movie is reserved for people walking in slow motion. Ever present, deafening background music, two ugly songs, lack of a solid storyline make the film unbearable. Horrible lyrics and dance in the two songs! At times, the fact that the director saw the preview of the shots and said okay for certain takes to be included in the cut, surprises me.

Messiah like unrealistic depiction of the lead is mostly to pander the fan base and get whistles in the the theatres.

Sorry, we can't settle with this film being a hit or anything close to it.

I recommend skipping this for good.
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Worst Remake of a classic hit
augusthy23 October 2022
This movie in my opinion is one of the worst remakes that I have ever watched. The performance of chiranjeevi was very poor compared to Mr Mohanlal who played the same role in the orginal movie Lucifer. Emotional scene felt funny to me. Roles of Vivek obroi, Manju warrier, Tovino Thomas... were far better than the remake version. It felt like the actors of the remake version haven't watched the orginal version Lucifer before acting in this movie. The direction felt annoying. The camio apprance of Salman khan was also not pleasing. Overall it felt like a bad experience for me and I wouldn't recommend you to watch this movie. Better try watching the Lucifer.
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Pathetic remake of an awesome script
mailkarthy6 October 2022
When chiranjeevi said he had made the script more engaging, it was clear that the originality was destroyed. After watching the movie it was very clear that it is another Destruction by tollywood of an awesome script. Tollywood must stop remake disasters and stick to overhyped masala dumb movies. And we can't entirely blame the directors for the overhyped masalas as it is encouraged by immature audiance. Really this movie destroyed the original thrilling experience and slow burning blast of real Lucifer. For whom watched Lucifer, definitely stay out of this movie as Godfather will ruin the awesome memories of Lucifer.
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Worst movie in a Decade
anvesh-261169 October 2022
Mainly this whole part belongs to Mohanlal himself (Lucifer), with this movie it's like he slammed a giant sword into a mountain/ground with his acting skills. But i see that a Telugu moderate actor chiranjeevi took hold of this Godfather movie as a remake and thought that he would handle it well more than legendary Mohanlal did, I've seen the movie but i don't see chiranjeevi dominated the movie, it's far worse than expected he failed doing it. Even nayanathara performance is worse,i don't see any prodigy here because the acting levels of everyone are very low and the lead actor has failed to give his best. Original is better to watch again.
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Worst remake. Chiranjeevi should stop doing remakes.
raghavak-8494420 November 2022
I have seen Lucifer in Malayalam with subtitles and feel of the movie always connects to the hero's characterisation.

God Father clearly missed this and just focused on adding unnecessary masala elements with unconvincing hero characterisation.

Chiranjeevi sir should stop doing these remakes and should give chance to the young directors the way Kamal Hassan done with Vikram.

Audience taste has been changed and chiranjeevis mindset stuck 10 years back when he joined politics. Please update.

Start giving chances to new director's and stop involving in scripts of the successful directors like koratala shiva.
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worst movie ever
kkpatnala20 November 2022
I have dared to watch the movie and got a lingering headache. Lucifer is 1000 times more fine movie than this cheap remake. If the director has just copied as is then it would've been better but it was worst after changing the story and background music is like a comedy tunes. Salman khan is the worst riding the bike as a one man army. I would suggest chiranjeevi to take a nap and rest, he looks like his rival mohan babu. Movies like Lucifer and Ayyappanum Koshiyum are masterpieces and tollywood is ruining them with remakes and trying to show the super hero roles for the main characters but forgetting that those characters are perfect as is and the content should not be altered. Learn from hollywood which does remake of international movies without spoiling the content (example : the man called ove is being remake by Tom Hanks with the name the man called otto). Learn from them and don't just blindly go with fan approval.
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Couldn't make it upto the mark of Lucifer
aashmailbox24 October 2022
If you have seen the original movie Lucifer then you can compare that suspense level is very high in Lucifer compared to Godfather.

Poster and trailer already reveled that there is some relation between Chiranjeevi and Salmaan and while watching the movie you can guess there is some relation.

Salmaan's role is overexaggerated in the movie and the fight seens are overextended which shifts the audiance attendance to this side character.

Also the plotting of songs are not appropriate and seems like they are trying to fit in the songs for no reason.

Over all It is not worth watching. But the original movie Lucifer deserves a watch.
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diwakar-venkata19 November 2022
Horrible remake. If they cut the slow motion shots the movie length can be condensed to 30 min. Wafer thin story, unnecessary songs , unnecessary emotion, over all it's a waste of time to watch this movie. How on earth does one man bash 10 men? The stunts are physics defying. There is logical disconnect between scenes. Salman khan is unnecessary and his presence doesn't improve anything. Towards the end it's a burden for the audience. Unsure why such movies are produced. The art of story telling is rotten to core in this movie. Chiranjeevi should retire and watch some good s series on Netflix or prime.
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Massy and Entertaining - itsbymayank
mayanklouteriya5 October 2022
I was thinking not to compare anything with the original movie but i have to...

All who have watched LUCIFER will feel bit low, not exciting while watching the same scenes. If the Movie have come after 6-7 years or a decade then maybe it'll be exciting to watch.

But Performance of Megastar is lovable.

And Because of the BGM the Scenes are enjoyable.

All Characters did best.

I've watched LUCIFER before and the time I was watching GODFATHER, it was getting predictive.

Ya Just Because I forget some twist of the movie I enjoyed the movie.

I Can Say LUCIFER was Far Better But this is Enjoyable, well Directed movie too. Why I am Saying LUCIFER is far better just cause Makers missed the Essence of the a movie and put more Effort on making it too massy.

Political Scenes are Good but Mohanlal's Way of Doing Acting has Something Different.

I loved Megastar Chiranjeevi Work. Well nicely Performed.

Nicely written and Presented.

Salman Khan's is Massy.

Don't expect much just watch you'll enjoy.

It's A worth Watch Entertainer.


  • itsbymayank Mayank Louteriya.
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Timepass, boring, bad decision of taking salman
amit9352409 October 2022
A boring remake with over the top action scenes. Feels bore many times. Its a remake of Lucifer. Same old political drama with conspiracy, struggle for leadership after the death of a CM. Action sequences are totally non sense and nothing new.

The hero itself a hypocrite in the film. A talks too much on morals all over the film but in the same film deals with drugs mafia and have connections with gangsters. Salman is totally worst in its guest appearance. Don't know why South Indian movies boot licking of these kind of Bollywood dirts. Bollywood is the biggest gutter of the country. Don't waste time and money.
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Bearable to watch it.
ruhullahthohid6 October 2022
No story content, just a hype upon a lead actor (Bhrama).

Nowadays senior actors of Indian movies making fools to public, They are thinking in a way "whatever we do public will come to watch our movies". This should get change public should have to realize senior actors are doing garbage of work in their movies, Its time to encourage new comers. In recent times I have seen many new comers have done great acting with superb story line. Just making a remake doesn't make them superstars instead made them copycats.

Waste of money, worthless to watch it.

All the days people has lot of workload and people come to theatres to get some entertainment but these senior actors always make disappointment.

If anybody have a plan to go for this movie instead go for a biriyani or a Pav bhaji. It's worth it.
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A feast for Megastars' fans.
chand-suhas5 October 2022
Mohan Raja's commercial outing for Megastar Chiranjeevi aided by Megastar Salman Khan is a thorough entertainer. The political drama tweaked to appeal to Telugu audience has commendable writing to suit Megastar's persona. Brahma played by Chiranjeevi, is the protector of PKR's political party as well as family. After the death of the CM, his son-in-law Jaidev becomes the prime contender for the CM post overtaking the Home Minister (Murali Sharma). The only one standing tall stopping him is Brahma. Utilizing the family feud between Brahma & Satya Priya (Nayanthara), daughter of PKR along with the corrupt party members, more hurdles is thrown at Brahma. How he overcomes all the hurdles and protects both the family as well as political party is rest of the story.

The first half is neat with enough clapworthy scenes and the best thing about them is how subtly these scenes are executed. After establishing the backstory to Brahma and PKR, the story focuses on the clash between Jaidev and Brahma. The character of Jaidev doesn't have much surprises as it is painted grey from the word go but Satyadev brought this character alive. The pace is good and with a pre-interval superbly execute scene followed by entry of another Megastar, it ends on a high note.

The second half however takes the easy route and resorts to crowd pleasing tactics. With not much twists and turns, the pace does feel hampered a bit but the timely re-entry of Masoom Bhai (Salman Khan) clarifies on the tone of rest of the film. From hereon, it is just fan frenzy stuff. Chiru gets another action scene early in the second half with the BGM from Bruce Lee being re-used and the amount of whistles I got to hear in my audi, there wasn't much to complain.

Among the performances, Chiranjeevi succeeds in delivering a restrained performance with him taking the backseat in much of the action (barring the 2 solo action scenes), the veteran aces the emotional scenes with Nayanthara. Satyadev excels as the baddie though the characterization could've had more fizz. Nayanthara does well within the scope of her character. Salman Khan adds on to the megastardom and all of his scenes are designed to please the fans only. The Chiru - Salman scenes are indeed paisa vasool and Salman getting to mouth Telugu line was icing on the cake.

I would have rated this higher if the third act didn't resort to solely rely on Salman Khan - Chiranjeevi scenes to take the story to it's climax. If one ignores this then Godfather is indeed a fun watch.
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best-review5 October 2022
The Story has good content and characters.. the screenplay is too slow and very dull.

Neither the script nor direction is as good as the original.

Chiranjeevi is apt for this role, His performance is good in many scenes, few are not handled properly.

No comparison with Mohanlal.

Sathya Dev also did his part well, but not as good as Vivek Oberoi.

Nayanthara did exactly what she has been doing all these years (Eg:Tulasu, Viswasam, Jayasimha etc)..nothing new.

Salman Khan is wasted or should I say a good role is wasted on Salman..

Background score is good.

Cinematography is also good.

Editing is all about slo-mo..

Not worth watching in theatres.. better wait for OTT if you haven't watched Lucifer.
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Movie is one time watch
srirangamvamshikrishna9 October 2022
For the audiance who didn't watched lucifer movie this movie will give entertainment for sure but coming to main theme of the movie it is not as good as original lucifer movie 🙂, please don't take me wrong i am very big fan of chiranjeevi sir but coming.this film the original content is not successfully delivered.

Here is the movie comparison out of 10.

1) Hero: Chiranjeevi sir ( 5 ) Vs Mohan Lal Sir ( 10 ).

2) Vilan: Satya Dev ( 6 ) Vs Vivek Oberoy ( 10 ).

3) Dauther role: Nayana Thara ( 5 ) Vs Manju Warrior ( 10 )

4) Journalist: Puri Jaganath (1) Vs Indrajith Sukumaran ( 10 )

5) Politician: Murali Sharma ( 5 ) Vs Sai kumar (10)

6) Police Officer: Samutirakani(5) Vs John Vijay (10)

7) Grand Daughter: Tanya Ravichandran ( 15 ) Vs Sania Iyyapan (10)

Intrestingly alll the actors in God Father movie are already proven actors & few are legends but the movie is content less one time watch even though it is a remake.

Summary: What i get from original , what not in this movie ?.

Ans: Mohan Lal is a Underworld Leader ( who is doing a bad to bad people role ) was brought into politics by P. K. Ramadas( to control the situation & to suppport his daughter ) has to face an Evil Charater Bobby ( the movie represented in a way where bobby was not able to understand the Mohan Lal & from Mohan Lal prespective he can easily handle bobby as he is Devil 🙂 boss of Evils) will kill everyone who troubles P. K. Ramadas daughter & went back to underworld to continue his hidden life.

But in the god father movie Mr. Chiranjeevi was represented as politician more rather than real underworld leader & over all movie will be a confusing funny movie wasted lot of money.
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Vintage megastar
mounishyalamarthi6 October 2022
This was the best movie of Chiru's career after Sye ra narasimha reddy. Megastar is back with his acting skills again. A powerful comeback for the megastar. The story lacks a bit but never got bored at any scene. It's a continuous commercial story. Kind of disappointed at a few bits because every action sequence was just slow motion. Doesn't feel like real megastar moments. Background score tries to hype a bit. Only watchable in theatres. There were some nice scenes. The overall movie was occupied by Megastar and Satya Dev. Nayanatara didn't give her best in this movie. She looks like a dumb actress. Sunil's small character was well taken. Overall good to watch on big screens once.
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A bloated but fun remake of the original Malayalam classic, with Chiranjeevi oozing mass and gravitas
nidhunmoviebuff6 October 2022
When Prithviraj, the original director behind the hit Malayalam film "Lucifer" (2019), on which Godfather is based, was asked who he would pick from Tollywood to play the main character essayed by Mohanlal in the original, he was quick to point to Chiranjeevi. Perhaps no other actor has brought to screen larger-than-life massy heroes on screen than the legendary superstar, with mega-blockbusters like "Mutha Mestri (1993)" and "Indra (2002)" still revered by audiences. In that respect, Ram Charan pulled off a major coup in acquiring the remake rights of Lucifer, understanding that the role is tailor-made to play to his father's strengths.

The megastar plays "Brahma" an astute political operator and heir-apparent to the Chief Minister who passes away abrupts, leaving behind a power vacuum and a slew of political opportunists who want to make hay while the sun shines. The CM's son-in-law Jai (Satyadev) as well as the Home Minister, Verma (Murali Sharma) lead a faction that will stop at nothing to ensure Brahma doesn't grab power and the ensuing political machinations, treachery and violence form the rest of the story. Director Mohan Raja builds on the original source material rather than copying it frame by frame, delivering more mass elevation sequences suitable for the superstar he had at his disposal

The Performances

Given better writing and a more well-rounded character to essay, Chiranjeevi makes a rollicking comeback to the mass hero role, oozing all the gravitas and panache that was missing in misadventures like "Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (2019)" and "Acharya (2022)". Satyadev and Murali Sharma excel in their supporting roles while Nayantara shines in a nuanced, restrained performance as the beleaguered, troubled daughter of the CM. Salman Khan's cameo, however, sticks out like a sore thumb, delivering some of the most inept, laughably over-the-top action sequences in the film that spoil the intricate mind games that had made the film highly enjoyable up until that point.

Despite a final act laden with mind-bogglingly stupid and inane action sequences, Chiranjeevi's swag and style pull through the mayhem and ensure you leave the theatre hall satisfied. It is especially rewarding to see the megastar in his true element and with Ram Charan and the Konidela Production Company having secured the rights for other Malayalam hits like "Driving License (2019)" and reportedly even the magnum-opus "Bheeshma Parvam (2022)", there will be more opportunities down the line for the superstar to shine, backed up by strong writing. "Godfather" is a fairly enjoyable watch in theatres, and will be a true treat for Chiranjeevi fans.
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Megastar is back
pavanlasya-833015 October 2022
From start to end everything is engaging , Real goosebumps scenes through out the movie, Some scenes will make you shout. If you are a fan of megastar chiranjeevi you will love it like hell, Satyadev did his best. EVELVATION SCENES are mail plus to the movie . Don't miss this movie in theaters you will enjoy from start to end. Megastar chiranjeevi presence is the main highlight his looks are top notch. Music my great musician Thaman is the best in his carrier. Overall the best ever experience you will get by watching this film. The fight scene and the song with it is awesome. Everyone did their part.
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sksksk-646916 October 2022
JUST RACZ... VISUAL FEAST.. Awesome to see Graceful Megastar in his ultimate performance...

I watched Mohanlal performance.... But Mega star is Mega Chiranjeevi... wonderful stealing show by him... Costumes, Digloues, BGM name anything it is there and apt to make you feel a spectacular show...

Chiru mesmerized with his graceful Acting in each and everything...what a fights.... Songs particularly Naja Bhaja Jajara.... Is remarkable and last kick with Maar maar takkar maara.... excellent

Go and watch....you will immerse in movie... Very good performed by satya dev,,murali Krishna sharma.. Blockbuster..
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Worst than a migraine!
owaisk-8379219 November 2022
Worst movie I have watched in 2022. Same old Telugu movies where the hero is worshipped more than a god. Cheerinjeevi knows everything. The villain never wins or even trouble with his plans. Same old, a don but a messiah for poor ppl. Salman is the same again. No emotions, no characterisation. These actors' time is over. They entertained us for 30 years now they should gracefully take retirement and not torture us. As it has been happening in Telugu movies. Woman are regressive and depends on the male lead for everything. Telugu movies have cheap item songs that have sleazy outfits and steps.👎
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One of the worst remakes ever
DinDjarinTheMando24 November 2022
I have watched many remake movies in multiple languages.

Can super confidently say this takes one of the top position in the "Worst remake movie list" ever. Period!

That actors have done good job in acting including Chiranjeevi as always, but there are few who does not fit in well in the script itself which will be evident when you watch the movie.

Probably if you haven't watched the original movie this one might less painful to sit throughout otherwise not much.

A movie such crazy story, screenplay had so much potential to be remade, but became a joke after all the heavy publicity works across India.
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Boss Is Back
rosheenkan6 October 2022
Since after Chiru previous film Acharya failed to impressed with poor VFX and outdated screenplay thus becoming a huge disaster at box office.

Now I thought the film will repeat the same but however it managed to impress us.

Godfather is probably Chiru better comeback after a disappointing Acharya. Thaman music could be better but BGM mass. Salman Bhai cameo is impressive but could have been better. But some of them felt the climax and second half is a disappointment.

Sathyadev performance is impressive. First half is great. Overall Godfather is probably Chiru better film than disappointing Acharya. Hope it will become a comeback hit for him.
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Godfather is a masterpiece of a movie, hell I would even say that it's one of my favorite movies of all time.
ksiraj-618337 October 2022
Chiranjeevi proved his legendary actor of this generation, really a blockbuster it's music is amazing and the dialogues are also fantastic, I really enjoyed the background score Outstanding film godfather that exceeds expectations, This type of film is the pride of our country! Mega star is very stealthy, I will watch this movie 10 times or more! Let me explain why Lots of action, humor, plot twists, good acting and special effects, politics, cameos, a tight story, tension, and surprises. There's violence and language here, but you pretty much get what you expect if you've seen the preview. I watched this movie just because legendary actor chiranjeevi his facial expressions and dialogue delivery is amazing he proved he is the greatest actor no doubt his acting skills no one can beat. I've already watched the original version of this film lucifer. First watch then decide godfather what a brilliant movie that deserve 10/10, you will also agree when you watch this movie this movie deserve best movie of the year 2022, we've already watch Lucifer it was also incredible mohanlal acting has no words to describe but after watching this film you can also say this is masterpiece,What a picture cinema at its finest megastar, even satyadev kancharana performed really really well his villainous appearance is mind blowing nayanthara acting is not that well but chiranjeevi save the day and the movie even it's a remake what dialogue delivery when you started watching this film you'll realized we are watching a true cinematic, when salman enters in plot it was an amazing extended special appearance his acting was superb when megastar and salman come to the screen it was literally goosebumps, eventually this movie didn't waste my time and money, godfather takes you on an emotional nostalgia filled thrill ride that will have you on the edge of your seat. I was genuinely sweating just watching the incredible action sequences which should be on track for cinematography awards aplenty. I can't say enough good things about godfather it's everything we need from a summer blockbuster. Get yourself down to your nearest cinema and see for yourself.

Overall this movie deserve 10/10⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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