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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene where a man is tied up being tortured and he acts like he likes it and seems to maybe be pleasing himself. Makes reference to ejaculating.
  • There is a brief talk about popping a Cherry, reffering to a man losing his virginity. Not that graphic played for laughs.
  • A couple of kisses throughout the show, Both hetero and homosexual. Nothing to graphic
  • Multiple references nothing very explicit is shown
  • Sex and nudity becomes very less frequent in season 2

Violence & Gore

  • A Woman gives birth at a swimming pool. The only thing graphic is the blood in the water beforehand.
  • A gory scene in which a boy cuts open his arm and reaches inside to remove a tracking device.
  • A woman is unexpectedly shot from behind, can be shocking for some viewers
  • Multiple fight scenes throughout that show blood spraying from gunshot wounds and stab wounds.
  • There's a scene in which a character who can talk with the dead discusses with them why and how they died. They show how they died, and it's very gory (run over by a car, hands chopped up, etc.) This scene isn't meant to jump scare/be too terribly horrific, but the graphic images may be considered scary to some viewers.
  • A woman uses a curling iron to cauterize a cut on her arm.
  • There're several dead bodies in the show, and they often have obvious wounds (gunshots in various places, stab wounds, bruises)
  • A man is graphically stabbed in the eye with a butter knife.
  • In one scene a closed room with opaque windows has depiction of a major battle with extreme blood spray on the windows. When the fight is over a teenage boy emerges covered head to toe with blood and gore.
  • Not a lot of violence but when it occurs it tends to be mild but doesn't shy away from getting graphic
  • Somebodys throat is slit lots of blood extremely graphic and shocking
  • A man is ripped open, but it looks very fake and you can perfectly see that it's CGI
  • A villain opens a freezer and a head can be seen inside. (Looks very fake)
  • A character interrupts a meeting and hacks everybody to death with an axe, blood and guts everywhere.
  • One character uses their powers to make another character punch themselves in the face (played for laughs)
  • Most of the violent scenes are accompanied by music which lowers the shock factor
  • We see a man with severed hands.
  • A man attempts to cut off his arm with a saw but then decides not to. A boy also cuts open his arm to remove a tracker.
  • Extremely gory moments with a boy stabbing someone in the eye with a pen, and then cutting his arm open to remove a tracker.


  • Some uses of pr*ck throughout the show. Many uses of sh*t. Other very mild cuss words like hell and damn sprinkled in. A**hole is also used quite often. Whore is used a few times.
  • Includes use of "Christ sake" and "Jesus" exclamations.
  • Many uses of 'shit' per episode
  • Five is clearly heard saying f*cking at the beginning of the episode.
  • One use of "mofo"
  • The word 'queer' is used as a slur.
  • Season 1 hell, d**n, s**t, a*s, jacka*s, wh*re, p***k, and one hard to hear use of Godd**n
  • Season 2 has a lot more common profanity hell, d**n, s**t, b****d, Godd**n, a*s, one use of d**k, one hard to hear use of p***y, and one hard to hear use of f**k

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Klaus smokes and drinks a bunch, and in the beginning of episode 1, he gets out of rehab for drug use.
  • Klaus gets high and drunk frequently througout. Cha-Cha and Hazel eat edibles and also get high.
  • Two characters take laughing gas together in season 2.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The overall violence/gore/fighting etc. can of course be frightening at times to some.
  • Multiple characters suffer from PTSD and anxiety attacks throughout the show.
  • Season 2 features racism, homophobia and slight ableism. It can get intense and can be unsettling for minorities especially. The Q slur is also used once.
  • While there is no warning. S2 EP9 has an extended sequence with strobing lights that may affect photosensitive viewers.
  • Throughout season one, Klaus gets put in trances and screaming faces surround the screen.
  • The series show some flashbacks of the main characters being emotionally abused as kids by their father, the leader of the Umbrella Academy.
  • If this series were to be a movie it would be PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, including bloody images, some racial epithets, suggestive material, drinking, some drug use and brief strong language.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a relationship between adopted siblings, though technically legal, it could still be considered incest.
  • A woman is seen in a bathtub without any clothes. There is no nudity at all and it is not meant to be sexual, as she is covered in blood and attempting to clean it off.
  • In Season 2 there are a couple of scenes that take place in a 1960's strip club. Ladies are seen dancing in underwear in the background of these scenes. Nothing too graphic.
  • Men and a woman take a sauna bath nakedly together. No nudity is exposed due to steam.
  • A man ties up another man to help keep him sober. The man that ties him up says, "If I see a boner I'm out." Though they are siblings and it's meant to be comical, people might still think it's incest.

Violence & Gore

  • Plenty of blood in fight scenes. There is the goriest scene in the series so far in season 2 episode 7, where a kid kills a lot of people in a meeting with an axe. Many dismembered arms and body parts are seen and the whole room ends up covered in blood. A dead man with his organs spilling out is on screen for a few seconds.
  • A man is tortured and killed from electrocution to the chest and ears
  • A character uses a Violin Bow to slash a characters throat. Very gory scene, contains lots of blood. The other character can be seen and heard choking on the blood with it spurting out. Very gruesome.
  • One character puts a glass eyeball into a dead character and takes it out in one scene. There is no blood spurt, extreme gore, etc., but it shot close to the face and in full view of what is going on.
  • A tractor pins Diego down by his foot. He is rescued and doesn't appear to be injured.
  • A character hallucinates and blood and other types of gore are seen surrounding them. Only really gory thing are a large number of eyeballs seen in a tray. However the music lowers the shock factor of the scene and the vision that follows is scary but fast paced.
  • There's one scene where a teenage boy kills a lot of people in a meeting with an axe, people's arms and half ripped off body can be seen hanging from the ceiling. this is probably the goriest scene in the series
  • In season 1 Leonard gets punched, kicked, and thrown around by 3 guys leading to him losing an eye.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 5 gets drunk in an episode. He is a 58 year old in the body of a 13 year old due to a time travel accident.
  • A man drives an ice cream truck not long after drinking at least half a bottle of vodka and taking a pill, since another man's arm is temporarily out of commission from being shot and he must pay attention to the tracking device he planted on another vehicle.
  • In Season 2, two characters get high on laughing gas (nitrous oxide)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It's implied that one of the characters was experimented on (hulk or Captain America style). He's twice the size of a normal man and his whole upper body is covered in hair and scars. It's not shot in a scary way, but his body could be unsettling
  • Klaus has regular flashbacks to childhood trauma of his father locking him in a crypt and adulthood trauma of the Vietnam War
  • Diego has to pull out his Moms cords (she is a robot), which will kill her, the scene might upset viewers because it is very emotional and Diego cries while he does it
  • Allison's throat gets cut open. Some may find this graphic due to the intensity and blood.
  • A boy runs away from his home and drowns in a lake. He's seen unconscious but ultimately survives
  • After Ben talks to Vanya in the ethereal dimension. He slowly fades away. Not intense but very emotional.
  • Reginald Hargreeves true identity although it's only seen from behind will no doubt frighten viewers.
  • Vanya is tortured in an episode. Frightening and intense but what follows as she embraces her powers once more is what will frighten viewers
  • A character is known to be dead before the events of the series, however what's frightening is that the circumstances of his death are left unknown.

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