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Just Bad
Joe-Bejm14 August 2022
What I can say is just like watching grammar school play. Poor play, poor fighting, and poor everything

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Professional Indie Fantasy
Chocolatemountain2129 March 2022
I've always been a big fan of 80's and 70's Sword and Sorcery movies, such as Sword and the Sorcerer or Conan the Barbarian. Dragon Knight, is more comparable to "Red Sonja", with its mixture of fantasy melodrama, horror and comedy. At times this mix of styles doesn't gel as well together as it should, and I wonder if this film series (if it becomes a film series) might not benefit from taking a darker, more serious tone.

That said, what we do have is a superior, cut above the rest, indie fantasy film, comparable and perhaps even superior to the early films of the Mythica series.

The performances while mixed, are generally professional, with the clear standout the character of Jigme, a black clad assassin - and the mysterious henchmen known as the Saskak who speak with uncanny, almost feminine voices.

Haters might pick on aspects of the low budget production, but for the budget... it's obvious that the effects for the dragon, costuming and locations are impressive. Comparable, to the old Dragonheart films (minus the number of extras).

I feel bad for making fun of some critics that might gripe more than me, but it's just so lazy and easy to pick on fantasy. It doesn't need to be all about you my friends.

So, I would give Dragon Knight a 7, if we're comparing the film to indie fantasy, and a 6 if it was a mainstream comparison.
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5 out of 10
hillaryfitzgerald30 March 2022
This film is a mix of decent but not incredible acting... decent but not incredible cinematography, decent but not incredible vfx and a decent but not incredible story.

It's not as bad as most low budget fantasy movies, and it's clear that some love and effort has gone into this. This is why I would "Dragon Knight" a five out of 10? Would I watch more fantasy films from Lawrie Brewster?

I would give that a carefully considered yes.

The final battle scene was especially impressive given the modest budget, with hundreds of warriors and a fairly convincing 3d dragon.

For fans of Fantasy B-Movies, this is a solid 6 out of 10, for regular folks this is a 5. I'd ignore some of these childish edge lord reviews, and I'd challenge anyone to recommend any low budget fantasy movies made in the last 10 years that are comparable to this except for the Mythica series.

I'd recommend this for fans of independent film, Mythica... and perhaps even the old Dragonheart movies.
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DRAGON KNIGHT! 6 (but could have been an 8)
SeamenoftheHills8829 March 2022
I normally watch 4Digital / High Flier fantasy / sci fi films on Amazon for fun. Same way that I watch Asylum sci-fi channel creature flicks. This fantasy film from Scotland was actually surprisingly good. Don't let the generic name put you off as it's a bit more interesting than that.

The production value was quite professional with really nice render work on the dragon. Mixed acting like you'd expect, but overall not as bad as you'd expect. Weapons and armor looked great, and so did the locations.

So why a 6 and not a 10? I'm just not such a fan of the comedy bits. When the film is serious and more horror like, that's when it shines. If the whole film was like that, it would be a 8 from me.

The story itself is pretty simple, but it feels like it can be developed further and I have a feeling this will be a series. If so, then it just needs to fix those bits that don't work. If they do, then this could be a great series to watch alongside something like Mythica.

Edit - Pfft... some of the critique I've read is unfair. Perhaps fair if you're comparing it to Lord of the Rings but... for indie fantasy this is one of the best I've seen for years.
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Is this a serious movie or a bad comedy? Make up your mind!
schillin12817 May 2022
Listen... I love a passion project and/or low budget film as much as the next viewer. You can tell there is decent production value & the cinematography was decent, but this is clearly where all of their budget went. The actors are truly atrocious. My non-paid actor friends that starred in my small YouTube zombie production could have done better.

What really took me out of the movie was when the whimsical bard music started playing around 7-8 minutes in and the goofy bartender boy starts following the extremely angry & always yelling "dragon knight." I was confused, first we have some dark serious intro scenes and a young girl is taken against her will, then moments later we're joking around with the goofy town boy like it's a comedy. Here lies the extreme importance of good screenplay writing & setting the tone and maintaining it. If you are going to interject humor into your film, especially one about knights, dragons, sorcery, and the like; then you need to do it very subtly. That is unless your movie truly is a comedy, which I'm not getting that this was the intention for this movie.

Perhaps vet your actors & have more casting calls because your main characters weren't very strong & barely even likeable. At 22 minutes in, I'm really struggling to identify w/ the dragon knight or the mystery archer. I'm trying here guys, it's just not there!

It was nice to see that they used practical effects where they could and didn't go overboard with the CGI.
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Worst ever
toddcphoto6 July 2022
Direction is horrible. Acting is terrible. I understand making a movie as a farce but this is embarrassing when it comes to quality and execution. Please Hex Studio's just stop. You had one good rip-off with the Owlman. Please stop.
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Drag on and on and on Knight
iamkrause29 March 2022
Just pointless and dull. Bad acting, generic as hell, poorly written. I could forgive the low budget if it wasn't so bland. Boring bloodless sword fights. Every bad guy wears a mask so they could use the same 3 "stuntmen" for each fight. No passion. Didn't care about any of the characters. The end battle was larger, but by that point (long before that point actually) I didn't care. Yep, it had a dragon.

It was shot in a nice wide 2.35:1 aspect ratio, but barely had the content of a 4:3 90s Hercules TV rip-off to fill it. The score was fine.

I feel bad making fun of this movie because it was obvious that the people who made it were sincere and at least trying. But it just wasn't good. They should have made a fun Deathstalker rip-off or a simple kid's flick. Instead, it just seems like a resume placeholder made because "reasons".
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Decent 6 / 10 Fantasy Production
sydneymills-5173429 March 2022
The movie is decent, and a cut above the usual micro-budget fantasy productions I watch on Amazon. The production values are obviously higher, in terms of costumes, and vfx. The acting is surprisingly professional, and the story is a nice start to what might make for an interesting trilogy.

The fight choreography was good, in fact everything about this to me was 'just above average' but... then again most fantasy films, especially low budget fantasy are far... far worse.

I would take some reviews with a pinch of salt, everyone loves to hate, but if we're going to punish low budget fantasy this good... then we really are just waiting for the new Game of Thrones or Amazon's Lord of the Rings.
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Clumsy production
supermellowcali29 March 2022
This movie's a mix of good and horrible acting, directing and editing. Hard to stay interested tho it might be a good story because there doesn't seem to be any new ideas... kind of a copy of other dragon-sword fight movies but this is an action adventure movie, so imo the action should be much better and the adventure should be something different from what's been done already.
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Dreadful Night
pete1-230 March 2022
The first 60 seconds of the movie intro looked okay... then the actors began talking and acting and it was all rather comical. These are some of the worst actors to ever grace the screen. To sum up, the story was pathetic, the action was of a high-school play quality and the production was so cheap it was akin to a Monty Python comedy skit. Do not watch this garbage unless you hate yourself and feel like more self loathing for 90 minutes.
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Very bad
johnpierrecruz16 August 2022
This movie looks like it was filmed on a cellphone. The acting and fight scenes are just horrible. The story is bland and uninspired. I was not expecting Lord of the Rings or anything, but even for an indie it left a lot to be desired.
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Bad bad bad ...
sagitan-8623710 April 2022
What more do I say. The person with a 10 star rating must be a kindergartner. Acting is artificial and so are the sets. No concrete story. Dragons are made of plastic. Graphics are a mess.
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The slow narrative and guttural delivery of dialogue just killed the movie...
paul_haakonsen15 April 2022
Great, another movie made by Live Action Role-Playing enthusiasts.

I stumbled upon the 2022 fantasy movie "Dragon Knight" by random luck, and having played fantasy role-playing games for just about 36 years, then of course I opted to sit down and watch what writer Sarah Daly and director Lawrie Brewster had to offer.

Turns out that they didn't have a whole lot to offer. This movie was low budget and amateurish at best. Everything just permeated a stench of LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) to high heavens. And that is just not something I want to watch on the screen. If I had an interest in LARPing, I would venture out to one of the local forests and have a gander at the geeks dressing up as goblins and wizards.

I am sure that the concept of the storyline in "Dragon Knight" was fair enough, however it should have been kept away from camera lenses in a dark, dense forest full of nerds and geeks playing dress-up.

For a fantasy movie then "Dragon Knight" was a heavy swing with a two-handed sword, but both the writer and the director apparently rolled a natural 1 on their skill check and fumbled most horribly. The movie was atrociously bad.

I managed to sit through 30 minutes, and the narrative was so slow and uneventful that I believed that I had sat through more than an hour. So I was rather shocked when only 30 minutes had passed. And the pacing of the story was one of the major reasons for why I opted to end the suffering after 30 minutes. This movie was just simply not worth the time of day.

The acting performances in "Dragon Knight" were amateurish. Again, I am going to draw the LARP card here, because the performances felt like that. And lead actor Ryan Livingstone (playing Braedyn) was just downright laughably bad to witness on the screen as he was growling forcefully through every single syllable of dialogue. Granted, I wasn't familiar with a single performer on the cast list here, and that is usually something I do enjoy when watching movies. But "Dragon Knight" hardly qualified as a proper movie, so go figure.

As much as I enjoy the fantasy genre, then truth of the matter is that most of the movies out there are not really worth the effort. And "Dragon Knight" didn't turn out to be any different. If you enjoy fantasy movies, don't waste your time, money or effort on this movie from writer Sarah Daly and director Lawrie Brewster.

My rating of "Dragon Knight" lands on a glorious two out of ten stars.
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Pretty good for a LARP in the Park.
HorrorFilmHellion3 April 2022
There's 3 basic comparative tiers for medieval fantasy.. You have your Lord of the Rings/Game of thrones at the top, the Arrowstorm Entertainment products as the solid middle (Mythica, The Outpost), and then you have essentially LARP on film. This one falls a ways below Mythica, but it's better than some of the LARPs that look like a weekend project. I'll give it a generous 3 for effort, and for some small bits and pieces of decentness. But to be fair, even some of the low budget/campy D&D movies are much better than this.
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Poor acting is fun to watch
adrianomartorana7 May 2022
The plot is not bad, screenwriting average and very contrived a bit like a pantomime.

Ryan Livingstone comes over as if he swallowed Brian Blessed and then shouted at everyone and everything.. Not one good actor in this film which makes it funny you wonder which idiots given them money to finance such drivel.
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Pure Independent Filmmaking Magic!
nickolasfmiles31 March 2022
Hex Studios has done it again! After watching most of Hex Studio's filmography, they continue to impress through the genre of medieval history/lore, psychological horror, gothic horror, and suspense. Now with this "fantasy/action" movie, it seems like a new step in Hex Studio's filmmaking journey.
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Complete mood spoiler
saadgamingyt15 April 2022
Such a horrible film direction, Don't waste your time watching it.

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Poor and soo poor acting.
jaffernesh12 April 2022
These casts should return the money they were paid for such a movie. Its like there was no editing in it. Should be added to the netflix kids profile.
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Amateur hour
elpenguino13 April 2022
I've watched some rubbish over the years and this is a contender for the worst. Poor acting poor fight scene's and San unbelievably stupid plot. Don't waste your time watching this nonsense.
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Good for time pass
failurelove-1771927 April 2022
Watch it if ur searching for fantasy movie. Low budget movie so don't expect much but it will be good to watch believe me. Team done a great work with minimum budget. Good storyline and interesting too...
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Fantasy Epic
zach-564357 April 2022
Finally a film with a good quality Dragon, watched some crap indie films recently where the vex was seriously lacking. Dragon knight didn't disappoint. The middle section of the film could have been a bit faster, but worth nit for the big battle at the end.
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Dragon Knight is an average (with potential) Indy Fantasy
JaneThornton43813 April 2022
Dragon Knight might not set the world on fire, but it's a superior indie fantasy reminiscent of 90's fantasy television, with a grandiosity of theatrical performance more common in British 80's television (or even 70's television). This isn't much of a surprise given how much of Hex's output is inspired by retro Horror Films from the 1960's and 70's.

It doesn't quite work here, but there is still a lot that does. When I think of indy fantasy I almost inevitably come to the Mythica series. This excellent series of low budget fantasy films would provide Dragon Knight with a few tips. In fact, Mythica excels in areas that Dragon Knight struggles in, but Dragon Knight excels in areas that Mythica in. So for example, Mythica nails the charisma of their lead performers, which Dragon Knight (the titular character) fails to achieve. But... Dragon Knight has far superior visual effects for their dragon, and 3d armies which effectively look photo-realistic.

None of this normally occurs in a low budget indy fantasy film but... something has to give with a low budget and in this case, it is the performances of the leads. With. One. Exception.

The potential lies with the character of Jigme, (which like our necromancer from Mythica) draws the audience in. If Hex were to combine it's typical Horror aesthetic with this character, then it might be onto something special.

A film with the gritty gravitas of "The Unkindness of Ravens" applied here, would yield some remarkable results.

I would (as I assume most do) dismiss any 1 star reviews, as clearly this film is no where near that, not even remotely. It is a professional looking film, but it suffers for the reasons I've mentioned above.

If rectified, this could become a remarkable little indy franchise.

I give this a 6... and the most trustworthy ratings in my opinion are between 5 and 6 for this type of film.
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Dragonheart 90's style Fantasy with potential
TurtleMaster22223 April 2022
Dragonknight is an acceptable sword and sorcery film, that reminded me of the Dragonheart series produced during the 1990s. The performances are a mixture of quality, but tend towards the melodramatic. One stand out performance is from the character of Jigme, a sort of assassin. Our hero reminds us a little too much of "The Witcher" which isn't to say it's terrible but is perhaps a little too try hard.

The effects of the dragon are surprisingly effective, and are superior to many comparable films (I'm looking at the Mythica series, which I do also enjoy). The battle scenes are also surprisingly convincing, along with the costumes and locations.

Fantasy fans don't have a lot of options when it comes to fantasy fare, and while this film won't be remembered as a classic, I would recommend it as a solid 6 out of 10.

I've heard that this film is supposed to be the first in a series, which I hope the filmmakers will use as an opportunity to make improvements.

The main room for improvement in my opinion, is making the films more mature, and more adult. I would like to see more violence, and I would like to see and learn more about the god Abaddon that they are fighting.

Anyone joking about larps or bullshit like that are way off base with this one, they can go edgelord themselves on reddit instead. I hope to see more films like this and the Mythica series.

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