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Peter Dinklage is amazing but
juneebuggy24 February 2021
The story of a struggling journalist's unlikely friendship with actor Hervé Villechaize. Not a great bio-pic if I'm honest. Peter Dinklage is amazing as expected especially his unique French accent, Spot on. But the whole story is kind of melodramatic and rambling. Jamie Dornan's character is an addict/mess but left a little vague. Together they drive around in a limo, go to clubs, yell at each other, have many emotions together. Flashbacks show us Herve's life which is fascinating- sad. Great casting especially Andy Garcia' as Fantasy Island's Ricardo Montalban. Bottom line: it's just not all that interesting.
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GonzoDanMan21 October 2018
I knew little of Herve, despite that the show Fantasy Island was such a mega hit (I didn't watch the show but knew well of it). Dinklage presented a portrait of a man like I have never seen before; simply mesmerizing. I truly believe Dinklage may be the greatest living actor at this time, he is simply the most genuine and talented person in his craft. He is genius in GoT, but he simply amazes in his channeling of Herve. The story is well crafted and beautifully told, although a side story involving the reporter's personal life crisis seemed, well, not complete or fitting. However that is but a small portion of the story. The supporting cast was great too; Andy Garcia's Ricardo Montalban was shear excellence, and I love David Strathairn in anything he does. I thoroughly enjoyed this superb presentation of a fascinating story. Don't miss it.
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Serious Emmy bait, also a whole lot of fun!
cary_howe21 October 2018
Peter Dinklage is likely going to be competing against himself for an Emmy. I knew he was a brilliant actor, I've been following him since Threshold, but this is jaw dropping work. He hit it out of the park. I laughed and I cried and I finally understand Herve.

On top of Mr Dinklage's stunning performance the film is rock solid filmmaking. Great story, well shot and it never lost me for one second. It's such a wild ride you won't be bored. Jamie Dornan also deserves an Emmy nod. The director deserves credit for the performances as well. Creating characters like this is a team effort. I don't want to leave the writer out, I think they are facing a potential Emmy nod or better.

For me HBO has been hit and miss lately but they made an excellent decision backing this one. I very rarely give a 10 for anything, I can count on my two hands the number of times I have but this film deserves it. Most films now can't hold my attention for more than a few minutes. I find action movies boring because these days the more action the less character work we get. I'm in it for the characters. If I can't relate to them I get bored fast. We don't get characters like Indiana Jones anymore where it's a mix of action and character. It's refreshing to see the characters get the attention they deserve and they created some intriguing characters in this one. Give it a try and you'll be glad you did.
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A compelling tribute to the flawed individuals we all are
Jodie_ds24 October 2018
It took me a while to let go of the 'that's not the type of dwarfism he had' problem, but when I was finally able to do so, I was able to appreciate the story much more. It touched (lightly, admittedly, but also in an 'everyman' (sic) kind of way) on the themes of self-belief, self-control, and self-congratulation, and how thin the line between them is. One false move can see you fall on your face, or require you to push someone else out of your way; and we never know when that false move may occur or what may prompt it to happen.
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Peter Dinklage
merrigaytullock21 October 2018
Any weakness in this film be it script, direction, other cast members cannot hold a mention compared to the brilliant, consistent performance by PETER DINKLAGE . brilliant!
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Excellent! See this one...
rhmacl23 October 2018
I got sucked right into this flick on HBO; the era (my teens), the music, the reconstruction of timeless scenes and TV personalities were spot on. But Mr. Dinklage is excellent, surpassing expectations and delivering a huge gift to the entertainment universe. The story was well-told by framing a range of 'out-of-control' personal worlds, while harvesting gut wrenching observations about being alive, being a person, being flawed, being human. Dinklage bravely fills-in that void between "you" and "him" with honesty, authenticity and structure. Great performance. It changed me...honestly! I feel like a better person... wow.
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Movie Review: My Dinner with Hervé
Well, that was a surprise. I almost want to accept this as HBO's apology for their Fahrenheit 451 adaptation earlier this year. Almost. That film still really sucks.

Writer/director Sacha Gervais recounts the story of the night he spent with iconic French actor Hervé Villechaize while working on an article that never got published. As the story goes Gervasi promised Villechaize that he would tell his absolutely fascinating life story to the world and now 25 years on HBO has produced this film detailing why that promise was made.

If Gervasi's screenplay is accurate (which it appears to be for the most part) then Villechaize's life certainly was far more interesting and tragic than I had first presumed. The screenplay never really holds back on the details of the story which helps present a more rounded view of the actor's life. This can also lead to the film at points feeling more like someone reading a Wikipedia article.

Peter Dinklage is absolutely fantastic, completely disappearing into his role blurring the line between himself and the real Villechaize. His delivery of the iconic line "the plane, the plane" is almost pitch perfect. In a way Dinklage reminded me of David Bradley's performance as William Hartnell in several Doctor Who projects. Dinklage's non Game of Thrones performances keep continue to showcase why he was so instantly loved as soon as the first season aired. Given that the GOT cast does not have a reputation for quality outside of the show Dinklage has certainly managed to separate himself from the show in way many of his cast mates have not.

The closing shot is more than a little cheesy and the over emphasis on ensuring that every fact is given can make the film drag, however this does help make the overall sentiment feel more genuine.

I have nothing but respect for Gervasi for finally telling this story as well as for HBO for allowing him to do so. If you have access via HBO Go or Sky Q or anywhere else it is showing definitely check it out.
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Herve Was Filipino
nafps19 March 2022
His stepfather was French, but Herve's ancestry was not.

Anyone who remembers Fantasy Island remembers him as the Asian little person sidekick to Roarke.

Dinklage is a great actor, but as a casting choice it's bizarre. It's like having Robert De Niro play Bruce Lee in a film bio.

In spite of his performance and a good script, pretending Herve was white makes this film too strange to completely work.
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The Pain The Pain
SnoopyStyle24 November 2018
It's 1993 London. Danny Tate (Jamie Dornan) is one month clean and sober. His editor takes him back to do a hatchet job on Gore Vidal and a small comedic takedown of Hervé Villechaize (Peter Dinklage) who is long past his success from Fantasy Island and James Bond. His ex Katie refuses to give him another chance. He goes to L.A. to do the interviews. No one has interviewed Villechaize for 10 years and he suggests a great final story to make Danny's career. Villechaize would kill himself after the interview.

Peter Dinklage disappears into this role which is daunting since he's such an unique person. Jamie Dornan has not done anything quite this good. It goes a long way to redeeming himself for the Fifty Shades movies. The story is not a new one for Hollywood but it's told so very well. It is heart-wrenchingly sad and redemptively uplifting. This is a very good HBO movie.
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It's well worth a watch
chrismonkee22 October 2018
Dinklage is the man. He plays lecherous alcoholics like no other.

I remember when Herve committed suicide. Reasonably big news. Likely he's unknown by the youth of today.

Fantasy Island was rubbish, BTW.
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Entertaining, Eyeopening, and Sad Drama
xangodad23 October 2018
I didn't know anything about Herve and watched Fantasy Island once in a while.. It was an interesting show that dealt with all aspects of life.. Being able to accomplish what Herve did with the challenges he had in life was truly remarkable!! Peter Dinkage was remarkable as his portrayal of Herve life... The movie reveals what can happen to someone when money and popularity is quickly injected into someone life. Kept me on edge the whole time!!
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beautiful in deep sense
Kirpianuscus28 October 2018
The basic motif for see it is the clash between Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan. The real motif is the impecable script. Seductive, bitter, powerful, a picture of deep solitude and relation with the past, courage and lovely story of friendship. A film about glory, succes and the other. A kind of poem about loneliness, working in impressive manner. Nothing surprising. Except , maybe, the fine art of director to give to a biopic the force of deep usefull parable.
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Thank you Mr. Dinklage
siesha21 October 2018
Thank you for fighting to get this made. Brilliant performance by all involved.
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A World For Humans~ does size really matter?
suananda28 October 2018
Our culture's infatuation with celebrity is bitter sweetly conveyed in the story of Hervé Villechaize, a star crossed lover of life who gained fame in Hollywood through his acting career. Daniel, the journalist played by Jamie Dornan is a fitting foil for Hervé, one teeter-tottering to sobriety, the other in flagrante ~ fully consumed by efforts to cover emotional pain. It's an opportunity to face the flaws in every human ~ in love we come face to face with the gap between a hero's summit that we hope to achieve and the mistakes we inevitably make in life as it unfolds. Peter Dinklage's performance is wonderful and as the writer, Dornan has a chance to display a nuanced character quite admirably.
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Tattoo was kind of a dick, fame can ruin you.
deloudelouvain2 January 2020
If you were born before the eighties there is a big chance you watched or at least knew about Fantasy Island. It was one of those popular television shows and Tattoo, the dwarf, was one of the most recognizable character that made this show. Before Peter Dinklage became immensely popular with Game Of Thrones Hervé Villechaize was probably the most famous dwarf in the showbusiness. This movie is about his life. Peter Dinklage is definitely the most popular dwarf now and he deserves it, for his talented acting, so it's only natural he played this character. It's a good story, maybe not very flattering for Hervé Villechaize, as he doesn't look like the most enjoyable person, but his story is worth telling. Good job by Jamie Dornan as well. My Dinner With Hervé is an entertaining biography drama that brings back some memories from our childhood, well if you watched Fantasy Island as a kid.
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Pretty good
cjiang-725586 November 2020
This is normally not my type of movie. But the storyline and performance is first class, surprised me.
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Outstanding surprise
Warren_Scott-5508731 October 2018
Peter Dinklage pretty much nailed Herves accent and if you can get past the fact that there's no resemblance whatsoever, your in for one gem of a movie. Peter's superb acting makes you forget about the resemblance factor within minutes and he pulls you into the movie like a great white shark pulling you into the ocean as you try to reel it in. You can actually feel the pain as the story unfolds about Herves sad, volatile life. I fully recommend this movie to fans and non-fans of Herve Villachaize for his poignant story will touch the hearts of all.
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Superb Film
jrbond-5762430 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
After hearing Sacha Gervasi on local radio telling the story of how Dinner with Herve came about, I knew (a little) in advance of what to expect. Gervasi explained in the interview that Herve was a rebellious soul, a party boy, a womaniser and lived a very rock and roll lifestyle. What I didn't know was, he was so much more than just the little guy from Fantasy Island and Nik Nak from the Man with the Golden Gun. The film very skillfully delivers the rich and varied life of someone who found fame quickly and lost it in the same way. The actors put in superb performances and whilst it has funny moments, the film is overwhelmingly a sad tale of a life lived to excess, when the money was good, and a life of severe depression when the money dried up. A craving for the fame he once enjoyed and a morose desparation for the good times to roll once again - are the feelings I took away from the film. One thing is for sure, Herve lived a life that many of us cannot imagine and he lived his life, the way he wanted to. I loved this film and it delivered so much more than I expected. Definitely one I would recommend.
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Probably the only reason to watch this is Peter Dinklage. And Hervé's story of course.
patriciogl1017 December 2018
My Dinner with Hervé is a biopic starring Peter Dinklage and Jamie Dornan about the rise and fall of French actor Hervé Villechaize, told through and peculiar interview with journalist Danny Tate (Dornan). The story of Hervé's life is particularly interesting. The relationship with his parents, when he was first diagnosed with some form of dwarfism, his first acting job, fame and fortune, stardom, marriage and the decline of everything he always dreamed of. I really liked the chemistry between the two leads. I was surprised with Jamie Dornan, he's like the kind of actor who starred in some awful franchise and can't be taken seriously. Well this time he delivers properly.

The movie follows an interesting but simple narrative structure where Hervé tells all about his life and get his story published, to be more than a color note. Peter Dinklage is simply a marvelous actor, I just can't get enough of him, most of us know him primarily from Game of Thrones, but he's been in great movies as well. I'm not sure if I would call this a great movie, but he is definitely great in it. His portrayal is sublime, adding character to his voice to suit the one that the real Hervé had. Just a joy to watch.

So if you are not sure to watch this film, do so because of Peter Dinklage, he really makes the story of Hervé Villechaize come to life. One day maybe someone will make a biopic about the life of the brilliant actor that is Peter Dinklage, whom I reckon is much more popular than Hervé ever was so there.
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Sooo good
kpennie22 October 2018
Peter Dinklage is so talented. And James is awsome. The narrative is one that is sad and constant.
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A Great Surprise such an interesting story
tm-sheehan30 April 2021
My Review - My Dinner with Hervé

My Rating 9/10. Streaming on Foxtel

My Dinner with Hervé is a HBO Telemovie I only discovered while I was researching Jamie Dornan's latest movies and it further convinces me that he is an incredibly talented actor not just a pretty face.

This story of this film I found fascinating the character Jamie Dornan plays Danny Tate is based on Sascha Gervasi who wrote the novel My Dinner with Hervé which tells the story of a journalist sent to interview the French actor Hervé Villechaize, co-star of the hit '70s TV series "Fantasy Island", who took his own life in 1993 at the age of 50. Hervé Villechaize played the role of Tattoo in Fantasy Island from 1977 to 1983 . Peter Dinklage is brilliant in the role of Hervé who like the character he plays was born with a condition related to dwarfism.

This film made in 2018 is a labour of love and passion by " Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage who is also an Executive Producer of the film along with its creator ,author and director Sasha Gervais.

I've often read biographies or excerpts of Movie or Television Stars that would make better dramatic stories than the movies they appeared in and this story is one of them .

Two characters both interesting and both dysfunctional Danny Tate (Jamie Dornan) is a journalist trying to put his life back together he is on the verge of being sacked by his boss after a chaotic alcoholic binge and presents her with a 1 month Sober chip .

His boss Baskin (Harriet Walter) gives him a reprieve assignment to fly to LA and interview Gore Vidal and Hervé Villechaize .

The Gore Vidal interview is a disaster because Hervé delays Danny's appointment by his amazing story . No spoilers but there is a connection between Hervé and Danny who is fascinated and compelled to follow Hervé on his drunken debauched spree to complete his story bearing in mind that he must try and maintain his Sobriety .

Both men are faced with the consequences of their past actions and both men face their demons in different ways.

The film looks good with great sets, costumes and recreations of the famous "Fantasy Island" set . The film has a great supporting cast that includes Andy Garcia as Ricardo Montalbán and Wallace Langham as Aaron Spelling.

At times I found the strong French accent and high pitched voice that Peter Dinklage is so effective imitating Hervé Villechaize who did have a voice just like that at times a little difficult to understand but it didn't spoil his performance if you can use subtitles perhaps that's a good idea ?

I really enjoyed "My Dinner With Hervé " but glad I wasn't at that dinner ,hope you enjoy it too.
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Excellent Dinklage elevates a self-serving script
perica-4315124 November 2021
As far as story about Herve goes, it has been nicely portrayed by Dinklage and is very touching. However, the script invents events about the journalist, in order to shift empathy to him, who is in fact a real person and actually a director and writer of this movie. The part of the story about the journalist and his struggles is completely invented, he was not about to be fired - even less so proudly resigned, no Vidal meeting in reality (who he obviously sland ers for ideollogical reasons, the old pe-do-Vi-do fart despite of his failings is much more substantial than any of the Rotten schields and London jets set imperi alist arese wholes). He wrote the movie only 25 years later. In that part that it more than embellishes reporter's aka sreenwriter/director's story it is completely despic able. The director, who is member of the emtyheaded imperia list elite and shallow London jet set, had a very easy life of privi lege, was involved with a Spice Girl and latter married into Rot schild family, and is in reality as smug as they get, but tries to sell himself as some noble character. He is indeed not worthy of the tragic French actor of prodigious artistic talents, who is, nevertheless, brilliantly portrayed by another famous dw arf, who, unlike the despic kable producer/self pushing maker of this movie, understood what the story is supposed to be about, and hence turned, as much as possible, despite of the lowly movie maker's self promoting intentions, this exploi tative piece into something that was supposed to be in the first place - a tragic story of human pain that rich emptyh eaded elite is completely oblivious to.
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Unexpectedly moving
lealangenburg16 January 2019
I wasn't sure what to expect going into this film but it wasn't tears I can assure you. Peter Dinklage does an incredible job humanizing what to most was a bond villain and a one line actor from Fantasy Island. Hervé had such an interesting life. You understand at the end that this director is honoring this mans life, as he was honored by its telling from the man himself. Beautifully done.
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I could not stop watching!
jek-5935726 October 2018
I could not stop watching this movie. Usually I'll run to the restroom or get another glass of water, something, while watching a movie at home. I saw where others reviewed the accent Dinklage uses as bad. I found myself thinking, "wow!, he sounds more like Herve than he looks for sure." I started to wonder if Dinklage can speak French or maybe studied it in school. I did not have trouble understanding the accent, but I did have to turn the sound up on my system. I did not care about the difference in looks, even with Ricardo Montalban. The acting got me past the differences. Peter Dinklage is such an amazing actor! All the acting in this movie was good. But, this is not the type of movie I need to see again and again. Besides, I have been left with some very memorable images from the movie for reflection. I really enjoyed this movie!
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masonfisk24 January 2019
A recent HBO movie which details a no holds barred night of truth & debauchery when former Fantasy Island actor Herve Villechaize spent the night w/a reporter. Taking a page from a well worn textbook of a person rising from meager means & then becoming the biggest thing in the universe & then losing it all has been told so many times you know the trajectory like you know your own name. Pretty much the film, even though well told, doesn't really engage the viewer the way one would want but some of the stunt casting is interesting; Andy Garcia as Ricardo Montalban is smirk inducing & having real life couple Alan Ruck & Mireille Enos appear in minor roles is kinda cool but even though Peter Dinklage & Jamie Dornan give it their all, one feels the shine has definitely darkened on this kind of story.
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