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A bold and entertaining program
OutlawsDeLejos18 March 2009
I wasn't quite sure what to expect with the ABC's latest pet project last year, a show centered on the dissection of local and international advertising campaigns. Sounds as boring as dry toast on paper but the production itself is very much aligned with the slick advertising experts that join host Wil Anderson on the panel. The show itself pops and crackles along with a great charm and wit provided by a panel of genuinely interesting people with a broad arc of opinions that spark and contrast within each other really very well. The producing team have done a solid job pulling together an array of personalities that are actually interesting to watch (I'm looking at you Top Gear Australia).
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Very insightful, entertaining and interesting
webberrules27 October 2013
The Gruen Transfer is an extremely insightful television show about advertising. It shows what the advertising industry does to make products look appealing and other stuff. The show was very well presented by Wil Anderson, alongside two regular panellists that are members of two different advertising industries, Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft, and they show their different opinions based on one advertisement, and it can show that opinions on things in general, both negative and positive, are fine and are all entitled to.

The Pitch is my favourite part of the show, as it shows so much creativity in selling stuff that cannot be sold.

I do feel a little sorry for other countries across the world, that they do not have an advertising talk show of their own. If they did, other countries can watch an advertising talk show where they can learn so much about advertising.

I highly recommend this show, try it out!
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A show about advertising, on the ABC no less...
arthur_nonimus18 October 2012
The ABC, being government owned, cannot have advertising. Purhaps this is the reason why Gruen works so well. There are no pay masters who will pull funding if their product is put into a bad light, no executives worried about their next pay check who will stop a segment out of fear of offending someone. When the panel get their teeth into a subject they will tear it back to it's bare bones, revealing the dark arts of spin and branding they use to make us buy. With the two main panelist having extensive experience in the advertising world, and weekly guest panelists who's experience ranges from advertising to PR and political spin-doctoring, there is always a wealth of knowledge on display as each add is lead to the slaughter. A show with this many boffins could easily have bogged down, taken itself way too seriously and quietly slipped into obscurity if it wasn't for the host, Will Anderson. Anderson does an amazing job of keeping the show moving at a comfortable pace. When the tension between Russel (a capitalist) and Todd (a socialist by nature but a capitalist by trade) gets too high Will will brake it with a joke and redirect the conversation with ease but is also able to introduce questions and topics with the skill of an industry veteran - a refreshing combination. Compelling and strangely addicting, Gruen, a show about advertising, on the only network without advertising is the only advertising that you will want to watch.
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Here Is My Pitch For You To Watch "The Gruen Transfer" But Its Not Unsellable
WakenPayne16 October 2010
The Gruen Transfer (TGT) is a show about advertising, how it works, and how it works on us. Hosted by the inimitable Wil Anderson, TGT decodes and defuses the commercial messages that swirl through our lives, with the help of a panel of ad industry experts. This Show Sounds Boring From The Plot Synopsis But You Truly Have To See It To Believe It. I Love This Show Its A Pity It Only Runs 9 Episodes A Year Except This Year It Ran A 4 Week Spin-Off Called "Gruen Nation" Where They Take The P!$$ Out Of Political Ads & That Is The Same With This Show. I Love This Show Its The Only Half Decent Thing To Watch On TV Besides HIMYM & Re-Runs Of Joss Whedon Shows. Now All Thats Left Is TO Give You An Example Of Their Comedy One Episode They Were Taking The P!$$ Out Of Infomercials & They Came Across A Fart-Retardent Blanket(I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!) & It Pretty Much Said "Are You Sick Of Your Partner (I Forget What They Say After That But It Meant Farting) Then Buy The New Fart-Retardent Blanket" & Will Anderson Said At The End Of The Add "Happy Anniversary" It Cracks Me Up. I Don't Know About Anyone Else But I Personally Am Not Affected By Advertising.

Better Get That Blanket.
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