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Surprisingly Enjoyable
champjohnson294 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't even know this movie existed until I got an email about a private screening. I went just because I didn't have anything to do and didn't expect much. Anything with Sylvester Stallone is guaranteed to be your run of the mill, cheesy, action flick with guns, explosions and cheesy one liners. This is exactly what this movie was but this time I enjoyed it from start to finish.

First, I'd like to say that Stallone's on screen chemistry with Sung Kang is awesome. The dialogue between is always laugh out loud. I don't think I've a movie where Stallone's sarcastic sense of humor just made me let out a loud yelp of laughter but this movie did. Kudos to the writer for writing all those comedic one liners, every scene is guaranteed to make you giggle. Sung Kang was also enjoyable in his character of a determined, yet rookie cop from out of state trying to solve a murder case. Reminded me of Jackie Chan in Rush Hour, minus the strong accent. Also, Jason Momoa (besides being sexy) did very well as the villain of the film. Towards the beginning he was a little one note but as the the film progresses he starts to show off more and more. The twist at the end definitely allowed him to get more shine and let the world know he can do more than just be Conan The Barbarian.

The action in the movie was really enjoyable as well. There were times in the theater where all the watchers would cheer or let out a "Damn" or "Wow" because you literally could feel every punch, kick, slam, shot and everything else. The ending fight scene was my fave. Some of the cinematography and shots seemed a little off being that the budget for this film was slightly high. But overall, it's an enjoyable film. No complex script, no Oscar worthy acting, just a simple yet solid plot, good action, cheesy and funny one liners, believable characters and not too long.

I'd recommend this movie for all the true action lovers that don't always need a complex, layered storyline. Just a fun, action flick to watch on a Friday night with your buddies or maybe even date, if you're girlfriend is into that type of stuff!
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Entertaining and Bloody
Elspode28 January 2013
In case you can't discern from the title, this is a *very* violent film, so don't be a putz and take your five or six year old kid, like a couple of people did at the Independence, Missouri AMC screening tonight. There are more triple-taps to the head than any film in recent memory, to the point that it becomes rather over the top by the time the film ends All that said, Walter Hill has woven yet another well-paced, engrossing buddy film actioner with a pretty good left hand twist. Stallone plays a weary New Orleans hit-man very convincingly, and with a very wry sense of humor. Were he any more droll, he would have to become a British citizen.

"Bullet" has everything an Action fan loves...really nasty bad guys, impossibly punishing fights, explosions, hot women, and main characters you can actually care something about. The plot isn't suspenseful, but it isn't meant to be, as our heroes go on what for one is a vendetta, and for the other a bumbling police investigation. Indeed, Sung Kang's Washington DC detective seems at times to have the insight of a rock, but Kang is pretty and plays well alongside the grizzled Stallone.

All and all, if you enjoy this sort of film, well...you'll enjoy "Bullet to the Head".
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It almost feels like you've been thrown back in time to the 80s or early 90s!
Hellmant31 May 2013
'BULLET TO THE HEAD': Four Stars (Out of Five)

Sylvester Stallone in a classic 80s style revenge action film directed by none other than Walter Hill (who helmed such popular 70s through 90s action flicks as 'THE WARRIORS', 'THE LONG RIDERS', '48 HOURS', 'RED HEAT', 'EXTREME PREJUDICE', 'TRESSPASS' and 'LAST MAN STANDING'). The film is based on a graphic novel (of the same name, when translated to English) by Alexis Nolent and illustrated by Colin Wilson. It was scripted by Alessandro Camon and puts Stallone in a buddy tale as a hit-man teamed with a cop out to revenge the killing of his partner. It also pits Stallone in a classic axe fight with Jason Momoa (of 'STARGATE: ATLANTIS', 'BAYWATCH' and 'GAME OF THRONES' fame. He also played Conan in the recent 'CONAN THE BARBARIAN' reboot). The film also co-stars Sung Kang (most well known from 'THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS' franchise), Christian Slater and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. It's a great throwback to 80s action flicks and Stallone and Hill fans should be thrilled with it.

Stallone plays James Bonomo, a hit-man in New Orleans who takes an assignment to kill a dirty cop, named Hank Greely (Holt McCallany), with his partner, Louis Blanchard (Jon Seda), but leaves a witness alive, a prostitute the cop was sleeping with named Lola (Weronika Rosati). Bonomo and Blanchard are later attacked at a bar by another hired killer named Keegan (Momoa). Keegan kills Blanchard but fails to defeat Bonomo in a bathroom brawl. Bonomo later learns that Keegan is working for a man named Robert Morel (Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who wants a file Greely had. Bonomo of course wants revenge for the death of his partner. A cop named Taylor Kwan (Kang) comes to town to investigate the death of his ex-partner, Greely, and pieces it together that Bonomo was involved. The two reluctantly team up to stop Morel and Keegan. The beautiful Sarah Shahi also co-stars as Bonomo's daughter, who helps him out when Kwan is in need of medical attention (because she's a tattoo artist).

The film, for me, had exactly the same feel as the old neo-noir revenge flicks from two to four decades ago (the same ones that Stallone used to star in or Hill used to direct). While watching it it almost feels like you've been thrown back in time to the 80s or early 90s! It's just great nostalgic fun and Stallone is perfect in it. Kang makes a great sidekick and Momoa is an awesome bad guy. It's of course perfectly directed by Hill as well (who hasn't changed at all in style in the last thirty-some years). The script isn't very deep and the lines are sometimes very cheesy but that's the way it's supposed to be. I enjoyed it more than 'EXPENDABLES' co-stars, of Stallone's, latest action vehicles (Schwarzenegger's 'THE LAST STAND' and Statham's 'PARKER'), which came out in theaters weeks apart from each other. They all underperformed greatly at the box office (especially this one) but people are idiots and have poor taste in movies (also all three will kill on video). It's a great B action film, the kind that Stallone and Hill are legendary for!

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If You Like Stallone, You'll Like This
A K1 May 2013
Now i'll admit I'm an action junkie and almost all the movies I review are in this genre. So with that in mind I'm an obvious fan of Stallone and Walter Hill. If you are also you'll like this as he one lines, punches, shoots, explodes and stabs his way through this film. Now the plot is very cliché and predictable which is why I would give it a 6.

However I do enjoy the retro,cheesy 80's feel this movie has.Overall, the film is average but watchable. Thats because of the Stallone/Hill combination and the action throughout.Comparing it to another similar retro action film from an ageing action star in early 2013 (The Last Stand),I felt that the last stand was more fun and enjoyable. But I'd still recommend both films if your a fan of the genre and the actors.

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Despite the Clichés, a Good and Funny Action Movie
Claudio Carvalho28 December 2013
In New Orleans, the hit men James Bonomo (Sylvester Stallone), a.k.a. Jimmy Bobo, and Louis Blanchard (Jon Seda) execute the dirty cop Hank Greely (Holt McCallany) in a hotel room. But they are betrayed and Louis is stabbed in a bar by the mercenary Keegan (Jason Momoa) while waiting for the payment of the contract. Meanwhile the Washington D.C. police detective Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang) comes to New Orleans to investigate the murder of Greely, who had stolen evidences from the Police Department. Soon he is shot by two dirty detectives but Jimmy saves his life. Jimmy brings Taylor to the shop of his daughter Lisa (Sarah Shahi) and she removes the bullet from his shoulder and nurses him. Taylor and Jimmy form the most unlikely partnership to investigate the crimes and after contacting the intermediate Ronnie Earl (Brian Van Holt) that had hired Jimmy and Louis, they discover a network of corruption formed by the lawyer Marcus Baptiste (Christian Slater) and the entrepreneur Robert Nkomo Morel (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje).

"Bullet to the Head" is the return of the cult director Walter Hill to the direction after six years without making a movie. The story uses many clichés and the double Taylor and Jimmy is identical to other comedies with two different characters forced to work together and having the conventional frictions. But the story and the action are good, the locations in NOLA are wonderful and the music score is excellent. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Alvo Duplo" ("Double Target")
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Classic video game script made into an action movie
hansjs24 May 2013
This movie plays out exactly like a video game, complete with a Blackberry that feeds objectives and information. The bad guys give up info way too easy. Sung Gang is wooden and completely cliché for the good cop role.

That said, if you can live with the video game flow, its a decent action flick with plenty of violence that warrants the title of the film. Stallone is, well he's Stallone, nothing surprising there. Jason Momoa is decent as the killer. To be honest, he's actually a better actor than the script he is given. You don't (or shouldn't) watch these movies for great acting anyway. It delivers on the action mostly and violence totally. They even threw in a couple nude scenes with no point to the story line just to give it that earlier 80's action movie feel before they all started going PG and PG-13.

I give it a 6 because it was only slightly worse than I expected. Classic action movie that seemed like it might have been scripted for a game before it was scripted for movie.
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Sylvester Stallone proves he's still got it in "Bullet to the Head"
ersinkdotcom29 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'd start this review off with a strong "Sylvester Stallone is back," but it's just not true. He's very much been in the limelight recently. The 67-year old actor won't be held down by his age. After a 3-year hiatus back in 2003, he returned to the ring by acting in and directing "Rocky Balboa." Not content to just re-visit one of his most well-known characters, Stallone also put the headband back on for a fourth helping of "First Blood" in "Rambo."

James Bonomo (Sylvester Stallone) is a New Orleans hit-man whose partner (Jon Seda) was just murdered in a double-cross. Washington D.C. detective Taylor Kwan (Sung Kang) is sent to Louisiana's capital city to investigate the death of his former colleague (Holt McCallany). Bonomo and Kwan form an unlikely alliance after they discover the two killings are somehow linked.

After the two star-filled "Expendables" films, Stallone obviously felt it was time to test his merit as a one-man show with "Bullet to the Head." Unfortunately, audiences didn't respond so well to his first solo outing as an action anti-hero. It's a real shame, because the movie is an entertaining return to the high-octane and high body count days of the 1980s and 1990s.

I'm not saying "Bullet to the Head" features only Stallone providing all the excitement. It's very much a buddy-cop film and co-star Kang provides plenty of thrills himself. Nonetheless, Stallone is obviously the one carrying all the star power.

We can debate all day whether he's right or wrong in his use of steroids. Let's just talk about the surface issue here. Stallone looks darn good for a guy who could be a great-grandfather. He's ripped and his upper body resembles a King Cobra about to strike. He doesn't look half-bad in a fitted three-piece suit, either.

Stallone does what he does best in "Bullet to the Head." He plays a tough guy with a calm demeanor who doesn't say much. Instead, he lets his fists and guns do the talking. He might have a stunt double that does all his fighting for him, but Stallone still moves effortlessly in every scene. You never stop once to ask whether Director Walter Hill yelled cut and put someone else in to fight Jason Momoa or any of the other guys his character gets into scraps with.

Director Walter Hill uses "Bullet to the Head" as a reminder to audiences that he once made violent action films like this for a living. He's the same guy who gave us such classic popcorn flicks as both the "48 Hrs." movies, "The Warriors," "Red Heat," and others. I'm not going to say that this is better or worse than any of those films, but it's an enjoyable way to blow 90-minutes after a hard day at work or on a Saturday afternoon.

"Bullet to the Head" works hard to earn its R rating. Like any good action film from the 1980s, there's plenty of violence. The blood spray from gunshot wounds and actual on screen carnage is much heavier here, though. There's also plenty of nudity and loads of bad language. Its everything one would expect from these types of movies.

If it weren't for the cell phones and computers, "Bullet to the Head" could easily be mistaken for any of the great action movies of the 1980s and 1990s. The Louisiana setting is a welcome change from the typical LA or New York City locales we see in these movies. There are points where things get a bit predictable, but instead of being annoying they provide a warm feeling of nostalgia.
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I have a hankering to see it again, myself, as a matter of fact.
TheUnknown837-11 February 2013
All the ads for "Bullet to the Head" bear the name and image of Sylvester Stallone, an actor who is perfectly at home in this sort of picture: a violent shoot-'em-up with a rogue gun-for-hire working with and against a straight-shooting cop. But, as far as I am concerned, there should be a second name plastered right alongside Mr. Stallone's. The extra credit is not, ironically enough, for the Korean actor Sung Kang, even though he is very good, but instead the film's director. I walked into "Bullet to the Head" with an open mind, hoping that Mr. Stallone could keep up the good track record he's had in the last couple of years (the last "Rambo" and both of the "Expendables" movies), but when I saw the words 'directed by Walter Hill' in the opening credits, I knew I was in for a good time.

It's a little hard to believe that this is the first time these two men have worked alongside one another, since they've both made their names doing the same general sorts of movies, and both have been kicking around Hollywood for roughly the same length of time. Better late than never, for even though "Bullet to the Head" is a little rougher than it might be, thanks to Mr. Stallone's charisma and Mr. Hill's sure hand for coordinating action, this movie does pack a walloping punch.

No time is wasted; the movie gets rolling within the first ten minutes. From the start of things, we know who our protagonist is, we know the central bad guy is, and we know there will be plenty of grisly action sequences. Mr. Stallone and Mr. Kang do have a lot of deliberately amusing moments together, most of the laughs collected whenever they are driving from one seedy New Orleans location to another, bickering about ethics, the justice system, the difference between Japanese and Koreans, and Mr. Stallone's relationship to a sassy tattoo artist played by Sarah Shahi. The villains in the picture are also delightfully self-indulgent: the 'brain' behind the whole operation, which involves the balance of power between organized crime and the justice system, is a crippled man whose signature line is: Never trust a man who doesn't care about money. The subject man is the expected big muscle-man with a smirk, Jason Momoa: a walking mountain of a man who walks in and shoots up an entire bar for little reason other than pleasure.

But what really makes the movie is what Walter Hill has always been a virtuoso at: excellent fight scenes. Mr. Hill sets up his camera at many creative angles. My personal favorite being an overhead shot of Mr. Stallone and Mr. Momoa as they duke it out in a restroom, with one of them being slammed bodily through the stall door and knocking the whole thing down. The camera is also frequently set with wider shots, so we can see more than just a split-second now and then of a fist hitting what we perceive to be somebody's stomach. There is also a great shot where Mr. Kang punches somebody in the mouth, and the man's spittle is caught in an overhead light and shows up as an array of brilliant white specks. Every sort of weapon from handguns to out-dated firefighter axes is used at some point, and, just as the title hints, there are plenty of moments where somebody catches a muzzle blast clean through the forehead. It's exactly the sort of suspension of disbelief that a movie like this needs: a character will waste three or four shots hitting their target in the chest and stomach when, as they demonstrate subsequently, they planned all along to put a fatal round between the eyes.

There's also lots of fun imagery: such as an underwater shot where Mr. Stallone stares down at the submerged body of a man he just killed, and drops the murder weapon right down on top of us. Or a delightfully funny moment where Jason Momoa's head pops out of a scuzzy pond, like something from a 1950s science-fiction flick.

"Bullet to the Head" was a nice surprise: an out of the blue teaming up of two action-movie veterans. Admittedly, the story needs some refining and there are a couple of moments where a key shot seems to be missing (during a climax, a man falls from a rafter and just as he hits the ground, we cut to another scene. A reaction shot would have evened things out and given the scene a more completed feel). But this is a nice kick-start to the new year; of the three movies I've seen in 2013 thus far—and all have been action-orientated—this is the one I would encourage people to see more than once. I have a hankering to see it again, myself, as a matter of fact.
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Watched the movie expecting absolutely nothing, came out having a good time
illbebackreviews1 February 2013
2013 has already brought back two of the coolest, if not the coolest action heroes: Schwarzenegger and now Stallone. The funny thing about it all is that Stallone already had his returning movie last year with the Expendables 2 as it mainly focused around him. Anyways, the trailer to the movie, as many may have said, looked absolutely horrible and I didn't really have any intention of seeing this, despite Stallone being my second favorite action star. Now, I'm kinda glad I saw it The film is based around Stallone's character James who is on a rampage to avenge the death of his fellow partner who was killed. Now the story line has been done to death but there is an alliance formed which was kinda cool. The most important thing about this movie is that it isn't trying to take the story far too seriously but keeps it important and is actually very good if you look at it.

The acting in the movie can be both good and crap but we really don't care much about the acting. Its about the action and having fun and the film knows itself. It actually brings us back to the 80's Stallone we used to love and is really cool! Sure there is plenty of bad dialogue, but no one really cares about that neither with any of the other flaws all for a legit reason; because the film knows what it is.

There is plenty of digital blood which is now commonly used in all action movies and can sometimes get a tad frustrating but is not a big issue.

Overall, I can say that this movie is made for Stallone fans! Worth a watch!
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Fantastic action movie
TdSmth55 February 2013
Sly is part of a hit-man team. Their latest job is to kill some guy who's at a hotel with a prostitute. They kill the guy and uncharacteristically let the girl live. Later at a bar his partner is killed and Sly barely survives.

An Asian detective, Kwon, is investigating the dead guy and travels to New Orleans. Magically Kwon, upon seeing the corpse of Sly's partner in the morgue next to the other guy's corpse has an inkling the two deaths are related. He connects the dots and meets Sly. When Sly saves his life they reluctantly partner up. Kwon likes doing things by the book. Sly being the seasoned criminal does things differently, that is, brutally but effectively.

They slowly start following the trail of one bad guy after another. There's the guy who hired Sly's team. The guy behind him, some big shot who organizes an extravagant party and is kidnapped by Sly and Kwon. Then there's the big bad businessman who has real estate plans for New Orleans and has politicians and cops on his payroll. He also has special ops guys as his security staff. One of them is Momoa (the only actor with weirder eyebrows than Sly), who killed Sly's partner and now has kidnapped Sly's daughter, played by the lovely Sarah Shahi.

Bullet to the head is an exhilarating old-fashioned action movie. It has a great setting- New Orleans, great music, a good story and an outstanding cast. It wonderfully violent with plenty of bullets to the head, fist fights, explosions, has some nudity and characters to care about. This is the kind of movie The Expendables should be. They need to hire Walter Hill to direct Expendables 3. This guy knows how to direct an action movie. Bullet to the Head is a fun and intense action movie the likes we haven't seen in a while.
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Stallone is back...unfortunately the script got lost
Dark Jedi25 July 2013
With this movie Stallone is back and in surprisingly good shape. That is a good thing since the enjoyment of this movie is pretty much Stallone and not much else. If you are not a Stallone fan you are most likely not going to enjoy this movie.

I cannot help making a comparison to Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback movie The Last Stand. These films are quite different in approach. In The Last Stand, Schwarzenegger was playing his age and not trying to be all gung ho "I'm back" and still feel young. The script however was quite okay. I had my reservations about certain parts but at least someone had put some effort into it.

This movie, well Stallone is indeed back and he is truly kicking ass. To my surprise he actually manages to pull it off. I loved every minute of Stallone being on screen. However, for this movie, someone must have misplaced the real script and quickly thrown something together in order to get 90 minutes of screen time for Stallone. The story, well let us just say that I am not impressed. It is pretty much just there in the background to tie together the various action scenes. Not much thought seems to have gone into it. Especially the ending is quite disappointing and seems very rushed.

Some people have complained about the violence. Well, what did you guys expect? It is a Stallone comeback movie. If you are going to be upset about violence then do not watch Stallone movies. Personally I enjoyed the action sequences with Stallone as well as the ones wit he bad guy's hired mercenary. Actually I quite liked this hired mercenary. I made for a suitably impressive adversary. The real bad guys behind him…meh. The black guy was okay(ish) though, at least until the end when it all went a bit silly.

The Korean cop, Taylor Kwon, was mostly just silly and dumb. He constantly screwed up and his silly whispering sessions over the phone where he was unknowingly, since he was so bloody stupid, telling the bad guys everything made me squirm in my chair.

The end? Well that was indeed a bit of a disappointment as I said. Kind of "okay let's quickly get everyone out of the way, as in dead, so that we can get on with the final fight between Stallone and the mercenary". I mean, the bad guy mastermind suddenly turns into a total idiot? Could they not have found some more intelligent way to finish him off? The final axe-fight was somewhat cool though.

Bottom line, I enjoyed the movie quite a lot but that was pretty much only because of Stallone and action sequences. I was quite surprised at how well Stallone managed to make a comeback as an action hero. It is really a shame that quite a few other things where just sloppily done or botched up since this could have been a really great movie. Now it is just good and if you are not a Stallone person then it probably just weighs in as okay or even mediocre.
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Blackberry to the Head
jamestheklein4 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you want to see a 90 minute advertisement for the Blackberry phone, then this film is right up your street. The product placement is so obvious and in your face, that it feels like Kwon's phone is a third main character. It should probably get an Oscar for its performance. Jimi and Kwon need to find a suspect: Kwon googles on his BB. They need some information about another suspect: Kwon phones the office and has it all sent to his BB. Is that a bad guy doing something that will prove that Kwon was right all along? Film it on the BB. Jimi doesn't believe Kwon that his phone is the best thing since sliced bread: download everything there is to know about Jimi and show him. It just really grated on me.

Blackberry's starring role aside, the film still sucked. The plot was the same old rehashed story of the assassin being double crossed and seeking revenge. About 10 or 20 minutes in, just in case you can't figure out what is going on, Christian Slater gives a monologue that explains exactly why the bad guys are bad, what their evil plan is, and gives the James-Bond-villain's-sidekick-esque bad guy his orders. So if you were confused before, there is no need now.

There is so much bad in this film that I am just going to skip to the end. Kwon hooking up with Lisa was quite obvious from the start. The big show-down too. Khal Drogo's desire to end it all through one-on-one combat with fire axes was stupid, and obviously going to result in his own death (not forgetting that as soon as you saw Jimi take the knife off of Jon Seda in the beginning, you knew that would be the weapon that would perform the finishing blow to Khal Drogo). Jimi and Kwon still not being friends at the end was also plain to see.

The only things that saved this film from having me fall asleep were: not wanting to miss Sarah Shahi, and some interesting cinematography in some points. The black and white opening scene was kind of cool.

All in all, I feel my rating is a bit generous. But I gave 1 star because I can't go lower, 1 star for Sarah Shahi (whom I love), and one star for a few moments of vaguely interesting cinematography.
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A Throwback To The 80's!
g-bodyl20 June 2014
Bullet to the Head is about as 80's as you're going to get, but personally I think that is a good thing especially with today in cinema. These kind of films hold a special place in my heart, so naturally I would be sold on this film. Despite all the action clichés, there is no resisting the hardcore action, the explosions, and all the guys getting beat up.

This film, which of course has to be directed by Walter Hill, is about an aging hit-man named Jimmy Bobo who was betrayed after he performed a job and his partner was killed. Seeking revenge, he teams up with a cop named Taylor Kwon as they both seek out justice. But these two have a different way of serving justice.

If you're expecting Oscar-caliber acting, then don't watch this film. You don't need that kind of acting in a film like this. Sylvester Stallone is nearing 70 and it's neat to see him efficiently take down people more than half his age. Sung Kang, known for his role in Fast and the Furious films, was decent. Jason Momoa is an effective badass as Keegan, the guy hunting down Bobo. There is also a welcome return to the big screen by Christian Slater who was drunkingly funny.

Overall, there is nothing new with Bullet to the Head. But I can promise a fun ride and Sly kicking butt. This is definitely an adrenaline rush and action junkies will be sure to enjoy this. It's a shame people don't watch these kind of films anymore because they are good. I rate this film 9/10.
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A Slyvester Stallone film that continues his emotional hit-man path, which makes you question if this is connected to the Expendables.
Hunter Thomas Candelaria13 October 2013
A RedBox rental that I found very enjoyable. It's about a hit-man who after losing his partner goes after the origination that set the men up, but Stallone isn't alone. He is joined by a cop who is put on probation (for no reason) but not wanting to stop his investigation he joins Stallone but they are not on the same path (one is with the law, and one isn't). In my opinion this is an okay film that if you are an action fan to go and pick up for a rental. As a Stallone fan though, you need to get this film and keep it next to Rambo and The Expendables. My issues with the film are some weird camera angles/ movements and some flashback sequences. In conclusion watch the film and then question if you wanna keep it or not.
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Exactly what you are looking for in this kind of film... Blu-ray: Excellent A:10 V:10
lathe-of-heaven30 May 2013
Yep, I gave this baby a '9' Why...? I mean is it another 'CITIZEN KANE'? Or another 'BLADE RUNNER'? Uh, no... The reason why, and this I feel is the way movies should be reviewed and rated, is that the bloody film does PRECISELY what you want it to for a fun, exciting, and frigg'n entertaining Action film.

I admit that I was surprised that it was this good because I really didn't care for 'THE EXPENDABLES' that much, but ol' Walter Hill is right at the TOP of his ability, let me tell you! Beautifully directed, great fun script (a tad weak between the two leads, but not bad) excellent action, pacing, and a FANTASTIC soundtrack! Like I alluded to, the interaction between the two leads was a little hokey at times, but I think Sly carried it well. The very end was a little goofy too, but it didn't detract from the film as a whole.

So, if what you are looking for is a very well directed Action film with nice touches or irony and with a couple of your favourite stars, then you will totally enjoy this movie!
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Bullet To The Head is great and a must for action fans
dworldeater4 February 2013
I am a big fan of both Stallone and director Walter Hill, so I have been excited about this for awhile now . I am not disappointed .By reading some of these negative user reviews, it is obvious they either hate action movies or expect more from this than it needs to deliver . Whether you love it or hate it, at least do so for what it is , a straight up action picture.Bullet To The Head is very similar to 48 Hours and Red Heat , also made by Hill and is also fast paced, violent and funny. This won't get any awards, but the film is well made and the performances from the actors are good enough to move the story between the action scenes. The action is brutal and my main man Sly gives one of his toughest , most badass performances to date. Even though this is'nt doing well at the box office , Bullet To The Head will find its audience and most likely achieve cult status . If you enjoy old school action classics like 48 Hours and Cobra , you will most likely dig this as Bullet .. is both entertaining and well made
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Rambo Meets the New Conan!!!
zardoz-131 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Watching the Sylvester Stallone shoot'em up "Bullet to the Head" felt like a blast from the past. This polished but predictable anthology of action movie clichés contains several R-rated, close-quarters, combat scenes with sufficient amounts of blood splatter and gore; some high-octane, fireball explosions; lots of snappy tough guy banter; and surprising displays of frontal female nudity. Half the scenes reminded me of producer Joel Silver's explosive, slam-bang, white-knuckled, testosterone-laden tales, such as "Conspiracy Theory," "Exit Wounds, "Swordfish," and his "Lethal Weapon" franchise. Indeed, Silver serves as one of the producers, and "Bullet to the Head" adheres to his formula. Meanwhile, action auteur Walter Hill drew the other half from his hardboiled melodramas. For the record, Hill helmed the two "48 Hrs" flicks with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, "Extreme Prejudice" with Nick Nolte, "Last Man Standing" with Bruce Willis, and "Red Heat" co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi. Although "The Messenger" scenarist Alessandro Camon adapted the Alexis Nolent graphic novel "Du plomb dans la tête," "Bullet to the Head" looks like "48 Hrs" and/or "Red Heat" clone. Mind you, "Bullet to the Head" is Hill's first theatrical release since his gritty 2002 prison melodrama "Undisputed" with Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes. During his absence from the big screen, Hill helmed the premiere episode of HBO's "Deadwood," and then the television mini-series western "Broken Trail" (2006) costarring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church." In many respects, this action-packed, largely straightforward, odd couple buddy picture compares favorably with earlier, exceptional Stallone sagas like "Assassins," "The Specialist," and "Demolition Man." Most definitely, it surpasses "Tango and Cash" and "Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot."

Cast as a seasoned hit-man in the Crescent City, Sylvester Stallone tangles with a mysterious cabal of Big Easy investors who have the New Orleans Police Department on their payroll. Director Walter Hill has juggled the occupations of the protagonists from his earlier buddy picture epics. The cop was always the lead in the combo in the "48 Hrs" movies and "Red Heat." This time around, world-weary, career criminal James "Bobo" Bonomo (Sylvester Stallone of "Rocky") is the lead, while saintly, Washington, D.C. Detective Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang of "Fast & Furious") behaves rather naively and relies too much on his cell phone. Ironically, the two men want to exact vengeance for the deaths of their former partners. They agree to form an uneasy alliance, but Kwon's conscience prompts him to constrain Bonomo. These two don't immediately run into each other. When the plot unfolds, Bonomo and his partner Louis Blanchard (Jon Seda of "Bad Boys 2") masquerade as cops to snuff a cocaine-snorting thug, Hank Greely (Holt McCallany of "Fight Club"), in a motel room. Bonomo spots a tattooed prostitute cowering in the shower, but he lets her live. This amoral murderer draws the line at shooting women. When he is behind the wheel on the road, he swerves to avoid stray cats in front of him. "It's bad luck," he assures Louis. These two show up at a crowded bar where they are supposed to pick up the balance of their loot for the shooting. Before either realizes they have been double-crossed, another assassin, Keegan (Jason Momoa of "Conan"), stabs poor Louis repeatedly to death in front of everybody. He wields a small blade to hack both of Louis' lungs so nobody in the noisy bar knows a murder has occurred. Keegan isn't quite as lucky with Bonomo. Now, Bonomo wants payback. Our hero crosses paths with a hard-nosed, Washington, D.C. police detective who is visiting New Orleans. As it turns out, Hank Greely was his former partner in Washington. Kwon wants the people who ordered Hank's demise. Sure, neither Bonomo nor Kwon have much use for each other initially, but they kind of grow on one other as they survive back-to-back fracases.

Hill stages some gripping shoot-out scenes that genre fans will savor, and you get to see Silver's trademark Ka-Boom explosions! Hill never lets the narrative bog down in aimless chatter or an over elaborate plot. Stallone's character provides deadpan narration throughout the pyrotechnics so you never take anything seriously in "Bullet to the Head." "Bullet to the Head" is not unlike a Tarantino thriller. Camon and Hill wrap up everything, but leave room for a sequel since the hero's daughter and the D.C. cop are dating. At 66 years of age, Sylvester Stallone appears as fit as a fiddle. This is the kind of movie where guys shed shirts and clash muscles. He channels a little bit of "Rocky" in his tongue-in-cheek performance. The ax fight between beefy, muscle-bound Jason Momoa and Stallone has been carefully edited to present both to maximum advantage. You know Stallone is going to triumph, but Momoa doesn't make it look easy. Momoa makes a lusty villain. No less villainous is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as a crippled, African investor has no qualms about murder. Christian Slater appears briefly as a smarmy swindler with a flash drive around his neck that boasts the goods of everybody. The interrogation scene is pretty amusing. Clocking in at a lean, mean, 97 minutes, "Bullet to the Head" doesn't wear out its welcome. You don't even have to wait around to see what's after the end credits so you can clear out early. Were it not for the pedigree talent involved, "Bullet to the Head" would qualify at best as a seven-star rather than a ten-star movie. If you still like Stallone, you'll love "Bullet to the Head" because it is worth shelling out the bucks to watch this Spartan saga.
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Hit-man flicks never get old
unemployedvirgin5 August 2013
Sly is still as good as ever in this fast paced action movie. The editing brings with it a 90s 'made for TV' style of storytelling. What I mean by that is; the continuity is at a neutral speed with an emphasis on wide camera shots accompanying little soundtrack scoring. An all around great cast of actors, nice to see Christian Slater in something watchable for a change. Triple A's character was awesome, and although Momoa gets type cast as the stereotypical big-man, he pulled off an entertaining performance.

Descent amounts of gore here & there and the overall plot - whilst cerebral in context provided scattered doses of comedy when needed. I found it worth watching, its amazing to see Stallone in such amazing shape for his age. If the rumours of a final Rocky movie are true, definitely something to keep an eye out for.
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Stallone returns to form
amesmonde10 June 2013
With the unlikely alliance with a cop, a career criminal sets about to exact revenge after he is double crossed.

Far more memorable than Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand, writer Alessandro Camon's screenplay (based on Alexis Nolent's graphic novel) and director Walter Hill don't try to reinvent the action-wheel and too the films credit Sylvester Stallone successfully goes against his usual casting playing an unsavoury character namely James Bonomo (Marion Cobretti, Stallone's own "Cobra" would have certainly despised him).

Despite clichés, some unnecessary flashbacks, over exposition, even repeating plot points just in case you missed them the first time around Bullet to the Head is reminiscent of the Fast and Furious in style with a touch Red Heat with the leads conflicting opinions and one-liners. Vetran director Hill proves he still knows how to direct a solid action film with kinetic axe, gun and fist fights. Christian Slater has a memorable cameo with Jason Momoa proving he's more than just a Arnie alternative.

It's and old school action with modern slick delivery, worth a watch.
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A sloppy and outdated return for Stallone and Hill
freemantle_uk4 February 2013
n the 1970s and 80s, Sylvester Stallone and director Walter Hill dominated the cinematic scene with various action films and buddy comedies. Their latest film, Bullet to the Head, attempts to recapture the spirit of the 80s but ends up feeling outdated, never attempting to reinvent or modernise this type of film.

In the New Orleans underworld, James Bonomo (Stallone), a.k.a. Jimmy Bobo, is a hit-man who lives by a certain code of ethics: he does not kill women or children. After Jimmy's partner, Louis (Jon Seda), is killed by a ruthless mercenary (Jason Momoa), Jimmy wants revenge. He finds an unusual ally in the form of Detective Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang), and their investigation leads to a wider conspiracy involving an African gangster (Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje) and network of corrupt politicians and police officers.

Hill is best known for director 48 Hours and the cult classic The Warriors and producing the "Alien" films. With Bullet to the Head, he brings in a neo-noir style filled with dark, neon visuals and uses a brooding Stallone voice-over. But on the whole Bullet to the Head is a dull, predictable experience. For a film that is led by one of the biggest action stars in the world, the action is infrequent, and when it is on screen, its quick cuts and close-up shots make it hard to tell what's going on.

The screenplay is ordinary — featuring plot points that you will see coming from a mile away. Bullet to the Head is such a predictable film that, despite the graphic violence you'll see, it'll likely leave your audience bored.

It was clear that Hill and Stallone wanted to make a film similar to Cobra, but what we get is a film that treats itself too seriously. It's a film that needed to be let loose, but it played more as an investigation film with some buddy comedy elements as Bobo and Taylor quest around the city. The film is the most fun when Momoa is in full killer mode.

The buddy relationship between Bobo and Taylor plays on three levels — profession, age and race. Both men argue about their methods — Bobo's willingness to kill and use violence differs greatly from Taylor's law-abiding view on the justice. The other element is Bobo's use of old-fashioned methods (relying on his knife) compared to Taylor's reliance on his cell phone. The writing attempts to give the pair a witty rapport, and it does provide the laughs as the film constantly sides with Bobo.

Despite Stallone's resurgence as an actor, Bullet to the Head is a step back for him. He offers a lazy performance that's meant as a throwback to his films of the 80s, films that took themselves too seriously. The acting across the board, actually, is subpar, but Akinnouye-Agbaje's performance was particularly embarrassing as a gangster limping around on crutches. It was really a role meant for an older actor.

On the whole, Bullet of the Head attempts to be a stylish throwback, a film that wanted to bring the grimy thrillers of the 1980s to the internet age. But what we have is a sloppy film that will disappoint people who want a fun B-movie. Stallone and Hill have made better films in the past, and if you think you're interested in Bullet to the Head, you might want to check one of those older films instead. Stallone certainly needs to step away from this type of movie if he wants to expand his career from his existing franchises.

Please visit www.entertainmentfuse.com
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Completely average: Walter Hill where have you gone?
LordJiggy28 May 2013
The only good thing about this otherwise bland collection of clichés and flat writing is Jason Momoa as the villain. He showed spark and verve and might as well have been in another, better, movie altogether. Seriously, don't waste your time, there is nothing in this film that is surprising or worthwhile except the all-too-brief moments when Jason Momoa is on-screen, playing a heavy with his own sense of honor, conveying a lot with a quirked smile. Stallone looks terrible, moves stiffly, the Korean-American actor is completely implausible, and even the usually compelling Sarah Shahi is little more than eye-candy. Walter Hill, where have you gone? You gave us Long Riders, among many good works, and now you deliver this dreck?
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Stallone is old and needs money
Martin Varga17 February 2013
That's right. I have no idea what else could have happened to make Stallone to make such movie after the great Expendables II. This movie is so bad that it makes me wanna watch Hard Ticket to Hawaii again. The plot is so simple that it's not worth mentioning. Everything else about this movie is just cheap. Visuals, audio, effects, acting, everything. Sung Kang made me feel like I am watching a talent show dropout. You know the really bad movies, when you see cut, then the actor hesitates a while and then the action starts? Yup, that's how he acts here. The last scene in the bar made the movie centre in my brain implode. I want the 90 minutes of my life back!
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Very bad, don't waste your money
Vinegaroon314 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The success or failure of this movie was almost entirely dependent on the relationship that develops between the Stallone character and the Kang character. The complete botching of this element of the film, with childlike acting, poor dialog, and completely unbelievable premise, doomed this film to "bomb" status.

The premise of combining a criminal and a cop to solve a major crime is not new..."48 Hours" and "Beverly Hills Cop" come to mind immediately. But the motives behind the pairing have to be moderately believable, and the chemistry between the two protagonists has to be very carefully crafted. In this film, they accomplished neither.

Suffice to say the movie is childish, boring, disjointed, and utterly predictable. The acting in many parts, particularly from Kang, is so bad that it made me cringe.

I will say that Stallone, as a 67 year old man, certainly appears to be fanatical about his workouts and his diet. He is so ripped and cut in the move that he almost looks more freakish than "fit". But whatever, his "look" must require a great deal of effort at his age.

Enough said. Skip this movie. You won't like it.
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Retire the Old Fogies.....or lose more millions
johos313 February 2013
OMG.....What audience is this movie made for? My Great-Grandpa?? Watching Sylvester Stalone trying to be exciting is absolutely painful. I actually took my Dad to see it, for his birthday. He apologized to me! It made him feel older to look at a Stalone who's had a few too many plastic surgeries, so now he looks like a nightmare.

We laughed when we were supposed to be shocked, and were shocked when I guessed it was supposed to be funny. Boring, warmed-over plots that have done a zillion times before by much better actors. No wonder this movie is a Bomb....and to watch it through you need a bullet to the head.
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derivative 80's b-movie mayhem
fritzlang3 February 2013
This movie literally could have been made in the 80's.

It has the look, feel and music of an 80's action film.

It has no real plot.

Worst of all there are no likable characters at all in this film.

Stallone's character is horrible - he is a hit man without a conscious, a father who does not care about his daughter, and has no moral code other than kill anybody that pisses him off.

His partner is one of the weakest characters in any film I have seen. Woody Allen is more macho than this guy, and is a cop who buddies up with Stallone!

The nudity literally epitomizes gratuitousness, as does the violence.

That being said, I thought Stallone actually was good in this film- he just didn't have a lot to go on.

The film did have some high points - Stallone did get to say some funny one liners, one of the bad guys (there were actually THREE in this film!) was pretty good, and the last fight scene was ALMOST worth sitting through the rest of the film.. Almost..

There just wasn't anything really to this film. No plot. no characters. Nothing that made a lot of sense. Unlikable characters. Weak co-stars.

I kept on thinking "why was this film made?"

I really can't believe my wife and I paid $20 to see this.

For a $1.50 redbox rental, it would be a very weak recommendation.

To pay top money to see this in a theater?

My opinion - see something else.
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