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Uncommon WW II softcore
sentengi16 October 2009
It's toward the end of world war II, the Russians are cosing in on the eastern front. A female nazi officer is planning her personal retreat, but the emeralds intended to ensure her future welfare, were stolen by a bunch of fugitives. The soldiers under her command kills some of them and capture on of the girls, while another girl is able to escape. The captured girl is first interrogated the hard way but then becomes the lover and complice of the officer. The escaped girl hides in the house of her cousin who isn't that pleased with her appearance. The cousin accepts her as a house slave and her mood is lightened up, when she hears about the hidden emeralds. The race for the treasure is up.

I guess there are only a handful erotic movies with a WW II setting in the last 20 years, so this is quite exceptional. While you can't expect a huge production design the movie does quite well in the portrayal of this time, so it does feature original military vehicles and authentic looking uniforms. Even though the beginning scene looks more like a weekend meeting of WW II fans or memorial, together with the sets and other clothes it manages to set the atmosphere of the time. The cast of women is smaller than in other Bound Heat movies, here you don't have the usual bunch of half naked slave girls. There are basically just the 4 women described above, but all cast well. In my opinion this works better than just having a number of decorative beauties. Rena Riffel, whose career in Bound Heat movies spans almost 10 years, is as usual the dominant woman (as female officer) and looks hot in her uniform as well as in her fashionable civil outfit. She has some hot lesbian scene with Sabina Barne (the captive girl). Sabina is also very seductive and is constantly teasing Rena. While the officers room has some luxury, the setting of the cousins house is one of poverty and even starvation. It's devoid of any glamour usually seen in these movies, but has a charm of it's own. The sex scene between the 2 girls here is more kind of funny than erotic. Besides the 2 lesbian scenes there are also some other sexually suggestive scenes which are more on the nasty side. Character and storywise "No Escape" also differs from other movies by LLoyd A. Simandl, as at least 3 out of the 4 women are strong-minded, quite unscrupulous characters who are willing to kill for their purpose and not just innocent victims. All in all this may not necessarily be a movie for the casual viewer of erotic movies, but those who want to see something new and uncommon will sure appreciate it.
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