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  • The friends of soccer team Swift Boys 8 now come together only once a year to play a soccer match. As a result, over the years their friendship has become somewhat diluted.


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  • Eversince they were 6 years old, the Swift Boys have been close friends, except for Peter who joined one year later and always remained the odd one out. Now, 35 years later, team captain Bram announces his wedding, which is to take place in Barcelona, Spain. The team decides to not just be there for their life-long friend, but also have an old-fashioned training camp. On their way to the festivities, the seven friends run into a series of unexpected events.

    Lost on their way to Spain, they end up at a naturist camp site, where the old German-Dutch soccer rivalry reaches an unexpected climax, after which the Boys run into trouble in France. During their travels and the adventures they stumble upon, they are each confronted by their own troubles and are forced to deal with the harsh realities of life in the past, present and future.

    Will the Swift Boys manage to overcome their issues, while still saving their friendship, relationships and perhaps even their lives?

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