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MPAA Rated R for sexual content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Overall: 7 scenes of heavily prolonged but obscured sexual activity including brief thrusting and cullingus. There is no explicit nudity but they remove each other's clothing, kiss passionately and moan heavily.
  • In our protagonist's nightmare, he imagines his girl having sex with another teen in a very passionate scene.
  • A girl and the protagonist end up hooking up on a chair, this scene lasts approximately 2 minutes and we see them change positions, we manage to see a part of the girl's breast.
  • A scene occurs in a jacuzzi we can see our protagonists talking, seconds later we see the girl approach the boy to kiss him passionately, the boy tells the girl to turn around and then get up and stand behind her, the scene shows The boy touching the girl's buttocks while he penetrates her implying that they are going to do it in doggy style, in the same scene we hear the girl's moans while listening to the boy's bulge hitting hard on the buttocks of the girl.
  • In a the-day-after scene, a girl sneakily gets up to pick up the underwear that she lost.
  • A 10 second scene of phone sex where the 2 characters masturbate to each other's voice with no movement seen.
  • Before the phone sex scene a girl tells the boy she is talking to, "what else would you force me to do", and the boy responds by asking if she is trying to have phone sex with him. From there begins the sensual scene of 10 seconds.
  • Lots of sexual references.
  • We see our male lead character drunked and he takes off his clothes and we see him only in underwear.
  • A sexy dance scene that involves two women. Also a girl gets close to her boyfriend and they have an apassionate kiss.
  • Multiple love scenes but never any breasts or buttocks shown.

Violence & Gore

  • One of the main characters punches his father in the face while the other steps in to separate them.
  • A boy is seen practicing boxing on several occasions.
  • A character throws his phone to another, then they start boxing.


  • Multiple uses of f*ck, sh*t
  • 17 uses of "fuck" (used sexually twice and frequent in one sequence).
  • A character says dammit in one scene.
  • A character tells to another that someone is talking shit about her.
  • "F--k," "s--t," "hell," "a--hole," "sucker."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A scene occurs in a party that is in a bar and we can see people drinking and dancing in the behind.
  • Our female lead character is seen drunked in several occasions.
  • A pregnant character is seen drinking something in the party scene, our male lead character asks her what is she drinking and she tells him that is soda water.
  • Our female lead character 's dad is alcoholic and we see him in an hospital after he is found barfing in the house of our two lead characters.
  • Hardin and Tessa's dad are both alcoholics. Though Hardin manages to control his drinking, he does still drink occasionally. The dad is struggling more, getting fall-down drunk daily and living on the streets. Other adults, young and old, drink wine and other alcohol at various events. A pregnant woman turns down a glass of wine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Our female lead character discovers that she maybe will may be sterile.
  • Our male lead character discovers who is his real father.

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