50/50 (2011) Poster


Seth Rogen: Kyle



  • Rachael : Why am I the bad guy?

    Kyle : Because you're his girlfriend, you cheated on him, and he has fucking cancer, you lunatic!

  • Kyle : You could have totally fucked the shit out of that girl.

    Adam : No one wants to fuck me. I look like Voldemort.

  • Kyle : She doesn't blow you?

    Adam : ...She doesn't like to.

    Kyle : Of course she doesn't like to. No one likes putting a dick in their mouth.

  • Kyle : I was in the neighborhood - I was just on a date with Claire, the girl I met at the bookstore? My date did not go well, unfortunately, due to a lack of chemistry... and, I think, an overuse of profanity on my part. But, whilst on my date... I ran into Rachael.

    Adam : Oh, yeah?

    Kyle : And I would like to present to you what I am going to call Exhibit...

    [Shows Adam a picture of Rachael kissing another man] 

    Kyle : *Whore*! Look at it! That's Rachael! And that's a fuckin' filthy, Jesus-looking motherfucker, and they're kissing! I did it! I fuckin' nailed you! I've hated you for months, and now I have fuckin' evidence that you suck as a person! Holy shit! Holy shit!

  • Adam : Why didn't we go to a barber?

    Kyle : That would have been a good idea if we paid someone to do it.

    Adam : Using your fucking balls trimmer instead of going to the barber.

    Kyle : I never washed them, ever. It's not my balls, it's my asshole. I'm joking.

    Adam : You're not joking.

  • Kyle : You smell like you fucked the cast of The View.

  • Kyle : [to Adam, the night before Adam's surgery]  Driving! That's what you want to do? That's your "Make A Wish"? To drive? We could be having sex with hookers while skydiving, and instead you want to do something I learned to do when I was fifteen!

  • Kyle : [to Adam]  You'll be fine. 50/50! If you were a casino game you'd have the best odds!

  • Kyle : Oh no. No, you're are not calling her man! After what she did to you? You're a pussy Adam!

    Adam : You're a selfish piece of shit! Care more about getting yourself fucking laid than being my friend!

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