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Sex & Nudity

  • In one episode, Princess Bubblegum is shown wearing armor that reveals her bare shoulders which makes Finn ask Jake if she's naked but she's actually wearing a dress underneath.
  • Several women are shown only wearing bikinis in one episode.
  • In one episode Jake is a Zombie and bites Lady Rainicorn after they find a cure and everyones back to normal she says that she wanted him to bite her anyway and then this makes Jake laugh suggestively
  • Adventure Time contains a lot of sexual metaphors (both verbal and visual) and in some cases it goes beyond what's considered "mild".
  • Characters kiss on the mouth, on the cheek or (rarely) with tongue.
  • Butts are seen throughout the series.
  • Women in bikini is seen sometimes.
  • In the episode "What Is Life?" a brief scene shows the Ice King (a character that liked kidnapping princesses) reading what appears to be a nudie magazine on his bed. There are also heavy undertones of procreation in this episode, including claims that the Ice King's lightning bolts made him the "father" of a robot they revived.
  • In "Burning Low", Jake explains to Finn the "15 Tiers" of a relationship where tier 1 is "hugging", tier 2 is "smooching", tier 5 is "looking at her fifteen-feet beautiful stomach" and tier 8 is "touching her horn for the first time" (however this was said thinking of Lady Rainicorn). Then Finn asks about tier 15 and Jake says "stay away from that!".
  • In one episode, Finn and two other people are naked with logs covering their crotch. The log moves up and down as the characters walks or move. The original design had beavers instead of logs, but this was changed due to CN censorship.
  • Visual innuendo includes: Cake increasing in size and explicitly shaking his giant butt ("Bad Little Boy"), Finn putting spaghetti in PB's mouth ("To Cut a Woman's Hair"), Finn following a female getting into a shower ("Marceline's Closet") and some characters playing "games" in a bed ("Love Games"). Also, Hunson Abadeer's design looks like human genitalia, as the own crew recognised.
  • Jake made a "special" video for his girlfriend Lady Rainicorn as seen in "The Pit". In one episode, she's pregnant, and in another episode we see their five children.
  • Finn and Jake play to put the finger in things in the episode "Five More Short Graybles". Even BMO does a suggestive gesture while wanting to "stick their fingers into 'these holes'", refeering to the controllers.
  • In the episode "Blood Under the Skin", Finn crosses the Swamp of Embarrassment, where there are a lot of curtains with a lot of people having a shower and with their parts covered (some offscreen). Finn is called a pervert and he repeats that he is not, and a man says "My most private parts seen by a boy!" and "my privates!", that are said twice in that episode. At the end he comes completely embarrassed with a red face.
  • The episode "All the Little People" is full of suggestive content; this includes Finn investigating about how the little people interact with others. This episode was banned in CN Latin America.
  • Lady Rainicorn and Jake is set-up for "seven minutes in heaven" by Finn. He places them inside a closet.
  • In the episode "Breezy" there are a few innuendos which include the implication of LSP made it with Finn (she says things like "I know all about your dirty deeds" or "I didn't wait infinity for a dip in the kiddie pool! We're taking this to the deep end!") or Breezy calling herself "a virgin queen bee".
  • Ricardio the Heart Man threatens to cut out Bubblegum's heart and make out with it. He is also an implied rapist.
  • In an episode a book called "butt stuff" appears quickly on-screen.
  • In some episodes looks like Jake enjoys with his feet being licked ("Another Way"). Even in an episode ("Freak City") he says to Finn that "he's too young to understand" that.
  • In the Tree Fort where Finn and Jake live, can be seen on a wall a ripped image of an apparently naked woman. However, according to a crew member of the show, it represents "a woman in a crappy snapped bikini".
  • Verbal innuendo is somewhat more frequent and includes references to prostitution ("I wanna watch you two do things... for this bag of money"), penetration (VCR tapes go into BMO's "butt", Ice King saying "holes are holes"), genitalia ("someone hit in the boingloings", "only good babies get sassages", mention of the word 'virile'), seduction (Tree Trunks and LSP trying and calling themselves "hot" or "sexy"), rape (the whole plot of "Hug Wolf"), bondage ("I kinda like bein' tied up in these cords. Kinda freaky!"), etc.
  • Some songs also contain references to "having babies"; one of them has the following lyrics: "Come on! Give it to me! Don't flaunt it if you're not gonna give it up!"

Violence & Gore

  • In an episode where these little people are terrorising Finn and Jake the both of them decide to use ketchup as a fake affect of blood when they kill them
  • Even most of the violence present in this cartoon is mild and it's mostly towards fantasy characters (think of punches, kicks, swordfights... and the consequent bruises and scratches), in some cases this can be a little more graphic and even include red blood and gore, but that's rare.
  • The series mainly takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The opening has a decapitated arm inside a hollow tree. Very fast, can't be seen without pausing. Fans think the arm belongs to Shoko.
  • In "The Enchiridion", Finn kills a monster shaped as a heart, red blood sprouts all over. Very brief and the blood have not stained anything.
  • Some decapitation of small parts (noses and hands), or limb removal, mauling (i.e. arms chopped off) throughout the series, but no blood, only flesh wounds.
  • Several fight scenes are played out for humor. For example, there is a character named Ash, who everyone hates, since he is a douche. Marceline kicks his crotch and Finn starts beating him up with her. Finally Jake stomps him with his giant foot. Even the Ice King (Simon Petrikov) in one episode punches him with no good reason.
  • In "Who Would Win", Finn and Jake start beating up each other, because they are proving themselves who is more resilient. Both of them have lots of nasty looking bruises and cuts.
  • In "Freak City", the Magic Man turns a bird inside out making it show the birds guts, flesh and everything else.
  • Some scatological humor, including spitting and visible green vomit in some episodes, when the characters are disgusted. For example, Jake explicitly vomits into a jacuzzi in the episode "Jake the Dog". Farting is more frequent.
  • In "A Glitch is a Glitch", a pale skinned, creepy looking woman in a TV eats her own hair. She gags a lot, and is all the time ready to vomit. Jake and Finn are absolutely disgusted.
  • In "Princess Potluck", Finn has a rash on his leg in one episode. Some kind of disgusting pink liquid/puss drips from it.
  • Skeletons are seen in some episodes also, walking skeleton get smashed. Some characters practice necromancy.
  • In "Princess Monster Wife", the Ice King stole parts of other princesses bodies and made a monster out of them. Princess Bubblegum got half her face torn-off to set an example.
  • In "Daddy's Little Monster", a demon gets half his body torn off by a laser. All his insides show.
  • In "Return of the Nightosphere", a demon starts vomiting bananas and another one gets his head turned into abdominal muscles.
  • When Hunson Abadeer (The lord of evil), appears from The Nightosphere (Hell), he reconstructs himself to the real world in a gory manner. All his organs, blood and skin stick together, and create him in a brief (half a second) scene. This happens in "It Came from the Nightosphere" and in "Marcy & Hunson".
  • In "All Your Fault", is seen that Castle Lemongrab has rooms filled with guts, a room with a giant heart and a room with a monster that peels it's skin off to reveal it's skull.
  • In "Escape from the Citadel", The Lich has skin peeling off his ancient, rotten flesh and what seems to be veins hanging from his arms. He looks very disturbing indeed.
  • In "Mortal Folly", Finn presumably "kills" the Lich by shoving a sweater inside his (the Lich's) eye socket, and proceeds to pull through the other socket so that the sweater comes out between the sockets. And it does, breaking the Lich's skull.
  • The original title card for the episode "The Enchiridion!" showed Finn in a dark place holding Jake down on a table with a dagger stabbing him, with a lot of blood and Jake's guts being showed in a very gory style and his eye socket completely mutilated, but Cartoon Network found that image too scary. Subsequently, three versions of the title card were made. The final title card had several changes to be less scary.
  • In "Goliad", the homonymous character squashes an innocent bee.
  • In "The Pit", a demon sucks up almost all of Jake's blood. The blood is shown. A sword is made out of a demon's blood.
  • In "Mystery Dungeon", a rat appears on scene and grabs a pie, then Lemongrab punches it and kills it and he starts to eat that pie from its mouth.
  • In "The Great Bird Man", we see the eyes (with their roots) from a man, and they're put on and extracted at some points of an episode.
  • Some scenes from the miniseries "Stakes" include fingers briefly burning from the sun, a neck being pierced, a stake coming from the skin, animals dying and a character sucking blood from a horse.
  • In the episode titled "The Jiggler" a creature that Finn and Jake take home becomes violently ill and spews what appears to be blood or vomit out of many orifices of its body. In an effort to stop the leakage, Finn and Jake plug up the holes, only to have the creature expand and eventually burst. Jake and Finn are covered in twisted strands of the creature's body as Jake remarks "Our pet exploded".
  • References to violence and situations of threat are also frequent; this include "slay you and munch your eyeballs", "rip your throat", "unzip your skin", "rip your heart", "my head will be decapitated", "we'll suck their guts out through their brains", "pull that arm", etc. None of this finally occurs.
  • On-screen deaths are seen sometimes (for example, in one episode, a character dies and turns into ash (he is brought back to life in a later episode though)). The episode "Too Old" depict extremely graphic cannibalism, and on-screen murder. Some episodes have relatively hidden themes such as assassination ("Jake vs. Me-Mow") and suicide plots ("Princess Cookie").


  • Use of the word sexy
  • In one episode the offensive word "tomboy" is used.
  • The language is tame. Words such as "Oh my glob!" are used. Words like "Heck", "Dang", "Jerk", "What the-" are used frequently. Words like "freaking", "flipping", "fudge" or even "son of a-" are sometimes used. Characters often use "bleep-bloop", "bullstuff", "what the blood" or something like that to censor themselves.
  • Crap was used in "Rainy Day Daydream".
  • Other words like "Turd" have been used.
  • In one episode a worm rises up behind a statues fist. It looks like the statue is giving the middle finger, and Treetrunks gets offended by it.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Princess Bubblegum pours herself a glass of what appears to be alcohol in one episode. A character is named Root Beer Guy and his head has the shape of a beer mug.
  • In one episode a character is seen smoking a bubble pipe.
  • Ice King sees magical creatures and spirits with his "wizard eyes" ("Mortal Recoil"). An hallucinogen is mentioned briefly in another episode ("The Real You").

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The episodes "No One Can Hear You", "Ghost Fly" and "Blank-Eyed Girl" are specially frightening.
  • Emotionally intense scenes when the show refers to character's backstories.
  • In one episode, Magic Man opens a door by constantly cracking and breaking his wrist.
  • The finale, 'Come Along with Me', is very emotional.
  • Normally a cartoon that is not scary but at times Adventure Time can be very intense, propitiated by its detail-oriented animation style. The characters and their facial expressions, the backgrounds and the scenes can be creepy, specially to children; see also the "Violence & Gore" section. Not to count that the show has a dark tone overall.
  • Lemongrab eats Lemongrab 2 once and is next time seen with a chunk of his face bit off and he has no torso. Lemongrab 2 is eaten again and is seen again inside the stomach of Fat Lemongrab with a larger chunk of his face bit off.
  • The Nightosphere is essentially hell. The creator himself even referred to it as "one of the coolest depictions of Hell on TV."
  • Any episode involving The Lich can be intense. Also, speaking of said character, he has an extremely frightening and nightmarish appearance that is potentially terrifying for viewers, especially younger ones.
  • This is a very surreal show, so anything flies really.
  • It should be noted that on non-US airings of this show on TV, the episodes have been very heavily censored and cut. For example, in UK and Australian airings, almost every episode has had several edits made to it. Sometimes entire segments have been cut, or even banned (but it's very rare).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In the final episode of the series, "Come Along With Me," Marceline and Bubblegum kiss and then date. This is known as an LGBT kiss.
  • Relationship is a frequent topic of discussion throughout the series, and it's portrayed in several ways (how affect characters' life, how they have to react and face it up, etc.). The homosexual implication between Marceline and PB is the most controversial (in the episode "Sky Witch", PB sniffs Marceline's shirt passionately).
  • In the episode "Frost & Fire", Finn seems to enjoy in a wet dream while Flame Princess is "blowing" fire to his butt. He tries to repeat this scene by deceiving her but he ruins the relationship (at least until some years later).
  • On the gender-switched episode, Prince Gumball takes Fionna to his bedroom, which showed rose petals on the bed, and he was about to remove his shirt, but it was actually the Ice Queen taking off her cover and wanting to destroy her.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A murder episode where a jelly filled bun is killed. A scene where Finn finds him is very disturbing, with the murdered guy smuttered all over the closet. He gets really shocked. But it was just an illusion.
  • Finn was abandoned as a baby, and at first he doesn't knew who are their biological parents. The scene where Finn says goodbye to his mother (specifically to her AI mode, because she had to sacrifice her body in order to save her people), in the latest episode of the miniseries "Islands", makes one of the most emotional scenes of the show.

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