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Season 8

23 Jan. 2017
Two Swords
Finn and Jake puzzle over the nature of a mysterious newcomer.
23 Jan. 2017
Do No Harm
Doctor Princess thrusts a great responsibility upon Finn. Jake goes adventuring with a new friend.
24 Jan. 2017
Kim Kil Whan seeks Jake's assistance with his daughter's detachment from school. Jake gets distracted by something else instead.
25 Jan. 2017
High Strangeness
Tree Trunks receives a strange visitor who reacquaints her with some family members. Tensions flare between her and Princess Bubblegum.
26 Jan. 2017
Horse and Ball
James Baxter takes his turn to showcase his backstory through an interesting collage of flashbacks brought on by his famous Ball being popped.
27 Jan. 2017
Jelly Beans Have Power
Princess Bubblegum explores her new candy powers.
30 Jan. 2017
Islands Part 2: Whipple the Happy Dragon
After a mysterious craft lands in Ooo, Finn, Jake, Susan Strong, set sail for the Island that it originated, hoping to learn the truth about the past and what happened to the humans.
31 Jan. 2017
Islands Part 3: Mysterious Island
After waking up alone and shipwrecked, Finn investigates a bizarre island in search of his friends.
31 Jan. 2017
Islands Part 4: Imaginary Resources
Finn and Jake find BMO, who is enjoying newfound fame and popularity in a new land.
1 Feb. 2017
Islands Part 5: Hide and Seek
Susan strong has flashbacks to her life when she was younger, and starts remembering who she actually is.
1 Feb. 2017
Islands Part 6: Min and Marty
Susan drops a big surprise on Finn and questions about his past are answered.
2 Feb. 2017
Islands Part 7: Helpers
Finn finally finds what he was looking for but things are not the way he expected them to be. Susan sees someone from her past life.
2 Feb. 2017
Islands Part 8: The Light Cloud
Finn decides to leave the island and tries to get everyone else as well to come with him

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