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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some sexual content and brief strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman tells her fiance that his chances of her dad liking her stopped the day they had sex.
  • Woman dancing in lingerie in the bathroom brushing her teeth.
  • Talk about setting Forest's Character up with girls and intimation that he sleeps around
  • Women wear low cut tops which expose cleavage.
  • Men talk about sex on regular. Then one of the men suggests the other pays for it.
  • Warrant for arrest for a failure to turn up to court on a "public nudity charge".
  • A man is in the fiancee dad's bathroom and finds a box containing a large box of condoms and Viagra pills - he spills them in the sink..
  • 2 sisters talk about her mom looking at vibrators and how it was like seeing water in a desert.
  • A couple are kissed on theback seat of a car.
  • A couple reminice of the "good times" they had in the car. She climbs on top of him to relive it and they fall out the car....their daughter is present.
  • In the club- the men find women to dance with and the women girate against them.
  • Girl tells her parents she has been having sex.
  • A woman is dressed in nothing more than a mans shirt.
  • A goat eats the viagra from earlier and dry humps a man.

Violence & Gore

  • Sisters play fight.
  • Woman throws a glass of champagne over a man when she finds out he never got a divorce.
  • A man imagines his ex sitting at a table in the road and getting smashed by a bus.
  • Man accidently spills a drink on another man who then picks him up. The men end up in police station


  • Racial slurs occur when 2 men argue about a car being towed away. Also when the dad meets his daughters fiance.
  • Lots of racial hostility in the film. Mainly between African Americans and Mexicans.
  • Religions are also discussed and people are told they are disrespectful.
  • 1 man says "you are scaring the white people".
  • Words "pissed" "butt" "fuck" "sexy" are used

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Scene in a bar showing a drink being taken to a man.
  • Restaurant - the mom tells her husband that he has left the winein the car.
  • Man admits to underage drinking.
  • People drink champagne at several points during the film.
  • Scene in a club - many drinks are discussed.Mixologist makes the cocktails. The 2 men get drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Hostility when the man meets his fiancee's parents.
  • Arguments when the engagement is announced, and then when they announce she is moving abroad.
  • Man takes his daughters fiance to a police station for finger printing to find out more about him. Pressure on him to do this to prove nothing to hide.
  • 2 men argue over a scratch on a car.

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